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04 July 2016


Russ Steele

In Freedom in the World: 2016, Freedom House reports:

The world was battered by crises that fueled xenophobic sentiment in democratic countries, undermined the economies of states dependent on the sale of natural resources, and led authoritarian regimes to crack down harder on dissent….

• The number of countries showing a decline in freedom for the year—72—was the largest since the 10-year slide began.
• Just 43 countries made gains.
• Over the past 10 years, 105 countries have seen a net decline, and only 61 have experienced a net improvement.
• Ratings for the Middle East and North Africa region were the worst in the world in 2015, followed closely by Eurasia.
• Over the last decade, the most significant global reversals have been in freedom of expression and the rule of law
Freedom in the World has now declined for the 10th year in a row.

Our freedom is under attack in the US by our own government. We the People need to take back our country from the ruling elites.

Bill Tozer

Happy Independence Day. The Shot Heard Around the World in 1775 in Concord was the direct response to the King's men sent to confiscate the locals' firearms. The first person shot at the Boston Massacre was a black man.


Happy 240th, Lady Liberty.



"America Died At 11:00 ET 7/5/2016

There is no longer the Rule of Law in this nation.

The law is clear. Knowingly removing classified documents is a criminal offense.

The very setting up of such a server and transmission or reception of classified material violates the statute since it is not possible to accidentally cross the SIPRNet boundary. It can only be occur through intentional conduct.

Further, there has been zero mention of the Clinton Foundation and what facially appears to have been the selling of favors by the Clintons during and after Hillary's time in office.

In short:

The Rule of Law was officially burned and buried today on live television by the Director of the FBI.

You therefore no longer have any moral requirement to adhere to same; your entire analysis must now rest on whether you are sufficiently afraid of being shot -- and nothing more.

America, as envisioned and fought for by the founders, died today at 11:00 AM ET, 7/5/2016.

240 years and one day from birth to death."


Bill Tozer

- https://www.facebook.com/WhistlerBungee/photos/pcb.1270254662999369/1270254186332750/?type=3&theater

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