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22 July 2016


Russ Steele
Bill Tozer

13 months ago:


Oh no, not museums!

Summary: Not the same 1st Lady in 2016 who in 2008 said she was proud of America for the first in HER life. Ah, those million dollar vacations, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous and notorious tax cheats, sending a helicopter to go pick up the family pooch (unattended).... My, the tax payers have been been berry berry good to her.


Dozer/Pelline/Frisch sure is laying low... wonder whether they've seen the current Real Clear Politics summary

The election is still months away but that insurmountable lead Hillary Rotten had before that disastrous GOP convention sure evaporated fast.

Bill Tozer

Yo libs, what the heck are you guys doing waving the Soviet flag inside your Freak Show last night? Like, 20 million folks slaughtered by the USSR is a good thing? Red flags of communism displayed are condoned? Allowed? Celebrated?? 100 million innocents slaughtered in the 20th Century is a good thing? The only reason you guys had to go out and display more than zero Old Glories is because some righties began to notice. Congrats.
After months of planning, you apparently have changed your minds and did not want to show the world who you Libbies really are....until after the November election. Thought no one who notice not one Ametican flag while the eyes of the world are on your Freak Show???? So, you had to send a flunkie out a buy a few American flags to pretend you wanted to, not had to, to keep up the facade?? What, afraid of looking as bad as you really are?
Feel sorry for the flag buying flunkie they send out. Hot muggy day and all the American flags in town had been bought up and burned by the Marxist already. Poor flunkie. Where did he finally find them? Nebraska?

Aha! I get it now. Soviet flags to represent a Soviet style campaign and Soviet style propaganda. Sweet! You blood covered Marxist hands rock your world, not mine.

You Libbies really are freaks, aren't you? When is Lady Gaga performing? That is the best thing you got going under the Big Top. Certainly ain't Crooked Hilary.

Bill Tozer





Oh Goodie, Diversity Week Day 2 begins with the serial Woman Abuser!! Go Bubba go! Wave that finger, point it directly at us..


Bill Tozer

Hamming it up for the camera

“Wasn’t it wrong when Rosa Parks was sent to the back for the color of her skin?” one woman can be heard saying.


"Communists, Anarchists, Black Lives Matter supporters and groups opposed to “police terrorism” were also in attendance, several of whom temporarily blocking traffic."

Ok, backs to Bill's white lies. First big one was easy. He said My Gal brought AR recognition for being the "one or two of the most improved states" in the nation for schools. Er, Arkansas was rated the 50, the worse of the worse as the starting point. My Gal got them to move up out of the cellar. One year after the Clinton's left for Washington, Arkansas schools were rated 49. Boy, ole Bubba knows how to polish a turd. Bubba is one smooth operator.

Bill Tozer

Bill just said name one hot spot anywhere and Hillary will make it better.

Ok, Bubba, how about Libya, Syria, Egypt...France..Africa ...our southern border,. Thankfully, he stayed on the outskirts of policy....dared not to get too close to those hotspots. His message: Trust her...take my word for him. Rightttttt.

Nothing to see here.

Bill Tozer





Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

A big story breaks, a political earthquake that shakes the Dem Convention, the DNC, the media, and the story jumps to the front pages across the world and propels this scandal to the #1 trending on social media. Wikileaks.

Hillary follows everything about herself obsessively. She said she does not know what is in the Wikileaks dump, had not read them, hasn't followed the story.. Too busy fighting for us, I reckon.

If you believe that, vote for Hillary. Yes, vote for Hillary. You deserve each other in more ways than can be numbered.
Her first instinct is to lie, be it on small stuff landing at an airport being greeted by little girls presenting her flowers in Bosnia, or big stuff and lie about all matters in between. Hillary 4 days ago, 4 minutes ago, or 4 weeks from now. Hillary the liar is the same yesterday, today, and next week. She is an obsessive compulsive liar. She is a slave to lying. Telling lies controls her, she cannot control lying. Spin and lying are synonymous to Hillary Rotten Clinton.
So, yes, if you believe what she said on a scripted softball interview that ended up on the editing room floor, then, please, vote for her. A match made in Hades.


Bill Tozer

Sure, she is overrated as an actress, but I don't think she was acting at the Freak Show for at least a couple of seconds.


George Rebane

I draw your kind attention to this post's 27jul16 update.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane's update 27/July kills it! About last night? Listened to it on the radio. He is good. While listening to it about half way, I kept thinking about writing those 1,000 word essays back in the day when you were short on substance and long on filler. Bill milked it and his time is running short and he just rambles off filler.

I was like "Ok, we started in 71 and we are now talking a selective walk through the White House days? WTF, Bubba, get to the point. That child defense fund thang is how you introduced that gal with the pixie clip to the nation as you were just a dog from Rockbottom, Arkansas nobody ever heard of. Oh, yea, I remember now. 60 Minutes emergency interview after something about some fine woman named Jennifer Flowers. See, that was filler. 1st term as First Lady, everytime she spouted her worldview, her numbers dropped. Then, everytime she went back to sharing her secret family receipes for making those to die for chocolate chip cookies, her number came right back up. Hmm. There is a omen in there somewhere, but this is not the time,

Bill is one of the best....but the "Come on people, Hillary does have humanity and she really is a human" speech....wasn't his best, but pretty darn great. He had to agrue to the nation that his wife of 40 years is human. Boy, no wonder he slowed things way down and was in no hurry to bring us up to the here and now.

Trump breaks rules!! Both parties and media in meltdown right now, The rules are easy. When the RNC goes on, the Dems lay all quiet like. When the Freak Show is going on, the R's lay low. Trump calls a presser and comments on the Freak Show. The sky is friggin falling! He jumped in headfirst into it...the e-mails and all and corruption and relations with Russia and Wikileaks........then dropped this little off the cuff pearl..."Well, since the FBI can't 30,000 that Hillary destroyed AFTER served with a subpoena, maybe the Russians can help us find them." Exploding heads everywhere and even the crooks and sissies over at the RNC are running for cover. Mr. Trump, what are you doing? WTF, you just stomped on Bubba's speech! All eyes are on you, not The Freak Show.

Unfair! Unfair! He broke the rules. Boy, that Trump ain't got no manners.

Todd Juvinall

Great Trump press conference today. Nice to hear a unfiltered person.

Bill Tozer

Best quote from last night....paraphrased.

My most favorite memory was watching her on her hands and knees putting contact paper on the bottom drawers in Chelsea's dorm room.

Ok, Bubba, no reason you doubt ya. Hey, I wasn't there. Favorite memory? Ah, I see what you mean. You a one smooth operator..give than one a 9 6.


Bill Tozer

Boy, the spin doctor extraordinaire does not seem to relish having others getting that sweet free rent in his melon. Having a bad day? Anything I can do? Smoke 'em out.


Bill Tozer

Must be a wild party at the Freak Show tonight when the bands get top billing over the speakers tonight. Who is in the batting circle? Who's on deck? Biden or Kaine?

6 weeks old. Give it a 9

George Rebane

Fighting nausea, I again call your attention to this post's addended 27jul16 update. Lord have mercy.

Bill Toz

Dr. Rebane.

Fox is in our sights. They are in the way. There is a straight beeline between FNN and the RNC brain center. The RNC and their sissy butt boy Priebus has more power and more consolidated power than they had before Trump even threw his hat in the ring. Remember the floor vote that got crushed without debate on RNC day one or two? Billed as the Cruzers trying to disrupt the Cleveland Party and change the rules vote? Hogwash. It was a vote for future grassroots candidates and to reform the primary process. Trump found a way in through their minefields and firewalls, but they raced to close the storm doors behind Trump like it was a matter of life and death.

Boardman got wise to it as well during the RNC Party. That disastrous morning after Mrs. Trump did the 50 word paligragism Scandal of the Ages....well, after the DNC gave a few soft balled jabs and the media storm quieted down....it was only FOX that was keeping the story going full bore at 3pm, then 4 pm, then...it was only Fox.

Fox hates Trump. Fox hates Cruz 100 times more. Why? Because FNN hates conservatives, and really hates constitutional conservatives and you, Dr. Rebane. They love the RNC, love Priebus, and really love the RINOs Republican Party.
And you did not notice we dirty fingernail types were playing Republicans and Indians to get close enough to smoke them out?
If you want your party back the way it was, you already got it. If you want your conservative platform in for future elections, you already got it.....in July, 2016.

Want your FOX News back?? Give us 3.47 months, more or less. We Rowdy Conservatives gotta take down Obama, Hillary, Biden, The EU, and all gladiators from the four corners on the globe..before we stick a nice big fat pacifier in Murdock's Baby Hueys lips. After we do our thing, Trump will step aside and you can have your Republican Party and conservative ideals back...minus some dead weight. Caprice?

Remember, there is only one person in America that even has a 39% chance to take the Institutionalized Clinton Corrupt Governmental & MSM Machine down and run over the smoldering ruins with the World's Largest Steamroller. Like him or not, I do not care. We probably won't make America great again or bring back lost jobs, but we WILL take our decent country back and put in into your hands. Don't be a bedwetter like Dozer. Army guys, I tell ya. :). America first. Loyalty to anything else is bull pucky.

In other related news:


Anyone see the news where "Crazy as a fox" Trump got the Hillary camp to admit deleting classified emails?

George Boardman

Walt, I didn't see that, but I did see CBS catch Trump in lie--of course, it's not that hard to catch somebody who's a habitual liar.

After encouraging Russia to commit espionage against the United States, Trump said at his press conference today he has never met or spoken to Putin. CBS then showed a tape from 2014, where Trump bragged about having a cordial conversation with Vlad, and said later they were buddies because they appeared back-to-back on "60 Minutes," and "we did very well, by the way."

I bring this up because you're not likely to see it on Fox News.

Russ Steele

I think what is going on here is that Trump knows that WikiLeaks has the hacked 33,000 emails and they will be released as the October Surprise. The surprise will include some classified e-mails, including the missing emails from the Benghazi timeline. There will also be some emails that cast some light on the Clinton Foundation selling State Department influence. When they are released Trump will take credit for flushing out the missing emails which are in the WikiLeaks digital vault.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had promised the release of more documents.

Assange released the DNC voice mails today, but the big release of the 33,000 emails, with some embedded smoking guns, will be in late October. The October Surprise, when they will have the most impact. Assange is just raising expectations with the current releases, getting people to want more. And, when the more comes Hillary will be burnt toast in the trash bin.


So you took it hook, line and sinker Boardman. You can't tell when one is being facetious?
Why is it Lefties just can't spot that?
As for a "habitual liar", Better look at PLENTY on the Left before casting accusations.
Start with the whore of Wall St. Then take a look at "O". Neither one can touch the Holy Bible without their hands catching fire.

Don Bessee

It is not uncommon knowledge that madam liar liar pantsuits on fire had server issues and whoever hacked and hung around to steal, sell, trade the contents most certainly has them all already. You have to wonder if the Bernie bro and traitor Snowden did not help the WikiLeaks boss.
They both have a LOT of time on their hands right now. ;-)

George Boardman

Walt, are you trying to tell me that Trump was being facetious instead of lying?

You spend too much time in the sun.


"After encouraging Russia to commit espionage against the United States..."
-Boardman 6:30PM

GB, you need to look at a calendar. Hillary Clinton's illegal email server is long gone, the emails illegally deleted ages ago. Any possible espionage is in the past.

Trump was asking whoever might have the info to share a copy with the FBI.

Sounds patriotic to me and it would either prove Hillary's claims that only personal emails were sent to the bit bucket, or prove she was lying and illegally destroyed Federal records related to her service as Sec'y of State.

Think before you write, for a change.


Boardman on the Trump/Putin 60 Minutes 7:15PM

Sorry, Boredman, but Trump was exaggerating then, and being straight now.

He didn't talk to Putin... they were both interviewed on the same 60 Minutes episode, but on different continents.

Don't be so gullible, McFly.

Don Bessee

Is Bernie learning from Trump on how to steal madam liar liar pantsuits on fires news cycle? On his way out of town Bernie announces he will return to the Senate as an Independent not a Dem. That was a fast divorce, irreconcilable differences or the kids hated the step mom too much? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Ah these libs always bend the truth. Now I was enjoying Boardman's last couple of columns but now in this thread we can see his bias, and it is not pretty. Sure we are biased as conservatives and Indies, (well most of us) but when a journalist writes what GeorgeB has writtten, I am saddened. After all the denials from the media about their bias being a Republican figment of the imagination is now proved. We see it truly is as we always knew it was.

I watched the Trump press conference and I took his comments as a joke. We all do that and I thought it was funny. But Gregory is right. The old server and it's contents are in the hands of the deflector, Comey. Hillary says all32,000 were personal emails that she deleted. If so, and they are recovered and show they are personal, then we all shut up and go our merry ways. And if the server was hacked before she deleted and as we see from the Deflector Comey that she had top secrets there, then she is the traitor and should not have a security clearance. Either way, Trump may smoke out who hacked her and to me that is a positive. Hillary is the one that should ne in the orange pants suit.

Tonight we see the DNC thugs attacking Trump and Pence. The lemmings cheered about his tax returns. Well, hey, let's see those transcripts of Hillary's "speeches" to the Wall Street Bankers. I think Trump said he qould release his tax returns if she releases her transcipts. Fair is fair.

Bill Toz

Oh Mr. Boardman. Trump lied! Trump lied! Yep he did. Shoots from the hip and hits a lamp shade now and then. I am sooo disappointed in The Donald. Bad Mr. Trump, bad. You stop that." Yes, I am soooo incredulous about this I think I may just faint.
Good Boy Donald! Don't mind Boardman. He just never seen pushback like this before from the unwashed knuckledraggers. What, never seen fire fought with fire before? Hmm. Would Donald lie? I sure as hell hope so. We are few, the palefaces are many.

Walt, the top blue ribbon Donald got today was getting the Clinton Campaign to rush out and scream "This is a National Security Isue!!!! Opppps. They can't take that one back. Only 6 years of every congressional sub Committe and 150 FBI agents could not get them to say those magic words...It's a National Security Issue!!! That changes things. E-mails back in the game. Oh, BTW, it only took Trump an hour what everybody else hadn't got out of them in years: the statement that this is indeed a Nat'l Security, like right now. Lol

Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly....oh Mr. Boardman, let Trump play Errol Flynn with his fluttering pirate outfit swinging from the ropes with a curved knife in this teeth . He is just one little man swinging on the ropes over an overly laden Spanish Galleon that is just too bloated to manuvener quick enough. Trump will lose. What's a little spin of the story now and then. You got Hillary to lick, so let Errol play his games in never never land. Lie more, Mr. Trump.

Bill Toz

Man, Obama's best speech since he borrowed the airfare to get to the Freak Show to give his "Ain't no Blue States, ain't no Red States" speech. Aha, I knew I heard words that made a tingle run up Chris Matthew's leg before.

George Rebane

From the above comments, I wonder whether I did post anything at 703pm ;-)

Russ Steele

George re your 7:03 update. My impression in watching Foxnews is that the people speaking have no idea of how an IT/email systems work or is configured. Given the number of systems hacked and that Clinton's server was not very secure, one can assume that it was hacked. The Russians and others have the 33K of emails. Now if they were all unclassified of a personal nature, it is not a national security issue. If some are classified then it is a national security issue. The Democrats want to have it both ways, they were unclassified personal stuff, but are a danger to our national security if Trump calls for their release. I think the real danger is to Hillary Clinton and they will come out before the election. If they were hacked, they are stored somewhere and vulnerable to being hacked again, or sent anonymously to Wikileaks. In addition, if Russia hacked the 33K messages, then they also hacked all the other email, including the 2,000 deemed to be classified. My bet is Hillary and here personal staffers are not sleeping well, those missing emails are out there and they will surface, just like the Climategate emails were sent from a Russian-based server. October is going to be a really big lost email month.


George R 8:57PM, guess not :)

Every email list I'm on has its Boardmans who are parroting the insane DEM party line. I generally avoid Hannity, but he had an hilarious montage of all the usual media suspects repeating the same silliness, with Gingrich doing a fine job of dissecting the insanity and Rudy Giuliani rotfl.

I'm waiting for Boardman to fess up with some of that fake humility he imagines in others at a minimum. I'll not be waiting for an honest mea culpa, I don't think that will come anytime soon.

I managed to watch Trump's press conference live, and he's doing a great transition into actually appearing Presidential. I wouldn't bet on Trump not backsliding into a "bleeding from wherever" persona a'gin, but he seems to be on a roll.

Bill Toz

Oh, Wikileaks ain't going anywhere. We can give it some time to sink in for a few days then bring it back up. Too much competition with the Freak Show right now anyway.

Todd @ 8:11
New rules. Hillary's speech transcripts taken off the table. Got a better one. New art of the deal is this. Trump will gladly release tax returns as soon as My Gal releases her college thesis. Seems to have done vanished off the face of the earth. One thesis for tax returns. How easy is that? She wrote it about her idol who she once met briefly in HS, then really rubbed elbows with him in college. His name was Saul somebody.

Pssst, Mr. Trump. Call that India Indian guy D' something..the movie maker of Hillary's Dem Party. He has a copy. Savage is looking to see if he where he stashed his copy. Just a helpful hint from the peanut gallery. Thesis for tax returns. Ball is in Hillary's court.

Bill Toz

I did find it odd that the first DNC files to go were the donor grouping lists, and how much and from who/where. Second thing they noticed missing was that file of the dirt they have on Trump. One day they went to open it up and use it, and Poof!....done gone missing from the face of the earth. All those millions and millions they paid for that file and gone with the wind. That is a crying shame.
Boy, 2016 is the Year of the Coincidence' is it not? Freaky. Wonder if they got those copies of the transcripts of those speeches?? The Ruskies have been logging in to those personal files and making themselves at home for a long time. No hacking necessary. Now the Maoists are greedy things and they scope up everything at once. Not them.. Rooskies like to get all comfy and just watch and report....just like a night watchman. Freaky stuff I say.

Bill Toz

Dr. Rebane @ 8:57 pm. If you think the drive-bys really give a rat's ass about Wikileaks on the night Obama is speaking, you are dumber than.....it's their man up there. The POTUS. Like, if they ever want to be allowed into the WH press corpse again...toe the line. They do not care. They care more about Obama than any perjury of anything that might sully their stars. The press, Obama, and Hillary: Den of thieves and they want it that way. That is who they are. They are ok with it. Period.

Yes, that is what we are up against. Truth does not matter. Period. Truth means nothing to those in bed with Obama. Protect his legacy at all costs. This includes the press. They will do the happy dance on Chris Stevens grave or dead gays in Orlando today if their man, their agenda, their core beliefs, their worldview that they cherish and align up exactly with the Marxist party Freak Show escapes the wringer of Justice.

Do not be surprised. Never never underestamite them. They are evil. They, like Dozer, will always put ideology ahead of country.....and even hide the mess that buries their messengers. Now, why are you even surprised????
To win in November, there is a heavily fortified impregnable gun turret that stands in the way, with the biggest liars and crooks and cheats pointing the big guns at your head. I am not surprised. Bill and Loretta having a chat, the FBI agents not even interviewing Hillary at the end....nothing matters to them except escaping punishment. They are only sorry when they get caught...but not for what they do and will do tomorrow because they know they (press included) will not be held accountable.

I hope this crushes any last vertiage that the Dems, the Socialists, the lefties, the progressives have one shred of decency to be found in their souls. You cannot overestimate them, and underestimating the depths they will sink into unspeakable depravity to support their anti-American worldview is a common mistake.

Oh, last night Obama called Hillary a patriot. And you, Dr. Rebane, called slaughterers of little children ragheads, the Unforgiveable Sin, thus negating all facts and evidence presented against the party of statism. Just the facts, Jack.


For you Nate Silver fans, you know, the smartest forecaster in the room, he has a new prognostication as to who the next President is likely to be.


George Rebane

Woke up this morning to National Propaganda Radio living up to its name in spades. Its correspondents interviewing Hillary’s campaign manager accusing Trump of treasonous conduct. Neither of the NPR interviewers questioned the guy about the ludicrous timeline he was promoting for the simple reason that they're just too stupid. I’m still not aware of anyone on the media bringing up the counter as summarized in my five points above. No one has said, ‘Trump only asked for release of the long ago hacked emails covering Hillary’s pedestrian personal affairs, as affirmed by the lady herself. If anyone invited a foreign power to hack America’s state secrets from a set of illegally set-up and operated email servers, it was Hillary and only Hillary abrogating her sworn oath as Secretary of State.’

I cannot believe that little ol’ RR was the first to publish this analysis yesterday, and 24 hours later no one has yet to pick up on it while its realization and discussion by RR readers is already mature. Are we then that stupid as a nation? There must be other pockets of clarity and understanding in this land. Would much appreciate readers posting links to any early comprehension of this latest National Lie.

BTW, good pick up on Nate Silver’s prognostication Mr Goodknight (835am).

Russ Steele

Gregory@08:35AM I saw the Nate Silver announcement, but discounted it when I remembered that Sliver predicted that Trump would never be nominated, and according to his book is an anthropogenic global warmer. He lacks credibility! His predictions are a good a wild as guesses, even if he does use the latest analysis tools and computer models.


George, don't pat yourself on the back too hard... I was writing the same to other folks yesterday, and for nationwide coverage, here's a montage of what was actually said by the usual suspects yesterday followed by the Newt himself putting it into perspective, to the delight of Rudy Giuliani in the background.

(that's primarily for Mr. Proud-to-not-Know-Much)

Starting at 10:27 cuts out a bunch of Hannity but it is his show.

Silver is a talented guy and of course, when estimating the probability of an event being over 0.5, there is no warranty that the event will in fact occur even at 0.999. I assume the Nate Silver news is a nice turn of the knife for those who think Nate estimating Trump's chances being good really means he thinks Trump has it in the bag... you know, the mathematically challenged among our hard left neighbors who were gloating over Hillary being up single digits in some polls as the GOP, like "Jon Dozer" (probably Jeff Pelline, Steven Frisch or both) who is now missing in action. Is Dozer now so damaged that another sock will rise from the ashes to take it's place?

George Rebane

For the interested readers, Nate Silver's Bayesian methodology lives and dies on his assessment of likelihood ratios of observed evidence. Given a piece of evidence, say, the % increase in registered high school educated blue collar workers in Resume Speed, Iowa, he must fashion a number that represents how much more likely such registration will favor Trump vs Hillary come November. His considered opinion or best guess determines the predicted probability that Trump wins in that precinct/jurisdiction. And Silver must do that at some level of granularity for the entire nation, and, of course, continue updating these probabilities as new evidence comes in and winds up in new likelihood ratios.

Those wishing to review the matter in more detail are invited to peruse -


Regarding Bayes, I've been on the record for some time that our schools should dump AP Statistics (which is borderline useless) and instead offer a glass that is one semester Bayesian probability and one semester formal logic, both of which use very similar symbols and algebra.

Regarding Trump's joke, here's a list of folks who were getting it as soon as it happened:

I was personally belly laughing when Trump asked the Russians for Hillary's emails. Great theater.

Beware the Ides of October.

George Rebane

Gregory 938am - Have no idea how your link addresses either the points of my 27jul16 update. By their omissions the presented vignettes most certainly serve only to confirm each and every one of my assertions about primacy and the wholesale ignorance out there.

And what we all did in our privacy about Trump's statement does not enter this discussion. All of us who understood the timeline immediately saw the illogic as the first Democrat charges were aired. I waited all day for some outlet to set the matter straight - nothing. It was then (703pm) that I finally said 'No one gets it' and posted.

As reported, the ignorance continues this morning on the front page of the WSJ and also, more surprisingly, from Rush Limbaugh. You'd think someone would have emailed or called in to him by now. So, even though it is a low probability event - "I cannot believe that little ol’ RR was the first to publish this analysis yesterday, and 24 hours later no one has yet to pick up on it while its realization and discussion by RR readers is already mature." - it will stand until someone can give us a link to the contrary, your admonishment withstanding.

George Rebane

Gregory 1002am - We seem to have a disconnect here. How do ANY of the entries on your link address the matter of my 27jul16 update. ALL of them ONLY assert that Trump was joking. None of them address the timeline in response to Democrat charges.

Bill Tozer

Pssst Dr. Rebane. The media knows your timeline all too well before you even posted it. They know Trump was being sarcastic,. They knew Trump was jabbing them for purposely ignoring the "plain as day out in the open facts" and jabbing Hillary. They knew Trump was prodding them to "do their job"
The reporters knew everything discussed yesterday before Trump woke up in the morning.. They aren't stupid. Nothing new was revealed. Nothing. They do not/ did not have to uncover a single thing before Trump even opened his mouth. And they know this is all feigned outrage and feigned incredulous indignation, feigned justified anger while wrapping themselves in Old Glory and calling Trump's on the fly one man band as treasonous. They already knew how to play this hand, which is why what they are doing is exactly what they want to do..
They know nobody really can say with any definitive certainty that the Russian Government commited the hacks. Influenced by Putin? They cannot say for sure. They know they (the media) believe in their heart of hearts that Assange of Wkileaks is a friggin hero to them....unless he pokes the Sacred Cows. Then blame the Russians and now Trump, lol.
They know exactly what they were doing, are doing, what the spin would be before you even threw the first sponge brick at the TV. They already had their marching orders...and they march in unison.
That is why recreating timelines is an exercise in futility, IMHO. A waste of time. It's all been out there. Hillary was supposed to turn in everything the day she left State, including any and all personally owned devices if use to conduct State business. She knows, they know, everybody knows. Nothing to see here...

George Rebane

BillT 1104am - "The media knows your timeline all too well before you even posted it." Please cite one piece of such evidence without having to resort to the shibboleth 'we know what they are really thinking' that the liberals always use. The facts that "it's all been out there", currently recognizing the same, and using it to silence or degrade Trump's critics underlie independent (orthogonal) notions. Everything that happened in the past is all out there, but selected aspects of it still need to be retrieved in reasoned arguments to tie them to the present and give them relevancy.

That the lamestream continues to maintain that Trump is inviting foreign agents to still hack Hillary's non-existent servers - their ONLY assertion relating to "treason" - gives strong evidence that they know nothing of what you maintain. Do I then remain a solitary voice in the wilderness?

George Boardman

Here's Trump "contradicting" himself on whether he's ever met Putin. He was either lying yesterday in Florida or he was lying earlier. You decide:


Trump now says he was being sarcastic when he urged the Russians to find Hillary's missing emails. He apparently thinks he's playing a game, similar to when he's negotiating with another greedy developer and each sides assumes the other guy is exaggerating or lying.

Now that Trump is one of two people who will become this country's next president, the game is much more serious, with his comments having an impact well beyond the presidential race. Trump apparently doesn't get that. I can't wait to hear him run his big mouth after he gets his national security briefing.

Todd Juvinall

Oh please, lighten up. Your bias is showing. Are you aware the server is wiped and in the possession of Comey? And I watched it and he was being snarky so please, regain as sense of humor. He did not leave four men to die in Benghazi. Why don't you do a story on that?

George Rebane

GeorgeB 118pm - Mr Boardman, I'm not sure what sin you are anticipating from Trump in however he urged or not urged Russia to release the 30K non-classified emails that, if they exist, are already hacked and in their possession. Can you be more specific?

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, I just keep missing something. Yes, I saw your invitations and encouragements to comment on what made you grab the barf bag, I read what you wrote concerning the last 2 updates,.....yet fail to apprehend your point. It's is undoubtedly something I fail to see.
No use wasting anymore of your time on this...it's not you, it's me. A moot point if you will.
I will simply walk away and wait for a new topic. There will be many new topics after tonight's Hate Fest at the DNC. Thanks for trying anyway. Appreciate your efforts.


Re Dr. R's 1:36 p.m.:

Trump didn't ask the Russians to release emails in their possession; he said "I hope you are able to find" Hillary's missing emails.

That sounds like an invitation to commit espionage if necessary. Then there's the separate issue of encouraging a foreign country to meddle in our domestic political affairs.

As I wrote earlier, what Trump says has consequences--something he doesn't get.

George Boardman

I don't know who "que" is, but I posted that comment.


Boardman, the US government doesn't have the 33k emails Hillary deleted rather than turn them over as asked, so how is Russia going to find them snooping US government servers, as if they don't already try even without Trump asking them to share the emails if they find them?

Russia, China, Israel, Romanian kids with a PC, already hack everything in the US they can find, just as Obama was happy to tap Angela Merkel's mobile phone. What do you think the NSA does all day?

Beware the Ides of October. If the Russians (Chinese, Koreans, etc) hacked Hillary's server they already know everything, so why not have them share them with the Comey at the FBI (and, I would hope, the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader)?

Don Bessee

And here I thought it was some obscure star trek the next generation reference. ;-)

George Rebane

GeorgeB 223pm - Very good! But since the govt's presumption is that Russia already hacked Hillary's now defunct servers, and have further demonstrated their acumen by releasing other Hillary related emails, therefore it is reasonable to interpret "find" as referring to Russia's extant stash of those emails which must be searched to isolate the ones not already released by State. To interpret "find" as an invitation for further espionage is a desperate and obvious politically motivated overreach, especially since according to Hillary's own account, no state-on-state espionage could have been committed in the first place by Russia or anyone else. And it doesn't take a memory expert to remember that Hillary said she destroyed those 30K private emails in question that were not released. That exculpates Russia on both accounts, unless, of course, we're dealing with Crooked Hillary.

Mr Boardman, you are most assuredly attempting to help your fellow partisans who now have their collective tit in a ringer, and are desperately attempting to change the subject from Hillary's palpable and FBI confirmed sins. No harm in trying, but rest assured that most RR readers don't have the mental capacity for acceptance into the ranks of Hillary's Helpers.

Todd Juvinall

So "Que" and GeorgeB are giving Hillary Clinton a pass on all those hundreds of millions she received from foreign governments? OK, got it.

Paul Emery


Trump is the collective intelligence of the Republican Party enacting their vision of the best person to be the President of the United States. His astounding invitation to the Russians to examine and release Hillary's emails is proof beyond discussion he does not have the temperament to be POTUS. It will be an easy win for Hillary. Only the Republicans could come up such a loser in this situation since Clinton is a very unpopular choice but with Trump being the "good healthy devil" Hillary will thrive and it will be a rout. I mean all of the past Republican Presidents (Bushes) and previous candidates - McCain and Romney boycotted the Convention The only living GOP nominee who attended is Bob Dole.

George Rebane

PaulE 312pm - Well Paul, that most certainly explains why you and those who think like you are happy dancing in the streets tonight. What can I say except a hope that you don't sprain anything in an outpouring of unfettered glee?


Paul E, Rudy Giuliani is adamant that the Russians have had the emails, and the rest of the Clinton server information, for quite some time.

It's absolutely incredible that you fault Trump for asking the Russians (or anyone else) who have the emails to give the FBI a copy, while giving a Presidential Pass to the incompetent who operated an amateurish, insecure email server contrary to law.



Bill Tozer

May I remind the readers that Ms. Clinton had reassured us all via several public statements that her server was safe because the Secret Service was guarding her home. She did not say if either her or Bill's Secret Service details were literally in the towel closet in the downstairs bathroom or under the bathroom sink guarding her unauthorized server, but we can rest assured that no e-mails were hacked while being stored on her off site privately owned server.
The only possibility I can see to a security risk to her private server containing State Department owned e-mails is IF Russian agents infiltrated our Secret Service and planted a mole in her security detail guarding her home. If so, the plot thickens. Food for thought. Carry on.

George Boardman

Here's something else to consider:

If the Russians have or acquire Hillary's emails, do you trust them to make a full and unabridged disclosure of everything they have? That they won't release some and hold back others? That they won't tamper with the emails or create some phony ones?

If you do trust them, you'll be the first conservatives to do so since the Bolsheviks dethroned the czar.

Bill Tozer

The Russians are dangerous to the max. They are busy planning to resurrect their former empire as we speak. I would not trust them as far as I could spit a Berner. No trust, no way.

What is absent from this topic is the contents of the DNC hacked documents. If Trump wins, the hackers have all the DNC opposition research on Trump. All the dirt. Blackmail? If the opposition research files had any "got ya" stuff, they would have been already used in the Stop Trump primaries....I assume. The Dems themselves are uneasy if other DNC hacked correspondences concerning Hillary is released without permission and foreknowledge.

Food for thought. Depending on one's definition of the word "hacked" is, some evidence is pointing to the hacker(s) having the password and simply logging in. Rumors I bet. It was just too darn easy to pop in and out.

I figure Hillary isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and probably wrote down her username and password on something on her desk in case she forgot it. Maybe she wrote the secret codes on the bottom of the reset button she loved having on her desk. Made her smile just looking at it. Then, in a moment of old timers, she grabbed the reset button and gave it to the Russian Foreign Minister in a hurried photo op. Another possibility.

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for!!!

Bathroom server? Linen closet? Wiped with a cloth? It is starting to all come together.


Boardman, so you think the Bolsheviks should keep all the US State Department intellectual property they have because they can't be trusted to give us copies of everything?

Curious. They might do that. In fact, if they have any they might want to keep them all secret in the off chance Hillary gets elected and they'd then have their own Presidential Reset button to use when she gets uppity in negotiations. Blackmail is such an ugly word, but it works.

Personally, I suspect Wikileaks has them already and will be dripping them out in October.

Don Bessee

GB, you are missing the point. Its not the conservatives that Assange and Snowden are speaking to, its the Bernie bros and independents. That's the real threat to madam liar liar pantsuits on fire. In the flurry of responses to the WikiLeaks emails and subsequent phone call recordings from the DNC hack there were no denials of their authenticity.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 446pm - Mr Boardman please, your logic is showing again. Who ever said anything about trusting the Russians. They will do what they do, and if they have them, they'll release what they want. It will always be up to us to decide what and how much we will believe. But their releasing any emails will immediately allow us to identify Hillary's correspondents whose emails have not been scrubbed off of whatever email service they were using ('the internet is forever'), and that will allow us to vet what the dear lady was really talking about in the 30K that she destroyed.

And with your little repartee about conservatives and the czar, you do seem to let your copy get a little hyperventilated here. But as I pointed out most recently to Mr Emery, putting words in others' mouths is a desperate way to conduct a debate.

Bill Tozer

Bottom line. Despite the dancing in the streets over at Team Hillary and sighs of relief our of every Democrat's lungs the day our FBI G-Man squashed E-Mailgate, the e-mails are back in play. There backkkkkkkkkk.
. It is once again a political football, albeit no criminal charges will be forthcoming. Just when Hillary got that annoying distraction behind her and waltzed into Philly, she was met at the front door with those "darn e-mails". Too bad Bernie has left the building and took Trump's advice by heading home and going to bed. Too bad because I wanted him to say we are sick of hearing about those "darn e-mails" one more time. Oh well.

The "nothing to see here" e-mails are suddenly something to see here? Odd.

The penalties levied in the court of public opinion may be much worse than any court of law would impose on My Gal. And she brought this all on her self. Not Trump, not Bernie, not the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. My Gal done this all by her lonesome, whether it is neatly swept under the carpet again or not.

Oh what a web we weave when at first we deceive......as day follows night.


One of the best Star Trek NG quotes:
"It's difficult to work in a group when you're Omnipotent." -Q

That's similar to Rahm Emmanuel's "We have the votes. Fuck 'em." during the Obamacare 'negotiations' with Republicans.


Board Georgeman... Ponder this. "IF" the Commies have the goods on the whore of Wall St., it's not in their best interests to fork them over. Blackmail is the name of the game.
They would own her.
I knew he was joking from the start, long before the likes of you and the LIB media started splooging all over themselves thinking they finally had something on Trump.

Still your giving Hillary a pass, not to mention all the rest of the dirty LIBS.
It's OK when they lie, cheat, and steal and commit crimes against the people.


here ya' go Boardman.

Don't worry Your Queen is politically immune from prosecution.
Care to comment on that blatant double standard? But I'm sure your all for trying to jail Trump for a joke.

Bill Tozer


Just heard Chelsea on the radio. She picked up right where Bubba left off. Hillary is a human. Vote for my mom. That was families do. No problem. Heck, even OJ's mom was saying how great her boy was and even played "Onward Christian Soldiers" on the piano as the repo man was pushing the piano and her out the door, lol

ok, if Hillary is so kind so wonderful, so beaming with humanity, and so absolutely enthralling, Bubba so much, then why did he cheat on her from day one?

Expect to hear a lot of time dwelling on the ghost in the room: Hillary's deceased Mother, aka, Mother Rosa Parks Theresa.
Here is Hillary's bio. Bill goes back home from college.. Hillary fails the bar exam and can't get a job. She shows up in Arkanas. Day Bubba becomes AJ, she lands a job, not before. Day Bubba became Governor, Hillary is put on Wal-Mart Board. Being on the Wal Mart board of directors, she and all board members have oversight and responsibility of the Children's Fund, a Wal-Mart run charity. First Lady of US...Then the Senate years that nobody can recall what she did there....then at State where everybody wants to forget what she did there. Our next President? Maybe.


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer










Damn.. Seems we done wore out another low info LIB. (throw it on the pile with all the rest.) The "jon" has gone into witness protection it seems. Or wised up the the Conservatives have been proven right, yet hasn't the stones to admit it.
The Dr. needs to place an ad again for another low info Lefty for us to thum...train.

(notice when one "jon" is gone,, they ALL are?)

Bill Tozer

Great speech! My Gal killed it! When she said "We are going to follow the money!", I was on my feet cheering. Finally, she will release the transcripts of her talks to Wall Street. Finally, we are going to get to the bottom of the Clinton Foundation and it's missing a couple of million here, 60 million there...never found, but we are going to follow the money!! You go girl.
And that part about anyone can follow their hopes and built it! Er....Hillary,....er...hmmmm.....we can't say "I built it", Obama said you did not build it. Just saying.

Both candidates proposed 20th century solutions to a 20th century economy....downer...
Glad to hear and confirm our unwaving support for Israel...must be Freak Show campaign time.....didn't we try to influence Israel's elections via phony NGOs when she was at State? Everyone deserves to be treated with respect...except her Secret Service detail. "Carry my bag or you will never work in this town again!"

Yep, great speech. She is going to improve race relations! Anything would be an improvement over the last 8 devasting years.....

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/758802697763958784/video/1. .

Bill Tozer

Well, at least she didn't screech. The Good Ship Lolipop was on full display last night. The week of great speeches is over. Anybody notice the economic figures that came out this morning? It's Hillarty new new new campaign slogan, "We are just muddling along." Revisited 4th quarter down under 2 to 1 point sucks as well.

Charles wrote this before the speech.

Hillary reaching out to those rowdy millennials


Bill Tozer

The best speech by far: Hillary is the 2nd Coming of Christ! Unbelievable. This guy is great. She won't stay throwed!!



Tozer, at this moment, eight of the last ten comments at RR are from you, with Walt bringing up the rear. Have you any other hobbies?

Bill Tozer

Yea, I do.....but can't get around for a few more weeks....but thank you for the helpful hint. I will not test your patience anymore today. Pinky promise. (Sitting home doing the physical recovery thang from bad chainsaw scratch and refuse any painkillers to heighten my senses) Feel pain and sorrow much better. . Was waiting for the Good Doc to boot me, but you beat him to the punch. "Ok, ok. I hear ya', he sez slinging away. Later.



BT don't go away mad. In fact, don't go away at all... but you might make your thoughts longer and more thoughtful. What you are doing reminds me more of a certain nutcase former teacher who used to camp out here for days in a daze.

Of course, this ain't my blog and I have no authority, moral or otherwise, to tell you what to do.

Todd Juvinall

Personally I find Tozer's posts fun and could care less how many. Blogging is a hobby just as kayaking is. So post on BT!

George Rebane

BillT 926am - I'm sorry to hear that you had a "bad scratch" from your chainsaw; my imagination runs wild with what a bad scratch from that machine would look like. I know I've had some close calls with my beast when it wanted to bite me. Good to hear that you're on the mend, and I'm sure that Medicare will cover any needed prostheses.

Re your years of fine contributions to RR, my only recommendation is that if you could consolidate some of the numerous thoughts you have into one contiguous comment it would save me some work in handling their emailed and logged versions, and readers would be able to scroll up and down the comment stream more efficiently without having to check for commenters' names so frequently when they run into one of your series. Other than that, sally forth!

Russ Steele

Lack of enthusiasm?

A filmmaker Josh Fox recorded all the empty seats at the DNC Convention, including the empty seats of the California delegation. If I understood the timing, it was at the end of Hillary's Nomination.


Wonder how many seats were empty during Hillary's acceptance? I heard a report that the DNC staff was offering minorities $50.00 head to fill the empty Burnie Seats. Wonder how many takers they had?


Brother Bill.. Please DO take a painkiller or two. Pain SUCKS!!!! Besides.
It might be a fun read.

Bill Tozer

Thanks Walt, but if I toss back a handful of them horse pills. I might not be the same insufferable prick. It's a Pride Thing....or a dumb Injun thang. Hey, saw this and thought of you.

She told the paper that she would have intervened "even if she were naked".

Are we still on the convention aftermath??

Breaking news from rumor mill! Hillary Clinton herself done got hacked. Hmmm. That's the DNC, the DCCC, (same building, same floor, same office place) and now My Gal, aka, Dorthorthy's daughter. Good thing the three above are two private institutions and one private citizen. Gov't secrets are safe, thank goodness. Just private stuff. Always a silver lining.
Now, with 100 days to go and no ground game, there is need to panic, NOT! Yes, Trump is doing it all wrong, but he operates on a condensed time line. He just don't think like a politician. Odd. Shouldn't we be stacking sandbags or something...like soon. But, nooooo. Trump is like "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."

Kaine and Unable doing their Magic Bus On Mushrooms thang through Penn and Ohio. Guess Ohio might be a play?? Who cares, ain't even August.

Picture time...just to pretend I am trying to stay on topic.


Parting shot with Philly in the rear view mirror. Love ya man!

Just when I want to extend the olive branch across the aisle, something like this occurs and reminds me why you don't pick up rattlers. I am too much of a softie. I will just have to sit in the peanut gallery and watch Trump rip the skin off Hillary's face and tear back Obama's hide from his shoulder down to his thigh. Ouch. Messes with the way one sleeps. Makes them real cranky, not to mention the free rent in their noggins.



Tozer- perfect! I appreciate the change.

Douggie's (remember him?) probably intentional tactic was to post numerous short-short comments which wiped his foes from view at the Recent Comments list. Tozer wasn't intending this with his numerous short notes but it did make it hard to find out if there were other comments I might want to seek out since my last visit and others may have had the same experience.

Bill Tozer

Disclamier: Found this video boring, stupid, weird, amateurish and not even worthy to be posted. But, but, but, 20 seconds or so of this video raised an eyebrow.

Timeline. This was released on YouTube, April 9, 2016. April, 2016 keeps coming up in media as the timeframe authorities believe hackers first successfully gained access into some computer systems run by Democrat National Committee, a private organization.

Beginning around the 1:10 mark through the 1:35 or so.


George Rebane

Administrivia - the conventions are over, the next phase of the election cycle begins. Your relevant comments on the campaigns are invited under '... stuck on 1% growth' and subsequent posts.

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