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25 May 2016


Bill Tozer

This won't make BLM happy. Shouting "Pigs in a blanket" will now be hate speech, and attacks on the men and women in blue will be hate crimes. What's good for the black swan is good for the gander.


Bonnie McGuire

The color of ones skin has never mattered to me. Their character is what matters. Following the instigated Ferguson riot, I couldn't help think I wouldn't want to live in such an unsafe place where hoodlums find an excuse to rob and destroy innocent people's property. We're told many of the rioters were imported and payed by billionaire George Soro's non-profit funding racket. The same financed mentality that's probably motivating the hoodlums rioting over Donald Trump giving a campaign speech. Is this the wonderful America I grew up in? No. It's more like what went on in last century Europe by the Communist and Nazi socialist labor parties in their countries. Democracy? Not what we've been told it is. Looking at the examples, the paid hoodlums are fomenting the same racial and class hatred to make us all slaves.

Jon Dozer

"We're told many of the rioters were imported and payed by billionaire George Soro's non-profit funding racket"

Of course. :) Its so obvious that George Soros had tremendous incentive to send in a group of violent protesters to Ferguson, MO.. Perhaps it was tied into Agenda 21 as well.


Really "jon"? It makes perfect sense to burn your own town down because your pissed.
That's what insurance is for,,right? It's up to the taxpayers to pay for the rebuilding in your opinion?
The whole Ferguson crap was based on a false " he had his hands up! That boy done nutt'n! He was as innocent as a choir boy!" Stick to that "Black lies matter" garbage. it will gits you far.

Did you see what happened in NM? Those cops didn't take any of that crap.

Jon Dozer

wow Walt, I just mock the nutty idea that George Soros had reason to pour money and protesters into Ferguson and you go off on some rant about Black Lives Matter? LOL. Lets calm down there Dirtmover.

..dum dee dum dum...

Bonnie McGuire

Dum see dum Jon you can look up the info like I did some time ago. George Soros probably didn't know how his donation was used. You would be surprised where non-profit grant money goes and how it's spent. Many years ago a friend and I had lots of fun checking some out. Pretty shocking racket! The Attorney General told my friend he had stacks of them on his desk to investigate. No wonder. He also mentioned over 30,000 new ones came into existence yearly.

The following visit to the BLM was one that was lotsa fun: http://www.mcguiresplace.net/Short%20Stuff-Not%20Cheap%20To%20Mine

George Rebane

I await readers' thoughts on the existence of any evidence that black lives matter to blacks given the numbers that define the long continuing carnage.

And to evaluate motivations for promoting riots and the fragmenting of communities under the CURRENT social order, consider which parties and factions openly declare the need to fundamentally transform what we have to gain what they have promised as our glorious post-revolutionary world order.

Todd Juvinall

You should watch the Youtube on the DePaul College Republicans from three days ago. Milo from Breibart was the guest speaker and within a couple of minutes BLM took his microphone and the stage. The man was screaming then started blowing his whistle to keep anyone from hearing Milo speak. The babe was dressed like a hooker and was gyrating to the imaginary music. Milo and the R's finally gave up as the DePaul security did nothing to boot the blacks off the stage and out of the auditorium. A black gal got up to debate those BLM's and she was pissed. She said this is supposed to be a free speech gathering and she was working hard to make herself a better life. While the Soros pai for scum were successful in shutting down the 1000 students there to listen to Milo, it showed how these scum are really not about freedom.

Jon Dozer

Bonnie, I saw the links accusing Soros. All far right wing sites like Newsmax and such. Nothing legit, some pretty far out there- funny stuff.

The Soros thing was a pure BS rumor, formulated to rile up your base.


PS, who is the Attorney General you referenced- Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown?
Your friend knows a CA Attorney General? LOL. Or are you going back 20 years? LOL.

Bill Tozer



Bonnie McGuire

Jon....look it up. The Calif Attorney around the time my friend and I were havin' fun shining the light on the Lyin' rats. Do the math yourself Mr. Know it all...if you really want to investigate rather than blab about things you never experienced. By the way if you had investigated you would have known it is true that George Soros money may have been misspent without his approval....like many, many other activists earning a living doing bad things to others for what they believe is good.

Russ Steele

Jon Dozer@02:00PM

Question: Would left wing sites report that left-leaning non-profit agencies were using grant money to pay for a riot mob?

The non-profits were advertising on craigslist for people to come to Ferguson to riot for a small stipend. How come the lefty blogs and news sources did not report this information? Oh! Right! It was an undercover operation, only exposed by those unreliable right-wing news sources. Well if those right-wingers had not reported the public would never have known that lefty donors were funding the riots through non-profit agencies.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

BLM needs to learn some patience.


I have a solution to our racial divide:


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