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19 July 2016


Todd Juvinall

Great points. The MSNBC leftwingnuts were creaming their jeans about Melania's speech and how her speech writer should out himself and resign. These people forget that Michelle's hubby plagarized Devon Patrick's speech in 2008. But he gets a pass and becomes President. Anyway, just one more example of what we all know and fight everyday about the lamestream press.

George Boardman

In there usual ham-handed manner, the Trump people are making this worse than it has to be by denying plagiarism occurred. That's why this story still has legs, as they say in the news biz.

The words in the two speeches are too similar to deny copying didn't occur. If they aren't willing to admit their mistake and fire the speech writer, the Trump people should say we're going to investigate this "coincidence" and get back to you.

By refusing to admit something improper may have occurred, the Trump people give the media an excuse to ignore the Republican message and focus on a controversy that shouldn't exist. These guys are real amateurs.

Todd Juvinall

No one cares.

Russ Steele

Why is the lefty press talking about Melania's speech and how her speech writer should out himself and resign? Because they do not want to talk about the two speeches hit out of the park by Sheriff Clark and Rudi Gulliani. This is just progressive smoke and mirror by the democratic operatives to mask the real message.

Don Bessee

Norovirus has hit the CA delegation to the convention. Yuck.

Bill Tozer

I don't closely follow the conventions....especially on opening day. Same this year. A glance across the news feeds seems like all the same story. A story that has a life of the news cycle. Hundreds of articles about the non-story. .

Clinton campaign was the first to break this earth shaking "breaking news" Makes sense, since nobody else would have even it picked up. Ah, the ole cat fight, war on women, lol

In reality, a side by side visual clip between Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Trump indeed could be a potentially devastating blow to the Clinton Campaign. Hillary has built her campaign on the women's vote so Mrs. Trump is a very real, not imagined threat. Yes, she is not on the ballot, but she could peel off some women votes. Hmm.

Since Hillary has nothing to run on except her gender as her bottom line, any woman on the right is a threat to Hillary. Look at Hilary. Look at a non candidate Mrs. Trump. "Why vote for Hillary when I could support that classy lady in the absolutely to die for fabulous dress???, " may enter the mind of thousands of women who are just not that into politics.
When you think of My Gal objectively, classy is not a word that comes to mind. Destroy that woman, Ms. Trump. That is the story from opening day, IMHO.
Welcome to the world of politics, Mrs. Trump. Expect much worse than that ahead, much worse. No biggie, if that is your "unforgivable sin".... :)

Saw this, take it or leave it. Non story to me....it's standard Clinton stuff. Nothing new under the sun,


The Melania story was played up to bury the Hillary lying to the mother of a dead serviceman and the Rudy Giuliani stories. Sheriff Clark, too.

I cannot care less that Melania's cliches stepped on Michelle's cliches. A minor gaffe by the speechwriter(s). She did a fine job delivering her speech, establishing she can arguably handle her part of the job her husband is trying to get.

I'll be happy to not vote for Trump (pointless in this state in any case) but the SCOTUS would be unrecognizable were the next three or four nominees closer to Ginsberg than Scalia. Clinton needs to lose.

Jon Dozer

"Inside Trump Tower, it turned out, Ms. Trump had decided she was uncomfortable with the text, and began tearing it apart, leaving a small fraction of the original. Her quiet plan to wrest the speech away and make it her own set in motion the most embarrassing moment of the convention: word-for-word repetition of phrases and borrowed themes from Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic convention eight years ago.
The ridicule from both Democrats and Republicans was instant and relentless, disrupting what was meant to be a high point of the convention."

LOL x 1000. Yeah, Mrs. Trump...

Todd Juvinall

Nobody cares except you.

Don Bessee

That was worth putting the sock on at 944?

Jon Dozer

It was a huge issue today on every outlet, the lead story. Adding a point or so to Hillary's insurmountable advantage over Drumpf.
Melania as big a phony as hubby. But best wishes of course...

Bill Tozer

Mr Todd @ 9:56
Mr. Dozer has a point. Why in God's green earth would anybody quote a Democrat? That is the epitome of stupid X 1,000. Boy o boy, quoting a Dem is a crazier than a shaved mule in a toboggan race. That one we just acknowledge and pretend it didn't happen. Nothing to see here, Move-On!. Besides, Dozer has had a rough week with that delicate matter that almost goes away.....until Boardman stirred the pot. Hey Mr. Boardman, nothing to see here in Quaintytown, ok?

There is always a silver lining. Two can play that game, but I ain't even the least bit interested. Does not tickle my fancy. However, those crazy boyz and girls out in fly over county spent the morning doing side by side comparisons between Mrs O and Mrs T. Did you know that when Michelle and the girls do a vacation without Barrack, they bring along their entrouge of friends and hanger ons.....at 100% taxpayer expense. We are playing for friends of Mrs O's rooms in faraway places. Learn something new everyday.
Did you know that when Biden (The VP of the USA) wanted to stay at some 8k/night suite in China, the bean counters told him nay, it is out of the expenditure parameters. Then Mrs. 0 traveling about with her friends stayed there!! Lol. VP on business, no. First Lady on vacation, yes. Only in America!

Joke of the day. Melania was asked about our First Lady's expenditures, such as the $800,000 vacation Michelle packed full with her friends and charged it all to the taxpayers. Melania replied she will save on Air Force One expenses....said she will bring their private 757 since the First Day's Air Force One is only a 747. Sweet. On time and under budget.

Finally, I can't going to be suckered into some First Lady war. Learned a long time ago to never try to break up a girl fight. It's bad enough getting scratched and clawed and bitten, but then they both turned on me as if I was the bad guy. I was just trying to stop the violence and they took all that anger they had focused on each other and turned it on the real enemy: the male species of the homosapien race. Odd.

Let them fight it out. When the hens start squawking, I start walking....away.




Don Bessee

Isn't the 'jon' cute tonight. ;-)

Jon Dozer

First person to detect the blatant plagiarism...well before the Clinton campaign. Good try Mr. Mannafort :)


Bill Tozer

Don, it's been quiet all day, then us night owls are ready to play. Mr. Dozer is one of my favorite lower companions and is indeed rather cute. It must be a full moon in Podunk this lovely evening.

Boy, it was easy to trace that one back this morning when I saw the media creaming their jeans over Melinia's words. Here I was all ready to see what the grieving mother had to say about her child or husband being murdered by a Obama protected illegal alien from Hell.....but no. Politico was tipped by New Thinker (or whatever it is called), which is an umbrella company under New Thinker Plus, which just happens to be owned by John Podesta. Figured the Clinton Dirt Machine worked all night searching for the Gotcha! pot of gold at the end of the rainbow cause they only found it early this morning. Good job. Hillary told those boys before retiring for the evening at 9:00 pm (past her bedtime) that they better find some dirt or....."they will be dealt with later" in her best Wicked Witch of the West impression.
Yep, I used to pull all nighters as well. Fair enough.
Just adds more credence to my theory that Hillary is scared shitless of the completion, even if it is the mere spouse of an opponent. Sad...sad that Hillary just can't get no respect.


Bill Tozer

@ midnight plus two minutes. Lol! Ok, you got me. The company is co-owned by John Podesta. I said owner. Busted! Just a simple freelancer picking up a few bucks trying to make ends meet from his studio apartment. Go figure.
Gotta smoke 'em out.

I must say Mr. Dozer, you are much more likable now that you are on your best behavior and being all polite and such. Be that as it may, I know something you don't know....I know something you don't know and I am still not going to tell ya. Ok, I will tell ya if you show me some serious green. I mean none of those little 10k bundles. Flash some serious green my way and I might be tempted. Might be. Every man has his price and we are miles apart at the moment. Hate to do this to ya, but gotta give you the ole vote of no confidence.
Sweet dreamies. Need a hug?

Bill Tozer

Dozer, here is your bone to cuddle with tonight. I agree that quoting a grievance peddler at a RNC convention is one for the record books. At a RNC convention of all places. Yep, even I can chuckle at that one. Nice to see we are getting a classy First Lady that is truly outside the establishment. She don't even like politics. She rather be running her line of classy fashion stuff businesses across Euroland than deal with boring politics. What a breath of fresh air! Wondered what Melania and Donald discussed this morning when he, like me, opened up the paper to see what the press had to say about how it went last night. Your side gets 2 points for that one. All is fair in love and war. That Podesta is worth his weight in gold.

Oh, David Brock said he is the one who broke the story, but nobody believes him. Nobody but a full blown fool. We already smoked that one out and kicked him out of the Party years ago.
Did see Brock in a recent interview about 3 days ago flailing his arms flailing about saying Trump is doing it all wrong. Like, "WTF, where is his ground game!! Where are the field offices staffed in every burg in America? The door knockers, the flyers, the troops!?! Called the one field office I could find and the phone just rang and rang.!!" Oh, he hates Trump, but he was like screaming "What is he doing? Trump is out of his ever loving mind!. He acts like he doesn't even want to win,. He's going it all wrong, wrong, wrong." Fair enough.

Pssst Dozer. Brock was advising Jeb's campaign. Jeb got 130 million together, followed the tried and true campaign gurus and very best conventional know-how inside "this is how you do it" from Brock and.........sure, Brock is fun to read. Where is Jeb now? That was another short gig for Brock. I, for one, am liking it that Trump is doing everything wrong, wrong, wrong.
Boy is Brock all butt hurt after Trump labeled his candidate Low Engery Jeb....."Jeb is so low energy that he can only say 'Jeb' and not his last name....unless he is trying to hide his last name." Trump is a funny guy. Heard Jeb and W and HW are boycotting the convention. Odd. Is Brock going to the convention? Who knows, he might find a candidate for his next campaign gig. I'll give that one a vote of no confidence as well.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like a "journalist" for GQ Mag-rag said this and then later sent out a apology. Wasn't Freud telling us all the first thing said is usually the reality?

Liberal GQ Magazine Writer on Mother of Benghazi Victim: ‘I would like to beat her to death’

Aleister Jul 19th, 2016 3:14 pm 178 Comments
pat smith

Liberals lost their minds when Pat Smith spoke at the GOP convention last night. They can’t stand hearing someone who lost her son (and was lied to by Hillary Clinton about why it happened) telling the truth.

A liberal writer for GQ Magazine named Bethlehem Shoals even said on Twitter that he wanted to beat her to death.

Jammie Wearing Fools reported:

GQ ‘Journalist’ on Pat Smith: ‘I would like to beat her to death’

The speech by one of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi victims ruined the night for Chris Matthews, but it really hit home for this tool.

Shoals is obviously worried about blowback because he deleted the tweet and wrote an apology:

An Apology for Last Night’s Tweet

Last night, when Pat Smith was speaking onstage at the Republication National Convention, I tweeted that “no matter how many children she’s lost, I’d like to beat her to death.” That’s what I said, and I accept full responsibility for my actions and their consequences.

Todd Juvinall

We see a mea culpa from the woman helping to write Melania's speech. Rush read it and it totally neuters the detractors. Those same detractors are now scouring the Library of Congress to find anything similarly said in Donald's sons speech last. The media is desperate. The people of the country however are not buying what those media types are selling.

Bill Tozer

Todd & 11:37am.
The ole tried and true playbook just ain't working like it use to. That is a crying shame...for the Dems.. But, but, but.....it always worked before! Guess the Internet has changed the way we communicate and the Dems are getting some of that free education Bernie promised....if they looked at the fine print, they would have noticed that line at the bottom that said Free Education at the School of Hard Knocks.

Speaking of The Bern, my man, he is bacccckkkkk. Go Bernie Go! I knew you weren't just fold up the tent and head on home, you sly ole devil you. Go Bernie! Tie her to the stake and torch the evil beach. If you need a match or some kindling, just put it out there. I will come running. Helping others is a reward in and of itself. Bern her down. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I love 2016!!!!!

George Boardman

'My Mistake,' Employee Says of Ms. Trump's Speech Mishap
--New York Times headline

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? If they had admitted the mistake immediately, this issue would have disappeared by noon Tuesday. The inept handling of this matter added another 24 hours to the news cycle.

No wonder the Repubs are talking about Hillary instead of Donald.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeB at 1:51 PM. Come on now. You know if Trump's camp said anything like you suggest the news cycle would go for three more days. No one cares and everyone likes Melania and the kids. My guess is it helped Trump. Because the people see how the "media" piles on a Republican and they don't like it anymore. Spo tanks anyway, doesn't matter.

Oh and when the press went after her dress, and did not say anything about the mom's who had sons killed,the press simply again reinforced why the people despise the media. But like blockheads, the media thinks they are loved. Delusional.

George Boardman

Walt, here you go:

"Good artists copy, great artists steal."--Pablo Picasso

Todd, you're right, people like you don't care. The problem is there aren't enough people like you to get Trump elected. Because a lot of white folks are going to vote for Hillary, the Republicans are going to have to figure out a way to attract the minority votes they're not interested in.

Right now, the Repubs are making it way too easy for Hillary.

Todd Juvinall

No GeorgeB, the Republicans are now being seen as the saviors of America as they see the destruction by the left. Trumps fans included the black woman and her three sons from Los Angeles who tallied the California delegation's votes. Interviewed later by CNN, these blacks folks are Trumpsters all the way. The message is jobs and the economy. It is way to early to say who will win or lose. So, sit back, don't get to excited (at your age that is important) and watch the show.


Boardman, your Democratic labor union roots may be leading you astray.

LA Times poll posted today has Trump/Clinton dead even.

It's also unclear how many people would vote Clinton if they bother to show up but might make plans to wash their hair that day, and how many people plan on voting Trump in the voting booth but have no intention to tell a pollster the truth.


"If they had admitted the mistake immediately, this issue would have disappeared by noon Tuesday. The inept handling of this matter added another 24 hours to the news cycle."

The "they" in this case was a 65 year old woman unused to politics and over her head as a major speechwriter. Nice speech. Big mistake in one paragraph.

The only folks who care much are folks searching for reasons to believe Trump has no chance.

George Boardman

Fox News was still talking about it at 4 p.m. today, hour after the Trumpsters fessed up. Maybe they don't think he has a chance.

Bill Tozer

My my. The battle lines are being drawn. Hey, you all can follow that stuff. I have been sent out on a scouting mission to peak over the horizon and keep my eyeballs on what Obama is doing. Last time I got distracted with Bubba and his Mini-Me Loretta along with The James Comney Comedy Hour, I took my eyes off Barry for just a few weeks. By the time I realized my rookie mistake, I looked around and all hate was breaking loose and POTUS had put it into overdrive to fundamently transform America into a Banana Republic. You guys hold down the fort, I am roughing it behind enemy lines. Together we can!

Now, let's look at this from another angle. Melania (?) Trump was told those fateful words were from our current First Lady's 2008 meet and greet speech. Mrs. Trump sez, "I like what she said. I am going to use that. Great lines. That is how I feel." Good job sister Michelle." The poor speechwriter aide working with Melania Trump told her, but she got overruled. Mrs. T was paying Mrs. O a beatiful compliment. Done stood her ground and spoke from her heart, even though she can't stand politics and all that bull puckey. What a nice gesture paid to Mrs. O. More than reaching across the aisle. It was telling Michelle "you go girl". Nothing to do with the Clintons.

Hillary being Hillary, took Mrs.T's charm and independence as threatening, saw an opening and went for the jugular. No surprise there. Then the hyperventilating media (lynch mob) was besides themselves salivating, waiting for Trump to throw the young speechwriter (temp aide to his lovely wife) to the wolves. But nooooo. Trump said "hey, I like the kid. She made a mistake. She is part of the team and you aren't going to touch one hair on her head. Not one. I got her back. She will work in this town again and we don't trash her career to save our own skins. Put it in perspective. And go pound sand".

Hmmm. Wonder what the Trumps discussed around the breakfast table this morning. I can only hazard a guess: "Donald, I wanted every word in the speech. It was my speech. I like that young woman you sent over to help me writeit. She warned me. But, if you touch one hair on her head........oh, she has to put her children in daycare while she is helping us on the campaign. Maybe we can give her a raise and find a job for her. Honey, not one hair on her head...or...I know how much you hate the silent treatment."

Let the healing break forth in song. Charity begins at home. Mrs T, you go girl!

Todd Juvinall

Oh come on GeorgeB, you know you all count on a short memory to sell the next days news. My goodness are you aware of the shortness of memory regarding politics? By September the news will be Hillary in Orange.

Account Deleted

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it? If they had admitted the mistake immediately, this issue would have disappeared by noon Tuesday. The inept handling of this matter added another 24 hours to the news cycle."
"Fox News was still talking about it at 4 p.m. today, hour after the Trumpsters fessed up."
Boardman is sorta new to this game, isn't he?
Can't even get his own story straight.
Listen, son - let me 'splain sumpin to you.
Trump is getting trashed in every news outlet I pick up. Out here in podunk, Idaho, every single newspaper is running anti-Trump stuff in every nook and cranny of every corner of their domain. The op-ed, the comics, the hard news - you name it.
They have to go after him in any way they can, in every way they can.
Did Moo-shell get the squint-eyed hard boiled newsman exam when she first came on the national scene? Of course not.
Doesn't matter how well/not well played the "biggest issue of the last 24 hrs" is.
They will go after Trump for every small thing they can dredge up no matter what.
Oh yeah - the FBI director declared the Dem candidate (not the candidate's husband) a big fat liar.
What does Boardman say about how the Dems 'handled' that?
And it only concerned national security - not the far more important issue of the other candidates wife possibly cribbing some boiler plate speech material. Gasp!

Bill Tozer

Fox News is not a true constitutional conservative site. Fox News is not grassroots friendly. Fox News is an Establishment mouthpiece, with Conservative bent. They hated Trump, but really hate Cruz a thousand times more. Events beyond their control forced them to warm up to Trump, the lesser of the two evils for the Establishment. The canadiate of last resort, if you prefer.

Did anyone else see that blurb yesterday that THE MEDIA is now blaming Drudge for not stopping Trump. Blame Drudge. Let's see now. The Establishment (both sides), POTUS and VP, The Pope, 16 R challengers, THE MSM, every oil Shiek. every EU billionaire, The Brit PM, a billion bucks, every consulate, guru, expert, from every think tank on the globe, Vincinet Fox, Fox News, could not do it but now it's all Drudge's fault.

Mr. Boardman, the MSM is giving your vocation a bad name.

Jon Dozer

That's right, Fox= Faux conservative. So now here's the true constitutional conservative candidate who decided he really wants to run in 2020, speaking his conscience could not endorse the Big Man in front of a national TV audience. Heard shouting "Eric, cut the mikes for gods sake, cut his g-d mikes!" Funniest thing in convention history. Maybe something to do with the loony Drumpf line about his dad and the JFK assassination.
The Tea Party is clearly split in two going into November.



And the "jon" sites a LIB rag. Good GOD what a tool. And not a sharp one at that.
If it could vote, it still would be for a proven liar who would rob he/she/it blind in a heartbeat.
Not a word from the crapper about it's chosen plagiarists. Like I said.. It's OK when they pilfer someone else's words. If it wasn't for double standards the "jon" would have no standards at all.

Jon Dozer

Walt, please check out any news source of your choosing. The Cruz/Drumpf battle is the lead.

The GOP Civil War is on, and its funny as hell.:)


Maybe till morning. BIG deal.

Still not touching LIBS use of other people's words? You made a big deal about it where Mrs. Trump is concerned. (Yup it sucks when you get caught pointing fingers, when your own has done it worse,, and NOT taking responsibility for it.)
Go ahead "jon",, and vote (if you could) for a bitch that lies to the faces of the families of the people she allowed to be killed. Remember. Hillary helped fill a grave in Grass Valley.


Love it. The Twitter twits go running to the cops.

Funny how Twitter has no problem with the cop hating BLM.

Bill Tozer

Oh, Jon, I am glad the Cruzers are hanging tough. The tea party ain't going anywhere. The Cruz voters ain't going anywhere. The purists ain't going anywhere. The pragmatics ain't turning tail and run to the Lying Crook.The only unity one will ever see from our boys is that the whole lot of them are Never Hillary, unified, or not. It's a cultural thang...the ties that bind. Don't expect your kind to comprehend that. Nevermind.

Boy, did Trump ever prove he is a natural born genius. Have you seen what is in the R platform? A constitutional conservatives' civil libertarian's wet dream...mostly. Most of the crackpot stuff got tossed away. Let a couple (or less) of their planks in just to give them a small bone. Those on the right should be quite pleased. Cruz's folks will get more from Trump that Cruz ever would have got on his own even if he won the nomination.

Trump did make a rookie mistake though, a couple of weeks back. He listened to the new gurus and wasted his time courting the Berners. Courting the Berners, lol. Like we really want left wing wack job socialist commies air head STUPID liberal DUMB progressives anywhere near the party of Lincoln. We wouldn't touch that kind with Dozer's dick, stolen or not.. Oh Donald, it was worth a try I suppose. Live and learn.....he has. No harm, no foul.
Trump knows who has his back and he is courting us now...all of us, with an occasional 3 seconds of lip service to the RINOs. Poor Ryan. Serving out his last few months in office and being a good soldier.p to the end.

Cleveland? What is a dump. But, thank your lucky stars we don't have to go to Philly in August. That is like going for a new record high on the misery index. Only a full blown moron would go to Philly in August.

Account Deleted

Oh gosh - the Rs are not of one mind. They think and act according to their own conscience and ideas. Folks actually thinking for themselves! Chaos! Can't some one with a brown uniform stop this?
The Dems are WAY better - they all fall into line and hop when some one yells 'frog'.
So lemmings and zombies are the way forward for the 'progressives'. They all act according to script and never once get out of line.
OMG! Democracy is breaking out! Can't Hillary stop the madness?

Jon Dozer

Why would Clint on want to stop the madness? The material from this week is a treature trove of dysfunctional, childish behavior.
Best wishes boys!

Account Deleted

“I don’t care how many children Pat Smith lost I would like to beat her to death,”
Hey - there's a left-wing feel good comment.
How does G Boardman spin that one?
The person that posted that on Twitter is still able to post in good standing while a gay conservative has been banned for life from Twitter for - well, we're not sure and Twitter sure won't explain.
There is a great video of the Daily Show crew trying to stop a person from videoing them interviewing some one and telling them they aren't allowed to do that in a public area.
The left is full on with repressive censorship of free expression of ideas. Take a stand or bend over and hold your ankles.
It turns out the R convention has brought out the facists from the wood work.
There they are. Take a good look.
What kind of country are we to become?

Bill Tozer

Breaking news! A Nevada City Councilperson was spotted outside the Cleveland Pow-Pow!!!!! Ah, more material for Yelp. At least Trump got a Proclaimnation of No Confience in the Republican platform for That Woman, Ms. Councilperson.


Bill Tozer

Well, MSNBC almost got it right. Almost. They don't need no trigger warnings for showing the buttons. They, however, need big huge 9 foot tall trigger warnings flashing across the screen if they are going to show buttons with Kiillary's dog face mug on them.


Account Deleted

Darn, Bill - I was gonna post that one.
Pretty shocking - I know. The left is coming apart at the seams.
As you may be aware - there is a safe place in Ohio against the hate crimes at the R convention. At Case Western U. Comfort and hugs for the lefty students that can't handle opposing thoughts.
Can't make this stuff up, folks. The left is losing it.

Jon Dozer

Yeah exactly Scott, its clearly the left that's coming apart this week :)... here's a good summary of events so far. Freak show indeed!

"Cruz had made his point and done his damage, providing the latest (and most vivid) illustration of how little control Trump has been able to exert over his own coronation, how much rancor he has failed to exorcise, how few bridges he has succeeded in repairing, how far short he has fallen in making these four days in Cleveland as dazzling and exciting as he’d long promised they would be. They were a bust already before Wednesday night, as The Times’s Adam Nagourney and Jeremy W. Peters chronicled, pointing to the nonsensical order of speakers, the shaky adherence to themes, the unintended disruptions, the self-inflicted distractions, the empty seats in the arena, the hollow emotion on the stage. To read their damning portrait of the convention is to see and hear a big, festive balloon with the air rushing out of it. Cruz took that balloon and stomped on it, smiling all the while and turning a dull affair into a freak show."

Bill Tozer

The Left is losing it? All depends what the definition of "is' is, Nay, they lost it long ago, but it is getting worse, I will hand you that. How low can they go?

Account Deleted

"how little control Trump has been able to exert over his own coronation..."
Wow - sounds like a real loser!
Don't worry - Hillary will be in full KONTROL!
Alles vill run as ordered when the Hill takes full Kommand! Jawohl!
You go jonnie boy! Everyone will click their heels when your gal takes the podium to spout lies and BS.
Der vill be NO dissension!

Account Deleted

from our left wing troll - "its clearly the left that's coming apart this week"
So - why does the left need it's little 'safe space'?
C'mon, jonnie - you can tell us why!
Poor widdle lefties - all a-quivering and cowering in abject fear! Different ideas! Shocking new realities!
The left is so cowered that just a few trigger words sends them scrambling.
It works every time time with jonnie boy - just ask him to back up anything thing with reason or facts.
He's running for the high grass. Go jonnie, go!

Bill Tozer

Finally watched 12 seconds of the Republican Convention. Well, 17 minutes actually of a single mom who adopted 3 kids, picked blueberries, raked lawns. He Dad worked at the car wash, her mom waited tables until she was 74 years old.

She had a message for Dozer. Don't tell her those are not jobs Americans will not do.
She had a message for the press. After years of refusing to uncover corruption, do your job.
I woke up listening to her on the radio. As I did yesterday. I love Laura. You go girl.

Bill Tozer

The price of a cigarette lighter: 2 buckss
The price of a a quart of gas: under a buck.
The picture of The Stupid lighting himself on fire trying to set Old Glory on fire: Priceless

“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray.

How stupid can you get?. Not only did Stupid Progressive Flag Burner Set himself on fire, he done set others on fire.

How stupid can Dems get? Those who got set on fire by the Stupid Progressive thought they were being pepper sprayed...by fire extinguishers. They are all stupid.
You just can't make this stuff up. Momma said "Stupid is what stupid does."

Todd Juvinall

Pence did a fine job last night. I hope Trump makes it and perhaps we can get back to a citizen/politician for elected people. Trumps family are pretty impressive and the gals are all beauties. Not a LBGT among them. LOL! I heard Bruce Jenner still has his junk. That along with having breats makes him a what?


Yes, the hard left couldn't even get a flag to burn yesterday, and they're complaining that not many are coming out to raise a ruckus... maybe they're going to the big party next week instead?

George Boardman

So, Obermuller, "the Rs are not of one mind," they act on conscience and ideas, and think for themselves. That would explain the cordial reception Cruz received last night when he advised his fellow Republicans to vote their conscience.

Trump has the opportunity tonight to show he can be presidential, that he can provide leadership and unite the white folks party...I mean, the Republicans. But if I was betting, I'd bet Trump will be Trump. The only question is how long it will take him to trash Cruz.

Bill Tozer

This morning as the press surrounded Cruz like they used to swoon around McCain when they labeled him a maverick for bucking the Establishment (before he ran against their candidate Obama), Cruz answered a question that has been conveniently omitted from this morning's sound bites/spin across the airwaves, press, and boob tubes of America as why Cruz cannot endorse Trump. Butt hurt feelings. Fair enough.

Bottom line. When asked this morning if he would vote for My Gal, Cruz answered "No."
No is a complete statement.

Account Deleted

Mr Boardman, you know perfectly well why they booed Cruz. He wouldn't endorse Trump. Cruz would expect that from Trump if he (Cruz) had won the nomination.
"The white folks party" - How classy, Mr Boardman.
Please refer us all here to an actual quote from Trump that would indicate he doesn't like people based on skin color or race.
Trump's issues that he won on are the issues that affect all Americans. Don't worry, though. I'm sure we'll have a very polite president next year who will continue to lie and lead our country into ever spiralling debt.

Account Deleted

Bill at 7:56 - Those would be the progressive and diverse folks that are part of the crowd that Hillary wants to vote for her. The left is certainly inclusive.
Openly racist folks of all skin colors.
Trump is just too mean and egotistical to want those darling folks to be a part of his campaign.

Todd Juvinall

The white people's arty, jeeze Boardman. This is a free country and I see a lot of minority people in the venue. I saw California represented by a black woman and her three sons. Later interviewed by CNN. She made a good case why blacks should dump the democrat party. They never seem to get their promised goodies. Anyway, Liberals are unmovable about their lies about Republicans and this country.

Bill Tozer

10:43 am.
Ah, Boardman is playing the white partly card again. About time he got on the same page as the FUE and Dozer, albeit Mr. Boardman is months behind the other two on such an astute unequivoble fact. Fair enough. Can't agrue with that. You guys win hands down. Put a fork in it. Us Righties will need a step ladder to push up daisies.

But, but,but but, can't we beer bellied racist rednecks just play Cowboys and Indians in our little tent forts and pretend we have a snowball's chance in Hell? It's that too much to ask? Come on Mr. Boardman, let us make fools of ourselves as we play Make Believe. Geeze, Mr. Boardman, let the children play. Man, you are a mean man.

It am so proud of the White Man's Party last night. No conditions on the speakers. Unheard of!! Trump even got an advance rough draft copy of Cruz's speech and say go ahead. Must be a free speech thang...maybe a tolerance or fairness thang..or maybe we hate control freaks more than anything else. I do. Let it rip, Brother Ted. Yeah, getting booed off stage was not what you intended, but it was good to poke ole Donald in the eye. No problem with that. Speak yer mind. You don't have to endorse anybody. Yep, Trump cut ya deep out on the campaign trail. Like the delicate matter in Nirvanna City, deep cuts take longer to heal. I feel ya pain.

I will not slam Ted. I like those who at least try to stand up and walk the talk. Besides, it's a mute point. Cruz's delagates have their eyes on the prize...99% of them already stated so. Very much like having a big ole family heated argument and old hurts and slights being tossed about, arrows flying in every direction,.....then Mom calls out "it's ready!" and we all gather around to give thanks and then dive into the Thanksgiving Turkey. That's the best part....laughing, telling jokes, feasting with one another, paying no mind to what happened 10 minutes prior.

No matter what, I got my eyes firmly fixed on the prize. That's why I really don't care what happens at either party's convention. Soon both conventions will be yesterday's news. If SCOTUS gets 3 Hillary's picks, then why even have a Congress???. Keep your eyes on the prize. The road getting there is interesting, but not the destination.

George Boardman

Here you go, boys:


Bill Tozer

No doubt Hillary will take the black vote in roughly the same percentages as did Obama. Polling confirms that. Polling also is painting a picture that about 17-20% of the blacks who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 will sit it out this time around. So, count on 97% of 80% of the black universe. That is known as leakage. Hillary cannot afford any leakage, especially among WHITE WOMEN, and of course, da minorities. That's her one-two punch game plan from day one.

you are right. The only thing the Dems will have left to display at their Pep Rally is diversity for diversity's sake. Every choreographed audience shot, every speaker, every speech will showcase people of color and, of course, some queers and transgenders as filler in between. Queers as in LGBTQ community...not the other queers, FYI.

The R's got smart. The R's always talked about kids and the Dems showcased kids. Trump beat em' to the punch and showcased children, so now all the Dems can do is talk about children. No showcasing them? Darn...stuck with diversity for diversity's sake. It's who they are.

Bill Tozer

The press. The DNC and the Dem party leaders remain silent on the Melania ultra scandal of the century. DNC and Dem leaders say "ain't going there" So, it must the press, but I could be wrong.

Politico's start up seed money and ownership can be tracked through the web of front companies back to one John Podesta. Another one of Dozer's most read news sources is the Huff Post. This is an example today from a Huff-Post news article, not an opinion piece: notice the editors' notes at bottom of news article. Nuff said.

“The enemy is complacency,” he said. “Say it every day.”

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar,rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

Also on HuffPost

Now, space constraints will leave MSNBC out for this comment.
Boardman, they are giving your profession a bad name. To add insult to injury, they get paid much more than you, my brother. Go figure.


Hate to break it to you, Mr. Georgeman 2:38, but the SNL Weekend Update really is the Faux News, and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Chevy Chase was funnier.

Don Bessee

Buzzkill GB- Michael Moore on Mahers HBO show said Trump was going to win. What I did not know and found very interesting was that Moore correctly predicted Trumps ascending to the nominee in Dec 16.

Account Deleted

Gregory - now you've done it. This has Mr Boardman really confused. Anyway - that was his proof that Trump is a racist. A comedy sketch. Seems that the left can't come up with facts, so they just yuk it up and fabricate what they need to continue their 'big lie' about the Rs.

George Boardman

Bessee, you never believed anything Moore said before. Why would you believe him now?

Don Bessee

It is not about what I think of Moore GB.

Bill Tozer

That trick of Moore's is the oldest one around. Straight from Hillary's fund raiser doom and gloom, time to panic folk latest fundraiser mass mailer.. Works like a charm. Read 50 of them this cycle.....you can count of one every two weeks without missing a beat,

What Moore is saying and what the Clinton Machine fund raising division said just yesterday is don't rest on your laurels and keep those cards and letters coming in kids...with your donation included. Let the world know that "I'm with Her." Coincidence? Righttttt. Heck, Politico runs an article about panic in the campaign and panic among House and Senate Dems like it is real and Donald has scared the living day lights out of them....their sources being the dude and dudettes running the fund raising divison of Clinton Incorporated.

Boardman was right about the messenger, Don was right about the mess. Or is that vice versa? Ah, another healing moment.


Since Georgeman likes the SNL Fake News (how Norm MacDonald always introduced it), let's see what an SNL veteran and student of Trump mannerisms thought about the Trump speech:

I watched it live, this is but the start. Hammond thought it was a great speech and wasn't all that happy about that.

Bill Tozer

Looking ahead to next week, all I can say is "Birds of a feather flock together."



George Boardman

Re Gregory at 10:24:

I had to be elsewhere while The Donald was bloviating, but it's just as well. I stayed tuned in long enough to here his first lie of the night: "I humbly accept..." He's never been humble in his life.

But he apparently inspired David Duke to run for the open senate seat in Louisiana. I quote the former head of the KKK: "I'm overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans (read that as Republicans) embrace most of the issues that I've championed for years. My slogan remains America first."

Then there was this: "We must stop the massive immigration and ethnic cleansing of people whose forefathers created America."

Trump couldn't have said it better.

Bill Tozer

@200 pm
Boardman.....you quoting David Duke is akin to me quoting BLM's chanting kill the pigs, pigs in a blanket and pinning that on you. That is something we ALL expect from Dozer and Pelline. Hmmmm. Just yesterday I remarked that you finally got on the same page as Mr. Dozer, spouting the exact same thing....almost word for word, Is your pen name Jon? If so, you done good. I say that was a fantastic ploy you hatched. Getting everyone running around trying to uncover who Mr. Dozer is and blaming poor Pelline, while you were laughing rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Sweet. Genius, Boardman, genius. Pelline gives you the kick in the rear and you exact your revenge using Jon Dozer to throw us off track....and blame Jeff. Brilliant!! I am so jealous I did not think of it first. Kudos. You, sir, are a genius.

Oh, just last night while Trump was giving his dark speech and Obama was giving his enlightened Sunshine speech, Obama once again "stretched the truth" and said Islam translated comes from the word "peace". Er...uh...Mr. President...Islam translated comes from the word "submission". Aha! Now it all makes sense. I finally understand libs and progressives and Dems and you.....I mean Dozer.

Bill Tozer

In Vienna just today, our Secretary of State Kerry said refrigeration gases (HFCs) are MORE dangerous than ISIS. HCFs target children at MacDonals?
Never liked the phrase "liberalism is a mental disorder" because it does not even come close to describing the affliction. But, today I will lower my standards and say "close enough for goverment work."

George Boardman

Tozer, your imagination is getting out of hand. I always post using my name. I don't know who Dozer is, but it isn't me.

You mention kill the pigs, pigs in a blanket. That's so 1960s. I prefer something more contemporary like "Build the wall, kill them all." I understand its been popular at Trump rallies.

Bill Tozer



"Trump couldn't have said it better."-Boredman 2PM

Except Trump only says it in your head, where he apparently lives rent free.

Really, George, as a member of The Union editorial board and good Democrat, I'd think Trump would be bad enough as is to keep you from inventing more of him.

Bill Tozer

The Man of the hour, Mr. Boardman @ 3:08.
Mea Culpa Mr. Boardman. I stand corrected using those old sixties chants and slogans. I was wrong and you sir are still way smarter than your humble...strike that...your lowly servant.
Pigs in a blanket is sooo 60's...seems like just 11 months ago. Nothing new under the sun.

And now the silver lining for the silver headed. At least the best 60's mantra has yet to rear its ugly head again, i.e, "Don't trust anyone over 30." Boy, they must had you in their (fore)sights. Uttered that one myself a few times when I was young and dumb and a very very stupid liberal. I have paid my debt to society for saying that phrase by coming to the light and making amends by warning others. Thus I have escaped the chickens coming home to roost. Karma is real...just saying..

Bill Tozer

Moving Forward!, let's look at the upcoming DNC convention. With the past in the back of our minds, I have read some ridiculous articles drawing parallels between 68 and 2016. The raucous convention, massive protestors in the streets, the Chicago 7, all Hell breaking loose and mayhem run amok.
My response is this not 68. There is something missing. Certainly no eyebrows were raised all in all at the RNC convention. The emotionally charged chaos complete with an acrimonious brokered convention never happened and thousands upon thousands of protestors never materialized outside. Probably had nothing to do with Ohio being an open carry state, but I digress.
On the Dem side, I said this is not 68 because there is no assination of the presumptive nominee. Hmm. RFK running on all 8 cylinders, looking good, taking California, and then got gunned down by Sirhan Sirhan at the Rosevelt Hotel. Hmmm. What religion was/is Sirhan Sirhan? An Islamic? Well, we still don't have the assination of the Dem presumptive nominee by a Islamic...yet.

Todd Juvinall

Trumps speech was a real piece of work. He stole some issues from the democrats, makes Hillary look like a felon, asks Americas to join him in protecting the country and says he will work to get jobs. And he did it pretty convincingly. So as on script, liberals in the media start their lying and do their best to diminish what he said. Sure, he may gave a hard time getting that all done, but Americans are not stupid as the press is. They have not heard someone speak for them for a long time. Trump will probably accomplish what Moore said.

What is funny about Boardman is, even though Trump spoke at length about LBGT and women, Boardman still is unable to say a kind word. Totally partisan news and Americans see right through them.

Account Deleted

Boardman at 2:00 - Oh, that's real intellectual. You realize that post completely fails any test of rational, adult discourse. Sad.

Don Bessee

Is John Kerry a secret ally of Trumps??
On this day of the shot up in Germany Kerry said while in Europe that air conditioners and refrigerators were a greater threat to life than ISIS! No really, he did.

On top of that we find out today that the Russians were bombing our special forces bases and a brit one in Syria while pushing us to coordinate air attacks with them in advance.
The Pentagon and even Kerry did not want to do it after our bases were hit but 0 overruled them.

Don Bessee


Bill Tozer

Oh no!! Hillary just announced her pick for VP?? See, she can make a decision..if given enough time. I am disappointed. A striaight male, a straight male white dude. Geeze, couldn't she find a black male or female? An all white ticket? That is not who we are!!!

Think she would have picked a transgender heshe from the Senate or House or some mayor or state house or commissioner of transportation out in the fruited plains. But, noooo.

Todd @ 4:35pm. My brother, get with the times! What are you thinking? They threw that Q in while you weren't looking.....it's not LBGT.....it's LBGTQ. If you follow Boardman, you would have known that. Boardman tipped us off to the Q weeks ago. Boardman gets 3 points for being ahead of the curve. I, too, turned my head just for a second and they snuck that Q past me....until Boardman shed the light. He ain't half bad....
Todd, now watch the spin concerning Hillary's VP pick. He will be called a moderate, a man who has proven he can reach across the aisle.....blah, blah, blah. NO he is not! He is a flaming lib. Period. His field office is inside Planned Parenthood HQ when he is not playing footsie in airport restrooms.

Hillary, a straight white male?? What are you thinking? Well, apparently being a flaming wack job lib trumps race, gender, and sexual preference. Who knows, maybe your boy toy pick ain't all that particular or half blind and you might get lucky, wink wink. Been awhile, has it not. Like riding a bicycle, you have to relearn it no matter how much time you have been off the bike. The VP is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

Bill Tozer

Todd, I saw the dark speech this morning. Woke up, hit the scan button, and ALL three major networks called it "Dark". 3 out of 3, then 6 out of six. Two things crossed my mind before finding where I could watch the Dark Speech:
1)a Dark? Geeze, that sounds kind of racist to me.
2) Dark? Sound like it was a good speech!

After viewing it I had one question. What the hay is Trump doing quoting Bernie? Yes, I am no Trump advisor and I know what he was trying to do, but Yo Donald!, my man, don't quote Bernie no more. We do not quote a Marxist at your coming out party, you hear? No pinkos...they already hate your guts and we ain't too fond of them either. No quoting socialists, even a democrat socialist. Rookie mistake.

George Rebane

We now expand our attention to the Democrats in Philadelphia and invite your most incisive thoughts to be recorded under 'Convention Capers 2016 - Democrat'.

George Boardman

For the record, I am not a member of The Union's editorial board. You would think Mr. Know-It-All could get right something that's so easy to verify.

I'm a freelance writer who writes one column a week. That's it. I have no influence over the paper's editorial policy, the stories it covers, or the disposition of submitted material.

Bill Tozer

For the record you are not Dozer? Hmm. And your proof is.....? I thought so. :)

Russ Steele

We all expected that the anti-Trump "spontaneous" portests were organized by the Democrats and now we know:

The release of Democratic National Committee emails by WikiLeaks Friday reveals that DNC officials planned anti-Donald Trump protests.

In multiple emails DNC officials sign off and acknowledge the existence of two anti-Donald Trump protests in South Bend, IN. and Billings, MT. The release of nearly 20,000 emails is the first in a WikiLeaks “Hillary Leaks” series


George Boardman

Obermuller, here you go. Be sure to read the last paragraph.

If, as you claim, Trump isn't a racist, why does he resonate with white supremacists?


Todd Juvinall

So GeorgeB, since Obama is supported by the New Black Panthers does that make him a racist? If there was a White Lives Matter would that be a racist group?


Boardman, 10:17AM, guilt by disassociation isn't a valid argument. Is that the sort of reasoning that signs your checks from The Union?

Black racists support Clinton. Does that make Hillary a racist?

Those racists, black and white, also drink milk and many even hate broccoli. How far do you want to take that?

Bill Tozer

Boardman, so if Obama is not a racist, why does he reasonate with the National of Islam, as well as Black Lives Matter who chant "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon"? So, it if Obama is not a homophobe, an intolerant bigot, and a misgonist, why does he reasonate with The Muslim Brotherhood, hosting them often in the White House and attending their gatherings????

So, if Obama is not a racist, why does he reasonate with liberals?

Inquiring minds would like to know. Splain it to us recessive gene types, will ya?

Bill Tozer

True colors. I told you so. The War on Restricted Speech has begun. Go Milo, go!!


Todd Juvinall

Milo is a gay republican and says it like it is. No filters. The college libs run him off ehern invited to speak.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1017am - Mr Boardman, I believe you have been pummeled enough in the follow-on comments, all which are on the mark. My only pile on is what you have revealed about your analytics and critical thinking skills. I do hope this was only a topical fissure in some old brain cells that is either rare or will quickly heal, and not something more pervasive that may represent a synoptic attribute of the melon ;-)

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 10:44

How far you you want to take it? Farther that that! If convicted pedaphile billionaire Jeffery Epstein cheers for Hillaty, does that mean all pediphiles reasonate with Hillary, or just billionaire pediphiles?

In convicted perjurer and disbarred lawyer Bill Clinton cheers Hillary on, does that mean all disbarred lawyers reasonate with HRC, or just the ones convicted of perjury?

It a serial sexual predator and unindicted rapist like William Jefferson Clinton throws his full support behind My Gal, does that mean all sexual predators and sexual abusers and unindicted serial rapists reasonate with That Woman, Ms. Clinton.

Well, here's a bone for ya Mr. Boardman to be fair and balanced. If Goldman Sacks throws their weight Hillary and now Kaine, does that mean Hillary and Tim resonate with all Wall Street Bankers? Yes! I most certainly does. Wall Strett loves Kaine even more than My Gal.....the answer is an unequivocal Yes!, Yes!, Yes!'

If the Democrat Party supports My Gal, does that mean she, as the most corrupt candidate in history, resonates with all Democrats? No, there are some with a few brain cells left and they have switched sides. That one is a yes and no answer.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 4:53 pm, way back on July 22nd.

Correction of the topic of LGBTQ....I thought Q meant Queen, but I was woefully wrong. I apologize for being such a pompous Mr. Smarty Pants.
Q means Question, like if I ain't a lesbo or gay or bi or an old man who likes to use the girls' dressing rooms at Target, when what the heck am I?? Q stands for that question...what the fudge am I? "What am I, who am I?", are question pondered by our greatest minds since time immortal.
Aha! It just hit me! I now the answer!!!! The Q in LBGTQ means straight.

LBGTQ: Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer/questioning. Gender identity: A person's sense of their own identity as a female (girl or woman), a male (a boy or man), or other gender (for example, transgender, bi-gender or gender queer which is a rejection of the traditional binary view of gender)


"For the record, I am not a member of The Union's editorial board. You would think Mr. Know-It-All could get right something that's so easy to verify."

Know it all? No. Know-more-than-you about subjects I bother writing about, I'd take that bet.

Thanks to GB for raising my opinion of The Union's editorial board, but had to go by memory this time because, for something so easy to verify, it strangely isn't an item to be found on the current incarnation of their web site.

Bill Tozer

Boardman, that is 3 in a row in a relatively short time span. A week? First it was that all white something, which I have mercifully forgotten. Then a day or two later something about the all white Republican Party, which caused me to consider the source, tone, and exact words and prompted the query "Is this "George Dozer" I am addressing??
Now, this morning's comment.
Hey, I ain't no run of the mill Nazi, I be a Neo-Nazi. I don't have to say white Nazi cause, like is there any other kind of Nazi? Sorta like that stoooopid name for the group Black Crows. Dumb. Have you ever seen a non-black crow?
Boardman, are you feeling ok? Got the summer times blues? What's up, my brother. Need someone to sit and just listen? I can do that. You know how to reach me. Hey, even Dr. Rebane does not have that key to whatz behind Door #3. I am here 4 U.


PS: I think San Fran State is a very fine institution of higher learning, despite that being in the minority opinion here. I hate that summertime blah flu feeling. Get well soon.
PSPS: You are right. Milo is a Republican Party all white cracker as well. Oh, BTW, clarification: Milo is do longer The Most Dangerous Faggot in America. Nope. The new title he penned for himself is The World's Most Dangerous Faggot. Be nice, or I will send Milo your racist comments to respond to. That kid says the darnest thangs. :).

Bill Tozer

I done got a moment of clarity. Mr. Boardman is a sly good one, rest assured. That one, Mr. Boardman, was worth well over 5 points. Maybe in the 6.9-7.2 range. Hat Tip, sir.

The topic posed on this tread is 'Hey guys and Bonnie, what can we expect from the Freak Show in Philly?"

Boardman has been answering that question but we (moi) have been too deaf, blind and plum dumb to see it. That relentless chorus of "the White Republican Party, a true Nazi's Wet dream" emiting 24/7 from the DNC Convention. Boardman was telling us all along. That is what we can expect coming out of Philly. Thanks, George. George is a good name. ..give that one a 6.7 only cause that was a given. I loved the way you presented it, all unwrapped and ready to go. Sweet.

Hey boys and girls, get ready for Diversity Week. Oh goodie, it's like going down to The City but staying home. How cool is that. Well, I heard they will be shy one white female speaker named Whatzername...flu going around or something. Sure, she still will get to pound the gavel to open and close the circus tent. Ah, the Dems will probably go out back and pull out another scary air-head cracker replacement from the woodpile.

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