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03 May 2016



Just got an email from our designated reader that the community’s low-life is now advising parents to be careful about their kids taking TechTest because I happen to be its author. Only the rabid left puts out such putrid politically inspired proscriptions. Those primitives cannot separate one issue from another, whether here on the local level, in academe, or commerce. If you don’t conform to their template of the perfect progressive, then you are also unqualified to perform any other function in society – everything you touch becomes tainted in their eyes.

That's why we see the constant virtue signaling from the progressive contingent......fear is their main motivator.

You never want to be one who stops clapping first for Stalin.

Todd Juvinall

The slimer on SFR really is out of touch with reality. At least you are trying to teach that political system called MATH. Jeeze, the best the FUE and his sock puppets can claim is a uptick in the sale of chili cheese fries!

Bill Tozer

Guess decades of hearing fat jokes tossed his way has boiled his brain. Poor poor sad sac. Breaks my heart. We all should be grateful that we are alive and well and do not have to live under the cruel curse of being that particular crazy angry bitter man. We should not mock him while his mental illness had taken over. Yes, it takes much effort to not speak ill of him while his mind disintegrates more with each passing hour. We should take the high road and struggle to realize it's not his fault and he is oblivious to his own actions.
Count your lucky stars you not born destined to be a pair of his sandels. A mind is a terrible organ to misplace. I can almost feel the pain of his loved ones. It's not fair...to them...to undergo such suffering watching him waste away like this.
Had an old timer once tell me that there are two kinds of things in this world: Has Beens and Never Was(s). Our dearly departed from reality falls into the latter camp. A double curse. At least he is not in pain....always a silver lining.

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