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22 July 2016


Russ Steele

Democratic Platform Calls For WWII-Scale Mobilization To Solve Climate Crisis

We believe the United States must lead in forging a robust global solution to the climate crisis. We are committed to a national mobilization, and to leading a global effort to mobilize nations to address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II. In the first 100 days of the next administration, the President will convene a summit of the world’s best engineers, climate scientists, policy experts, activists, and indigenous communities to chart a course to solve the climate crisis.

Our generation must lead the fight against climate change and we applaud President Obama’s leadership in forging the historic Paris climate change agreement. We will not only meet the goals we set in Paris, we will seek to exceed them and push other countries to do the same by slashing carbon pollution and rapidly driving down emissions of potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons. We will support developing countries in their efforts to mitigate carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases, deploy more clean energy, and invest in climate resilience and adaptation.

Next week we will learn that climate change is a larger threat than islamic terrorism. Do you believe that? The problem is that millions of brain dead Democrat voters will.

Bill Tozer

I see Bubba is already in The City of Brotherly Love laying the groundwork. When the delagates arrive, the girls money woes will be over.


Russ Steele

Hillary has multiple problems and one is Bill Clinton. He is not looking so good these days, tired and frail according to some observers. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with him at the Convention: Hide, Ignore or Showcase? Thoughts?

Bill Tozer

Russ, they will pump Bill full of essential fluids, roll him out in his wheelchair and put a picture of a hot babe dangling ahead of him, just out of his reach. The ole carrot on the stick dangling in front of the donkey trick. Boy, his wheelchair will be doing burn outs and getting sideways through the turns trying to get his hands on the decoy. At the last minute he will suddenly jump up, grab the hottie's imagine as Hillary's aides give him a push and he will skip across the stage and belly up to the podium....without missing a beat. He is one of the best...once he gets to a microphone and a crowd. The best.

Lest we forget, Bill is more popular than Hillary and much more liked across the nation. Heck, even I liked his personality with that shat eating grin.. Heck again, once had a staunch independent conservative and very conservatively dressed girlfriend who uttered to me one night that "He (Bill) could park his shoes under her bed anytime". I was speechless....for days, lol.

Just saying whatever Bill says or do, he will be a hit with the grey headed and akin to how us righties yen for Reagen, that crowd will yearn for Bubba and the good old days. They didn't care about his sexual indiscretions that were not too discret then and they sure as hell don't care about them now. These are Dem delagates he will be in front of, his people. Friends of Bill. They love him.
Sure, we all will be saying "Whoa now, he looks old and thin", but he still has just enough gas left in his tank to come off as a wise elder statesman..the only elderly statesman they have left. He did just fine pulling Obama's feet out of the fire in the 2012 Convention. He did better at that convention than Obama did. Folksy.
He will be just a cameo figure all in all as the Party has moved on without him. He will be an asset....for a night or a speech and give some gravitas to That Woman, My Gal. Lord knows My Gal needs some legitimacy and likeabity...maybe standing next to Bubba she will get some through osmosis.
Only downside will be with the viewers out in TV land....win some, lose some.

Jon Dozer

This is a slight bit of old news, but the economy of Cleveland was clearly stimulated by the many gay closeted GOP delegates. The gay male escorts of Cleveland never had it so good the last week.


Bill Tozer

Milo was a rock star in Cleveland. After Milo addressed a college, about 30 students ran to the dean demanding mental health professionals to make it go away, lol. And they were seriously serious about it!, but I digress. Then Twitter banned our beloved "Raging Fag" Milo for life. Male escorts can rake in the bucks, but I am to old to do that line of work anymore. It's more of a young man's vocation, but you do get inside a lot of private clubs and restaurants and meet Judges, DAs, CEOs of the Mega Corps and assorted bigwigs you would not normally ever meet...even once. Ah, they all put back on their pants one leg at a time. That vocation was one heck of a silver lining, I can assure you.

Pssst Dozer. This is the DNC thread. We need to take Clevand "escorts" over to the RNC convention thread and share some tantalizing war stories, ok.

Russ Steele

Megan McArdle & Ramesh Ponnuru at Bloomberg View

In many ways I expect the Democratic National Convention to be more of the same. Oh, I doubt that the convention will blazon the Clinton name larger than the American flag across the stage as she speaks. But you can expect her to paint a republic in crisis, one where women are practically indentured servants of their male managers, where the police routinely use civilians for target practice, and of course, where Republicans roam among us, tirelessly impoverishing the poor and oppressing the oppressed. Who can save us now? Only one person, of course. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's -- HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON!

Bill Tozer

Hillary will hit her current theme hard, saying the R's have not plan. No plan over and over again.
The Dems are the Dems. Mama always said "Do not bear false witness."


Funny, I remember Hillary recently saying that Trump is now....gasp!..attacking her faith while neatly avoiding the crooked stuff. Exactly what any good lawyer would do. In Hillary We Trust will be on the new twenty dollar bills. Never knew My Gal was such a devote follower of her faith...Guess she has been talking about her religious faith relentlessly and I missed it. Expect her to quote Mother Thersea, Luther, Calvin, and Cruz.

Russ Steele

More details on the Clinton's SECRET E-mails

Hillary Clinton exchanged nearly two-dozen top secret emails from her private server with three senior aides, the State Department revealed in documents released to VICE News late Friday.

The 22 emails were sent and received by Clinton in 2011 and 2012. Clinton discussed classified information with her deputy chief of staff, Jacob Sullivan, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. A majority of the top secret emails are email chains between Sullivan and Clinton.

This is the first time the State Department has revealed the identities of the officials who exchanged classified information with Clinton through her private email server.

The new disclosure by the State Department comes three days before the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia, where Clinton will formally accept her party's nomination for president, and minutes before Clinton announced her vice presidential pick, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.


Be sure to give us an update on the DNC hookers with 5 o'clock shadow "jon". Tell us who made more money. We finally see what really peeked your interest.

Now looky at the incompetence that Hillary relied on.
"President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden, confessed that her knowledge of foreign policy is “limited.”

“Obviously my knowledge of the foreign policy world is quite limited,” she said in a 2009 email addressed to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

Hell! the "jon" should send in it's limited resume'. there is sure to be a spot for one like the "jon". The "jon" has show that he/she/it is wrong on just about everything. Yes.. Proggy upper management material.

As for Sanders,, called that one. I said things were rigged against him from the start.
And somehow it's news now?

When things get started at the DNC convention,, will they hold the flag in reverence? or have a ceremonial flag burning to start things off? I can't wait to hear the "Pledge of Allegiance" (if the say it at all...) or will it be changed from " I pledge Allegiance to the flag" to " I pledge allegiance to Hillary..."? You know full well GOD will be removed from it there.

Yes, the Proggy convention will be pure porn for our resident LIBS.

Don Bessee

The 'jon' @ 1025- Now we know were the 'jon' has been. ;-)


Wikileaks are a real wild card going into next week... demonstrators now have real evidence that the DNC sabotaged Bernie and the Berners.

Too late now.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 11:07 am in space and time.

Walt, you did not tell us the rest of the story in your link, found in the 2nd e-mail, immediately following the green highlighted words:
"but I got a brainwave about lowering trade barriers and creating a private sector initiative for investment, and then for good measure, I hit the Republicans for cutting foreign aid. We sent it to the Hill today and it's getting some good play."

Private investment initiative? Egypt? Blame Republicans? A forgein policy advisor to State who don't know squat about foreign policy? Potential Chief of Staff in the new Clinton Administration? A PERFECT FIT!!!

Can't wait for the freak show in The City of Brotherly Love to begin. How many hours until it begins? Are we there yet? Are we there yet, Dad? How much longer? Are we there yet.....I just love Freak Shows. Are we there yet?

Russ Steele

Here is a sample of why we no longer trust the press:

Leaked emails reveal Politico reporter made ‘agreement’ to send advanced Clinton story to DNC:

An influential reporter at Politico made an apparent “agreement” with the Democratic National Committee to let it review a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising machine before it was submitted to his editors, leaked emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday revealed.

Reporter Kenneth Vogel sent an advanced copy of his story to DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach in late April.

The email’s subject line read: “per agreement … any thoughts appreciated.”

Well this is one reporter agreement we learned about. How many reporters and how many agreements have been made that we have not heard about? Glenn Reynolds writes about the current crop of reporters: "Just think of them as Democrat operatives with bylines and you won’t be far wrong!

George Rebane

RussS 107pm - I keep wondering when there is enough evidence piled up that the lamestream is in the tank for the Left.

Todd Juvinall

It will be interesting to see two white bread crackers up on the podium telling all those minorities how much they care for them. I tell all the local and national democrats to vote for Stein. Go Jill!

Russ Steele

George @ 01:31PM

I doubt there will ever be enough evidence, as it only counts if people choose to recognize it. It just gets blown off as another "right-wing conspiracy."

Russ Steele

Yes, I was not expecting a different point of view. Every lefty is in the bag for anthropogenic global warming.

Kaine has spoken out strongly about the need to address global climate change. In 2012, he said “humans have a responsibility to do something” about climate change.

Never mind that the climate is always changing and always has. He is talking about human-caused climate change

I could never vote for a candidate that does not understand enough basic science to recognize that anthropogenic global warming is a fraud. If he cannot recognize that climate models do not reflect the real world after 20 years of testing, one has to ask, what else does he not understand?

George Rebane

RussS 411pm - I think that he was specifically talking about *preventable* AGW which is the last of the uncorroborated qualifiers that drill down on the kind of 'climate change' we should all fear. Were they not believers in preventable AGW, then they wouldn't even have use of their bullshit arguments.

Jon Dozer

Wow Russ, all this time I thought you were up in the air about who you would vote for in November. Thanks for confirming you're solid GOP Denier.

Jon Dozer

One thing I give the GOP credit for is their celebrity draw power. Still not sure if the Dems can top Scott Baio- yet to be seen..


"Dozer"/Pelline/Frisch, I see your Scott Baio and raise you a Wikileaks, a gift that will keep giving all week.

The longer the "denier" namecalling persists, the worse your fall will be. Gaia demigod James Lovelock has something fresh to say:

“I think anyone that tries to predict more than five to ten years ahead is a bit of an idiot, so many things can change unexpectedly.”

He added that global warming proponents stated that the earth would get hotter and hotter but “they don’t really know,” and climate models are only based on what data goes into them, so it was hard to say what would happen in the future.

Mr Lovelock is interested in what can be measured, what can be observed.

So for example the sea temperature around Chesil Beach being so low and the effects of the Gulf Stream dropping ‘significantly’.


There are lots of things in the climate changing unexpectedly, not that the Pellines or Frishies of the country will notice... it's amazing what you will ignore when your place in the world depends on you not noticing.


Hay "jon"!! care to deny Hawaii is uninhabitable? The "experts" said that would be reality by by now. Those computer programs said so. There are SO MANY other examples of doom and gloom that your AGW idiots said would be fact today... Uh,,, what happened?

Bring on the excuses of just why the bullshit didn't flow as "predicted".
(this is where the "jon" closes the crapper lid on itself, till the stench blows over.)

Bill Tozer

Ah, the moderate middle of the road old Blue Dog Tim Kaines is Hillary's VP.
No wonder she picked him instead of Squatting Bull Lizzy Warden Warren. He is a safe pic, lol..
Hey, I told ya not to believe it...I told ya. He is a lib through and though.. Like Hillary, Tim Kaine is dumb and stupid and dangerous.. Both fell out of the Stupid Tree and hit every branch on the way down. Neither one will lift a finger to keep us safe. Expect more deriliction of duty if Dumb and Dumber are elected. Kaine is no moderate. Far from it.



From what I read, clinton is going full blown Commie to try and win the stupid vote.
Plenty of free stuff is the bait. Maybe our "enlightened" unicorn ranchers can say how it will all be paid for. Who's ass will the bucks be pulled from? We are already the most taxed in the (post)free world.


Oh oh,,, things are not all roses in LIB land.

The Kaine Mutiny?
Then there is the burned Berners that are going to load up on chilly and beans before the show up at the convention. Chemical warfare at it's best.

Bill Tozer

Walt, Hillary started screeching again. Even the host on the radio calmly says "Let's see what Hillary is saying". He had to reach over, kill the tape and apolized to us in radio land saying "I'm sorry. I just can't take that voice another second." :). That was Monday talking to the union workers and to tell ya the truth, I never heard it that bad at the end. She propelled to new heights. Again on Tuesday and Wednesday on the screech, but only scoring 8 and 8.3. She set the standard Monday, the first day of the RNC confab. Thursday she was back with a couple of good ones, albeit shorter, scoring a 9 and smashing the old old record with a quick 9.3 . Monday was a 10.

Where's the bedwetters?

Jon Dozer

"There are lots of things in the climate changing unexpectedly"

Correct. The unheard of string of all time all time world temperature records the last few years. Not possible through random chance.


Pure BS, "Doz". The instrumental record doesn't go back more than a century, and there has been visible life on the planet for about 540 million years. There's very good evidence the current temps are below the Minoan, Roman and even Medieval warm periods, and they're currently in free fall since the passing of the El Nino peak a few months ago:

Virtually no chance that 2016 is going to be that record warm year the warmistas have been trying to fabricate. Sorry.

You seem to be channeling Frisch today, he's usually the one for such empty statements full of confidence.

Bill Tozer

Aha!!!! Uncover, discover, discard.

Nailed this one. We got Wikileaks on our side, boys and girls. Timing of Wikileaks war on My Gal is no coincidence. Twitter banned our own Republican Rock Star "The Most Dangerous Faggot In America" Milo for calling out some big black chick on the flop Ghost Busters for her 3 blatantly racist comments. He is banned for life.
They don't know we got Milo's back...the one who walks onto a campus and students are dousing themselves in fake blood and crying and feel threatened and then The Most Dangeroust Faggot in America lays the truth on them. "You are fat because social warriors are the ones who are so dumb and unhappy and miserable, that nobody wants to be around them so they tell themselves big is beautiful and shove Twinkies down their fat ugly throats and I am talking to you"....scores have yet to recover, if ever....but I digress.

Wikileaks likes Milo. Wikileaks tells Twitter we are starting direct competition with you for that and taking all the Berners, gays, and millinnials with us.
PS Twitter: You block Conversatives and are in bed with My Gal, so take this Hillary and that that Twitter. Milo is The Most Dangerous Fag in America. And he is on vacation before he will even get warmed up...........the party of Lincoln with shades.

I love 2016. It's chalk full of little gems.


Make that much more than a century. Thermometers themselves date from the Enlightenment but extensive valid records are relative newcomers. The satellite record goes back to 1979 and remains the gold standard for atmospheric temps and, if you might recall, all that CO2 driven warming is supposed to be atmospheric not surface in origin.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt....Milo is heading to Sweden in a couple weeks to lead a gay parade right through the heart of a Muslim ghetto. That young man ain't taking it no more either.


Goodnight Gregory. Goodnight Doz. Doz buddy, you are not possible through random chance.

Bill Tozer

The Democrats are going to put forward the same people, with the same ideas, that they have been pushing since 1992. The world has changed, and they are living in the past.

Nostalgia can be fun, but it’s a luxury most Americans these days cannot afford. We need a new administration that will focus on the world as it is today, not engage in the fantasy of thinking that somehow we can return to the 1990’s.

Democratic voters know this. They blocked Hillary in 2008. They tried to block her in 2016. But the Donor Class in that party is just too strong. The Donors convinced Obama to go with the same old economic agenda that Bill Clinton had used, and it didn't work. This year, the Donors simply crushed all dissent, forcing Hillary on a party that doesn't want her.

Russ Steele

Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.


“As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism,” Kerry said. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we–you–are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”

At least 18,802 civilians have been killed in Iraq in ISIS-linked violence in under two years, a United Nations report said Tuesday — with millions of others forced from their homes and thousands more held as slaves.

How many have been killed by Air Conditioners? One or two per year from A/C units falling out of windows. The frequency is statistically insignificant, once every 25 years in New York City.

Will killer A/Cs be on the Democratic Platform this year?

George Rebane

Take AGW to the sandbox please.


AGW will be in evidence at the Democratic Convention, so why not here? Here's the relevant portion of the published 2016 Democratic Party platform:

Climate change is an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time. Fifteen of the 16 hottest years on record have occurred this century. While Donald Trump has called climate change a “hoax,” 2016 is on track to break global temperature records once more. Cities from Miami to Baltimore are already threa
tened by rising seas. California and the West have suffered years of brutal drought. Alaska has been scorched by wildfire. New York has been battered by superstorms, and Texas swamped by flash floods. The best science tells us that without ambitious, immediate action across our economy to cut carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases, all of these impacts will be far worse in the future. We cannot leave our children a planet that has been profoundly damaged.

Democrats share a deep commitment to tackling the climate challenge; creating millions of good paying middle class jobs; reducing greenhouse gas emissions more than 80 percent below 2005 levels by 2050; and meeting the pledge President Obama put forward in the landmark Paris Agreement, which aims to keep global temperature increases to “well below” two degrees Celsius and to pursue efforts to limit global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius. We believe America must be running entirely on clean energy by mid-century. We will take bold steps to slash carbon pollution and protect clean air at home, lead the fight against climate change around the world, ensure no Americans are left out or left behind as we accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, and be responsible stewards of our natural resources and our public lands and waters. Democrats reject the notion that we have to choose between protecting our planet and creating good paying jobs. We can and we will do both.

A "hoax"? No, but that's closer to the truth than the DP platform story. It's bad groupthink science driven by government funding steered by the believers themselves, the very capture by an elite that Eisenhower warned the country of in his farewell address, right after his mention of the military industrial complex.

The best science is telling many of us with actual science in our backgrounds that the computer models politicians have funded are wholly inadequate for planning the country's future and have grossly overestimated temperatures, yet the Democratic Party has been, in California and across the country, pushing the country onto a path of reducing us to a carbon footprint per person not seen since the founding of the country.

No, installing photovoltaic panels made in China will not provide the 'good middle class jobs' the country needs.

"Dozer"/Frisch/Pelline wasn't specific about the high temp records that frightened him so, here's a list of record high temps by State:

Please note the newest dates from 1995 and the highest high, from a Death Valley location, was 134F set in 1913.

Russ Steele


Will do! Since AGW is part of the Democrat Platform, should we take all AGW comments to the Sandbox also? See my first comment.

Bill Tozer

Democrat Convention? You mean DNC convention. Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya: https://www.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343.55586.217926015008110/881613725305999/?type=3&theater



George Rebane

Re AGW comments - I have no problem with AGW comments here that relate to the Dems convention and their policy platform. It's the divergent threads that go off into rehashing the science behind AGW - temp records, research, climate models, prediction results, ... - these belong in the sandbox. Or if someone feels that there is some new body of knowledge discovered that will fuel a sea change in the debate, then we'll start a dedicated topic with perhaps a byline from the protagonist du jour of the new stuff. Otherwise we are just circling the barn - a noble enterprise in its own right - and contributing nothing beyond informing the recently arrived readers.


Heard an interview with Bernie himself today, Meet the Press, kicking off their Democratic Party Convention coverage. His biggest beef with Trump? He doesn't even accept the science of climate change.

The great Progressive (in the best sense of the word) legal case in the 20th Century was arguably the Scopes "Monkey" Trial, a teacher charged with the crime of teaching evolution. In the 21st Century, Scopes would be a teacher who dared to show students the temperature records as measured by either the Remote Sensing Systems or the UofA at Huntsville satellite measurements and comparing it to what the Gospel according to the IPCC tells us to believe.

Going forward into the Convention, it looks like we may be in for an open revolt by conventioneers against the DNC chair Sgt. Schultz who, by the Wikileaked emails, presided over a DNC primary campaign rigged against the Berners. I see nothing!

What a way to start a convention. Break out the popcorn.


LOL!!! Emails and LIBS just don't mix,

Debbie downer has done herself in.
Yup! The DNC convention is off to a GREAT start. 100% chaos even before it starts.

Russ Steele


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, just announced that she is resigning. This comes amid controversy surrounding leaked emails that showed the Democratic party employees working to assist Hillary Clinton and help her defeat Bernie Sanders.


George Rebane

RussS 413pm - After all that Wassername did for Hillary, I wonder if she'll get a bottle of the bubbly sent up to her hotel room for a little libation while she's packing and having the car brought around.

Russ Steele

Now there is a list of a few of the most shocking emails released by Wikileaks.

The list was compiled thanks to the work of Reddit Bernie Sander supporters and Donald Trump supporters:
Hat Tip Steve A.

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black womans name.
DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.

More links here: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/detailed-list-findings-wikileaks-dnc-document-dump/

What great start to the DNC Convention! Monday is going to be very interesting day! Could be an interesting week!


Really? We all know how LIBS hate fences and walls.

Bill Tozer

I love Diversity Week! And now the eyes of the world will turn its undivided attention to the Freak Show in Philly, which is currently sweltering in a heat wave. Gives us a well deserved short break.
The Circus Animals won't be paraded out until manana, but they sure seem unsettled and spooked right now. Must be the humility or something making them all crazy like. Come on Team Dem, this no time for stage fright. Focus girl, focus. You time has arrived. All the bright lights will be on you and your team!! Give 'em hell. You go girl!

Maybe not ready for prime time, but they will get their act together by Thursday Night we hope.
Soon it will be Showtime! Hillary under the lights. Goodie, goodie.

Bill Tozer

Whatzhername out...after the Freak Show. She still gets to gavel the opening and closing of the Circus Tent. That was nice to toss her a Bon Voyage gift.. All Debbie really lost was her big chance to speak in front of a national audience at the Freak Show. But, after she pounds the gavel to let the freaks in, she will be put on ice.
Geeze, knowing the Clinton Machine, I hope we don't read about Whatzername in a couple of weeks or so being half ate up by gators when she went to take Fifi on a morning walk back home. That would be like "Wow dude, that was a freaky thing that happened in Florida, right in her own neighborhood. Freaky."

Once again, Donna Brazile is called upon to step in and be the adult in the room. She already was called in to temporarily run and clean up the Clinton Foundation after it was discovered their books were in total disarray and the heat was on. Donna did a good job of keeping that ship afloat and back on course, in spite of the extreme carelessness she found.. Now, she has agreed to try to right the Good Ship Lollipop, after extreme carelessness as well.
I like Donna Brazile....the person. I have always like her from back in the day. First time I saw get, I liked her. Same with Bob Binkle.....they drop some freshing pearls of candor between spouting the Company line and Bull Puckey. I live for those nuggets of openness.

Bill Tozer

How many hours until The Greatest Show on Earth? I can't contain the excitement. Being 2016, the Year of the Coincidence, earlier this year Ringing Bros and Barnum & Bailey's Circus announced its ban of the use of live performing elephants....no elephants allowed under the Big Top, no more. An omen? The whole world appears to be moving left, I reckon.

If anyone is heading towards the City of Brotherly Love and has a night to kill, you can still get tickets to the Whatzername-less Greatest Freak Show on Earth. Prices vary, not too bad.


Love it. Clinton Cash,, the documentary, is a big hit with the Left.
Not great news for Hillary. The Burnie's kids are not happy. So much form Hillary getting their votes.

OH the "jon" will not be pleased. Another one of his predictions is already headed for the same cesspool the rest of them are floating in.
No amount of election rigging is going to save Hillary.

Todd Juvinall

How many phony stories of helplessness will we have to endure? Last time it was all I could do to not puke watching the endless drama kings and queens in the demoncrat convention.

Account Deleted

News from the sticks - what are you guys talking about?
The front page of the 'newspaper of record' here in the capital of Idaho had absolutely no news of any kind of the Dem convention or the Dem party scandal other than a small glowing newsbit about the happy new couple soon to occupy the White House. The only folks in the US that really care about the expose of the Dem party being a rigged system with no connection to 'democracy' beyond their talking points aimed at non-thinkers are the small army of Berners who will burn and little else. Most of us already knew the connection between the Dem high powers and their lap dogs of the press. It's the youngs minds full of mush waking up to the fact that the Dems are the party of power and money. Most of the rest of the country knows or cares little to nothing about the leaked emails.
Be sensible - how much money would you wager that even 5% of the voting populace evens knows who Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz is? Or cares? Apparently she was the problem and she's gone. End of problem. Hill din du nuttin'. In fact, Hillary will straight out tell you to your face that she's 'shocked and appalled' by what she's just learned about Debbie.
The email 'scandal' is a nothing burger. The left wing dolts that post here will still vote for her anyway.
She's the 'adult' in the room. Now we know why children are so screwed up these days. With 'adults' like that.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Sunlight is the best disinfectant


Russ Steele

THE FIX IS IN: ’60 Minutes’ Doesn’t Air Hillary Dodge About DNC Interference.

The Wikileaks news was breaking Saturday when CBS’s Scott Pelley sat down with Clinton and her new running mate, Virginia senator Tim Kaine, for an interview that aired Sunday evening on 60 Minutes. There’s plenty covered in the interview that ran on TV, but perhaps the newsiest topic of the day, the DNC turmoil, didn’t make it into the broadcast. In a video posted under the banner of 60 Minutes Overtime and touted as an “unaired” clip from the interview, Pelley asked Clinton and Kaine about the leak. Clinton’s answers—or, more accurately, her non-answers—on what she knew about DNC interference in the primary were…curious. Among them was Clinton’s unwillingness to say any such intervention by the party committee to favor one candidate would be “improper.”

I used to trust 60 Minutes, but there have been too many distortions of the news to make them a reliable source. They are just slicker than most in bamboozling soft brained viewers.

Russ Steele

[email protected]:03AM

Bad link, or it was taken down under pressure from the Democrats who do not want voters to know about Dinesh Dsouza Secret History.

Russ Steele

CBS: It is OK to lie

CBS’s John Dickerson to Obama Yesterday: ‘Is Honesty Overrated as a Prez Quality?’

CBS’s Charlie Rose sat with two of Obama’s speechwriters in May as all three men laughed about the Big Lie of ObamaCare — the over 36 times Obama told Americans, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

CBS’s Dan Rather told Bill O’Reilly in 2001: “I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things:”

George Rebane

A correspondent reviews some facts about voter ID.

Next time you hear Hillary, or any other Democrat, ranting about Republicans wanting to disenfranchise minorities by requiring voter ID, keep the following in mind:

* In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney.
* In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the> votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations - and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.
* In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.
* In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.
* The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.
* Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout .
* In one Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters

Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

Paul Emery


can you share the source of your 11:36?

Paul Emery

Also George have you examined the veracity of your 11:36 with other sources?

Paul Emery

From Fact check

Q: Is it true that there were more votes than voters in Wood County, Ohio, and St. Lucie County, Fla., and that Obama lost every state with photo ID laws?

A: No. A viral email that makes those claims is bogus. It fabricates Ohio and Florida results. Also, Obama won four of the 11 states with photo ID laws.


Russ Steele

Another reason not to trust the Washington Post

“Greg Sargent writes The Plum Line blog, a reported opinion blog with a liberal slant – what you might call ‘opinionated reporting’ from the left. He joined the Post in early 2009, after stints at Talking Points Memo, New York Magazine and the New York Observer.”

Wikileaks revealed, within the 74 emails where Sargent’s name in mentioned in Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, that the substance of Sargent’s “opinionated” columns comes not from his keen analysis of political events, nor is it rooted solely in his liberal, political philosophy. Instead, his particular slant leans heavily on DNC input where support for the Clinton candidacy is, and has been from the start of this election cycle, firmly established.

In short, Sargent is a DNC-Clinton shill on the payroll of the Washington Post.

In addition to coordinating his blog columns with DNC communicators, Sargent is a conduit for DNC talking points that travel through him to rank-and-file Washington Post (WaPo) reporters.

Another DNC Operative with a By Line and a Blog.

Bill Tozer

Russ, just wait for a fellow journalists to go ask Chuck Todd (and other fellow TV and print types) if he really sent his stories to the DNC first to get prior approval before running with it? Never happen. I would have thought they would ran it by their producers at CNN or MSNBC first, but what do I know.

Almost wrote on this topic last week...they are being smoked out, AND nothing from Wikileaks has even raised one eyebrow with me. Yawn, same ole same ole. Thought everybody knew about Hillary, the DNC, the MSM, and Democrats. That's who they are and what they have been doing for years. What is surprising to me is that folks are acting like this is something new or something or even newsworthy. Where have they been???

Bottom line: everything, anybody who hops in bed with the Clintons ends up tainted, tarnished, trashed, and eventually discarded. Debbie is just one of the Clintonistas, and the Clintons demand loyalty ahead of ideology, qualifications, experience, or even what is best for the country. Loyalty first and foremost....run EXACTLY like Al Capone ran things. And nobody leaves Hotel Hillary without their reputations trashed..nobody. And they will go down as "being loyal", right Wolf Blitzer?

Bill Tozer

I think as an American the constant ebbing away of trust in government (even if distrust is warranted) is not a good thing all in all at these current bottom dragging levels. Yes, we all need to keep a watchful eye on those with their hands too close to the cookie jar. That is a given. But this a new sphere of trust issues we have entered cannot be good.

Can I trust the news anymore? Can I trust our watchdogs? What I read? Nope. Do I have to deconstruct word, every sentence and cross reference with what is in my memory bank? Sadly, yes I do. :(
What can we expect coming out of the Freak Show this week? More ebbing away of trust, more Clinton loyalists smoked out, more those closest to the stink selling their souls. Clinton first, then politics of personal enrichment, then big government, then country, then small g god.

As colleratal damage, the press, fairness, Lady Justice, the DNC are the first to go. It's all about My Gal....nothing else matters. Protests in the streets won't even reach their closed ears...Wasting your time, Berners. Trust is not important or even a consideration to the Clintons....they value loyalty first and foremost....from others to them. One way street.

Russ Steele

Former Vice President Al Gore won’t be endorsing Hillary Clinton. Or speaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Could it be his long, complex history with the former first lady? Or that he secretly favored climate change champion Bernie Sanders?

o o o

Either way, Gore’s self-provoked expatriation from the Democratic party is just one more indication of an convention in chaos.


He is staying as far away from Hillary as possible. Wise man?

George Rebane

re my 1136am - I was actually waiting for some readers to jump on this one since I could not raise it on Snopes (the correspondent did not provide a source). Over the years we have seen reports of individual irregularities in voting precincts but not assembled like that. Thanks for smoking this out Paul.

Bill Tozer

The government MSM press has always been "Whatever is good for the Democrat Party". I will go as far as to unabashedly proclaim they Do Not care about the little guy or the poor. Not a hoot about you or me or Aunt Sybil. Just whatever is good for the Democrats and nothing else.

Now, in a cruel twist of fate, the Internet is here and try as they may, the government press can't control it. Once was channel surfing back in the 90's and timing was everything. I stopped at CSpan just as some unfamiliar newcomer named Matt Drudge was addressing the National Press Club for the very first time. Oh, the room full of the national press blasted him relentlessly. They were angry. Pissed off to the max. "Where are your degrees in journalism?? What are your credentials? How dare you call yourself a journalist...what gives you the friggin right? Who do you think you are? How dare you! Who is backing you? Who is the man behind the curtain giving you your marching orders??" And on and on it went.
The guy with the old flatfoot hat said I am a "citizen journalist". Never said I was a journalist. The story about Lewinsky was already out there. Al Gore mentioned it and I just researched it. ABC sat on it for 9 months. I just found it there, on the Internet. You guys could have found the story IF you looked. That was all I did. I looked and found out what ABC was sitting on, what even Al Gore was sitting on, what others were sitting on. Do your job. Do your job. Matt did thank the Host for giving him an official National Press Club coffee cup, lol.

Blame it all on the Internet, which has changed the way we communicate. Unfortunately, the Internet has not changed the "whatever is good for the Democrat Party" government national press from trying to say "nothing to see here, move on."

Bill Tozer

Popcorn time in the peanut gallery. Hey, it's their love fest and they can run it anyway they chose.

The Democratic National Committee formally offered "a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email" and said it would take action to ensure it never happens again.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned effective at the end of the convention over the email flap. At a morning gathering of Florida delegates, Sanders supporters jeered Wasserman Schultz, who they accuse of trying to sabotage the campaign of the democratic socialist.

Sanders, speaking later to his delegates in Philadelphia, was booed when he urged supporters to help defeat Trump by backing Clinton and her vice presidential running mate, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

"Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in," he said, adding: "Trump is a bully and a demagogue."

Members of the crowd screamed back: “So is Hillary.” "She stole the election!" someone else shouted

Bill Tozer


The American Conservative Union lifetime score rates Kaine with a Zero. First time ever some Senator got a zero. Ratings only up to 2015. Just saying.

George Rebane

Sometimes we forget that the job of the lamestream (aka MSM) is to promote all the objectives of Agenda21 and the political parties that support that brave new world. Exhorting them to "do your job" just elicits 'Thank you, we are doing it.'


Tar and feathers are being handed out at the DNC convention.

Bill Tozer

Good Doc in the house @ 5:21 pm

Touché good Doc. You are on your game I see.


These polls are meaningless. Only thing that matters in August is this Thursday night for the near term, month. Most all of us bad boys are keeping our powder dry. The 40 foot gears we got in the aircraft hangers get are still waiting for the word to start turning. Just biding our time.

Behind the scenes, we are busy brainstorming to stop the Limousine Liberals in NY from voting down at their Florida vacationing homes...no double dipping! Then, how do we stop those caravans of buses filled with people without ID's or even a piece of scrap paper from voting in Michigan, then cross state lines to vote again in Ohio or Pennsylvania. Big task to keep 'em honest from the peanut gallery. We are on to the Party of Corruption. They don't believe in winning elections...they believe in stealing them.

Doc, keep an eye on the convention. Us Rowdy Conservatives are keeping our eyes on the prize and we never underestimate the enemy. And FNN (executives) is a tool of the R establishment as well. They might feel some heat. Not Charles and Neil or Varney....the ones behind the cameras.

Oh, everything Dozer predicted (chaos and fractures and mass demonstrations) that would beset the R convention is coming true! Too bad he got the wrong political convention. :).


Gotta LOVE it. Things are not good in LIBville when everyone chants "LOCK HER UP!! LOCK HER UP!!"
OH Yaaaaa. that's going to get the "should be" criminal elected.

Where is the "jon"? at the LIB convention uh,,, making a buck? We all know where his interests were at the RNC convention.

Don Bessee

Changed socks. ;-)


Paul Simon sings,, and so did my dogs. Christ that was painful to listen to.
Thank the Lord they cut to a commercial.

George Rebane

Did everyone see Franken and Silverman die on the podium waiting to introduce Paul Simon who for some unknown reason could not take the stage in a timely manner. Pure comedy central.


Yes my good Dr. Silverman was "trying" to look hot.,, umm,, didn't work out so well.

This is for the "jon"...(I know you're peeking out from under that toilet lid.)

Russ Steele

[email protected]:31PM

Saw it! Just one of many embarrassing moments for the Democrat incompetents yet to come. Stay tuned.

Don Bessee

He is still alive Walt?


Don't know.. My stalker hasn't showed up since all the bad news came through the flood gates. It's not been his week... And it's only Monday.

Bill Tozer

Now, this I like and like a lot. Hey, if we Righties can't/won't to it right, then our Bernie Brothers will get it done.
With her grandchildren present. Wow. Some fossils just can't get no respect. Even hiding behind the childrun ain't safe.



Here is a thought,,, maybe the "jon" is "there". He/she/it just might be a LIB delegate.
Naaaaa.... never happen....

Bill Tozer

One thing I never had was too much fun.


Hey, this one fits right in at the Freak Show

FYI, the Watergate Hotel has reopened this summer. Unbelievable. Just in time for 2016 and just in time for the DNC to say the Russians broke into HQ, rifled through the desks, and stole the e-mails, ROFLMAO!

Pssst: Clinton spin doctors and assorted stupid libs: this is 2016. No need to break into a building donning robbers' masks carrying the bag to fill with loot. The Internet makes break ins obsolete.. No more breaking into HQ under the cover of darkness. Nowadays, we let our fingers do the walking.
Psst. Having extra security guarding the doors and bars on the windows won't stop them Russian spies from breaking into the building, ROFLMFUEO! Like Hillary saying that her private server was safe caused the Secret Service was guarding her home. Where do these people come from??. Oh, make them stop, make them stop! I am going to crack a rib laughing. Oh, make them stop, please. I can't take much more...oh crap, I just laughed my ass off...literally. Lol.

Bill Tozer

Now ole Pat Buchanan is having fun. Join the party, Pat. Catholics are welcome here. Even Holy Rollers.


Bill Tozer

Tell me what I missed on the boob tube....Squatting Bull, Bernie, the whole nine yards.
All I got is just one lousy pic from the Freak Show.


Bill Tozer

I was wondering why the First Responders were sent out to calm down the Latino Delegates.. Taco Bowls? Really? Better than calling them Burrito Brothers I suppose. Geeze. What a way to kick off Diversity Week.


Russ Steele

The documentary Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, highly critical of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, cracked into film's top 10 winners at the box office for the weekend.

Hillary's America has landed in the 10th spot with $3.7 million in 1,217 theaters for a two-week total of $3.8 million, according to comScore.

Here is a link to the trailer: https://youtu.be/jPyNkjcZVsI

Todd Juvinall

That Lizzy Warren sure is one mean broad. Pocahontas has never crated a job in her life but talks big about jobs. That is the deal with these libnuts, never signed the front of a check but know all about business and employing people.

Bill Tozer

Todd. Lizzy Warren is one mean broad? Think you meant to say one mean fraud.







Nothing to see here, move on

Bill Tozer

Well, let's see how Day 1 went at the Freak Show. A recap in pictures:






Someone hand the DNC a Reset button.

George Rebane

The local leftwingers should take note of the true colors at display by the various factions claiming to make up the Democratic Party. How soon will we see them on the lamposts of Nevada City?

Bill Tozer

Good Doctor in the House @ 8:25
The world has gone mad, I tell ya, stark raving mad! I have been in those crowds chanting and protesting and acting stupid hating on Da Man.....but it was always We the People vs the Evil Corrupt Banker's Republican Party. What the hay? Who are the Marxists protesting now? They be at the wrong place. Cleveland you morons, not Philly. Geeze, must be be a very bad person they are hating on. Take it to the streets!!
Heck, I might put on a bandana and join them! "Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up!" One of those chants they came up with don't rhyme perfectly. Like, the ending word don't fit like a glove. More like OJ's glove, so I won't post it. They. need some experience down there.

The Dems Hail Mary! It ain't Bubba. It's that angry bitter old white Marxist coming to save the day. Whee. I was wondering how the would savage the Freak Show.

No wait. Hold the presses. Not Bernie, these Demos. Shoot! Darn it! They just pulled the story from BBC that had one of two black legislators (one from each sex) to were trying to officially nominate My Gal. Darn, I hate that when that happens. Must still be searching for someone eargerily to commit political suicide. Work in progress.
Yep, Whatzername has not gone away yet. Her country needs her. I can smell her perfume emitting from behind the curtain.

So, for the moment, who is going In to toss the Hail Mary to salvage this mess. Like, what do you do when it's 4th and 40 with 2 seconds on the clock? Only one play in their playbook left.

I just love the Drama.

Sorry, can't help myself.

Pssst. Bubba. Hey...psssstttt.

Bill Tozer

Er...I blew that one. Egg on my face. Reset:
Ok, CNN said Bernie might officially nominate My Gal for the TV shot of unity for TV Land. United we stand and all that hogwash. Then, 56 minutes later, BBC says, not, its going to be one of these two (pictured) black folk. Then that story got pulled ASAP. Thus my Hail Mary reference, and work in progress story. The situation is fluid.

Well, here's my two cents worth. Try the old standby:

Bill Tozer

Well, Bernie got the carbon tax in the Dem platform. I ain't glued to the set, but has anyone else noticed since yesterday Senator Sanders (D-VT) is now back to his good old self, Senator Sanders (I-Vt)? Either he is disassociating with them or they are distancing themselves from him. 50/50 chance of getting it right....unless they reached a mutual understanding. Plus Bernie is back to saying "I am a socialist", and dropped that stupid "democrat socialist" Hard to make that one rhyme.. If he has to read the suicide Hail Mary note, then we got his name and rank correct. Hey, some jumpers don't carry their wallets. Just saying


Bill Tozer









Todd Juvinall

Tonight we get to hear from the mothers of the boys they taught so well to respect the police. Oops, I mean who they taught to hate the cops. As their convention is guarded by those same cops. The demoncrats are the stupidest people on the planet. They have free education, free food and housing and the police are there to protect them and we get to hear there complaints about all that free stuff. Amazing hubris.

Bill Tozer

Oh Todd, what we will all hear from here to closing time in Philly will not be one thing Red, White, and Blue. It will be all Red Star Commie. That's it. The whole ball of wax. Nothing else cause they ain't got anything else....and they can't get no satisfaction. Globalist only stuff. There is no more white or blue in the DNC. And not a peep about ISIS nor Radical Islamic Terrorism in the Homeland to be found. Nothing to see there.

Last night, not one American flag inside the Freak Show Big Top...stage, floor, or peanut gallery. Must have got banned. Did see a Russian Flag and of course, a Palentinian Flag. We Have Finally Smoked the entire Democrat Party out. That was easy.

Ok, how about a couple of gems from behind the scenes:

That crazy Trump has been busy behind the scenes tweeting Bernie relentlessly, having a blast occupying free rent in Bernie's Mellon.....telling him it's a shame he folded, looks tired, says Bernie just wants to go to bed, all his work for naught, sad to see BS come all this way only to throw in the towel, his movement died, etc. Senator Sanders (I-VT) finally responded with a two word tweet, lol. That Trump is having the time life being a naughty boy....he ain't no Conservative, but is half way there to becoming a Rowdy Conservative.

Now Trump ain't paying his hotel bill in Florida cause the air conditioning wasn't cranked up high enough, ROFLMAO. Think he went out of the way to moon Obama and Kerry and the whole lot of them Marxists. I love 2016, win, lose or draw. Thanks Donald for the chuckles, you naughty boy you.

Lest we forget who are the real danger to atheists, Christians, LGBTQs, and just about everybody....since the DNC Marxist Clinton Machine won't mention it. Best they could not is drag out that old hippy to sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters? Simon looked tired as well. Must be a bug going around of something.

You go girl! We got your back.


Thanks Bill for covering for me. You caught what I didn't get to say.(face planted into a pillow.. Heat got to me)
Like I thought, the DEMS forgo Old Glory. The stars and stripes hold little value to the damned LIBS. But WAIT!! It will be on stage tonight! A day late, and more than a dollar short. So who didn't they want to offend this time? I bet someone will set fire to the flag before the night is out. (or closing ceremony?)

And still no "he who shall not be named"? he/she/it, is a pain in the ass,, but he's our pain in the ass.
Yet THIS is his week to chest thump.

Russ Steele

Sleeping in houses built by slaves

First lady Michelle Obama delivered a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night, using her family's experiences in the White House to underscore how much progress has been made and to take aim at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign promise to "make America great again."

"I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves," she said. "And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States. So don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again, because this right now is the greatest country on earth."

"The slaves joined a workforce that included local white laborers and artisans from Maryland and Virginia, as well as immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and other European nations," the White House Association website states.

However, the house the slaves "helped build" was burned by the British troops after ransacking the place on August 24, 1814, and was 2.5 years before it was livable again in January of 1817.

The White House has undergone numerous renovations over the years — it was heavily damaged during the War of 1812, was expanded in 1902 and underwent a reconstruction in the early 1950s — many of which took place after the Civil War and the end of slavery in the United States.

So, what part of the White House did First lady Michelle Obama sleep in that was build by slaves?

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