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06 June 2016



While I understand his concerns I find the far more compelling reason to vote for TEAM Hillary the yucks that are bound to ensue when the ....to quote Paglia....the "Dowager Empress" rolls back into DC into what is shaping up to be a doozy of the next step down in the recession/depression and the country split nearly 50/50 on nearly every issue.

What could possibly go wrong?


"Record Gun Sales Continue Through May - Thirteen straight months of gun sales records"

Like I said.....what could possibly go wrong?



"What could possibly go wrong?" - That's what I am also thinking about Trump. Gary Johnson? I saw an interview on Meet the Press yesterday. Johnson actually seems fairly normal!


Posted by: BradC | 06 June 2016 at 11:06 AM

I suppose......after this weekend though I'm starting to think that he's trying to throw the race.

Bob Hobert

Scot Adams' piece is an accurate commentary on what the political left has become.


We need to get Bernie to run on his own ticket, Johnson on the Libertarian ticket, and see what happens? What could go wrong?

George Rebane

fish 1055am - I guess our 'concerns' about whom we support depends on the size of the bullseye on our backs - Adams has a large one from Left.

Regarding this post, I wonder how many of our left-leaning readers will rein in their crickets and respond to the actual issue that makes the post germane.

Jon Dozer

Don't think a serious debate here is warranted for a blog post/article from a humorist, be it Scott Adams, PJ O'Rourke or Dave Barry.

George Rebane

JohnD 1148am - Exactly, and that's why a serious debate about Islam's murderous attack on humor magazine Charlie Hebdo and other cartoonists was also not warranted.

rl crabb

I don't think Trump is Hitler. Mussolini, maybe.


Posted by: George Rebane | 06 June 2016 at 11:25 AM

I think Mr. Adams is vastly overestimating the size of his target........

Bill Tozer

Nothing different than what BLM says. The libs will do anything for a red cap, as evidenced by their "justifiable in their own eyes" criminal acts against the innocent walking outside following peaceful gatherings inside arenas. Because Trump is Hilter, it's ok to assault, kick, beat down, and surround an elderly couple, women, families, and unarmed citizens just to steal a red ball cap. Must be a money maker on E-Bay....or maybe they want a Hilter ball cap to wear proudly to the next rave party. Or maybe they can totally relate in a subconscious manner.

George Boardman

Based on years of reading Adams' work, I think he's just jerking people around with his Hillary endorsement.

Of course, my favorite character in the strip is Wally.

Bill Tozer

Ah, the proof is in the pudding. The apple didn't fall far from the Joseph Goebbels tree says My Gal. Helpful hint: if you have German ancestry in your blood, better keep a low profile and for the rest, do not date a German gal. And for goodness sake, don't marry one! Give them a cake for Christmas, but don't be seen with them in public or let them in your house. Much hardship awaits those who do not heed this warning.

Trump’s paternal grandparents were German immigrants who settled in New York.


Wally is a fine Dilbert character, based on a real engineer Adams knew. The best engineer in the office (Adams worked at the phone company for years), he was desperate to get laid off as the layoff packages were, at the time, gold plated. So he stopped working. But management knew he was the best engineer they had... so they wouldn't lay him off or fire him.

Hence the on the job sabbatical. But on to the issue at hand...

A very (very!) left wing friend of mine, an enthusiastic Berner, was telling me yesterday that Scott Adams had a very cogent analysis of Trump that I should dig out... this same friend told me years ago that George Bush hated Saddam Hussein because Saddam believed in women's rights and universal healthcare. I also believ Adams has his tongue firmly in cheek but there is no doubt that there is some real ugliness building on the left.

It will be a long summer... and to think many on the left thinks Trump is responsible for the physical attacks on Trump supporters by leftistas. Madness.


Trump represents the worst of the worst of the conservative candidates. But conservatives love their actor/entertainer/politicians so Trump fills the bill (of his red hat). The proletariat think he is Reagan incarnate. Trump is the epitome of a rich, racist, xenophobic *hole. It is almost as if he is baiting the leftists, to try to get a rise out of them. Is is just an act?
But it isn't just the leftist, progressive, socialists who dislike him. I believe the majority of Republicans also think he is a dangerous buffoon.
They are just too vested in being Republicans to do anything but support him.
Same thing could be said of Hillary. Die hard Democrats will vote for her just to 'win' the White House..whatever good that does for anybody.
By the way, America is already great, at least by comparison with the rest of the world. America is the last best hope. Sure it could do better. That could be said about almost anybody or anything.

Adams is kind of over the top with his assassination comments (is he a little paranoid?). But Adams is saying the same thing about Trump that was heard when a black President was heading to office.


Here is a past blog.dilbert.com post by Adams especially for folks who are not sure if Adams is kidding:

When Trump asked his rally audience to raise their arms and promise to vote for him, critics compared it to the Nazi salute. On the level of reason and logic, this comparison is ridiculous. People also raise their hands to take the pledge to be citizens of this country.

But logic and reason don’t matter. Here again, confirmation bias is what counts. Trump’s policies on immigration had already created an irrational analogy in people’s heads that he was the next Hitler. Literally. So in that context, asking supporters to raise their hands was a persuasion mistake.

How did the Master Persuader make such a simple mistake? Easily. Trump is the only person on earth who is 100% positive he is not the next Hitler. The thought probably never occurred to him. All he was doing was using a standard influencer technique. The technique involves asking people to do simple things (such as raising a hand) to prime them for doing something bigger, such as showing up to vote. The technique is A+. But the context made it poison. And Trump had a blind spot to it because – I presume – he doesn’t see himself as Adolph Hitler.

The key learning here is that Trump was not bested in this situation by reason and logic, which had been the weapons of choice for his opposition until now. And by opposition, I mean all the people he obliterated earlier in the election cycle.

Reason and logic are bad weapons. I might have mentioned that before. But an irrational analogy to Hitler, mostly fueled by social media, got real traction.


Fish... NOT so fast..... Gun stocks just took a hit today.

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