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08 July 2016


Todd Juvinall

: George Rebane | 11 July 2016 at 08:36 AM

Probably but as we have seen by polling, many people already have their opinion on her. Trump and his minions will begin the drumbeat soon. This is SOP for the current age of news.




Botched that one!

Bill Tozer

I am amazed by the comments on the petition, now at 2,000. Amazed because I read them for over an hour and a half and have yet to find one that should be flagged. Sure, I began to skip over and skim through pages, but none where what I would call over the top...i.e., nothing even comes close to what I say on a daily basis... not even close. Just the usual being appalled by a hurtful ignorant idiot statement by the Crazy Cigarette Butt Picker-Upper and responses how hurtful RS's comments are and how offensive and hateful.

I just wanted to slap that crazy bitch around verbally, myself. A good beat down of Cunette. It's how my kind vents. processes, and move-on. It is an unreasonable request to expect anyone to just shut up, sweep it under the carpet, and say "nothing to see here" for political expediency. "Ain't it swell the sun came out this morning" said the woman scanning the landscape littered with the carnage the hurricane left in its wake.
Nothing to see here, Move-On.....:)
Heck, to anyone that views Nevada City hyperventilating over the size of a shingle over a business or stringed party lights or the only market in town displaying Kangeroo Jerky from afar such as moi, it is rather bemusing, especially since they take it so darned seriously. RS's comments went viral because that statement should be taken not only seriously, but with much alarm....and some folks were undoubtedly "horrified".
Her statement only confirmed what every one of us knew anyway: she just finally verbalized in a public forum that we all knew in the depths of our beings exactly how she thinks and feels...actually, no surprise in the least for those that know the liberal mind..just she wasn't suppose to say it, lol. Hey, we know what she really meant and thought. lol, lol.
"We know what you are thinking, what you really meant" is usually the spear thrown at the right by the left. Sweet. But, this is a non-partisan issue.

From the petition, some sound advice. Very good advice. But, it will never fly in NC, 95959.

I'm an Army veteran and thirty-two year total service peace officer. Ms. Senum's diatribe is and was untruthful, galvanizing and unforgivably blames violence on the victims of murder.
Her personal page FB "retraction" doubles down, asserting that "officers killed 1,000 people in 2014 and 2015 and not one was convicted of murder." Her statement is abysmally ignorant of the intense and continuous, multiple levels and methods, of investigation and scrutiny directed toward police! Or the fact that the vast majority of Officer Involved Shootings are justified by Federal and State use of force case law, and found justifiable. Found justifiable by Internal Affairs, Homicide Detectives, Department Supervision, Dept. Administration, District Attorney's Investigators, District Attorney's, Defense Investigators, Defense Attorneys, Assistant State Attorney Generals, State A.G's, Courts (both civil and criminal) FBI and Federal Attorney General to name just SOME of the levels of review!
I'd recommend Ms. Senum attend a Law Enforcement Citizen's Academy. But the hateful tenor of her original statement, and by later repeating her allegations in an attempt to "spin" the situation, I believe her mind to be too closed to benefit from a Citizen's Academy.
My only question is...do the Council and citizens really want this person's extremist views slopping all over and distracting, while the Council tries it's best to represent the city in an otherwise positive light?
I often shop and dine with friends in Nevada City. As long as Ms. Senum is on the Council, and by her presence, the Council and citizens endorse her views, I'll not only "vote" by closing my wallet, I'll convince all I can to absent themselves from your City.
Too bad. It's an idyllic setting. Its wrong that a woman who blamed murder on the victims, had to spout hatred directed toward law enforcement's honored dead! Your questions are...WILL YOU LET HER HATRED STAND? AND WILL YOU AND YOUR CITIZENS ENDORSE HER EXTREMIST VIEWS?!


Taking a moment away from l'affaire Senum and returning to Mr Dozers pet project.......


It seems as though at least 1200 German frauleins had the opportunity to "leave as good friends" following interactions with Germanys new Syrian gentlemenfugees last New Years Eve.


See another reason to vote for Trump.....if he wins Woody Allens mom moves to New Zealand!


Bill Tozer

Mr. Fish @ 10:47 am

Shoot Fish, you sleeping in this morning? That was the first article I was going to post very early this morning, but decided to let you take all the glory. It was worth the wait. What surprised me was that link (or a similar article) said only 10% of the rapes in Germany are reported with a conviction rate of 8%. Sounds fishy to me.

Used to shack up with a German national who possessed a green card...for 30 years! She would always say we Ameticans are so prudish and whatz the big deal, they are only boobs. That was her response when I told her it wasn't a wise idea to walk around in the front yard topless because it may attract peeping toms. The first few times were kinda neat, but it grew old after realizing it was a habit. I have a spot in my heart for the free spirits, but come on, cover up....you are going to cause a fender bender one of these days.
Perhaps my former little German squeeze was right. She would say whatz the big deal? "They are only boobs. Oh you Americans".
Hmm. Well, I can say that may be her face, but that is definitely not her small "boobs".



OK,, this sandbox is piled high like the jobsite shithouse, but anyhow,,,,
Order them while you can. I'm getting a few myself.

George Rebane

OK dear people, the 11jul16 sandbox is open for business.

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