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30 May 2016


Paul Emery

My Uncle is a Pearl Harbor survivor, one of only 50 left in California. He was honored at a Memorial Day event at the Fair Oaks Cemetery on Saturday.
There are only three survivors left in the Sacramento area and he was the only one that could make it so he was the guest of honor at the Remembrance.

I did a short interview with him and it will be part of tonight's newscast at 6PM.

Gary Smith

Thanks Paul I will be listening. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our everyday lives and forgot about those who gave it all for our freedom. Memorial Day is a reminder for me that freedom is not free. I think about what Francis Scott Key, Maryland militia volunteer in the War of 1812, and Star Spangled Banner writer said about "apathy". In a speech he gave at the dedication of our newly rebuilt and remodeled U.S. Capitol building in 1831 he said. "We who inherit freedom may learn to value it less than the men who won it." Let us not forgot those who gave it all to win it.

George Rebane

Good thoughts gentlemen. PaulE, next time you see your uncle, please wish him the best and thank him for his service from all the crew here at RR.

George Rebane

PaulE did one better and sent me a picture of his Pearl Harbor survivor uncle. We also remember him here today.


jon smith

Thanks for the photo. Well done.

Paul Emery

Here's more about my Uncle, musch of which I didn't know about


Todd Juvinall

God Bless your uncle!

Paul Emery

Yeah Todd. My Aunt, my moms sister and my Uncle Earl, or Sam as he was known while in the service, are the last ones left. they are both in their mid 90's. My Uncle has always been my favorite and he's still in pretty good shape. Says he's gonna live to be 100 because that's when his drivers license expires.

Todd Juvinall


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