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04 July 2016


Peter Van Zant

George: Thanks for publishing the ASA text. I was interested in your reader comments....did they take the weekend off?

Russ Steele


And, your thoughts are?

Peter Van Zant

Russ: Regulation, taxes, and designation using existing zoning seem sensible ways to move MM into a fair and usable system.


I think Number 4 should read '600 feet', not '600 sq.ft.'

What is the proposed setback distance between garden and closest neighbor residence wall (No. 5)?

What would determine residency (No. 9): property deed, utility bill, etc.? Residency where - at the grow site, or just anywhere in the county?.
Is the PRF (person responsible for the facility) who is also the person required to be a confirmed resident required to live at the grow site?
Some grow sites might not have residences on the property. Large acreage farms could span multiple parcels. Not all farm lands have homes on every legal, discrete parcel.

Patricia Smith

Thank you George for posting this for me. i wonder why your fellow bloggers are so silent all of a sudden? It's not like they don't usually have opinions! I guess they must agree with our proposls. Good news that I will share with the Stakeholder's meeting on July 12th.

Paul Emery


There's not much controversy over this anymore. Nevada County has spoken, as the Supervisors asked to do and the response (60-40 vote rounded off) shows solid disapproval for the ban on cultivation and support for commercial growing. Don Bessee said as much when in the League of Woman's Voters forum he said the issue was simply whether Nevada County wants to have commercial grows or not. Nevada County soundly spoke that they support Cannabis cultivation.

Steven Frisch

Patricia, my understanding is that NC ASA has come out against Proposition 64, the proposition that will be on the November ballot to legalize recreational use of marijuana. I'm not sure where I read that so I am wondering if you could elaborate. I am also wondering what your rationale for opposing Prop 64 is if indeed you oppose.

Laurie Bascom

Law enforcement leadership and all elected officials have a difficult job in a democracy. Unifying the people is the job of statesmen.

On that basis, I will defer to the thoughtful words of the first president of the Republican Party concerning the issue at hand: “Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded” -- Abraham Lincoln

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