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19 July 2016



No, Milo is not a cracker, a moniker reserved for southern white trash. Milo would be more properly termed a pufter or a pommy bastard.

I particularly liked Milo's recent defense against being called a white racist [look away if easily offended] when he opined he'd be the first white racist who liked to [blah] black [blahs]. [the blahs inspired by the near-legendary Lenny Bruce who used those placeholders after his arrest for public obscenity when some blah-blahers arrested him during his nightclub act].

Bill Tozer

Off course Milo is no cracker. But, he done got grouped in with all the palefaces on the Extreme Hard Right, so he is a cracker de facto in the lib's eyes. Hey, Karl Marx as not a cracker. White faced Marxists and libs and progressives and socialists are not crackers, ever, ever. Only the Nazis and gun toting good ole boys are crackers. It a political identification term.
I see Milo's hand in this...or at least a whiff of his cologne....the timing of document dumps, the hackers, the Internet being used to circumvent MSM, the Euro connection, the fun of not taking it no more laying down and, of course, alittle payback for getting blackballed by the Clinton Donor Class controlled MSM...which includes Twitter and Facebook. Milo's job title is "Tech Editor" I believe. He knows a lot of those silly young techies and Berners and Anonymous Mask Wearing types from every corner of the globe, I bet.
Come on, DNC, come closer. Gotta smoke ya out. There, much better. "Welcome to my parlor" said the spider to the fly.
Who wants to bet that Twitter in 4.5 years will be like Yahoo is now....a shell of its former self? No longer King Of the Hill. Ok, 4.217 years.
Nothing to see here...just another conspiracy theory

Bill Tozer

Ok, maybe that was giving Milo too much credit. He is just a voice of one crying in the wilderness and he don't seem to be the cologne wearing type, anyhow.

Back to the circus.

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