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28 May 2016


Russ Steele

Only a nation of innumerate people could accept sustainability as sustainable.

George Rebane

RussS 1239pm – As you have seen, these pages have covered the debate and data about Obamacare and its stepping stone to SPHC. Representatives of the Left have argued long and loudly about SPHC as a stable and beneficial public policy found in countries more enlightened than the US. While they have given no evidence of their claims, they have maintained that SPHCs are sustainable by simply saying so repeatedly and pointing out that no country has yet withdrawn its SPHC system (while ignoring costs and services). But when confronted with evidence to the contrary, their response is again delivered by their ever reliable crickets.

Alinsky advised this specific tactic to be used in the face of evidence – remain silent until the public forgets the evidence, then resume with your original falsifications as if the evidence was never presented.

Consider the EU, a neighbor to an expanding Russia, utterly unable to defend itself and unwilling to reduce socialism in order to afford the maintenance of its sovereignty. What kind of American wants the United States, the world’s bastion of civilization, to emulate such treacherous failure?

rl crabb

Perhaps it's time to face the fact that there is no "sustainable" health care under any system. The old one wasn't working. The new model isn't working. Or will only the well to do be deserving of such extravagance? And don't tell me that charity will cover the shortage.


RL.. Maybe just round filing the PC idea of "sustainable".
Have you found a pen or pencil that will be "sustainable" for your life span in your endeavors?
Anything and everything has it's limits.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 1017am - But we do know that our healthcare system of yore did not promise to crowd out all other public expenditures while delivering no better, and possibly more limited care overall. Obvious next steps toward improvement await their evaluation in the marketplace, and as obviously our adopted path is leading toward a disaster that becomes more palpable by the day.

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