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17 July 2016



GR - jon smith is as real as xxxxx, but like the pseudonym Bill Tozer, Walt, or fish lends a bit more of a face to my opinions. I won't get fired by using my birth name, but I would most assuredly lose bids, referrals, and find it a bit more challenging to put bread on the table.

...and you can rest assured that this is why a certain segment of the local proglodyte peanut gallery is so incensed about semi-anonymous posting. It makes "naming and shaming" much more difficult.

rl crabb

It's important to note that, during the pre-republic days, pen names were used almost exclusively, including the parties who wrote the Federalist Papers. I can understand that it liberates one from having to deal with the financial repercussions of having an unpopular opinion. In those early days a publisher could have his presses torched or be subjected to tar and feathering.
It's too bad, really, and I make a point of signing my name to my opinions. I've been fortunate to not have a viral inter-mob chasing me down, but I tend to be moderate in my political views. Of course, that makes me milquetoast to some. You can't win over all of the people all of the time.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 1054am - An excellent point Robert; the use of nom de plumes has a distinguished past. Other than the benefits of shielding the writer's person and family from retribution, the practice restricts respondents to addressing the presented ideas unsullied by extraneous factors that may divert/flavor other readers from the intent and focus of the message.

Russ Steele

As a blogger and custodian of a blog, I allow people to use a web handle if they provide a valid email address so it is possible to explain the rules should they continue to use bad judgment when posting. No valid email and refusal to communicate, their posts go into the bit bucket. It is easy enough to check an email address. If it bounces or I get no response, it's a bad email address. And, some comment posters are moderated for past bad behavior. Wordpress has a more flexible moderation scheme than Typepad.

Anonymous posters behaved better if the owner/administrator knows who they are, but they can remain hidden from blog readers and the economic consequences of their views in a highly fractured small community. Also, anonymous posting encourages attacks on the individual writer, rather than their ideas. These personal attacks are tiresome and do not contribute to the discussion. While limiting anonymous posters can reduce readership numbers, it improves the quality of the discussion. So many times this blog wanders off the intellectual path, so before reading a comment, I check who wrote it, will it be worth my time to read. Real people get priority.

Bill Tozer

Every year it was mandoraty that I check the box stating I have read the Code of Conduct handbook for that year. So, just check the box and move on. Like paying a reoccurring bill on line or setting up a Google account, you can't proceed until you acknowledge the terms and conditions of.....
What started off as a Code of Conduct manual about the size of our local phonebooks here, morphed into something bigger than the CA motor vehicle code book. Back in the day, times were simpler. Changes were yearly, if that...with the usual changes everytime a new bigwig was hired. First thing they do is change something, anything to leave their mark. But that was tolerable, expected, and just fine tuning or tweaking something.
Then, as mentioned above, the changes became more frequent. 5 years of changes regarding codes of conducts and Title 9 or Title X stuff became volumes flooding in on a monthly basis within the last 18 months. Just check the friggin box to keep some pencil pusher's desk nice and clean with 100% compliance that everybody has acknowledged something.
Now, it is what you post on your private social media, totally unrelated to work. Would a co-worker read me calling Obama a racist Lincoln Log offensive....nay, strike that...would it cause someone who read my words to feel uneasy...uncomfortable? Now, social media is scoured to find code words like "chink" when you were saying "chink in the armor." Dike is a big flag, as in the dam is ready to burst and the dikes are giving way.
I just play the cards I am dealt. Its the way it is in our PC society.
Just last week I heard on the radio that the Democrats or somebody were hiring temps for the campaign. If interested, come on down, have your social media sites scrubbed in advance, and fill out an application.
Now even bank tellers can be fired for what they post at home for fun and for free and nothing to do with their employer.
It's our brave new world, like it or not. That's the facts, Jack
But, as Mr. Dozer once pointed out, Mr. Tozer just don't care. I truly don't. I got to the point where I would go out of my way to drop a no-no when I was feeling burned out..on social media!!! It would take a week or so, then here comes all the large HR black female PC bigwigs ready to have "that talk." They did like getting out of the cities to meet up with that Injun in the pine trees to get him back on their reservation.
Heck, all the company (3 times) did was send me to Frisco, put me up in a nice expensive hotel with an unbelievely huge pre diem. and I would attend yet another week of reeducation camp, with overtime for the drive home. Got me outta the field for a nice break with my vactation time, PTO, company matching 401k, Roth 401k. growing. Sweet. Two can play that game, but I digress.
The Internet has changed the way we communicate. To avoid any reprisals or hazards to one's mental well being and avoid taking the food out of the mouths of one's loved ones, it is just easier to be some mild mannered gentle soul named Bill or Bob, Or especially boy named Sue.
This is the new millennium,. Free speech ain't so free anymore and it does have its negative consequences.
Actually, I stopped giving a shit a couple of years ago. No more disclaimers!! We (my ilk) have been beat down, told what we say, do, think, agrue, believe, hold dear is wrong, wrong, wrong. I ain't kidding. Push back time. I am out to bloody some noses and agree with Trump and host of common sense types, that PC is killing us as a nation.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one day I looked around and everybody was offended. :)

Now a word of clarity. One must never sacrifice others to save his own skin. When those little eyes were looking up at me when I left in the morning, I zipped it. I ate shit and died inside and I would not do it any different if given the another chance under the same circumstances.
I often comment about the ridiculous micro aggression "no-no" words and phrases being banned on our campus. 'America is a land of opportunity" is to be avoided because some young college students with their frontal lobes not fully developed might be uncomfortable with that phrase because they see it differently. Yes, on one land I ridicule, but this is what is going in with the other hand: it will move from the campuses, into and throughout the government (at all levels) , and then into corporate America, and down to the sole proprietorships and to the guy punching the time clock at the furniture making shop to the gal slinging hash at some dingy diner. Scary shit, no?
Shortest version I could find.

My birth name was Maka Ta A Taka Hela. My last name was Creeley.....go figure. Call me Bill or Tozer, close enough.

jon smith

Agreed Russ-
Hiding behind anononymity can be a cowardly way to flame, name and shame. It seems those types don't last long though - either the moderater moderates them out of the equation or the other members learn to ignore them and there is no incentive for the flamer to continue. I remember when one had to enter a secret code before posting an entry here. Through some glich that code disappeared and I have yet to see any ramifications.

George Rebane

jons 1225pm - "secret code before posting an entry here" - when, where??!

BTW, as my pleas over the years have made clear, I very much look down on sackheads flinging ad hominems at anyone, especially other commenters who sign their real names.

Todd Juvinall

Wello Smith, your pal Pelline knows how to "out" people. He did it with fish and others. So, he has the skills to so be careful. Your business days may be numbered by him.

Bill Tozer


jon smith

Yes, my business days may be numbered :-) Sometimes I look forward to that time, but in the meanwhile enjoy what I do well enough that I'd rather not retire prematurely.


As they say,, No guts, no glory.
Yet our resident TROLL known as the "jon" is strangely silent.

As for me,, I have used my real name here. And it's paid off in the form of work here and there from those that read these pages. It seems I have the only patriotic hardhat in town.
More than once have I heard, "HAY! I know that helmet, and I have some work for you."
Yet not one disparaging drive-by finger has been noticed.(yet)


Where is Gloria Zane when you need him?

George Rebane

Administrivia - I direct your kind attention to the 18jul16 update of 'Reinette: I will not resign' regarding its expanding comment stream and today's Union column from our own Mr George Boardman.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:37 PM

"Yet not one disparaging drive-by finger has been noticed.(yet)"

Time for a new pair of spectacles, good buddy. :)


I await your "your number one" salute there, Bill.(what are friends for?)

Todd Juvinall

OMG! Melania spoke some words in her speech that were similar to Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at their convention. What are the odds? Well I bet if you read any speech from a wife about her life and husband you will see similarities. My good, the press is claiming she plagiarized. The left is desperate.

George Boardman

Hilary Hodge has an excellent column in today's edition of The Union on the issue of civility in cyber space.

My preference is to have no anonymous commentators on the Internet. When you have to identify yourself, you have to give some thought to what you say and be prepared to defend it. This tends to elevate the level of the conversation.

Conversation can quickly descend into a cesspool when the commentators are anonymous. Regardless of what you think of her, there is no excuse for the vile ranting directed toward Reinette Senum and her restaurant by the anonymous creeps who populate the Internet. I've never been to her restaurant, but I'm willing to bet I wouldn't encounter a rat or get VD if I used the men's room.

On the other hand, the ability to comment anonymously gives troubled people an outlet for their rage. I suppose that's better than some expensive tranquilizer.

Todd Juvinall

Sorry GeorgeB, but it doesn't matter. FaceBook uses real names and almost constantly people are calling each other names. Makes no difference. Good try at guilt though. I post and just because I post a favorable one on Trump or some other issue, your pals on the left accuse me having my head up my ass. No kidding. And much more. So, go school those people on the left.

George Boardman

Todd, after reading the latest "exchange" between you and Steve Frisch, I should probably modify my statement to read "Using real names HAS THE POTENTIAL to elevate the level of conversation."

Todd Juvinall


Todd Juvinall

Steve Frisch started the nonsense, I I usually give back twice. That is the point. I simply post a comment, and the libs like Frisch come on and call names. But I am no wallflower and he is a good example of the level of lib intelligence.

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