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21 July 2016


Bill Tozer

Pretty hard to find a silver lining in there Dr. Rebane, win, lose, or draw.

Jon Dozer

Best of luck Dr. Rebane with the candidate of your party. A blowhard and inexperienced autocrat who has stated his intention to leave your family and homeland in Estonia out to dry if they don't cow-tow exactly to his NATO conditions. The party of Lincoln and Reagan? Not exactly.

George Rebane

JonD 912pm - Trump's gripe re Article 5 is with NATO nations who have not met their own defense commitments and troop contributions as members of NATO. Estonia is one of the few and first countries to meet and exceed all such commitments. We shall see.

Jon Dozer

OK great, Estonia meets the 2-3% of GDP Drumpfian Metric. Lets say Latvia and Lithuania linger at 1% due to current internal politics, is that a valid reason to ignore the most basic of NATO treaty obligations? The most important alliance in the world. This is a guy who has stated he would concede Russian expansion in NATO Baltic states if budget metrics are not met in a particular point in time. INSANE.


If the Baltic states ignoring their obligations really think he is insane enough to allow Russian expansion if they continue to sit on their hands, they will move in the direction the insane guy is pointing.

Sometimes there is method to madness. Very Reaganesque, another Republican I never voted for.

If they think you won't pull the trigger they won't respect you. Michael Brown, in Ferguson, reportedly told the cop he was "too much of a pussy to shoot". Bad call.

Account Deleted

"OK great, Estonia meets the 2-3% of GDP Drumpfian Metric."

No - there are agreed upon responsibilities among the member nations. A lot of them are slacking and expecting Uncle Sugar to pick up the tab for everyone.
Trump is telling them there will be no more free-loading off of the US tax payers. What a concept.

Bill Tozer

You have to pay to play. What a concept.

Bill Tozer

"Over the last years the middle ground of compromise between federalism and progressivism has literally disappeared".....especially in the realm of sunshine laws.


Jon Dozer

Scott, perhaps those nations don't really care what a former real estate developer wants. Not that it will happen.
The President of the US cannot actually dictate and order around other NATO members. Perhaps you didn't realize that.

Jon Dozer

A little lunch-and-learn for Scott:


Don Bessee

The US has been nudging our NATO partners to meet their treaty obligations for years, albeit off the publics radar. Events in recent years have helped refocus our friends on that commitment. A number of countries had reversed their trend and moved back toward their obligations especially this year ahead of the recent NATO summit in Poland. Every NATO member must pull its weight as agreed in the NATO charter. That's a problem for you?

Had to laugh at the story about CNN suppressing its own poll on Trumps acceptance speech. 76% of respondents viewed the speech positively and 56% said they were MORE likely to vote for Trump after the speech. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Money talks, bull pucky walks.

Aha! I have found a silver lining in Dr. Rebane's "dark" (dark is today's buzzword) list of what the next President will face, whomever he may be. Found in that disappearing line "between federalism and progressivism."
The Globalists have no name, no country, no nationalality, race, creed, or orgin. The Globalists also have no face. They are simply citizens of the world.....thus we don't have to have our meal ruined by catching a glimpse of their ugly faces. Faceless progressive Globalists are good for our digestive systems. Always, always, always a silver lining.


A former Haberdasher dropped atom bombs on Japan, and there's nothing "former" about Trump's business.

The President, even if a former real estate developer, can do a great deal to get NATO members to move in the direction the President wants.

Bill Tozer

More news about the kettle of fish.

Lordy, Lordy. The war on fast food continues unabated. At least we know know that the blonde haired blue eyed killer was not a pediphile.. Pediphiles do target children, but don't slaughter them. The target of this latest non-news event were children and children only....so far. It was a Zionist plot to discredit the Regilion of Islam. So transparent.

Obama should work on his timing. While Trump was on stage, Obama was addressing the Islamic Community, displaying Islamic doctors and lawyers and other hard working normal folks.
Helpful hint: Everytime O reads that old speech, best to stay indoors for 16-24 hours.

Bill Tozer

From the kettle of fish.
Breaking news! The Virginia High Court just slapped down former Clinton Campaign co-manager and Virginia Governor Terry Mc (currently under FBI investigation). Court says no way, Jose. You cannot register felons to vote.p, with or without their consent. You must deregister 200,000 of them...now. Violation of the law.
Federalism strikes back and wins the battle, but probably will lose the war to progressivism...eventually.

Bill Tozer


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