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03 June 2016


Russ Steele

I think the drive toward $15.00 minimum wage had an impact on hiring; businesses are taking the time to assess where they are currently and what the future will be with higher labor costs. There is some tough decision to make -- go forward and raise prices and hope customers will pay the freight. Or, close the business. Closing the business, anger the banks with bankruptcy and then applying for government benefits, has some merit for many small businesses, as the regulatory friction has worn them raw. Last year more businesses close than were started, again organizational resistance. The primary job creators are the small business, and fewer are starting; thus fewer jobs are being created. Add, that to the pause to reflect on the cost of $15.00 labor and we have the current situation.

Russ Steele

Are Wendy’s And McDonald’s Automated Kiosks The Wrong Response To A Minimum Wage Hike?

Wendy’s is currently taking flak for testing automated kiosks. They plan to make 6,000 automated kiosks available to their franchise stores by the end of the year. This isn’t a new thing. McDonald’s has been testing this for years in Romeoville, Illinois, and all over Europe, including Berlin of course. As big corporations are wont to do, they cite the prospect of declining profits due to wage increases (which is impossible in Germany with their justly strict worker’s rights). This is about maximizing profits and increasing safety, full stop. 30% of a restaurant’s costs come from staff. Maintaining iPads and burger flipping robots will cost much, much less. That’s just reality at this point. Also, you don’t have to worry about a robot rubbing your food on its genitals. So there’s that.


When taking into account the cost of $15.00-hour minimum wage, automation starts to pencil out. The first wave of automation will be the ordering using kiosks, then the second wave will be automating the kitchen. The variable is only time, the customers need to adjust to automation at the ordering stations, and once comfortable with ordering customers will be encouraged to take their food and drink cups from a slot in the wall.


One Response to Trump: “Litigator in chief” has been involved in 3,500 legal actions

stevefrisch says:

June 3, 2016 at 4:15 pm

“When the country has a problem, it is prudent to consider government guilty until proven innocent.”–George Rebane:)


Hey George......you've made another fan......I can tell because the "smiley face" emoticon was there!

Nice job!

George Rebane

fish 508pm - was there any other more serious response to my assertion other than implying with the smiley face that I am joking?

Account Deleted

The unions are playing a some what clever game of claiming their 'rights' under the Constitution. It is, indeed, unfair to force the unions to bargain for all of the workers when not all of them are union members.
The part of this swept quickly under the rug is that there is no command from God that the unions must do this. In fact, the unions fought to make it so. They wanted to monopolize the labor market. The last thing the unions want is for workers to bargain individually.
For their little game to work, the courts must first find that all wage earners in the US owe the unions money no matter what in all cases.
Here in Idaho, the unions are too stupid (and greedy) to realize this is not a wealthy state. There is very little blood to squeeze from this rock. A win here would be a pyrrhic victory for them and a downward trend in our economy.
The unions can't win in the market nor in the free exchange of ideas. But of course, there are the courts - packed full of Obama's best. It will be interesting to see this play out.

Robert Cross

" it is prudent to consider government guilty until proven innocent." -- Then it must be prudent as well to consider businesses guilty until proven innocent. Therefore, Exxon is guilty of defrauding its shareholders by not advising them of the potential risk to their investment that could occur due to the relationship between climate change and fossil fuels. Something Exxon knew in 1978 or so. Therefore climate change is real and Exxon knew it and lied about it ever since. Guilty as charged.

The logic of your argument is flawed. Your disdain for government (military spending excepted) spins your perceptions a little toward a tea party/revolutionary bent. By your own standard of judgment, you are guilty of treason for trying to foment dissent and disregard toward the people and institutions of the United States government, just like the rag heads. Guilty… now prove otherwise. Fortunately, people make up both businesses and governments and in this country people are innocent until proven guilty, even the lying bastards at Exxon.

What your statement advocates is denying the people who are employees of a government entity the presumption of innocence and due process under our system of justice. Tweeking the justice system in one's favor is the first step toward dictatorship as the pile of pro-corporate anti-citizen decisions of the Robert's court testifies. Perhaps you are just kidding.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 03 June 2016 at 06:26 PM

It's as though they put KKKeachies and KKKoyotes brains together in a blender, set it to purée and poured the mess that resulted into Bobbies skull.


Posted by: George Rebane | 03 June 2016 at 05:28 PM

I'm pretty sure that the "smiley face" is an unreserved endorsement of the statement to which it is appended.

George Rebane

RobertC 626pm - I am not kidding, but you do misunderstand when you interpret that dictum in the realm of jurisprudence. It is a bit of wisdom that points to the overwhelming likelihood, as history shows and our Founders anticipated, that almost all enduring societal problems in a nation are caused by government malfeasance, ineptitude, corruption, ... . And because of this, citizens should first look there for rectitude when they seek to involve themselves in improving their quality of life.

And there is no fomenting "dissent and disregard toward the people and institutions of the United States government" here, save that your response to shut me up is archtypical of the Left. But you have spoken like a true progressive, and that itself is a useful response in this comment stream.

Bill Tozer

Judging by the list in this topic, there is no mistaking the trend is going in only one direction. That disastrous arrow points to Big Brother whose taste for Increased power is insatiable. Big Bro lis hell bent on growing in power and resists any restraints of authority. Seems to me that the entire Constitution is designed preciecely to restrain our Big Brother to authority. Legal authority. The Scattershots list is a direct result of the Democtratic Socialism quest for money (power), power, more money, more power under the guise of the common good.


Bill Tozer


Jon Dozer

"And there is no fomenting "dissent and disregard toward the people and institutions of the United States government" here" George Rebane

Come on George, we would appreciate a show a speck of intellectual honesty. Out of the thousands of your comments, I think you could pick out a few posts of dissent toward some institutions of the US Government. Even former favorite son Rick Perry did that in his verve to prove his conservative bonafides, circa 2012. Unfortunately, he lost count of those government institutions he disregarded the most.

Russ Steele

The May jobs report may be worse than it seems. The bleak jobs picture painted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May employment report may be even worse than the official numbers indicate. While the BLS report shows a gain of 38,000 jobs, an analysis conducted by Jonathan Wright indicates that the U.S. economy actually lost 4,000 jobs in May.

In my paper “Unseasonal Seasonals?” I argue that a longer window should be used to estimate seasonal effects. I found that using a different seasonal filter, known as the 3x9 filter, produces better results and more accurate forecasts by emphasizing more years of data. The 3x9 filter spreads weight over the most recent six years in estimating seasonal patterns, which makes them more stable over time than in the current BLS seasonal adjustment method.

I calculate the month-over-month change in total nonfarm payrolls, seasonally adjusted by the 3x9 filter, for the most recent month. The corresponding data as published by the BLS are shown for comparison purposes. According to the alternative seasonal adjustment, the economy actually lost about 4,000 jobs in May (column Wright SA), compared to the official BLS total of 38,000 gained (column BLS Official).

In addition to seasonal effects, abnormal weather can also affect month-to-month fluctuations in job growth. In my paper “Weather-Adjusting Economic Data” I and my coauthor Michael Boldin implement a statistical methodology for adjusting employment data for the effects of deviations in weather from seasonal norms. This is distinct from seasonal adjustment, which only controls for the normal variation in weather across the year. We use several indicators of weather, including temperature and snowfall.

We calculate that weather in May had a negligible effect on employment, bringing up the total by only 4,000 jobs (column Weather Effect). Our weather-adjusted total, therefore, is 34,000 jobs added for May (column Boldin-Wright SWA). This is not surprising, given that weather in May was in line with seasonal norms.


That kind of takes the blush off the government rose. Think of the impact if the BLS had published the real number -- loss of 4,000 jobs lost, not gain. Obama must have known the real numbers when he started defending in economic strategy the day before, proving once again, if his lips are moving he maybe lying.

Bill Tozer

Poor Obama. He says we got Islamics on the run and a few hours later we get the Paris attacks. He says it again and presto!, we get San Bruno within hours. Then he strikes out how the yellow bellied buchwacking Republicans are painting lies about how well the economy is really doing and the next day we get the job report.
Maybe if O would zip it up there will be no more Islamic attacks on women and children and the elderly ad well as the economy beginning to quit bouncing off the bottom. Can't hurt to try.

Account Deleted

from R Cross - "Your disdain for government (military spending excepted) spins your perceptions a little toward a tea party/revolutionary bent."
Conservatives/Tea Party types do not have a 'disdain' towards government. Please try to keep your facts straight. We are well aware that govt is needed to ensure that our Constitutional rights are upheld and preserved. We 'disdain' a form of govt that disregards its proper role and becomes a smothering fascist blob extending its nose into every facet of our lives. We 'disdain' our current corrupt administration that takes our money at gun point and then turns the agencies of govt against certain legal political factions. Why does our govt now allow left wing fascists to regularly shout down and violently disrupt legal and peaceful assemblies of those the left does not approve? Why do our our so-called neutral tax collection agencies single out conservative groups for extra scrutiny and hold up their cases in limbo for years?
And I would love to see what proof you have that Exxon 'knew' that AGW is a scientific fact as it seems no one else to date has any such proof.


Posted by: Jon Dozer | 03 June 2016 at 11:25 PM

Come on George, we would appreciate a show a speck of intellectual honesty. Out of the thousands of your comments, I think you could pick out a few posts of dissent toward some institutions of the US Government. Even former favorite son Rick Perry did that in his verve to prove his conservative bonafides, circa 2012. Unfortunately, he lost count of those government institutions he disregarded the most. "And there is no fomenting "dissent and disregard toward the people and institutions of the United States government" here" George Rebane

Pithy enough to have been crafted "on the mean streets of Chicago"!

.....is there a link that accompanies the statement?


Now I heard that along with North Korean newspapers, China and Russia love Trump. Why?
Does anyone really believe Trump has always worn the headgear of the proletariat?
Is that all the working class need to see to believe Trump is one of them?


Posted by: BradC | 04 June 2016 at 09:07 AM

Trump is the end of the Republican party. Hillary will be the end of the Dems.


Bill Tozer

Brad C. Nope, all the people want is for somebody, anybody to push back. And bloody some noses, rhetorically speaking. And push back hard and beat 'em like the rabid dogs they are. That's all it takes.
My I present to the jury a minor piece of evidence. The 68 Dem Convention with rioting in the streets. My apologies to the jury and Brad, rioting in the streets is a Dem thang, so excuse the redundancy of a Dem Pow-Pow and rioting in the streets in the same sentence. I beg your forgiveness.
Oh yeah, which big famous Democrat saw the tear gas in the streets and said, "We just lost the election.".........to Richard Milhouse Nicon of all people with an extremely unpopular wear coming of 3-4 summers of race riots and people power.
I rest my case.

Jon Dozer

"He says it again and presto!, we get San Bruno within hours." Tozer

San Bruno? ....forget it, he's rolling...

Bill Tozer

This belongs in the Sandbox.



BillT@937am - Yes, I believe the rioting or protests or whatever are a Dem thing. I think it stems from the Union strikes of old, and other civil unrest by the proletariat. The Conservative party seems to be protrayed to be aligned with the business classes, and the liberal presumed (or would like to be presumed) to be aligned with the 'power to the people', labor unions, social progress, etc.
Trump is shaking things up and may help to make the Conservative party seem less like the party of the corporate overlords, and that is probably the reason some libs are exchanging their blue ball caps for red ones.


The USA should follow the Swiss who should institute a guaranteed national income, aka a negative income tax scheme instead of a self serving welfare bureaucracy... not because anyone in particular deserves money for nothing but because it is a much less expensive way to provide the safety net the electorate expects.

Milton Friedman was strong proponent of it, for all the right reasons, including the fact that Welfare as we know it penalizes work, and a negative income tax scheme guarantees that anyone who works will be better of than those who do not. The more they work the more money they will have until at some point they aren't getting a penny from taxes and later, when they're paying taxes themselves.


I know a lot of folks 'hate' Michael Moore, but I thought, Where to Invade Next, was a thought provoking movie.

Todd Juvinall

Where to invade next? Americans set people free from tyranny and defeat dictators. But Moore probably disses our country from the comfort of his 10 million dollar mansion.

Account Deleted

"... because it is a much less expensive way to provide the safety net the electorate expects."

Oh please. Do you really think DC will ever give up their ways and let whole buildings full of left-wing voters go? Really?
First of all, the whole negative income tax thing will bring on rioting like you've never seen.
One has to first look at why most people in the US are in poverty, then compound that with why the establishment (esp the left) love to keep them there.
It isn't about lifting them out of poverty, folks. That's for the dreamers, useful idiots and Pete Seeger types. And no matter how much money and stuff you give to the poor, they will always be poor. End the other entitlement programs? The Alinsky left will whip up a firestorm of rioting even if you can prove the poor will end up with the same or more. And we aren't going to have a necessary consensus of left and right to ever actually 'save money' in the fed govt.
Look - I'm all for ways of being creative and staving off the blood in the streets that's coming.
But let's be honest. The negative income tax will just be layered on top of all the other programs no matter what you would like to see occur.
We have an entrenched sector of citizens that have no concept of taking responsibility for their own lives in any way, shape or form. The way we got here is a long and convoluted road that is a whole 'nother subject. We need to keep these eaters fed or there will be all sorts of trouble. We also need to wean them off of the govt tit. But I see no do-able plan that would ever be put into place to have that happen.
So - keep those cards and letters coming, folks. I'm always open to ideas. But please - let's work on basic underlying problems.


Todd, The title is somewhat misleading...

Todd Juvinall

Oh, well I won't give him my of my money so I will have to watch a trailer. LOL!

Jon Dozer

Loved to see Moore on MSNBC recently, sporting the KVMR cap..:) He's a good man, and good friend of Nevada County.

Paul Emery

Muhammad Ali, the greatest sports hero of our time and a great man RIP.

Todd Juvinall

Sorry Paul Emery, not so. Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson were much more important. And less divisive.

Paul emery

All heroes for sure Todd. Ali was the hero for our time. Is divisiveness was your strengths and what he'll be remembered for because he change the world. Was a true American hero. he stood up for what he believed in he stood up for his religion and you stood up for what was right

George Rebane

My vote goes with ToddJ's 240pm.

As a personal vignette, Muhammad Ali was seated next to me at Danny Pearl's memorial service - Jo Ann and I were friends of the Pearl family who had known Danny for years, and Ali was a VIP and long time supporter of rapprochement between Muslims and Jews. In our attempt at conversation, Mr Ali was already past that stage and could mainly nod and smile. That he was a great athlete and an influential personage there is not doubt.

Paul Emery

Sorry for the typos-my 3:03. Voice recognation needs constant editing. Should have read:

All heroes for sure Todd. Ali was the hero for our time. His divisiveness was his strengths and what he'll be remembered for because he changed the world. Was a true American hero. he stood up for what he believed. He stood up for his religion and you stood up for what was right. George, your 3:10 verifies that.

Paul Emery

Actually thinking that Trump learned a lot of his bravado I believe from Ali. Trump will go down in history as a bizarre character but Ali will go down as a true hero .

Paul Emery

More typos-I'm going to give it up for today

Should have read : He stood up for his religion and he stood up for what was right.

Jon Dozer

Paul, difference between Ali and Drumpf- Ali never crossed the line toward full blow a-hole. He preferred to step back to a softer side, a side with a twinkle in the eye, a kind and thoughtful, gentle side. Drumpf has never had a reflective moment his entire life and has taken the Ali bravado to a level where he aspires to be the biggest a-hole on the planet, no matter what people think. Compassion, humanity, and gentlemanly behavior does not exist with Drumpf. Ali was the master and one of the 3 most important humans of the last century; certainly the most important athlete.

Jon Dozer

Paul, did you secure that now famous KVMR hat for Michael Moore :) ?

Jon Dozer

Ali rendered people speechless when trying to deny the honesty of his famous quote- I Ain't Got No Quarrel With The VietCong.. spoken during the conflict when entire villages of innocents were being indiscriminately wiped out. Never a more honest statement has been rendered in America.

Paul Emery

Yes Jon you are right on both posts.

Nobody will ever accuse Trump of being charming for sure.

And Ali perfectly reflects contemporary Libertarian thought with his famous statement. He had no desire or moral obligation to fight in a civil war in a foreign country. His status as a conscientious objector was confirmed by a unanamious 8-0 Supreme Court decision in 1971

Don't know the destination of the famous hat.

Bill Tozer

As someone who has spent a couple of hours with Ali back in the day, I found him to be most bashful, shy, and playful. He kept rubbing his fingers In my ear, hiding behind me. Yes, it sounded just like a bug. I swatted back at my ear to drive the pest way several times, but to no avail. Finally I spun around to kill that bug with much annoyance and there was Ali with Smokey Robinson and the entourage grinning ear to ear. He sure made a perfect bug in the ear sound when he rubbed his thumb and forefinger and possessed the most infectious beaming smile. I was surprised to see him scarf up on berry pies and other junk food. The Champ eats Twinkles? Say it isn't so.
Ali could walk in a building and everyone's hair would stand up on the back of their necks and you could feel the electricity from head to toe. I had only heard of somebody electrifying a place with his presence, but never experienced it until I met him. You knew he had arrived before you even saw him. It was a cameo for a movie long since forgotten...for good reason. When he left he said, "I like your show, I like your style, but the way you pay don't call me for awhile."
My Dad thought he cheated when he beat Flyod Patterson with that pulling his eyes down the ropes. Whatever. His Olympic coach told me you cannot train someone like Ali because he has animalistic instincts in the ring....something he innately had that cannot be taught. Just like an animal on the hunt, he said. He will always be known as The Champ. When anyone says The Champ, they mean only one person.

Russ Steele

Drudge Report:

Sat Jun 04 2016 18:03:18 ET

Posted directly outside President Clinton's Oval Office, Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton's character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family.

Coming in 3 weeks his tell-all book: 'CRISIS OF CHARACTER!'


The secret project is causing deep concern inside of Clinton's campaign, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

Specific details of the agent's confessional are being held under tight embargo.

"What I saw in the 1990s sickend me," Byrne explains. "I want you to hear my story."


'CHARACTER' is set for release June 28. [It ranked #60,436 on AMAZON's bestsellers list late Saturday.]

George Rebane

RussS 826pm - Good catch Russ. Are you going to read and report (assuming that an early copy is not leaked)?

Jon Dozer

LOL guys. No one cares about the Bill Clinton presidency from 20 years ago. I remember that guy hawking the book. He struck out back then too.

Move-On. (Dot.org if you prefer as well).

Russ Steele


Book is on pre-order. Here is the Amazon blurb:

Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne exposes the truth behind Hillary, Bill, and their public facade.

Posted directly outside President Clinton's Oval Office, Former Secret Service uniformed officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton's character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family. Now that a second Clinton administration threatens -- their scheme from the very beginning -- Byrne exposes what he saw of the real Hillary Clinton.

While serving as a Secret Service Officer, Gary Byrne protected President Bill Clinton and the First Family in the White House and outside the Oval Office. There, he saw the political and personal machinations of Bill and Hillary Clinton and those who were fiercely loyal to them. In CRISIS OF CHARACTER Byrne provides a firsthand account of the scandals--known and unknown--and daily trials ranging from the minor to national in scale.

Having witnessed the personal and political dysfunction of the Clinton White House--so consumed by scandal and destroying their enemies, real and imagined--Byrne came to understand that, to the Clintons, governing was an afterthought. He now tells this story--before voters go to the polls--in the hopes that Clinton supporters will understand the real Hillary Clinton.

I doubt the book will change many minds, but will give Trump more arrows to sling at the Hildbeast.

Paul Emery

Here's something to chew on

Latest Quinnipac job ratings poll

Pro followed by con

Obama 49-48-+1
Democrats in Congress 31-63 - 32
Republicans in Congress 12-80 - 68

Paul Emery



George Rebane

Re JonD's 915pm - It sure looks like a lot of the "no one cares about ..." items from our left-leaning readers are piling up for Hillary with every passing month. Methinks there are even more to come.

Russ Steele

JonD's 915pm. WoW! This tell-all book went from over 60,000 [It ranked #60,436 on AMAZON's bestsellers list late Saturday.] to #1 on Sunday morning. It is easy to see that "No one cares about the Bill Clinton presidency from 20 years ago." Wow just think if people really cared, it would not have taken less than 24 hours to go from #60,436 to #1, it would have only taken a few minutes. And, WOW these are all pre-release sales. Too bad that no one cares about the character of Hillary Clinton, a potential president of the United States.

Bill Tozer

Reaching back to Mr. Cross's observation that we here have a distain (along with every Founding Fathers and Patriot since 1776, let's look at the record.


Ok, nice quote. There are thousands of like quotes,from those who think bigger is better, and those that don't. I submit Exhibit A.


Now you know why Teddy Roosevelt is quoted as saying "A patriot's first job is to defend his country against his government.". Harry Reid represents everything wrong with everything. He will be railing against Trump and dropping hearsay and fear and whispered rumors of the Senate floor Monday morning (with immunity from libel, of course.). Anyone with a brain has a healthy fear of our government at every level. On the state level, the state senate voted something like 55-22 to exempt themselves from the new gun restrictions coming down the pike. At the local level.....

Bill Tozer


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