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30 July 2016



Hillary goes on stage to proclaim everything just hunky dory. That's for the gullible to believe. Don't forget. it's HER plan to put many, many more on the gov. dole
Trump wants to do the opposite.


Somebody seems to think America is a good place to invest. Foreign direct investments are higher than anytime in the last 20 years,



Yes Brad.,, they sure "invested" plenty in Hillary.




Here we go again,, It's bad enough plenty of fresh water flows out to sea,, now add plenty of tax dollars to the flow.

Someone start a cheap online degree program for marine biologists. Then get your kids a job with the Gov.

George Rebane

BradC 114pm - Do you attribute this surge to the expectation that both candidates appear to look down on our foreign trade with regard to existing policies and future trade deals in the works which may never come to pass? In short, if you want to make money from the American market, then you better get in while the getting is good.

BTW, your linked data appears to be in nominal dollars as explained in the article. This indicates that the former $335B investment peak in 2000 has the buying power of $461B in 2015 dollars. And therefore the cited 2015 investment of $420B is really not "higher than anytime in the last 20 years". In fact it is 8.9% lower than the 2000 peak during the dotcom boom.


Thanks Dr.R for helping us with understanding the real data. What was money then,, just ain't the same money today.

Bill Tozer

The downward revision to 0.8 4Q15 shocked me and I was waiting for the fallout....waiting.....still waiting, nothing to see here.. Thank you, Dr. Rebane, for mentioning it. Geeze, those green sprouts have been found to have shallow roots or poisonous soil or something, thus they have withered and died. The green sprouts we have all hung our hopes on since 2009

Monetary policy: We have no arrows in our quiver. Raise the rates now, and a recession with occur sooner.. Heck, we already are too close to the edge right now. Is it Germany that is following Japan's example with its negative rates, or is going under 0% coming next month? We must raise rates somewhere in time if only for the sole reason rates can be lowered again in the future if needed to tap on the gas pedal.
Since a topic of the post is fiscal policy, not monetary (boring) policy, I apologize,.

Briefly jumping into the realm of foreign policy, something did come out of Philly we all missed. Hillary has collected under her wing a pack of experienced world traveled policy advisors and they met in Philly behind the scenes for some surprisingly candid brainstorming sessions while we were justifiably distracted by the B Team speakers on the stage on off nights.


Ben Emery

For years I have been giving one variation or another of this distinction between Liberals ad Progressives.

"The difference between Progressive and Liberals are:

Liberals want to add services/ government into a dysfunctional system so everybody has enough to survive.

Progressives want to reform the dysfunctional system so that everybody can afford to live."- Ben Emery

Although lots of overlap is found when talking about specific issues the difference lies in the approach at the stated objectives. I am a proud progressive and have grown to consider my liberal friends the biggest obstacles in creating a truly egalitarian society and government.

The worst are neo liberals. They control the modern day Democratic Party and it started with Bill Clinton. I left the Democratic Party over NAFTA in the 1990's and have been butting heads with my democratic party loyalists ever since.

Excerpt from Chis Hedges.

I save my anger for our bankrupt liberal intelligentsia of which, sadly, I guess I am a member. Liberals are the defeated, self-absorbed Mouse Man in Dostoevsky’s “Notes From Underground.” They embrace cynicism, a cloak for their cowardice and impotence. They, like Dostoevsky’s depraved character, have come to believe that the “conscious inertia” of the underground surpasses all other forms of existence. They too use inaction and empty moral posturing, not to affect change but to engage in an orgy of self-adulation and self-pity. They too refuse to act or engage with anyone not cowering in the underground. This choice does not satisfy the Mouse Man, as it does not satisfy our liberal class, but neither has the strength to change. The gravest danger we face as a nation is not from the far right, although it may well inherit power, but from a bankrupt liberal class that has lost the will to fight and the moral courage to stand up for what it espouses.


Account Deleted

"Progressives want to reform the dysfunctional system so that everybody can afford to live."- Ben Emery
At what cost? Who's definition of 'living' will be used? Not starving? Living comfortably? What about the folks that won't work? So many questions - so few answers from the 'progressives'.
Glad to see that Ben is still with us. Keep it comin'.


Totally OT but not good.....not good by a longshot!




If you were to wave a magic wand and have your idea of a progressive utopia what would this look like?
Also since I do not believe in magic or magic wands how would you make your idea of a progressive society happen?

Ben Emery

Although it is not even in my top five criteria Denmark is the #1 country for doing business. At least 7 if not 8 of the top 10 countries could be described as democratic socialist countries by your guys standards.


Bill Tozer

WTF Ben. We got a topic here. Take it to the Sandbox, ass wipe. Geeze, last time you were here you we saying the exact same things. Strike that. Last two times. Are you stuck on stupid or what??

George Rebane

Well BenE (640pm) does have a point since he seems to suggest that the US follow Denmark in order to kick our economy into gear. However, I do believe that the Messrs Emery (Ben and Paul) need to find a new banner to march under. Denmark's is pretty frayed given its unsustainable public benefit programs, and its apples and oranges relationship to the US (we'll discuss its brain drain later).

Denmark's growth rate is and has been anemic even when compared to the US, and in its desperation all it can do is keep raising taxes on its citizens who already pay through their noses - "At 60.2%, Denmark last year had the highest top personal income tax rate among the 34 countries in the OECD". On a dollar-for-dollar basis Denmark pays the world's highest rates for its socialized healthcare - since its reducing levels of care are considered 'free' by innumerate liberals who cannot grok the comparison. As NATO members they cannot even afford to pay the required 2% of GDP as their share for the continent's communal defense.

And importing unassimilating Muslim migrants today will do nothing to help and everything to destroy their little mono-cultural Valhalla. That seems to be where Hillary wants to take us.

Bill Tozer

Sorry Ben, I was having a flashback from the Cold War. PTSD after reading your words. Ok, liberals suck,we agree.....and for the same reasons. And they suck because they are the wrenching ball of any resemblance to critical thinking. And if millions of students know absolutely nothing about history or anything else besides smearing fake menstural blood on themselves and demanding a safe place before walking out of liberal arts colleges and into the real world, I do not blame our young people for that no more.

I was wrong to blame the students. I, like you, put the full blame for the trail of destruction directly on the liberal educators, liberal academia, liberal press, and liberals in government at all levels. Take about crimes against humanity. The students were only taught one thing and that is accept as truth what liberals in academia were teaching them and the poor students were taught to NEVER question why, or even question. Never challenge. Only one viewpoint allowed.
With our childrun so poorly equipped to leave Mom's basement after they received their parchments of achievement, the only ones that will hire them are the government or the media or academia. Thus they talk to one another incessantly because nobody else can stomach to be around them. They are a miserable pathetic lot, very unhappy people. So, they just swirl about in their confined circle of friends that think what they say are profound and deep, man. Their circle is the world and the world is their circle. That small is world of liberal media, liberal academia, and the unfortunately the powers now found in every level of government.
Yes, Ben, the liberals as we both define them as the biggest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness this nation has ever known.

Bill Tozer

Sorry again, Ben. There have been several posts and threads concerning definitions and labels here... . Some you like, like progressives. Some you don't, like ragheads. But there is a post by Dr. Rebane here and you are stuck in saying there is a difference between liberals and progressives again and again. Really? Nah, you are joking, right? My, i never heard of such a thing before. Please spend weeks teaching me this ancient knowledge you have finally discovered a few years back.
Look, I at least threaded the education angle into my last screed just to hit a topic found within Dr. Rebane's post and slam liberals at the same time. Multitasking, if you prefer.
I heard ya Ben the first time. Weave it in to some topic so I can heard it again.

Here's a bone for you:


Hay Ben!!,, Got something fur ya'.
Forced labor from one of your favorite Commi,,uh,, Socialist nations.

Account Deleted

As usual - Ben dreams of the progressive paradise but can't give us any specifics other than 'Denmark'.
He went to Solvang once and thinks it would be swell if the entire US were like that.
I do believe the US would be more able to resemble Oz than Denmark. Denmark is pretty darn euro/nordic and at least Oz had folks of all colors. Or was that the horse?
Here's a swell article about Hillary's 'plan' for the US economy.
Moodys is the outfit that completely blew the last crash that hit our economy so you know you're dealing with real sharp thinkers.
The money quote: "Evident from her proposals is the belief that the country needs to invest more in education, infrastructure and workers, and that the well-to-do, and to a lesser degree financial institutions and businesses, should pay for it," Moody's said.
Sure - that's the ticket. The well-to-do and businesses normally just burn all that money in their fire place as it is. Might as well 'invest' in all of that good stuff. And we'll have 2.6 million more jobs a year - almost enough to off set the millions of new Dem voters pouring across the border.
And they admit our debt will continue to sky rocket.
Sounds like a plan.

George Rebane

re my 712pm - I didn't exactly answer Mr Emery's point about Denmark's business investments because I thought that was an inane point with an obvious answer. But on second thought, I erred.

People need to know that Denmark's business tax rate is 22%; America's is 35-47% depending on which states you're doing business. Denmark is in the EU that lets Danish companies access the European markets without tariff concerns. And Denmark has a northern European culture and work ethic, in a socially stable land that provides the reliable work force which businesses need. The capitalist pays competitive wages from which the poor schlemiels have to pony up taxes to the government. As a business investor, what's not to like?

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane has laid out the picture of the cards we have been dealt. Domestic and foreign policy. Call it gloom and doom, dark and divisive, whatever. Arrange the cards you are holding anyway you want, but get ready to ante up and play the cards in your hand. And, in the game or the here and now, dueces and one eyed jacks are not wild, unless you are a liberal.

NATO and European socialism-Marxist loving homogeneous city states within the Kingdom of Enlightment.. Bottom line: The Scots, the repulsive Dutch, the Neverlanders from Netherlands, the Swedes....the whole lot of them can only play in their pixie dust sandbox if The USA! provides the security and picks up the tab. They play, we pay. NATO is a de facto fully funded by USA! taxpayer branch of the Pentagon.
No worries. The day after the Brexit vote(less than 24 hours) the plan was one the table for a European Army. Actually, the plan has been pushed hard by the liberals from Britain to the farthest reaches of Old Europe since at least 2005 in the EU, but they all denied that as horse rubbish. Brexit gave them the long awaited justifiable excuse to pull the wrinkled and folded up plan out from many a back pockets that instant.. An European Army controlled by the faceless illuminati in Haugue. That is my definition of where Progressiveism will take us.
Money talks, road apples walk. Ever hear this one, "Dad, can I take the car and is there any gas it in?" They play their little make belief games in Old Europe, and we the suspicious one provide the insurance, gas, and car.

Bill Tozer

Morning folks.
The progressive wet dreams of the Emery Boys & Co:
Ever wonder why the poster boy examples of "how to do quasi-socialism right" are reduced to smaller and smaller white countries of Northern Europe? Those countries with deep cultural identity. Can't use any examples from the Southern Hemisphere? Not one? Ok, how about using the birthplace of democracy such as the Greek Isles. How about Southetn Europe? Spain? Work ethic a problem?
France was everybody's calender pin up girl to point to as a fine example of how progressive social policies work just a decade or two ago.
Apparently, the examples the Emery Boys use are moving steadily farther north and becoming progressively more white and smaller. The crystal ball tells me to give it a few years and they will be holding up Iceland as the last great hope for civilization. After Iceland, then it will be the Eskimos. After that, the moon will be settled by progressives and they can show us how it is done.
The solution for my Brother Ben is to decouple security, decouple capitalism, and decouple human nature. Or move to Canada.

Todd Juvinall

A couiple of things in today's Sunday Bee.

The Muslim couple who lost a son in Iraq were interviewed by the leftwing media and of course reupped their hate of Trump. What I found interesting is the media does not correct the resonses which are based on a policy never voiced by Trump. And Trump opposed the Iraq war which means if he had been President, their son would still be alive. Their beef is now Trump wanting the immigrants vetted.

Second, the Bee extols the greatness of a illegal latino man who has lived here for many many years and is now taking his citizenship. He is doing that to vote for Hillary and against Trump. And the story is so rosy. Anyway, we have on the right said the democrats need these immigrants for votes and here it is.


The biggest problem with the Khan testimonial for Clinton was that there's nothing in the Constitution that bars a President from suspending immigration for any cause they decide is required, and suspending Muslim immigration from areas of radical Muslim activity until such time that applicants can be adequately vetted should have been Obama's policy, too.

Pakistan, the Khan family birthplace, has a functioning government that the USA works with regularly. Syria doesn't (nor does a number of Muslim nations... especially Libya, whose government was completely destabilized under Sec'y of the Status Quo Hillary Clinton) and the concept that the Constitution requires equal ease of immigration from both is ludicrous. Perhaps Mr. Khan can point to the clause in the Constitution that proves his point.

Khan's speech was a pure emotional appeal for partisan political purposes.


What Master Ben doesn't know about Denmark is that the Danes, unlike progressives in the USA, are perfectly capable of harsh personal judgment for folks who can't pull their weight, or make bad mistakes.

For example, I doubt many Danes would give Ben a pass for fibbing about his education when running for office.

Regarding "(left-)liberals" vs Progressives, Progressives are less worried about the toes they step on in their quest for Utopia.

Russ Steele

I invite you all to read this post The DiploMad 2.0. He has served in multiple diplomatic posts and had regular contact with Russian Diplomats. He thinks that Trump is right in his NATO assessment and shares Trumps admiration of the Soviets leadership skills and dedication to country. Here is a sample:

On Russia. Trump is right.

There is no reason for inevitably bad relations with Moscow. Trump is right that NATO is a joke, at least the way it is presently organized and funded. We need to rethink NATO and come up with a new security alliance that includes, yes--horrors!--Russia. Yes, Russia should be our ally. Let's be blunt. There's nothing wrong with having this large powerful Christian (Oops! Said the "C" word) country with a skillful military and world class intel service on our side when fighting the 1400-year war with Islam. The Russians understand invasions and the threat from Islam pretty well.

Meanwhile, of course, the progs will scream about their own patriotism and promote the liars of Black Lives Matter . . .

Read the whole post here: http://www.thediplomad.com/2016/07/the-left-discovers-russia.html

George Rebane

Forgot to mention that this post has a 31jul16 update.

Bill Tozer


Right on time. Just glanced at a headline and Hillary says that voter questions about trust are "fair"!, lol. Been waiting for that one. They had trying that out two months ago on a townhall to see it if could work. Her campaign was most pleased. Now that the race to the finish line is on, she came out and said it to a much larger audience.

Here is how it works: when confronted by questions of lying, trustworthiness, corruption, maleficence, etc...the response is to acknowledge "that is a fair question". That's all you get. Just the acknowledgement of that is a fair question, followed by spin, avoidance, lies, change the topic, minimization of her part, blah, blah, blah. That will be her answer. The answer is "that is a fair question." That is the entire answer, lol.

Here is so groundwork for a future comment for a future post:
Hillary Rodman Clinton is a Neo-Con that will take us into a needless avoidable unnecessary forgein engagement with blood spilt on the ground. And I am not talking Russia. She was too eager to jump into Libya, way too eager to jump into Syria, too eager to meddle in Egypt. I am scared shitless that Hillary will take us to another Vietnam type conflict. it really does concern me. Trump can negotiate with Russia from a position of power to avoid ugliness and have peace. Easy stuff. Hillary will negotiate from a position of weakness to achieve power...through force. She is a NEO-CON.

Bill Tozer

I think the bigger question of the Wikileaks dump is : Why isn't the FBI and the FEC investigating the DNC and the Clinton Campaign into unchallenged allegations of interfering and meddling with an election instead of who spilled the beans. But, that's just me.

Bill Tozer

The substance of the debate is missing concerning Russia, Trump, NATO, and the media. Interviewee posed serious questions.


Account Deleted

First: The Trump connection with Mother Russia is completely overblown. Does he have business connections with Russian companies? Very likely as would most everyone in the US with large holdings. Dem and Rep.
Is there any proof that Trump some how is in cahoots with Putin? None that I've seen.
His comments about the Russian govt and Hil's missing emails is available for anyone to see on the internet.
The lefts' spittle blowing hysteria about those comments are absurd.
Next: Russia as an ally. I'd rather make friends with a rattlesnake. Yes, they are a country with formidable power and we need to dialogue with them constantly to work towards compatible goals.
Having said that - they are hardly a Christian nation in the sense that their govt is somehow guided by Christian beliefs. The govt is rampant with corruption and guile. Their economy is still largely directed and abetted by the govt and it doesn't look good, long term or short term. So expansionism and nationalism will be the main attraction to divert the Russian proles from their internal problems. That will rarely intersect with our nation's (or the world's) best interests. I really have no good handle on how The Donald would deal with this issue.
We already have seen Hillary's competence re Russia - she blew it completely.
Both Hillary and The Donald have their personal wealth to consider. How much they will consider their own wealth against our nation's interest is a nutter's worst guess.
Thanks for asking.

Paul Emery


Care to compare the Economy of 2008 when Bush left power and 2016 when Obama leaves office ?

Account Deleted

Sure, Paul -
(CBS News) 'The National Debt has now increased more during President Obama's three years and two months in office than it did during 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency.

The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office.

The latest posting from the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department shows the National Debt now stands at $15.566 trillion. It was $10.626 trillion on President Bush's last day in office, which coincided with President Obama's first day.

The National Debt also now exceeds 100% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, the total value of goods and services.

Mr. Obama has been quick to blame his predecessor for the soaring Debt, saying Mr. Bush paid for two wars and a Medicare prescription drug program with borrowed funds.'
Oh, wait - that's old news
It just gets better.
When Bush left office, our natl debt was less than 70% of GDP (annually). It is now greater than our yearly GDP.
Wages across the board have fallen in actual buying power since Obama has taken office as well.
What's not to like?


I'd be less bothered by the debt were the deficits growing the economy more than the debt... borrowing a Billion to get a three Billion bump is one thing, borrowing a Trillion to turn it into a half Trillion is something else entirely, and is what we've been getting.

Making economic growth even worse is the Green Energy directives by AGW believers that forces the use of more expensive energy; cheap(er) energy is the driver of modern civilization and has been since James Watt improved the efficiency of steam engines and jump started the industrial age... being forced to use more expensive energy sources is a tax we all bear.

George Rebane

PaulE 1055pm – Not a problem as long as you don’t go into your tired tirade of putting the whole thing on the W’s shoulders who worked with a very profligate Democrat Congress during the last two years of his term. In fact you can do it yourself by comparing the last 7.5 year performance of –

- GDP growth
- Per capita GDP
- Workforce participation
- Wages
- Business taxes and regulations
- Workforce education
- National debt
- Budget share of entitlements
- Destruction of healthcare
- World Index of Business Freedom

And to get a better handle of what recovery means, please revisit


Posted by: George Rebane | 01 August 2016 at 08:43 AM

Careful George.....you're about to get hit with a "How Much Better Obama is Polling at this point in his Presidency" poll.

Bill Tozer

Fish, Obama's numbers are up simply because he hadn't done anything for the past year...besides the usual stuff that the media buries like executive orders that mean "nothing to see here."

Someone should point Paul to the little fact that homeownership is today at the lowest level since 1965. Hmm. Once had a 65 Ford Fairlane and no, it does not seem like yesterday.

Paul Emery


Here's one look at comparing Bush and Obama economic performance of

Bush vs. Obama: Private Sector Job Creation
Bush vs. Obama: Unemployment Rate
Bush vs. Obama: Corporate Profits


Paul Emery

Sure Fish lets do that comparison

Obama rough average job performance 2016-52%

Bush average job performance 2007-31%


Posted by: Paul Emery | 01 August 2016 at 12:29 PM

It is interesting why "Mr. Pox upon both their houses" breathlessly reports favorability numbers of a person not running for office. Insights?



Looking at the site and the "who we are" section....you'll forgive me if I treat them as a biased source.

George Rebane

PaulE 1226pm - Without getting into the numbers, I draw your attention to the campaign copy of Sanders, Kaine, and Hillary, all of whom agree with Americans of both parties that the economy continues to stink after the Obama recovery which is primarily celebrated by, wait for it, ... Barack Hussein Obama! And all of them promise to work hard to make it better.

It's hard to talk yourself out of the most expensive and futile government stimulus in the country's history giving rise to the most tepid of (non)recoveries on record not witnessed by about 100M middle class workers while companies employing labor saving technologies and engaging world markets are indeed making good money, but nothing to write home about (don't be fooled by nominal dollar sums).

I'd love to see Hillary/Kaine start quoting your linked data to their constituents, and see how far that gets them. But we can rejoice in that both parties have found common ground in their assessment of the state of our economy.

Bill Tozer

Paul, it's me, Bill Tozer.

Off Topic,
I am with you on some things, like a fair press. Let the chips fall where they may. Looks like your Democracy Now! has the balls to report the facts. These are Assange hacked e-mails, not Russian hacked. Reveals Hillary's secret plans to arm jihadists one year before Benghazi.


Now the question is: where is the MSM? Instead of focusing on what Trump did not say, shouldn't we report about what a Pakistani (trained in Saudi Arabia) to use Muslim minorities in Western Nations to promote Sharia Law, aka Muslim Brotherhood agent, aka, Khizr Khan. Go Democracy Now!
*note: not done translating documents from Arabic...will provide details later...full plate today as I convelance.

Hillary will lead us to war in the Middle East. Trump does not want a war in the Middle East. Trump is even willing to make nice even with that bloodthirsty monster Putin to have peace and avoid war. I hate war. Skirmishes ok, battles ok, war not ok. Paul, we are on the same side...rejoice!

Paul Emery


Obama inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. It's fair to say that it's a respectable comparison that our economy went from grave (Bush 08) to bad (Obama 16) How about comparing the state of the economy when Bush started his term (2001) and when Obama took office in 2008.

Also Obama had to inherit the costs of the failed war in Iraq, something Bush didn't have to deal with. At least Trump acknowledges that war was a massive mistake even calls Bush a liar in deceiving the American people into believing there was a grave danger from WMD's.

To make it simple if you were President what economy would you rather inherit that left by Clinton's (okay Gingrich) or Bush's or Obama's for that matter.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 01 August 2016 at 07:37 PM

.....and all it took was more money than has ever been conjured in the history of mankind.

George Rebane

PaulE 737pm - Is there a point to your line of questioning? I'm not sure how such comparisons can lead to an interesting conclusion. Perhaps if stipulate some of these conclusions along with their antecedents, then the exercise may evoke interest. Otherwise it looks like you're just fishing for another tenuous 'gotcha' accompanied by even more tenuous predicates in the offing.


Paul (7:37) let's remember Bush II was greeted with 9/11 and that took a big chunk out of the economy overnight. On Sept 12, 2001, no one thought another airliner (or its explosive equivalent) could be kept from the US.

In short, Bush didn't preside over a bowl of peaches and cream, and let's also remember the economy Obama inherited was tanked by the collapse of a financial sector taken down by bad financial paper produced by the Democratic Bobsy twins, Fannie and Freddie, pushed off the cliff by Pelosi and Reid who had two years to put a lid on those relics of the New Deal. Obama was handed majorities in the House and Senate in his first two terms as the electorate bought the story it was all Bush's fault, only to lose the House and the Speakership for his party when voters recoiled in 2010 from the "We have the votes, fuck em'" mentality in the Oval Office.

May you live in interesting times.

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