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01 August 2016



I didn't bother with the Fox Snooze Someday interview with H... Wallace just doesn't have the killer instinct... there are no Tony Snows or Tim Russerts on the air anymore, optimistic and informed journalists with their own opinions that rarely got in the way of the story at hand. In fact, had they both lived just a year longer, I doubt Obama would have been elected President nor would H or the Donald be on the dais now were they still with us to this day. Russert in particular did not give folks on his side any quarter... he went for the jugular, with class and facts on his side. I still have the last Meet the Press with Tim Russert on TiVo... just couldn't delete it. What we have now are mostly party hacks especially Stephanopoulos, Bill Clinton's chief of staff during the HillaryCare debacle, who is always playing pin the crap on the Republican.

Regarding the wicked witch of the west wing, who knows what WikiLeaks will be rolling out for Halloween. Beware the ides of October... the teaser from Assange is that it's arrest worthy material, but I'll not be holding my breath for that to be borne out.

rl crabb

Yeah, and meanwhile, The Donald continues to be the voice that launched a thousand apologies... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/republicans-denounce-trump-as-confrontation-with-muslim-parents-escalates/2016/07/31/54397028-5722-11e6-9aee-8075993d73a2_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_trump-0820pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: polls. You probably know this site, Paul certainly does. I posted a few days ago that Ruetgers is dropping the undecided and none of the above categories. They make you choose between Hillary, Trump, Johnson, and Jill. If other pollsters start doing this, (in 2016 of all years to change things as undecideds will finally be a true factor ) the polls will be skewed across the board. Leaners, those swaying back and forth, and true disgusted undecideds will have to pick one of the above. This is supposedly to get a more accurant picture....righttttttttt. I call it trying pollsters trying not to get caught with egg in their faces, aka, providing cover because those secret Trump voters impossible to pin down.

Oh yes, I remember what Romney told Obama.


Off topic: Despite thousands of tweets and hype, the Clinton-Kaine joint bus tour last weekend could not draw a crowd....half filled places, not one even close to half a single Trump crowd. On a weekend no less, lol. The silent majority is back in a different form and boy are they pissed. Just had to throw some sunshine amist all this gloom and doom.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 1105am - You seem to be condoning the Kahns' use of their Gold Star status for politicking (and showing their ignorance of the Constitution). BTW, I do think that Trump would best have ignored the Kahns' attack on him.


And meanwhile, a whistleblower claims the NSA already has all of Hillary's deleted emails.

RL, I can't help but notice the WaPo doesn't actually bother pointing out the supposed unconstitutionality of pausing Muslim immigration until an effective vetting is figured out. There is nothing in the constitution that forbids what Trump has proposed. Mr. Khan took part in a partisan bashing and while all feel their grief, that isn't a free pass to play politics.

Todd Juvinall

Americans are schizo. We have being inundated all these years that we need "non-politicians" to run and get elected. We are told all the politicians are liars and thieves. We hold politicians below used car salesmen and lawyers for derision. Hang the bastards they say. Then a unfiltered mouthy non politician, successful in business and a flawed regular person comes along and all those screamers say HEY! Bring on the politicians! This guy is too honest! Too unfiltered! You wold think the people writing Trump's demise are insane! I do.


By the USC/LA Times daily poll, the Hillary convention bounce seems to be leveling out, with Trump remaining in the lead

Harping on the Khan narrative will be providing diminishing returns, especially given the false Constitutional claims at the heart of the mudball.

Todd Juvinall

I learned early on as a lowly County Supervisor that you have to pick your battles carefully. And use your words carefully. The press and the opposition are constantly looking to destroy you. I just did not give them ammunition. Now though, I don't care.

Bill Tozer

Here is how THE MSM can get Trump to release his tax returns: refuse to run his TV spots. Ok, it is just an idea. But, what is the press doing jumping in this election exactly at the time Hillary is pounding Trump to release his tax returns.


Any questions? 24/7 all out attack on Trump has begun on every issue. The Marxist Pope has jumped in. Islam is fighting the entire world and the entire press corpse is fighting Trump.

Bill Tozer

Q: Who is Khizr Khan?
A: immigration lawyer specializing in Visa programs and alleged peddler of US citizenship.

It's the Dad, not the son, in question.

George Rebane

BillT 1111am - Thanks Mr Tozer, but I have that site and it does not contain the data I specified in my post.

And re your subsequent comments - you are on the mark in pointing out the failure and the agenda of the lamestream and the true colors of the Khan family.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, I know, I know. You wanted specific polls, but I used the opportunity to spout my agenda, lol.

It's all about Islamic immigration. That is the whole ball of wax for this election cycle. Explains why it's Trump against the world, not withstanding Trumps uncanny ability to insert foot in mouth and pull trigger.
Written by Islamic jihadist and propaganda minister for Da Brotherhood. He said that has always been the plan since before America was in diapers.

If you google this, darn near every site will say "discredited, no proof." Want proof? Wait 24 hours........O and Huma. :)

Don Bessee

Hey lets have another 4, 8 years of this crap-



Bill Tozer

RL Crabb @ 11:05 am.

Opps. Nothing to see here.



in the meantime, gold star families from the Benghazi debacle who were told by Hillary at the time their deaths were the result of a horrible video, are getting dissed by Hillary and her toadies.

If Hillary didn't have double standards, she'd have no standards are all.

Bill Tozer

Anybody follow the story of how Trump dissed the beloved Fire Marshall in Columbus? He said the Fire Marshall was limiting the crowd to 1,000 for bull puckey reasons. not safety reasons. WTF, Trump, he is a darn Fire Marshall for pete's sake!! You are making it hard for us to watch from the peanut gallery. Heck, the media was airing sweet testimonials from his fire fighters and women shoppers loving on the Fire Marshall. He is a friggin hero, Trump you idiot.
I was most saddened.
But, the rest of the story is.....a half empty hall with the MSM creaming their jeans gleefully showing Trump has lost his drawing power, his campaign is going down, down, down to the bottom of the sea.

Opps. Nothing to see here. Sorry, Mr. Trump.

George Rebane

re Gregory 539pm - There's another recent commenter of liberal persuasion who does not accept the now mature tautology that the lamestream is in the tank for the Left's agenda. I wonder if he's able to connect the dots between coverage that the Benghazi Gold Star mother speaking at the RNC convention and the Khan parents at the DNC convention. On the former, the lamestream instituted a tacit nationwide news blackout, even though the mother directly accused Hillary of complicity in her son's murder by ignoring the months of pleas to beef up security at the city's US compounds. One side gets days of coverage that includes invites to national talk shows, the other becomes a non-person.


Secretary of State Clinton told a fib to the families of dead servicemen... dead by her actions... that the USA would bring the makers of that horrible video to justice.

At the same time she was telling her daughter and other associates it was a terrorist act, but that wasn't in line with the Obama relection campaign which was crowing over terrorists being in retreat.

Now we know that gold star dad, K.M. Khan, Esq, is an immigration lawyer with a vested interest in keeping the Muslim immigration spigot open. Not just a grieving father whose son was lost in a war Trump had nothing to do with... but Hillary does and did.

Double standards.

CHRIS WALLACE: One of the most dramatic moments in the Republican convention was when pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the people who died in Benghazi, stood up before the convention and blamed you for her son’s death.

PAT SMITH: I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son. That’s personally.

WALLACE: She and the father of Tyrone Woods both say that on the day that their sons’ bodies were returned to the United States that you came up to them and you said it was all because of a video, not terrorism. Now, I know some of the other families disagree with this, and I know you deny it. The question is, why would they make that up?

HILLARY CLINTON: Chris, my heart goes out to both of them. Losing a child under any circumstances, especially in this case, two State Department employees, extraordinary men both of them, two CIA contractors gave their lives protecting our country, our values. I understand the grief and the incredible sense of loss that can motivate that. As other members of families who lost loved ones have said, that’s not what they heard, I don’t hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said.

Double standards.


OK,, WAY off topic, but I have never heard of these until today. Magnesium batteries.
Anyone else hear of these? And supposedly better than lithium ion.

Now how in hell did the Iraq army get these things? I found some pictures that were took by a former employee who was "there". He took the photos as those batteries were being buried by the truckload.(among other things that some say "never were there")

rl crabb

Tozer 5:29PM - Don't blame me, it's all the Repubbys that are jumping ship and falling all over themselves apologizing.

Bill Tozer

RL Crabb @ 7:45 pm (the man who autographed the doorstop I bought from him when he was peddling books).

No worries. Even his VP went ducking under the house. Strap yourself in, the wild ride ain't even going half speed.

Did you hear what that brute Trump just did??? He called Hillary the Devil. Hope the Wickens ain't offended. Ah, all is well in Tozerville tonight.


George Boardman

i guess you boys missed this one:



Boardman, though I loved them dearly, neither of my parents quite knew what I was thinking.

So, does any close relative get to decide what the dear departed would want, or should we, in the case of an Ambassador Stevens, poll all his living relatives and decide from that?

Would the Chris Stevens his mom remembers think the same had he known just how his superiors were operating?

No, Boardman, his mom doesn't have the right to demand citizens of the USA to not have opinions as to what happened to a murdered Ambassador of the USA, and I say that as one who will not be voting for Trump, has never been a conservative and has never been a Republican, which means she wasn't talking to me.

I've also paid my respects at his gravesite.

Paul Emery


On regards to the latest polling this is what Nate Silver has to say about how things look at this time. Worth a read. He has pretty much nailed it in the last three elections which makes his analysis worth considering.

Here's his latst prediction followed by another link with his methodology



George Rebane

PaulE 907pm - Didn't someone report on these pages a week ago that Silver predicted Trump would win??

Todd Juvinall

I think Paul still has BDS. Some people just can't move on.

Paul Emery

That was last week George check out this weeks predictions. His predictions are always based on the idea that if the election we're to be held today

Todd Juvinall

These "bumps" are crap. Way to early to worry about this. It is all about the individuals states. So Nate Silver is no more intelligent about this season since it is like no other.

Paul Emery

Todd George Bush is just the most recent example of the type of person Republicans choose to be the president He was the last winner they had anyway There's not likely to be another winner for some time so it's good to pick on somebody I mean even Trump doesn't like him and called him a liar

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: yep, Silver predicted Trump would win for the first time last week. Probably says Hillary this week. :)

No way to prove it unless Paul Emery fesses up, but his obsession with Obama's numbers is exactly what Mr. Dozer was creaming his jeans about when Obama hit 50% approval rating for the first time in two years last March (I believe)

The theory goes like this. If the President's approval ratings hit 53%, that is more important that following the Clinton-Trump race. 53% spells a very good times for the Democrats. Unfortunately, whatever new theory Paul and our MIA Dozer believes, 50% or 51% Obama approval rating may not carry the day for them. I told Dozer it is 53%, not 51%, but he was struck on stupid or had new evidence....which means I am stuck on stupid.

Poor Paul. He begged us for years just to say one time, "Bush lied." That is all he wanted to hear. I ain't ever going to give him the pleasure, not no way, not no how. Let him live in everlasting turmoil. And apparently, no one else here did either. It's a good ole boys club thang, Paul. Now he is begging for someone/anyone here to say something so easy and obvisious as "Obama inherited a bad economy". It's driving him nuts. I won't give him the pleasure, ever ever. Yo Paul, it's just too transparent, man. Trying the ole back door to do the Obama is better than Bush comparison? My gawd man, get some help. That Bush Derangement Syndrome is destroying your life! SEEK HELP for your tortured soul.
After 8 years, Obama owns this economy. 2-3 years into his first term, Obama starting owning it. That's the facts, Jack

Paul, take comfort in unique fact that Obama will go down as the only President in US history (240 years or so) that did not have at least one year of GDP grow of 3%. Obama's will be the first. Bush!, Bush!, Bush!, Bush!, Bush! Bush!, Bush! Bush! Bush!
PS: Obama is a racist, thus a boneless brown trout.

Bill Tozer

Oh Paul, you should be dancing in the streets. Weren't you that one who could barely contain your eurphoric glee at the thought of the R's nominating Trump. You were slobbering all over yourself and rubbing your hands together as this gift from heaven landed in your lap.. We made it too easy for you guys. You should thank us knuckledraggers for the gift. You are welcome, good buddy.
Enjoy your victory. Trump does not have a chance. Last time she took the WH art, fine china, and whatever she could pack into that warehouse outside of Little Rock. Wonder what she will stuff down her pantsuit this time?? Oh, I can!t wait to find out what will be missing. Probably Eleanor Roosevelt stuff. Time will tell

Pssst Paul. National polls are meaningless, even in November. It's the state polls that matter.

Paul Emery

Trump is a dream come true for the Dems. Any other possible Pubber candidate would be winning easily against Hillary.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 August 2016 at 06:42 AM

Any other possible Pubber candidate would be winning easily against Hillary.

Funny.....none of them managed to prevail against Trump.

...and truth be told Paul Trump has already served his purpose......he's irreversibly fractured the Republican Party....and assuming Hillary wins she will do the same to the democrats over the next four years.

If Hillary or "Generic D" as the the strategists are calling her these days wins (by no means a given) she will inherit an Obama economy in even worse shape than the one Obama inherited from Bush (Since you seem to want to make this your political beachhead you should really read up on how similar conditions are now compared to 2007-2009) except that there is far less latitude for intervention now than there was when O'Dummy got himself Peter Principled into the White House.

You might want to use up all your government bennies while you can Paul, I'm guessing they'll be in far shorter supply in 2020.



So, besides ugly partisan politics, why is this father's testimony being ignored?

Bill Tozer

Paul, I have to respectfully disagree. Any Pubber would be exactly like those nice guys that the Pubbers sent up to get crushed. Jeb, Rubio, Romney, McCain, Dole. Well, Dole was sent up 15 years too late,, after the fire in his belly wasn't there and he tried too hard to shake that mean grumpy image pinned on him, but I digress.

This is not the "Republican" party that sent up George W. Bush. Trump took his arm and brushed all the Bushes off the face of the Earth. Bush was the Pubbers pre-favorite. Big blanket amnesty, globalist, Corrupt US Chamber of Commerce Executives favorite, and all around nice respectful guy. He was the first to go! And you can't blame Trump. He just never got traction with the New Pubbers.

We want the Wall built. Stop the flood. It is a flood. Then a good orderly process and good clear orderly path to citizenship. Trump is the only one to say "Wall" and continued with "Stop the Madness. What the hell is going on here with Islamic attacks in California? Whatz this PC shit? We are getting screwed on these trade deals." That is who the Pubbers of 2016 send up to the Thunderdome.
The RINOs like the billionaires' fav Ryan had shown utter contempt for the decent play fair good people that supported them for decades.

Paul, nobody on Earth besides Trump ever had a chance against the decades in the building Clinton Institutionalized Political Party. I say it is more powerful and influential in many key areas than the Democratic Party....
No more coulda woulda shouldas. Bottom line: Clintnon vs Trump to carry the banner of Globaist vs Nationalist.

Note: Good nationalist per new. good definitions, not Nazi Nationalist. Go ahead, call me a Nazi, yawn. Can't stop you anyway, of little folded sheet head.

George Rebane

PaulE 940pm - Public opinion is a very dynamic process, and the more ignorant the public the more this process approaches the bandwidth of white noise. See Brian Caplan ('The Myth of the Rational Voter') and Achen&Bartels ('Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government') for corroboration of this truth. I will stipulate that Silver's methodology and assertions are correct, but that still doesn't recommend that I use his weekly projections for anything other than watching the wild reactive swings of our electorate. For what do you use Silver's pronouncements?

Don Bessee

The sharia spouting lawyer Kahn has deleted his website promoting his legal services to muslum brotherhood types, now why would he hide from his lifes work?

George Rebane

DonB 133pm - Most interesting Mr Bessee; now why indeed?

Paul Emery


I use Silvers information for exactly the same purpose, to track daily and weekly trends with the "if the election were held today" scenario. When his numbers settle into a fixed profile for a week or so it will be worth taking seriously.

His electoral college map I find most valuable.


Also fundraising is a big factor. Usually the winner is the one that raises the most money. With traditional Republican big bucksters staying away from Trump like a fart in a hot tub, Hillary should clean up in that department being the establishment candidate. Those types they don't give a rats ass whether a Republican or Democrat wins as long as they have influence.and bang for their bucks.


All in all the pathetic choice of candidates offered by the two parties is astounding and evidense enough we need to support other options (Libertarian, Green etc). Trump will win in the end even though he will likely lose the election because it will greatly enhance his value as an entertainer. The networks will gobble him up as soon as the election is over with huge money offers for whatever he decides to do. He won't fade into obscurity like Sarah P.

Don Bessee

PE- What was the total spent against Trump in the primaries and what did Trump spend again? Just ask Jeb Bush what 150 mill got him! ;-)

Paul Emery

That was the primary Don This is the big time. Usually the winner is the one who raises the most money.

Todd Juvinall

This election cycle is soooo cool! Now French President Hollande is dissing Trump. And Hollande is at 90% disapproval! You cannot make this stuff up!

Paul Emery

Why in the heck is that important Todd and what does that mean?


Ask and yee shall recieve.

Key word there Paul,,"usually". I do believe there was more than one exception to "your" rule the last time around.
The whore of Wall St. has been raising and spending money like a witch possessed, and yet Trump is still doing just fine. Even the pollsters have to change and move the goal posts just to give Hillary a fighting chance.
kinda like the way they mad AGW real. (What? Hillary not looking the way we like???,,,,There.. Fixed that little problem. What? The Temps not warm enough???,,,,,, There. Fixed that little problem.. AGW is back on!"

Don Bessee

Usually the winner is ...... As I pointed out at the beginning of the year the guy who is leading early is historically never the nominee yet here we are. I think the historical patterns are irrelevant in this election cycle and that includes the way money is employed to drive message in this new media environment. CNN has crappy ratings so who cares what they say as with other old media. Did you hear the internet is changing the way we communicate? No really. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Topic: Trump's mouth. The law of Probibilities.

Been thinking about Trump's mouth. Throw out all politics, media bias, hostile media, Hillary, and President Obama. This is for our STEM readers and finger counters.

Today is day 241 since Beelzebub's last press conference. Like, who cares. But, today it sunk in. The Mellon says 8x30=240. 8 months. 8 months ago was about a week after Thanksgiving. Now you gotta do the "let that sink in" moment of silence.
Trump is doing all questions meet and greets, grabs the phone in the morning and starts calling TV and Radio stations, press conferences up the wazoo, rallies, sticks his face in any camera he can find.....and being a one man Rapid Response Department with his Twitter Machine, and considering the man does not sleep, I figure he has about 50 chances everyday to say a no-no. Hillary stays on script, no press conferences, no questions submitted without prior approval or campaign plant/volunteer with written question in hand.

So, just doing the math, chances are Trump will continue flub it. Now add hostile media and no political experience, I just got to cross my fingers. Yes, some of these "It was horrible, it was horrible" zingers ain't all his fault, but we lose too much time. That Sacred Cow Immigration Daddy cost 4 days. Earlier we lost 5 weeks over something I can't even remember.
Odds say.......well, we wanted an outsider, and boy do we have one. That is one wild Great White Hunter, warts and all. Go Mr. Trump! Find a way. Kick 'em in the dingleberries.



"Tax meat until it's too expensive to eat"

They aren't coming for your guns, choice in physician/healthcare, personal information steaks....they just believe in reasonable regulation.

Is that so wrong.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 August 2016 at 07:30 PM

Why in the heck is that important Todd and what does that mean?

Probably has something to do with the overwrought lament from you mush headed proglodytes that we "aren't just like Europe".

rl crabb

So The Donald gets a purple heart for kicking a baby and the election is rigged by Warren Buffet and he's running against the incumbents in his own party because the only good Muslim is a dead veteran. Compared to Trump, Sarah Palin is starting to look like a Rhodes scholar.


Interesting.....nary a peep from the gallery of morally preening "usual suspects" regarding ongoing narrative busting antics in tightly gun controlled Chiraq!


Help us "jon dozer" you're our only hope........

George Rebane

fish 848am - I do think you all have finally overwhelmed our leftwing commenters. Only mid-roader Bob Crabb (847am) remains to compose his hyperboles for our amusement. The others seem to have even run out of crickets ;-)

Todd Juvinall

A Trump gal was pounced on by Wolf Blitzer for a supposed apology by Eric Trump on the Khan issue. She was great! She made one error though and the lamestream is excoriating her for that. But she is sharp and very quick on her feet.


Posted by: George Rebane | 03 August 2016 at 09:11 AM


Then again its vacation season. Its possible that some of your regulars are merely recuperating prior to the fall election slog!



"Wine floods streets of French town after 'act of sabotage'...

These perfidious fiends must be found and rooted out of decent society!


Only mid-roader Bob Crabb (847am) remains....

Dare I say I like "middle of the roader" Crabb!

Bill Tozer

RL Crabb.
Please enlightened us all to the statement that the only good Muslim is a dead veteran. Or, any statement ever uttered about the fallen soldier. His daddy, a big contributor to the Clinton Foundation and friends of Yuma's family somehow appeared on stage misquoting the U/S Constitution and trashing Trump. Who is playing politics with Gold Star families????????? Riddle me that, Crabbman.

Speaking of Gold Star, anybody notice Obama said zero words about The Pacific Rim trade agreement in his Hillary's the One" speech at the DNC? Anybody notice Hillary has not said word about her "Gold Star" trade agreement that she spearheaded at State?

With those jabs aside, Hillary ain't talking about the economy (unless to say changes are needed cause this great economy has some crater sized holes in it), trade agreements, Syrian Refuges and Islamic settlements forced upon small red counties, issues other than we more Day Care? They are 100% fine with that. In fact, they would love to neatly avoid any mention of Hillary's record, Hillary's policies, or just plain old Hillary. And it's working in the short term. Working great. Dem strategy to win: Discuss Trump 100%, Hillary's achievements 0%. Same for Obama..that man whose Mommie was a card carrying communist......the man whose daddy was a Marxist. But I digress.

Now we have Billionaires For Hillary lining up with the MSM, foreign leaders (France's bigwig has a 10% approval rating) the Dems, the press, everybody including Boardman speaking off the exact same script: Trump is crazy, nuts, mentally off the rails, not fit, fill in the blanks 24/7 of this mantra, lol. No issues, no looking at Hillary, just Trump is off his rocker. Obama jumping in to places no sitting President not running for reelection has ventured into in probably a 100 years. The President instead of touting Hillary, he has dive head first into attacking Trump. Attacking Hilary's opponent. Don't mention Hillary, Mr. President, just attack her opponent, lol. That poor guy from Singapore here to plead for the TTP trade thang caught in the crossfire on the stage. Diversion away from the formerly called Pacific Rim Trade Agreement....Hillary's 5 Star baby....smooth move Mr. President.

Is that all the billionaires and Globalists and every power under the sun has? Trump is not fit? Lol. Bring it on. Trump fighting all the Establishments from the four winds. Yawn. Oh my, the Illuminati is so scary....establishments of our political system, press, President Puppet, Frogs, Hans, The Jesuit trained Governor...er, I meant Pope, all of Islamland, all Islamics, all international bankers, all the chem trails believers down to the lowly flag burners and down farer to BLM. What a bunch of mind numbed bedwetters.

Bring it on! Your 24/7 carpet bombing shows who is in bed with the Devil.


RL, none of your three claims are close enough to reality to be funny. Pure emotional hyperbole and compared to RL Crabb, Palin is looking like a Rhodes Scholar. Come to think of it, given her BA degree from a third rate state college, she arguably is a Rhodes scholar compared to you, our beloved Crabbman.

The Purple Heart was a gift from the man who earned it, who apparently wanted to lend Trump his support in the Khan matter.

Mr. Khan, with a degree from Harvard Law, makes false claims about the constitutionality of Trump's declared intent to temporarily halt Muslim immigration from jihadi hotspots... what does that say about him? If Mr. Khan finally gave someone his copy of the Constitution used as a prop in his DNC performance, I'll be happy to lend him mine. In fact, he can keep this link:

I hear Republicans denouncing illegal immigrants and their foes claim they are against all immigrants. Republicans make a clear claim that radical Islamists are at war with us and Democrats (and their toadies) morph that into a claim that Republicans (especially Trump, arguably more of a Republican than Bernie is a Democrat) think all Muslims are bad. Shame on all who play that game.

Patricia Smith

Please understand that I think Trump is deplorable (HRC too), but I believe in fairness and what I am witnessing on cable news outlets is appalling. I've never seen such a concerted effort to destroy a candidate than the 24/7 dissing of Trump. Granted, he gives them plenty of fodder but all objectivity has gone out the window AND they are giving HRC pass because of their collusion to derail DT.

We should all abandon the Repubs & Dems for this election cycle and vote for Johnson or Stein. It's the only way we will ever get better candidates and platforms in the future. Now, neither party has to follow their platform to get re-eclected. Otherwise, I'm afraid HRC will be a shoo-in.

Bill Tozer

Hmm, looks like somebody swiped the R's broadbrush to turn it around and use on the R's......and Donald J Trump in particular. Sweet move.

Three things, maybe off topic.

A). Congressional Hearings restarting into the investigation of selling arms to the Contras. Islamic in France who walked up to a 9 month pregnant woman and slashed open her belly killing the baby and her is now on E-Bay peddling various body appenditures such as arms and other body parts of the innocent. Contras not interested in arms for arms. Nothing to see here.

B). Since we paid 100 million clams each for the release of 4 hostages in Iran, the Persians have snagged two more hostages, lol. Nothing to see here.

C) Fish: the spilled wine in Frogland. It's them Islamics who done it. They have singled out priests as the flavor in the month, continuing their orchestrated murder of Christian dispensers of the faith. No wine means no communion. No communion, no dispensing of the faith.

George Boardman

Re Patricia Smith's 10:32:

Just to prove Trump isn't the only stupid person in the campaign, Stein has "questions" about the safety of vaccines and Johnson, who says he's quit smoking pot, disses the Mormon religion.

If you're going to vote for either one of them, you might as well stay home because you're just wasting your vote.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 August 2016 at 10:42 AM

C) Fish: the spilled wine in Frogland. It's them Islamics who done it. They have singled out priests as the flavor in the month, continuing their orchestrated murder of Christian dispensers of the faith. No wine means no communion. No communion, no dispensing of the faith.

Not sure we can pin this foul deed on them this time William!

Best comment from the thread!

"Emergency services, armed with straws and baguettes, had the 50,000 liters cleaned up in 30 minutes..."

rl crabb

Oh, go ahead and ridicule the uppity cartoonist who is just repeating the "outsiders" own words. Good god, if you can't see that this trainwreck is going off the tracks at high speed I can't help you. Forgive the cynic in me for pointing out that the Republican party could be whipping the living shit out of the flawed Clinton candidacy if they had had the foresight to nominate a center-right human instead of a narcissistic twitter-brained bullshit artist. Well, ya get what ya vote for.

Todd Juvinall

Hey Patricia I agree with a lot of what you said at 10:32 AM. But to me Trump is the non-politician. I cannot tell you how many times in my travels I heard from regular people, "HEY!, I could never get elected because I say what I think".. That is what politicians do best. Obfuscate and never answer the questions. Hillary is a master at that as are most politicians. So, to me, Johnson is no different. He just likes POT. Stein likes POT. So I say to all the disaffected voters, VOTE for the POT lovers.

George Rebane

For lighter fare, I draw your kind attention to the 3aug16 update to Reinette's aftermath.


Posted by: rl crabb | 03 August 2016 at 10:59 AM

Forgive the cynic in me for pointing out that the Republican party could be whipping the living shit out of the flawed Clinton candidacy if they had had the foresight to nominate a center-right human instead of a narcissistic twitter-brained bullshit artist. Well, ya get what ya vote for.

The best part of this election season is the high degree of interchangeability of the language used in the accusations.....

"...the Republican party could be whipping the living shit out of the flawed Clinton candidacy if they had had the foresight to nominate a center-right human instead of a narcissistic twitter-brained bullshit artist. Well, ya get what ya vote for."

contrasted with...

"...the Democratic party could be whipping the living shit out of the flawed Trump candidacy if they had had the foresight to nominate a center-left human instead of a nakedly power obsessed coat tail riding harridan who couldn't find the truth with both hands, a flashlight, and team of Bloodhounds. Well, ya get what ya vote for."

My suggestion to you RL is...as they say....embrace the suck!

Todd Juvinall

Funny how all the libs yearn for a establishment candidate when we had to listen to them wishing for an outsider all these many years.


Crabb, you did a bit more than parrot what you've heard, and you go to elections with the candidates you have, not the ones you wish you had. Otherwise sentient Republicans I know (I'll not mention the Presidents/First Ladies they portray at a certain Nevada City parade) who were early Trump supporters gravitated towards The Donald noting the nice guys that get nominated have just been run over by the Democratic media machine, centrist arguable heroes like McCain and Bob Dole come to mind, who are the medias's darlings until after the conventions at which time the journalistic disemboweling begins. For all his failings Trump is getting through the FLAK.

For my part, I'd have rather the GOP ticket be Kasich/Paul but then I've never been a Republican. I will vote for Johnson (I've been a registered LIB since before '84, a reluctant McGovern/Moynihan/Scoop Jackson DEM before that) and I'd ask any Democrat pained by Hillary's constant lies to do the same. Were I living in a battleground state I'd be pained by the choice to vote LIB this time, as having a Supreme Court anchored by the text of the Constitution is the real contest in November, but unless Hillary is found in bed with a dead boy or a live girl, she will win all 55 Electors from California.

Bill Tozer

Patrica Smith and Mr. George Boardman. George Noory on Coast to Coast (radio) said last night that we should suspend the election for 6 months and start over. Sweet. He doesn't take sides, but there is a whole lot of head shaking going on. RL Crabb and late night comedians live for years like 2016. So do I. Problem is that it is getting less and less funny out there.

Random thoughts from my squirrel cage: Us old hippies have been attacked by the far far left millinnenials. They said that the old hippies have sold out and now stifle free speech (PC) that we once marched for in the Flower Power Days. Ouch....ouch for you guys, not me. I had a houseful of millennials and every single young cross dresser and freaky looking thang in the entire county recently to celebrate the kids birthdays. Did I tell you I raised one good one and one full blown liberal? Anyway, they are some sharp cookies and once they found out I hate Hillary as much as they, I was a friggin cool cat to them. They even put a Bernie bumper sticker on my car as a joke. I told them to leave it. I might need it to sneak into enemy terroritory unmolested.

If the Dems think slut shaming Mrs. Trump's 20 year old pics when she was a model and new arrival here, go ahead. The millennials all love it and it makes her cool and relatable in their eyes. Only sell out Old Hippies think that slut shaming Ms. Trump will gain traction instead of achieving the opposite result. Shame on you old hippies from dissing free speech, dissing women, dissing the woman's movement, and selling out to Da Establishment, aka, Hillary Rotten Clinton..

To be fair, I don't think Hillary has to ever worry about being slut shamed.





If Hillary looked like Melania, the Clintons could have raised a lot more money renting out the Lincoln bedroom in the '90's.

Bill Tozer

Oh Crabbie, you have never been uppity. Ain't your style. Now, my mom's side is full of your types. Political cartoonist for the Chicago Sun Times, made Who's Who in 1934 (?), ran out of town after trying to reform the crooked Chicago Machine....fled to CA and his son was one of Walt Disney original old men....has opening credits for some cartoon movie called Snow White and the 7 Dwafts....then that ansestor whose sister was a rebel chick called Harriet Beecher Stow....ole Harriet married a preacher so they were broke. Sitting at the kitchen table with a big pot catching the drops coming down through the leaky roof, baby in one arm, writing to make a couple of bucks in the other to feed the family with the other hand. I feel your pain. If your nose was pointed any higher in the air, I would think you got some Froggie in ya. :). No worries, Mr. Crabb. No one the liberals like it when I call them stupid, so you are in good company,


Patty: this is what the "Good Side" is doing...er...the far far lefty wack jobs.

Patty, here is a great example of the press in bed with "the proper narrative"

Politics trumps gender, disabled children, safety, and the truth.

Todd Juvinall

CNN just did a half hour on a gal, a black Muslim gal who made the Olympic team as a fencer. She will wear a habib (head garment). Now CNN says she is the first Muslim American and the story was of course fawning. All that would have been fine but guess what? The CNN infobabe brought Trump in and amazingly, the Muslim babe took the bait and trashed Trump! Oh my, no media bias there. Disgusting. It could have been a great story.


Regarding Johnson and Mormons, not everyone in Utah are Mormons living behind the Zion Curtain, and if they can't be reminded of the folks Mormons shot in the 19th century, they probably won't vote LIB anyway. Let's note the Mormons didn't murder any immigrants passing through Mountain Meadows younger than 7:

For a real affectionate roasting of Mormons, try this South Park episode.
Dumm, da dum dum dum dum dum dum, Dum dum dum dum dum.

Bill Tozer

Todd, let's be grateful is all out in the open, thank your lucky stars! Battlelines have been drawn.
Google and FB trying to expand into the Middle East and "Asia". meaning Paki and Turkey. No problem with Meg hating Trump. No problem in the least. Big problem with her going the extra mile to actively campaign for Hillary. She justs wants to be close to the money and power. Money and power, reminiscent of Saul's heros, Al Capote's top two lieutenants. Very reminiscent of Pubber Huffington's wife, Arianna something. Meg ran as a R for Gov only because the D slot was taken by Jerry. Hedge Fund half per centers lining up behind the money and power puppet masters. Murdock's kids now running Fox and are left of the old man. Nothing to see here.
I could go on and on, but space constraints.

That is the hand we are dealt. Thank goodness we have citizen journalists, Briebart, Gateway Pundit, bloggers, loggers, and hoggers, the Internet, and Dr. Rebane...and Fish, and a few fact checkers. Journalists have been taught in college two things: the Left race baiters are the good ones, never, never question or challenge this edict carved in stone....and the Right disagrees because they are racists, homophobes, Nazis, and xenophobic bitter clingers.

I restrain myself from posting tons of stories that have been ignored by MSM. Why bother.
Bottomline: They just do not care. Period. That's the hand we are dealt and that's why I am riding that bull Trump right through the China Shop and probably right in the ground...and I will still be holding on. Do or die.

Nothing to see here:


At least CNN is better than MSNBC. Always a silver lining.

Don Bessee

Clint nails it.


LOL! ;-)

George Boardman

Bessee, is old Clint still talking to empty chairs?

Tozer, I quit reading as soon as I got to the words "George Noory." This answers a lot of questions I've had about you.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeB, you old white liberal cracker. LOL! Denying reparations is not PC man.

Don Bessee

GB- I think he is talking to the empty suits and pc thought police. An empty chair is too nice to depict 0.
Its odd Paul E. is not touting madam liar liar pantsuit on fire raising 90 mill last month, could it be because Trump raised 80 mill, 36 of it in small donations? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Dr. George @ 1:32 pm
Oh Dr. Rebane, I am wounded. No, Noory is the only thing that comes in late night on the radio when I up in the wee hours to change dressings. Noory repeats through the night and more stations than Rush. Messes with me when I wake up to the same part I heard when I retired for beddy-bye. Oh, those Big Foot stories and the UFOS (grays are the bad guys) black eye children shape shifting abduction horoscope stuff is pretty cool. :). But, but, but....he is having political pundits on at the start of the show most nights to say who they think will win the prize. Not petty commentaries, but the Big Question. Who will win? After listening in to the left, right, and lots of independents answer and why, he shook his head and said "let's start over." I found it amusing, you sourpuss, you. But, nobody is forcing you to read my spiel, and I am glad you changed my channel. :). When I heal up, I will not be waking up twice a night and at 5 am...And, no, it's not just to relief my bladder..

BTW, both Georges, here is a fun thing to consider. Not from Noory! As I type this, the Never Trumpers are planning in unison signing a petition and gathering more John Hancocks to force a floor vote at the RNC to vote Never Trump. It's in the playbook. Idea is to embarrass The Donald and more antedotal tidbits that the two parties are on the same page. Yes, the two parties are technically seperate, but it looks to me the whole lot of them work for the Clintons. Oh, thee Never Trumpsters are calling it an "intervention." Told ya, one American Citizen against the World and Beyond.

George Rebane

BillT 213pm - Mr Tozer, these old eyes have trouble finding the 132pm you attribute to me; can you help?

Bill Tozer

Opps, sorry. That was Boardman, not Dr. Rebane, that was chipping on me for listening to the radio at night. Actually, the radio is in the spare bathroom window to keep deer from getting too close and stirring up the wolf pack and having them chopping at the bit to get out. Works pretty good. And why would I want blood and yucky stuff and goop all over my master bathroom when I can mess up the guest bathroom in case you show up someday.

No worries Mr. Boardman. If I knew you penned your comment, I would have never read it in the first place. Rather read about rape as the historical tool of Conquest used by Islamics for the last 1,500 years. See, they are just doing a wee bit of conquest in Euroland at the moment. It's conquest, no rape. Duh.

Holy smokes! They ran out of infidels to ravish and now they done turned on each other. Doesn't that just chap your liberal hide?

George Rebane

I direct your kind attention to the 3aug16 update of this post.

Todd Juvinall

How about tossing Newt and Romney and others in there. And maybe Some from 2008? LOL! Trump is not going anywhere but the paranoids are all aflutter today. Some say he is a Hillary plant because two weeks before he announced Bill Clinton called him. And all this crapola is being done to help her by keeping the negatives of Trump's statements in front. This is such a great country.


Posted by: George Rebane | 03 August 2016 at 03:42 PM

I think you would see major defections not just this election cycle but in those that follow if a replacement nominee was selected from the "Miss Congeniality" pool in the proverbial "Smoke Filled Room"!

The republican brand as currently configured (Eastern establishment) is already in its likely death throes...they do this and they might as well all start composing their memoirs now instead of even trying to reestablish themselves as a viable political organization.

I much prefer just leaving Trump to his own devices and devoting all the party resources to down ticket elections. "Quietly" concede the executive to Hillary this cycle and make sure your portion of the electorate know that she will have a free hand legislatively if the house and senate are lost. Coasting to victory suppresses her turn out and energizes yours. All the economic chaos likely to hit during the next term sticks to her and not so much to you.

Pick up the pieces in 2020.


Really between Trumps gaffes and her economic idiocy a reasonable man would assume at this point that they are both trying to throw the election!

"Hillary Calls For Tax Increase on Middle Class, Crowd Cheers..."


Bill Tozer

Good points Mr. Fish. Yes, everybody has "concerns" about Trump. Those are legitament concerns, not to be swept under the carpet. "That is a fair question",per Hillary's new answer to anything about lies, corruption, and all non-Donald stuff.. If I had TV, I would be convinced that he is the Anti-Christ and wants to push the button because somebody cracked a funny about his hair. He is unstable!

I would like to see both of them get their message out. But no. At leastTrump is more accessible to the press than most journalists have seen in their lifetimes, like him or hate him. That was what David Axlerod said this very morning calling in to the radio show @ 6 am.

Yes David has "concerns" and sidestepped all non-Trump issues like he should, but had a fair story. He said Trump banned the NY Post or NY Somebody reporters from his press conference for writing complete falsehoods or something. Yet, Axlerod continued, The Donald sat down with them and they all ate hamburgers together after the news conference. Hmmmm. I figured Trump felt sorry for them being journalists and all and bought them some good beef to stick to their ribs, but off point.

Only thing I know is both Beelzebub and Hell Toupee Trump is they talked about big works projects. Just keep me safe Mr. Trump. I want to hear more, but all MSM has to offer is somewhere between this....


......and this:

Yes, I remember those 64 bumper stickers. Mom put a Goldwater bumper sticker on the wagon that read, "In your heart you know he's right" and my next door neighbor was a hardworking union man and his bumper sticker read "In your heart you knows he's nuts". Wow man, Deja Vu!

George Rebane

fish 413pm - I think you misunderstand the premise for my update, which is that Trump through one means or another no longer remains the Republican nominee. You introduced a new issue which does not subsume the problem I was posed and addressed. But perhaps it was I who misunderstood.


George R, following your hypothetical selection process in the update, I'd suggest any candidate that broke their previous promise to support the party's candidate would be disqualified from attending the meeting or to be chosen.

What would be the point besides some variation of "fool me once, shame on you"? The silliness was put in place to give something Trump to choke on, and he made the pledge as well as Kasich, Cruz, Bush III etc.

It's academic; I fully expect Trump to see it through and if the Dems were as confident of winning as they project they'd not be calling for him to drop out.

Hillary is in bigger trouble than Trump, and no, being a Gold Star parent does not mean you can lie about the Constitution and fling horrible ad hominems at the guy you want to lose. Imagine a WWII Gold Star family pulling a Sheehan or a Khan stunt against a Truman or an Eisenhower. It would not happen and the reasons can be divined by pondering Clint Eastwood's message today.

George Rebane

Gregory 847pm - I'd accept that disqualification. I'm sure with more thought we could refine the process without too much complexification.

And your last paragraph was also covered in the 2aug16 update.


George, I think it more correct to state my last paragraph was handled poorly by your 2aug16 update.

Bill Tozer

It was the voters, not the Party Brass or elected members of the Republican House and Senate that gave Trump the nomination. A record amount of Republican voters in the primaries did the dastardly deed.

Obama's shaming of Pubber party leaders and party elected representatives today over what's happening to "your party, it's plum disgraceful" taunts once again plays great into our (the voters who empowered Trump) hands. The Prez once again called us stupid, unstable, we don't know what we are doing, bitter Clingons of the formerly fine Republican Party. "That's not who you are?" Hey, dumbshit community disorganizer, that is exactly who we are. And if I hear you say one more time "that's who we are" regarding ISIS or illegals or anything, I will cheer the loudest when Trump rips the flesh off your skull.

Can't remember who said very early on that "to disrespect Trump supporters is a fatal mistake". Think it was a Dem like Reid, which surprised me.

Pat Buchannon said today as a greenhorn in 68 he was going after some Dem operative over the war of words. Nixon called him and said Pat, never aim lower. We have to beat LBJ or McGovern and win the Presidency.
That's all the words of intervention necessary. "Mr. Trump, never aim lower. Aim higher."
Ten points down after stumbling out of the gate and falling on our faces during Week 1 of the Post Convention Race? Not bad, not bad at all. In politics in August, that is like being tied. Not bad at all


fish 413pm - I think you misunderstand the premise for my update, which is that Trump through one means or another no longer remains the Republican nominee. You introduced a new issue which does not subsume the problem I was posed and addressed. But perhaps it was I who misunderstood.

So lets see if I follow you....

"I had lunch with one of my pals today with whom I always get deep into politics. He asked an interesting question – what would the Republicans do if they were able to oust Trump or Trump just up and quit his candidacy? My reply involves using the military ‘buddy rating system’ with the remaining 16 now-retired candidates. To wit –"

Invite the former candidates to assemble in a room, and explain the matter to them. The candidate that they in their wisdom select will receive the full backing of the RNC and national Republican Party to defeat Hillary.

Former candidates willing to step forward as the new candidate AND pledge to support the winner will remain in the room and be given five votes each. They may cast no more than one vote for any of their remaining colleagues. They are then left in the room to deliberate and vote.

After the votes are counted, the clear winner is announced, celebrated, and made known to the nation. The campaign is relaunched. (Note that at this point Hillary must replenish all of her attack ads focused on the new candidate while all the anti-Hillary ads are still good to go.)

If the Step 3 vote yields an N-way tie, then a new vote is taken with everyone casting their five votes, but now only for the N survivors. The one vote per candidate rule is removed, allowing the votes to be cast in any manner among the N.
After the votes are cast we return to Step 3.

We have:

1) "Proverbial Smoke filled Room" - "Invite the former candidates to assemble in a room, and explain the matter to them."
Where Trump presumably is removed by the Republican establishment....."oust Trump" is your phrase of choice. I suppose if he removes himself we can always reexamine your premise.

2) "a replacement nominee was selected from the "Miss Congeniality" pool" - Former candidates (apparently we are so desperate that we are dredging up losers from older elections too as Todd wants to include Romney and Gingrich) willing to step forward as the new candidate AND pledge to support the winner will remain in the room and be given five votes each.

3) "After the votes are counted, the clear winner is announced, celebrated, and made known to the nation. The campaign is relaunched." - good luck getting campaign staffs recruited, hired, and deployed with the 3 weeks that remain prior to the election.

I'm guessing that the democrats aren't going to allow you a time out while the Republicans implement your Rube Goldbergesque mechanism for selecting next sacrificial lamb that Hillary gets to gut and eat during her inaugural dinner. The Trumpenreich....they'll be staying home.....much like a fair percentage of the Sanders supporters who upon realization that they had been screwed by the DNC have decided that unlike their champion they will be sitting this one out.

So what did I miss from your original argument and what exactly was the new issue the I introduced?

George Rebane

fish 705am - First, I have no idea why you had to cut and paste my entire 3aug16 update instead of just referring to it.

Regarding your comments on the simple and direct method I propose, I believe your embellishments, especially the presumptions of what I really meant, are yours and yours alone. And I do not say that wiser heads could not come up with something even simpler that would also be (more) acceptable to the Republican electorate.

Your 413pm introduced the new issue of a broader Republican strategy for 2016 and presumably for 2020. My 3aug16 update only sought to answer my friend's question which stipulated "that Trump through one means or another no longer remains the Republican nominee". I do not contend your strategy which remains fodder for a different discussion thread.


Coulter on Khan, in her own inimitable style:

"Khizr Khan, the Muslim "Gold Star Father" who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies...
In order to shut down a debate they're losing, Democrats find victims to make their arguments for them, pre-empting counter-argument by droning on about the suffering of their victim-spokesperson. Alternative opinions must be preceded by proof that the speaker has "sacrificed" more than someone who lost a child, a husband, or whatever.

Khan's argument, delivered angrily and in a thick Pakistani accent at the DNC, is that "our" Constitution requires us to continue the nonstop importation of Muslims."


Mothers of the dead in Benghazi are mostly ignored, dismissed as liars by Clinton, who was still talking about the mythical video over the flag draped coffins of the dead.

George Boardman

Dr. R, maybe you can answer this for me:

Stan Meckler wrote several hundred words in today's edition of The Union explaining why he is going to vote for the man who will make America great again, but couldn't bring himself to mention the man's name.

Is Trump really that toxic?


Boardman, everyone got it without the name being spelled out. You're grasping at straws.

Right now, outside of the NSA (and they don't talk much), only Hillary and her closest confidantes know what WikiLeaks may be holding for an October Surprise. Khan and the media did their job smearing Trump, now is the time to kill him off before the inconvenient truths hit the fan.

See any comparisons lately between Trump's campaign stops and Hillary's? How many are showing up, how excited are they? No?

Wonder why?

George Rebane

GeorgeB 957am - I don't think Meckler avoided the Trump word because of its potential toxicity. He had no need to because he covered the 'Trump brand' nicely, as he had no need to mention Mrs Clinton whose brand was equally exposed. Everyone reading the piece automatically inserted the candidates' names where they belonged.

But your point about toxicity is well taken. As 'not a fan of Hillary' my heart bleeds for the choices I am presented for this November. Every day that Trump comes out with another third grader arguing on the play ground response, he does indeed become more toxic to those of us who see Hillary's presidency as a certain and unmitigated disaster for the country (see below for an extended expose). Some of us still retain a fading hope that Trump's presidency will not be an equivalent disaster. These are not happy times for us conservetarians.


Bill Tozer

Georges: yep, you got to be from some other planet not to agree with the toxicity of the mere name Trump. Trump and Hillary are who the voters on both sides chose. Don't you remember everybody asking "Where does all this anger comes from?" How we got into this mud puddle will be great discussions at a later date. Right now we got 2 in the Female Mud Wrestling Pit and they are splashing the audience.

The Trump enthusiasm is still there. Hillary is putting the pedal to the metal. A Trumpster like me is in a minority here. its all fair. I put my hope in just one thing. It's inside the voting booth. This year most will have to search their hearts and souls and have their own internal arguous wrenching decision to ponder. The pros and cons list and the priority list must be weighed with much deliberation.

I am learning to stop reading headlines. There is not a lot of "there' there. My decision for Trump was the easiest thing I have done in years, but that is just me. Just on the jihadist issue inside our borders tells me I am on the right side. (70% agree). Guess it all gets down to surrendiing sovereignty on so many fronts for me. As far as the ugly package both major parties' nomininees comes in, well that is a tough one to choke down, be it Hillary or The Donald.
Which way one votes is not the point. The point is this weird year of 2016 will force many to figurately knee down in prayer and do much soul searching. The voters themselves get no free ride this year from making hard choices..

As far the actual prize of winning the Presidency goes, Hillary was up by 11 in June, up by 10 this week in August. She can't shake him, which says much about her as well as him.
The Trump voters like me really don't care what the Republican Party Leaders have to say. They are all Harry Reids and Chuck Schumers and Eric Cantors In our eyes anyway. The talking heads just talk to each other back and forth all day long. Some voters are even paying less and less attention to the constant noise coming from those who make their liviihoods tweeting one another inside the Beltway and have deadlines to submit. A lot of Scared Cows are getting gored. The fighters in the mud pit are really making a mess on the bystanders. No where to hide? Hard choices.

Robert Cross

Anyone with their yes open who saw the RNC and Trump's acceptance speech in particular saw a third rate infomercial with a clown huckster as the product. Some recent descriptions of the donald: Paul Ryan; "beyond the pale". 7 of 10 likely voters "out of bounds". Republican Congressperson Mike Coffman (R- CO) "I'm a marine… I don't care for him much." Sen Mark Kirk (R-Ill) "Donald Trump doesn't have the temperament to be President." Liz Mair former political consultant to Scott Walker and Rand Paul "His message is being a loud mouthed dick….he doesn't have any other message. He doesn't have anything else he wants to convey." Wake up, the man is a psychopath and despite all of the problems real and perceived that our country faces, he is NOT the solution by any stretch of the imagination.

Bill Tozer

I take that as a Yes for Hillary, Mr. Cross. I will put you down in the I'm with Her camp. :)


Wake up, the man is a psychopath and despite all of the problems real and perceived that our country faces, he is NOT the solution by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks Bobby....

Todd Juvinall

These libs are desperate. Wow! Hillary is the true psychopath and some say a sociopath for all the lying and all the dead bodies that seem to be found near her. Cross must be a zombie.

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