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10 July 2016


Bill Tozer

Good thoughst, Dr. Rebane. Birds of a feather flock together.
Ramming it down our throats works for government's narrative. It is exactly the same plan by the EU Parliment and their puppeteers. Take in a cluster of immigrants from other world cultures, find those pockets of rural homogenous native local cultures and thrown them in the mix all at once. When there is outcry over legitament claims (as well as unfounded rumors tossed in) call it racism or one of those phobias and crack the whip on those small minded bigots. Scrub the Orlando 911 tapes and that stuff.
In reality, a lot of those Quaintytown cobblestone villagers are saying, "Hey, we have lived here for generations and now, all of a sudden, I have to buy a lock and chain cause my bike keeps getting stolen and now no more pork sausages for Octoberfest. "WTF is going on here?. Slow it down, let us catch our breath and ease into it."....which is now a big no-no to even think that in secret. It's is a purposely planned Clash of the Cultures for an objective. A well planned objective that looks great on paper for the last 70 years. Sure, not everywhere like big cities, but the memos have been leaked from across the pond on the plan of action. And tolerance is, per usual, a one way street in La La Land.

Funny, the more peoples are told in no uncertain terms they have to be 100% tolerance and root out those xenophobic thoughts from their heads (not hearts), the more people of all cultures tend to go into the seperate but equal mode. Opposite result than intended. Separate but equal is coming back around. Just consider the implications of the term BLM. Seperate but equal, not inclusive, but sadly exclusive, IMHO.


Russ Steele

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN: Stockholm Syndrome: Spotify threatened to abandon Sweden if the government didn’t address over-regulation and sky-high taxes.

Not much had changed since 1969, when Susan Sontag observed that a “strong conviction of their country’s moral superiority” made Swedes “extremely sensitive to, and defensive about, any criticism published about their country abroad.” My political heterodoxy made the already difficult task of befriending Swedes something approaching an impossibility. By 2007, I had convinced my partner that her expatriation would engender less controversy than my own. In a decision that neither of us has since regretted, we fled to the United States.

So it was with interest that I picked up Finnish journalist Anu Partanen’s book “The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life,” her account of a quiescent existence in the Nordic welfare state upended by love: While I moved from New York to Sweden, Ms. Partanen had made the opposite journey, lured from Helsinki to New York by a charming American academic. In 300 pages, Ms. Partanen offers an expanded version of what my Swedish antagonists could summarize before the herring and schnapps were served: America is a pretty horrible place and would be less horrible if it were more like Finland. Or Sweden. Or Norway. Employing anecdote and meticulously cherry-picked data, Ms. Partanen argues that on virtually every metric the U.S.—a massive, sloppy collection of religions, ethnicities and distinct regional cultures—is bested by tiny, homogenous Finland. Unlike the ersatz liberty she found in America, her native country had achieved “real freedom, real independence, and real opportunity.”

Glenn Reynolds writes in a comment: It’s funny, they say that nationalism is evil, but they actually mean other people’s nationalism. And if an American moved to Sweden or Finland and wrote a book about how smug, insular, and close-minded people there are, that would be Ugly Americanism.


"Vote for me, you Crypto-Fascist ignoramuses!"
-a progressive politician caricature by Michael Lind

In the spirit of this post was a very amusing segment yesterday of On The Media, on NPR. The very last segment of "Lies, Lies, Lies" is a interview of Michael Lind titled "Elitist Traitors vs. Fascist Morons". Lind gives some of the reasons why both sides tend to demonize the others but is particularly interesting about possible bases for progressive bias.

Can't find transcripts, the audio is here:

On a related to "Fascist Morons" note, Pelline is off looking for a right wing puppet master pushing the discontent with Reinette... I mean, she apologized, what else do people want? Someone on the "hard right" must be pushing the people who would otherwise be moving on, away from noticing what a nutcase hard-left conspiracist Senum has been shown to be. I was chatting with a non-political Broad Street shopkeeper from Frisco yesterday, and they thought RS would be gone today or tomorrow.

Lefties pissed off about "Elitist Traitors..." can listen to the rest of the segments to regain their faith in NPR. Dominated by Trump as a teller of falsehoods rationales.

George Boardman

There's one number you forgot to add to the back of your envelope: The value created by the labor of illegals. This added value raises the standard of living for everybody in the country.

What's that worth in your calculations?

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1001am - And what "value" would that be Mr Boardman, could you please be a bit more specific?


Posted by: George Boardman | 11 July 2016 at 10:01 AM

Excellent! Put George Boardman down as someone happy to see US citizens out of work so he can pay $ 0.12 less for a head of lettuce.

Moot anyway as automation increasingly makes immigrant labor too expensive to do this type of work. But hey....even after that is closed off to them they can serve in their true role...as lever pullers for TEAM D.

George Boardman

Nobody hires a worker to keep him or her off the welfare rolls; they are hired because they can create value for the enterprise. The value is reflected in the goods and services it can offer the public, the goods and services it buys from vendors to maintain and grow the business, and the wages it can afford to pay its employees, which have a well-known multiplier effect when spent in the community.

As for Fish's mythical head of lettuce, good luck getting those citizens who complain about illegals to harvest the crops.


Posted by: George Boardman | 11 July 2016 at 10:43 AM

Good luck indeed! But as mentioned the economic issues are headed to irrelevance.....much like yourself George.

Bill Tozer


George Rebane

GeorgeB 1043am - Mr Boardman, you seem to be privy to a new type of economics that has yet to be recognized by those who create wealth and pay taxes. Isn't the value that workers inject into a company's products/services fully accounted for by the wages they are paid as derived from the price paid by company's customers?? Additional dimensions of 'value' leave us open to irrational debates based on the divers things that make each of us feel good (or bad). Or are you referring to some yet to be revealed set of universal values that should be perceived and embraced by all of us?

Bill Tozer

Not even close to the topic, but I just learned that half of the reported traffic accidents in the LA region are hit and runs. That is one big eye popper, but moi does not want to be labeled with that broad brush for being anti-some group. Carry on.

Bill Tozer

Something smells in Denmark. It's easy to avoid the clash of cultures if one focuses solely on illegal immigrants from down south...of the border. Be that as it may, here are some dated stats about Illegal "Mexicans". All in all, the illegals are sure making the Islamic legal immigrants look good and far less costly in comparison, IMHO.

Despite hundreds of thousands of agriculture acres that were turned to dust due to our drought and despite all the endless articles about the poor hard working farm workers being laid off, the grand total of "fruit jar pickers" displaced by the drought is...drumroll please...35,000. That ain't even a rounding error in the big picture and a red herring to say they are all picking our strawberries and cantaloupes. Still avoiding the clash of culture, but that is the way we roll.



Bill Tozer

Ass backwards. My rambling commentary should have said: all in all, the new wave of Islamic immigrants make the illegals look good and less costly in a one to one comparison., IMHO.

Bill Tozer

No assimilation!! State within a state, separate but equal communities living side by side. That be the new definition of intergration. Go figure.


Todd Juvinall

56% say Comey was a screwup.


George Rebane

I call your kind attention to the 13jul16 update to the above scattershots.


George, the harder the left, the more unable they are to see gradations to the right of far left.

That includes Libertarian which, for the lack of better words, is with the left on social issues and with the right on economic issues... they only see the differences when running their identification: friend or foe? algorithms. Same thing with the right, who have a hard time seeing, for example, atheists or agnostics as being on their side.

George Rebane

Gregory 1053am - Well that's a relief. Then I and all the people I know are not on the Right, since none of us "have a hard time" seeing lack of spirituality as a requirement to share our socio-political views.

George Rebane

I call your kind attention to this post's 14jul16 update.

Bill Tozer

Remember just 3 or so weeks ago after the Orlando Islamic Terrorist Attack, the media spent one whole hour trying to get Hillary or Lynch or Obama to say Islamic Terrorism in the same sentence. Think it was Lynch of Lovetown scrubbing of 911 tapes that triggered this short lived question "Why can't you say Islamic Terrorist or Islamic Terrorism??" Must be one of those hate speech type of things, I reckon.

A week or so later after the short lived firestorm about that Afgan-American homophobe shooter in Orlando (complete with the actors from that you know....that secret gobberment school for actors in AZ), I heard Hillary say a new phrase.

That new phrase was triggered by some other Islamic Terrorism way off over in Turkey or Bangladesh or some place nobody is concerned with. Hillary use the new term "Jihadist Terrorism.' Been waiting for somebody to pick that one liner up, but so nobody has. A great mystery.

Mystery solved! After much researching and translating papers into English from great writers and thinkers (Muslim mostly) from Bangladesh and India and those far away places, I unciverec you cannot seperate Islam from the word Islamic. Go figure. Now I know why they in the lofty towers cannot say Islamic Terrorism. That be a non-no. Actually I did not uncover anything hidden. It's been out there in plain sight laying in the sunshine for years, but I digress.

The imagined fine distinct line between the word Islam and the word Islamic is blurred to such an extent that the distinctions are meaningless where the rubber meets the road, according to the Scholars of Islam....Islamics. Mystery solved. The words are synonymous. Yes, there is some nuances. Don't really matter in practical application.
I will address the update of Islamic terrorist tactics and soft targets later.
Wonder if today's "nothing to see here" events were caused by a jihad terrorist, or just a plain ole criminal mass murderer? Hmm. Something to ponder. Islam is a religion....of Islamics.

I remember when Nice was such a nice postcard picturesque town...just a couple of years ago. My, things happen so quickly nowadays.

Jon Dozer

they're not actually representing Islam, but..whatever..you're really hung up on the term for political purposes. Best wishes.

Bill Tozer

Tanks, Jon, tanks a rocket. Boy I feel much safer now with your comforting words. Actually we all feel pretty safe up in these thar hills....far removed from malls and big ole cinema complexes, and BTL, and just about every Obama Administration apology under the sun. Wonder if he will show up in these parts someday to demonize.....er...enlighten you and me for being the cause of all our nation's social ills. It's a White Privilege thang laid squarely at feet of us inhabitants of the Sierra little Lillywhite burgs , surrounded with moats filled with gator jerkey.

We must look within and realize we are to blame. No, not the Islamics. We need to apologize and get our minds right. Then, mass healing will erupt spontaneously across the fruited plain.
We are bad people, Brother Dozer.
I will await your apology to the world. I have my heart felt words already written, but you being more enlightened and more weighted down White Guilt should go first. Then I will take a crack at my Mea Culpa. Ladies first. That's a white man saying, not a Native American thang. Afterall, we are the world.


Jon Dozer

The most important apology should come from a Shrub. GWB should apologize to every American for starting this monstrosity.
Drumpf is correct in this one narrow subject.

Bill Tozer

Dozer, Dozer, Dozey. Why o why must you see everything ithrough a political lens?. We are the problem. Don't you ever hear what every single person on the good side (your side) has been saying for years?? You don't get out much, do ya?
This is not a political issue for political advantage. It's the truth and much bigger than just us.

Good gawd man, do the right thing and get that heavy burden off your shoulders. Drop the rock. Free you mind, body, and soul. Your spirit is like a white bird in a cage, the cage you are responsible for building. White Bird must fly or she will die.
Cleanse yourself! Confession is good for the soul. Now apologize for being the cause of all social, economic, pain and suffering on our common orb called Earth.
Look within, Jon. Look within those dark recesses of your essence and exorcize those demons. The answer lies there. Do not be afraid to uncover, discover, and discard. You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Ah, goose slime. Ok, I will go first.
"I wish to apologize to all the world for my forefathers and foremothers allowing their babies' heads to be smashed in against trees on the Trail of Tears. I know those images cause you all discomfort and I spoligize for the pain my barbaric people have caused you. If we were not at Woundec Knee, this whole thing would have never happened.
I am to blame for any pain those imagines have caused you, the world. I owe you a debt I can never repay. Forgive me for being half white, half savage. My people have greatly contrubted....nay....caused all the racial strife and injustice and economic disparities home and abroad. Opps, strike my people. It is I and I alone who am to blame. Woe am I."

There Jon, I looked inside, accepted my part for creating 100% of the strife, apologized, and freed myself by accepting the white man's burden. I hope the world will forgive me in time.
Ok, your turn to apologize to all darkies everywhere for White Priveledge, the root of all evil. Let 'er rip, My Brother from another Mother.

You complete me.

Bill Tozer

And I apoligize to all the people of France. As I progress, more people will come to mind. The list is far from complete.

Back to the topic at hand, the first thing that crossed by mind was it was one of those driverless Tesla Trucks gone haywire. I apologize to all those who wish to make our world a greener place to dwell. I was wrong for thinking such thoughts. May the healing begin.

Bill Tozer


Wonder what Prety Boy has to say?




Bill Tozer

Although the number of little folded sheet heads that commit Islamic Terrorism outside the Land Of Islam is a small percentage, the percentage of Islamics whose views are not compatible with Western Liberal Democracy values is way too high.

Solution? Screen for loyalty fo democratic values.


George Rebane

re BillT's 815am - see also the remarks of Newt Gingrich about believing in Sharia as a litmus test for excluding immigrants.


Posted by: George Rebane | 15 July 2016 at 10:25 AM

Not sure how Newt is going to pull this one off as another tenet of the faith is lying in its advancement.

Jon Dozer

"Solution? Screen for loyalty fo democratic values."

Yup, let's just throw away 240 years of American values due to fear and bigotry- led by a real estate huckster. Good idea.

Jon Dozer

"Ok, your turn to apologize to all darkies everywhere" Bill Tozer

Todd Juvinall

All legal immigrants are required to take the oath. I took a Russian gal to the swearing in for her citizenship about ten years ago at the K street theater. Of course she is a white person and having lived under Dozer's favorite kind of government, she was happy to become a America. Now Dozer calls her a cracker and a racist. You just can't make this sh** up when it comes to stupid libs.

Jon Dozer

News Flash to Todd,
You don't have to be a citizen to live here! Hey, I realize you didn't know that, but now you do. No requirement for legal residents to swear to any oath. Never has been, never will be. It wouldn't be American.

Bill Tozer

Don't let them in. Period. And never ever consider letting in rufugeess vetted by the UN.
America lives matter. American lives matter. American lives matter.
Dozer, I am waiting for your apology to all people of color for your white priviledge, including me. I am part of the darkies you have enslaved by YOUR white genocide colonialist racist white people. I am part of the oppressed darkie class. You owe me a FRIGGIN apology now, or else there will be rioting and looting and the day of rage will be on your head.
Dozer, YOU have blood on YOUR hands. Apoligize now or face the wrath of us darkies. There is not enough money in Lillywhieville to compensate for what YOU have done, but it would be a good start.
BLM is spot on. The problem is Supremacist Liberalism. You are a racist who is trying to keep my people down. May you rot in hell, Liberal Supremist. White Supremist Liberalism is the enemy, the cause of all societies ills. You repulse me and all the darkies of the world. Have a nice day.

Todd Juvinall

Jon Dozer | 15 July 2016 at 11:08 AM
I think you misunderstand. Legal immigrants becoming a citizen take the oath. I watched and heard it from many. You are a buffoon Dozer, get educated and stop making a ass of yourself.

Bill Tozer

Yo Dozer,
Europe is now trashed cause they let the little folded sheet heads in. There is no law saying we have to follow in their grievous mistake and take anyone in. Let them kill each other off, and keep the homeland safe.

Just cause someone wants what this great country has to offer does not earn we ever have to let them put one toe on Sacred Ground. We don't need them. We have too much on our plates right now to take in the world's sewer rats, duh.

Bill Tozer

Off topic, but too funny not to repost.


Jon Dozer

"All legal immigrants are required to take the oath." Todd

This is your quote Todd. Its false and I corrected you, since you were unaware. No need to double down now. Hey, people are used to you making mistakes all the time, so no one will care. An apology is in order. Thanks.

George Rebane

For those interested –
1. Every immigrant on the citizenship track is screened on the tenets of their socio-political beliefs to judge compatibility with America’s principles of governance and social values. We were so screened in 1949 (see posts in My Story).
2. Yes, the Muslims’ taqiyya does make it difficult to screen against sharia, because the dedicated caliphaphiles will lie to get in and advance their agenda by any and all means. The citizenship oath means nothing to them. The only answer is a more comprehensive policy of screening that will no doubt exclude the innocent. There is no free lunch.
3. If we seek to live in a liberal society, then there is no defense against the lone-wolf raghead. The best we can do is reduce the size of their indigenous and exogenous breeding grounds through a combination of education, assimilation, exclusion, and extermination.

Todd Juvinall

Oh jon, you just don't get it.

Hey, it seems to me if there are racists around the planet, they are more likely to be brown skinned people. Arab, Islamics, FARC, Mexican cartel kings and their killers. In Nigeria they are black Boko Harum. So, all you race baiters here and elsewhere, maybe you sjhould just all shut your pie holes about those terrible white "crackers" and look in the friggin mirror.

Jon Dozer

Not talking about racism. The topic is the obvious error you made about legal residents (green carders) that you refuse to acknowledge.

Legal resident immigrants do NOT have to take an oath. You said otherwise.
Just say sorry...S.O.R.R.Y. I MADE A MISTAKE.

Here's some friendly advice Todd- the new found respect you gain from admitting your errors will go a long way to turning around your reputation in this area.

Todd Juvinall

Already corrected you.

My reputation is stellar in Nevada County. No need to worry about me. But you seem to be hated. Why is that?

Jon Dozer

"My reputation is stellar in Nevada County."
Todd Juvinall in a moment of pure levity

Jon Dozer

"it seems to me if there are racists around the planet, they are more likely to be brown skinned people." Todd Juvinall

Todd Juvinall

Yes they outnumber us by a couple billion. What else explains why they are murdering us? Give us your limited mental capacity answer.

And yes my reputation is stellar here. Yours "jon" Dozer is crap. Live with it.

Bill Tozer

Bill Tozer
Ok, today I am a Egyptian because I say so. This morning I said I was a darkie because that's who I identified with.. Tomorrow I will be a woman as well as an Orthodox Jew or a Pigmy Eskimo because I say that is who I truly am. Or claim that's who I identify with. See how absurd this is, yet it ties into the topic.

First, I want better vetting for all Islamics. Period. Look at Idaho and those young boys who held down a 6 year old special needs girl and pissed down her throat while the oldest boy was stupid enough to film the whole thing on his cell phone:

The first lie was these were refugees "fleeing the civil war in Syria." Not one boy involved in that horrendous unspeakable act was from Syria. Not one of the bunch.
Lie number 2 is they were thoroughly vetted. Come to find out all these "Syrian refugees" were vetted by the UN, not our Immigration and Naturalization officers.
A million more "Syrian Refugees" are coming in via the exact same process...vetted by the UN.

If you got a problem with that, then you are an Islamophobe. Obama and Hillary are going to shove this down our throats whether we like it or not, to be done without any public comment, without any plans, stats, figures, or details released by our Great Father in Washington, no matter how it affects social services, employment, housing, law enforcement, schools, and personnel to handle "the problem". They refuse to communicate with the public and refuse to respond to inquiries from the communities where the citizens live who ahave to put up with 7th century mind sets thrust upon their neighborhoods. That is were the rubber meets the road, where the stink is.

And I am done wasting ink with the usual mandatory disclaimer about its just a few, broad brush is bad... We all get the broad brush argument now, so no more disclaimers, please.

Obama is our first real post Ametican President. He may be an American, but his heart is in some global order and domain, borderless of course.

If one little American girl is scared for life, emotionally or physically, that is one too many. If one bullet ridden teenager lies dying in the streets with blood oozing from his/her lungs through his/her mouth, that is one too many. If someone breaks into Dozer's house and robs him or pistol whips his family, that is one robbery and act of unsolicited too many.

We already have all the 7 deadly sins exhibited in our society on a minute by minute basis. Every rape, act of domestic violence, burglary, murder that Americans already perpetrate on fellow Americans is one too many.

It is obvious that 99.9% all the new wave of Islamics here entered the USA legally. Student visas, plain ole visas, temp permits, work permits, alyssum applications, residency permits (temp and permanent) etc. That is where we start looking at finding the bad apples for both terrorism or the ones that simply cannot transition into modern civilized society.

Is the applicant literate in his native tongue? Do we need to spend resources upon resources to teach them the basics, like do not grab a stranger's boobs on the bus. What are the chances of that person ever seeking and obtaining employment? Are they trainable, teachable, do they possess skill sets beyond dragging their women folk by the hair around a cave? What to they have to offer this nation that this nation needs. Will they have any chance to ever rise above poverty or simply be womb to tomb wards of the state?

That is not even touching on terrorism or jihad. Diversity is our strength as a nation, but diversity for diversity's sake has consequences.Bad juju unintended consequences.

Right now it is forbidden to look at an Islamic applicant's social media posts when being vetted. If our agents find a big red flag, they cannot use that discovery in any way, shape, or form when making the decision to let 'em in or not. Our vetter MUST discard any previous FB postings, not matter how prejudicial the evidence. We can do better.

As a Daddy to girls, I just can't get pass the misogynist acceptance and practices of Islam....and we haven't even gotten to terrorism yet or the ones already here....or even our own home grown Omar the Olrando Islamic terrorist.

Where did this idea come from where we must be blind to race, creed, color, or origin of all immigration seekers? Where is it written that we must open our doors to all comers. Once we shut the door to all Eastern Europeans....for a period of time. Why do we "have to" let anyone from anywhere in?

Slow it all down, way down , when dealing with Islamics. Improve our vetting. Allow the process to be run on our timetable, not the calender or anybody else's timetable. Take in the best and brightest and educated and skilled and those most likely to contribute the USA first.
Nobody, not even Trump, is talking about closing the doors to all Islamics permanently. Take a pause, fix our vetting process, and proceed when we are ready. We can't weed out all the bad apples, but we can do better. We need more transparency, more open honest answers from our government because.....one dead American blown to bits by a bad apple Islamic we let in today is one dead American or tourist or single mother too many.


Today, I am a Muslim guy without a mean bone in my body, deplore violence, and do not practice any of the darker sides of Islam....because I say that who I am??? Would I lie? Must you believe me because that is what I said to the vetter? I sure hope not.

George Rebane

BillT 314pm - Well said Mr Tozer. But I'm fairly certain that none of that makes any sense to a union educated liberal whose mind is pre-calcified and runs on the repetition of 23 slogans, none of which can be cited or debated.

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