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07 August 2016



I'm sure that someday we will fondly reminisce on the foreign policy skills of the O'organizer administration......someday.


.......like turning a busload of short school bus passengers loose in the control room of a nuclear power plant.

Nothing good comes of it!


In which I am shown to be correct yet again......

jeffpelline says:

August 8, 2016 at 11:52 am

There’s a Phil Zink of Nevada City who works for Caltrans, according to an internet search. Can you boycott Caltrans? LOL.

This is why Pork Linkerson is so obsessive about real names.....the ability to "Name and Shame".

George Rebane

I draw your kind attention to the 8aug16 update of 'Reinette Senum - the aftermath'.

Russ Steele

Electric Vehicles Don’t Have A Chance Unless Oil Prices Increase 1,000 Percent.

The batteries for electric vehicles cost, on average, about $325 per kWh, which means the price of oil would need to pitch upward by nearly 1,000 percent before Tesla’s auto fleet and the Nissan Leaf would be cheaper than gas-powered vehicles, researchers at the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute noted in February.

The number are not likely to change much over the next few years, as oil traded at an average of $49 per barrel during 2015 and is currently trading at a paltry $39.51 a barrel.

“While alternative sources of energy and energy storage technologies have vastly improved, lowering costs, they still have a long way to go before they are cost competitive with fossil fuels,” Chris Knittel, co-author of the study and director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, said in a press statement announcing the study’s findings in February.

Another classic case where the Progs live in a green dream world. And, they are in legislative control in the State of California. There dream will die someday, "real soon new" as the next little ice age approaches.

Bonnie McGuire

Russ you once again demonstrate the ignorance of those running things. Tesla wanted Americans to have an inexpensive supply of electric energy when he invented the alternating current (and more) but found himself surrounded with greedy, corrupt individuals...including Edison, who would say anything to discredit and distract from the truth.
Unable to challenge AC electricity on technical merits, Edison turned to using scare tactics like saying, "Just as certain as death [AC power] will kill a customer within six months!" Leaflets about the dangers of AC current were printed and distributed. Lobbying efforts were made in New York State to limit legal levels of electricity to 800 volts, making AC distribution impractical "as a matter of public safety".

That immorality bothered Tesla a lot. Judging by what's happening today, human nature never changes when it comes to who gets to profit.

George Rebane

Paris in Siege - Media Silent - Political Correctness rum amok.

Account Deleted

At 3:43 - Sumpin' wrong with your youtube link. Tried to capture it all with copy and paste but it seems the whole string didn't get posted.
Electric cars will 'compete' just fine with another dose of massive govt subsidy. The wealthy can always count on middle class left wing morons to underwrite their lifestyle. Hillary's most ardent supporters are the super wealthy and the American Communist Party. No, it's not a oxymoronic situation, it's completely normal for the left.
As for poor Tesla - he did get used and abused by Edison, but he was a bit of work himself. He was pretty cavalier about spending investors' money for any darn new thing he dreamed up and rarely paid back one dime let alone made anyone else rich. Genius for sure, but was mostly a P. T. Barnum type in the public. In the lab, he came up with astounding new developments, but rarely could he bring anything successfully to market. Just too ahead of the times.
He was the exact opposite of Henry Ford. Ford used pre-existing (and primitive) tech to bring a new way of transportation to the masses, while Tesla dazzled the masses with tech he could never make available in low cost.

George Rebane

ScottO 552pm - Sorry Scott, try it now.

Account Deleted

Works fine - and I see a lot more of the same type of videos are available for viewing. It's fine to have people be able to move to another country with the intention of learning the language and customs while becoming integrated with the local populace.
That's not what's happening now, for the most part.
The TV and newspapers are showing the few that are working hard and adapting to their new country, but mostly the new sort of migrant just wants to show up and demand stuff and start trouble. They have no intention of integrating into their new surroundings.
The fact that this new open borders arrangement is leading to increasing trouble and violence is always explained away by blaming 'nativists' and 'xenophobes'.
The wealthy and powerful that push for open borders of course never have to live near or deal with any of these new arrivals.
A good read on that topic:

Bill Tozer

Sorry, did not know where else to put this, The Obama years: Told ya seperate but unequal was coming. Wonder how they will get this by Title IX. Flat out illegal. Now they will be ensnared by the very rules they created to ram through their parallel universe.
Say what? Say it ain't so. You mean in our colorblind kind non-offensive welcoming society, birds of a feather do flock together and prefer it that way? It's a human nature thang. Tribal stuff and the herd instinct I reckon.


Picture time.

Account Deleted

Oh, Bill - you're just being tedious. It's easily solved. Just have the enrolling student say he 'identifies' as an African-American.
And remember, Bill - never throw back what a leftie says verbatim to their face about race - that is just sooooo racist.

George Rebane

Dear People - I feel your pain. New sandbox coming up.

Robert Cross

Electric Vehicles Don’t Have A Chance Unless Oil Prices Increase 1,000 Percent.-- What about the atmosphere? What kind of a chance does it have under the current fossil fuel regime? Money should not be a consideration of quality of life.

" as the next little ice age approaches." Really? And just when is that going to happen? How long must we suffer from record high global average temperatures that seem to be piling up before your "ice age" occurs.

Do people just make this stuff up to defend climate change denial?

Todd Juvinall

Global warming caused n man is a hoax. CO2 is the food of the planet's green things. Pretty simple.


Cross 9:01, there are multiple lines of evidence pointing to a little ice age starting right about now and lasting a few score years. Solar Cycle 24 (now waning) was originally forecast to be of record strength as have been common since the middle of the 20th century, but instead was about half the intensity of cycle 23 and continues to wane faster than expected.

Forecasts for cycle 25 are decidedly Maunderish. An example of Maunder Minimum weather is here:

We'll know soon enough. If you think warm is dangerous, wait until we get cold. Right now New Zealand and Peru are both having record cold snaps, but because it's record cold it doesn't qualify as anything but "weather".

Some of the most interesting work forecasting an imminent little ice age (these things start and end slowly) is Russian astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov, but he's far from the only one who has noticed the solar changes. Google him yourself.


Cross, regarding the perhaps hasty forecast of 2016 being a record warm year (if only by a hundredth of a degree or so) was helped along by it being an El Nino year that was expected to be warm. You may have not gotten the news the El Nino has broken, atmospheric temps are plunging as expected in the aftermath, and 2016 is not now expected to be exceptional... but the adjusters of the terrestrial records may manage to fudge a catastrophic press release despite this.

Here's the current satellite record
'98 was the last El Nino

Robert Cross

Gregory-- Isn't climate a lot like geology in that a "little ice age" is like an earthquake, just a bump in the road, and we should be more concerned with the long term trends which pretty much appear to be an overall warming?


Cross, did you ever take a science class beyond something like "Your Friend, the Amoeba" to fill some general ed requirement with minimal effort?

The answer to your question is "no". Warming due to CO2 is small compared to natural variations, and some of those natural variations are solar.

Atmospheric physics is not at all like geology.

George Rebane

RobertC 958am - Apropos to what Gregory has said, stipulate that "climate (is) a lot like geology". As we don't understand fundamental processes of geological evolution (rise of magma bubbles, earthquakes, seafloor spreading, ...) neither do we understand the fundamental processes of climate (Earth's carbon cycle, radiation induced cloud formation, off-diag elements linearized climate transfer functions, ...). People who tell you that they do understand these at a level of detail to support predictions sufficiently accurate for public policy making are counting on your ignorance of science, estimation, computability, ... (the list is long). Most people embrace this ignorance along with what they are told by politicians of 'consensus science'. Are you one of these?


All- Global temps have been overall decline since the "Holocene Climate Optimum", some 8kya. Why do you think mainstream science calls it "optimum", because it was cold?


Gotta love the "mainstream" tag. You mean the ones who are in the pockets of LIB gov.?
If they say otherwise, the money tit dries up.
OK "L".. what do you have to say about the sun going into a cooling trend? Don't think that will have any impact on global temps? Or has Man been using too much solar energy, and it's "our fault".
There have been more than one who have said man should have never figured out how to tame fire. It was the beginning of AGW.

Bill Tozer

The Obama years: business failures surpass business start ups.

Bill Tozer

Cow farts are bad, but nothing like cockroach farts. They say those La Cucaracha pedos can survive an all out GeoThermal Nuclear War.

Bill Tozer

Re: 8/11/16 Update.

That did not take long.

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