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06 May 2016



Well George from Anna Hayes description I certainly wasn't prepared for all the smiling faces....the test being described as grueling I fully expected to see the grim visages seen in file photos of Battan Death March victims.

Instead I see smiles resulting from actual achievement as opposed to merely being told "that they were thpecial"!

What gives.....are these kids drugged?! ;-)


Congrats on another good test year, but the administrative takeover by Ms. Johnson and the NJUHSD gives me pause as she seems to have a solid discovery/expeditionary/constructivist bent, enthusiastic to the Common Core, and the new "academic chair, Ms. Ross... just what are her degrees (apparently from UNR and Cal) in, exactly?

George Rebane

fish 1002am - It is a privilege to work with such accomplished young people year after year - it gives us all hope. I am always amazed at how much each of these students pack into their young lives; they definitely are not 'one trick ponies' but excel in multiple endeavors and have a never ending interest in the life that surrounds them. I also have had the opportunity to tutor some of them, and am currently working on some pretty advanced stuff with one of those pictured.

Re "grim visages", those you can see when they taking the test and steam is coming out of their ears - as the slogan on the back of their t-shirts declares, 'TechTest, where the elite compete'. ;-)

Gregory 1048am - As TT academic chair Ms Ross communicates with schools, handles publicity, and administers the test. She also coordinates the scoring of the test by individuals (local techies) whom I have vetted beforehand. I cannot say enough for the initiative, enthusiasm, and energy she has demonstrated during this, her inaugural year in the job. And, of course, all of it is made possible by the support we receive from Dr Johnson and the NUJHSD.

Bill Tozer

Good job to all involved. It better had been a very grueling test instead of a walk in the park. The smiles on the young people's' faces is due to facing a difficult (daunting) challenge, putting in many hours of hard prep work. and finally being rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment. Something the naysayers find rather foreign. But enough of the distractors. Time to celebrate!
These young people rule while half-measures folks drool. My, look at all those fine happy women. They are beaming with pride and, again, with the feeling of accomplishment. What inner beauty the test brought out in both test takers and test givers.
Dr Rebane, time to pull out the sword and open a bottle or two of Martinelli's Sparkling Juice, non alcoholic of course. It's safer. :)


George, I'll cross my fingers for you and the future of the test but will expect it to get co-opted with a STEAM watering down in the future unless your Board keeps ultimate control.

Bill Tozer

Fish, the first comment. These young people are really not special in one sense. They do not even have to be the special gifted ones, albeit some may be. This is what Dr. Annie and Co do not understand. The lefties will never get it. To them, it's not fair to the others to celebrate achievement.


George Rebane

Gregory 1140am - Agreed.

Bonnie McGuire

How wonderful! There's nothing like accomplishing what you set out to do.

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