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24 September 2016



What is The Union's problem? Do they think their readers cannot handle the truth? The could not deal with the climate change, aka anthropogenic global warming facts, preferring Amy Goodman's views on AGW.

Standing in the middle of the road screaming babble will get you killed and trying the be newspaper for everyone by avoiding the truth could soon result in The Union's demise. They have not been a trusted news source in our house for a long time. I take the online version so I can comment on letters to the editor, offering the reader some facts to consider when reading the lefty tripe that appears on a regular basis.

I am thinking that we should quote some of Norm's facts when responding to letters supporting Hillary Clinton, noting in the comment that the Union refused to publish the information. Just a passing thought to share.

Bill Tozer

Norm wrote:
"Most stupefying, Hillary claimed she thought the letter “C” on sensitive emails that indicated a document is “classified,” was a symbol that indicated alphabetized paragraphs!"

Hmmm. Is it just me, or did anybody else notice where were no A, B, D, or E in the margins for the order of paragraphs? Hillary is not stupid. She is mentally diminished and morally bankrupt. Or, she is so smart that she thinks we are all that dumb. She has all the qualifications to be a Progressive politican, but President? Much to ponder.






Bill. She has brain damage. Only her faithful minions buy the phenomena excuse.
I can'r seem to find it now, but there is a photo of Clinton with one eye not looking where the other is pointed. Then of course, her convictions before getting tossed into the van.
That two convulsion episodes caught on tape. BTW. Has anyone seen Trump with a Dr. by his side wherever he goes?

Don Bessee

Did anyone catch the Clinton campaign arguing that foreign non-citizens have a 'right' to emigrate to the US!

Who says Hillary has no enthusiastic followers;


The dead rising to vote democrat. :-)

Don Bessee


Bill Tozer

Walt, we both are right so far. I said Hillary is not stupid. No one is that dumb to do what she did. She has brain damage! Yes, we both may be right. If you read the whole link (similar ones have been posted here), you will see why you maybe right about brain damage. Whatever it is, antibiotics won't help.


Google reviewers are just like Yelp reviewers. :). Love the ending.

"........by Google reviewers. Purportedly coming from Chelsea is a one-star rating and the comment, “My mother died of Parkinson’s after she was diagnosed with pneumonia.”

Lisa Bardack will be fortunate if satiric reviews are the worst consequences for the disinformation campaign she has helped wage in Hillary’s behalf

Todd Juvinall

My little ditty response to the Jim Firth crapola in today's union.

"As all can see, democrat Jim Firth, the leader of his party in Nevada County cannot stay away from personal attacks on Donald Trump. Orange?? How petty. And that is what a democrat does. Slimes the opposition. Hillary will take Firth's lead and do the same in debates. But the people of America are waking up. The see the failures of our country as democrat party failures. Trump may be brash and not PC, but that is why he is in a dead heat with Clinton. She has outspent him by millions but can’t make a dent in the polls. He has been a success in the private sector. Hired thousands of people. All colors, all races. And he signs the front of the check. Hillary always signs the back of the check. And Trump surrounds himself with loyal, honest and thoughtful people. Hillary has cooks and people taking the "fifth" regarding her failures with emails and her Foundation. So Firth, once the Chief for Leland Yee, the gun running State Senator, has no room for pointing fingers and calling names. He worked for a crook and now supports one for President."

Bill Tozer

Todd, you omitted two words. It should of been "anti-gun gun running State Senator" instead of just plain ole "gun running State Senator". He was coming after our guns! Now we know why. He had them pre-sold.

Jim Firth is doing exactly what any person in his position should be doing. He is heavily involved in and with the Democrat Party. It's his passion, his life. Orange? That did not even get my attention. Did he do the Dumpf Trumpf thang yet? Orange is soooo months ago. I feel that Jim can to better than that.

It's his job to do exactly what Hillary is doing if she wants to win, I.e., trash Trump. Trash talk all day long. Lord only knows she has nothing of her own to stand on. Damaged goods. Dent can with botchalism inside. Trump is the best and only thing going for My Gal.

I relish doing the same thing Jim is going. I love it. This is politics. I just wish Jim would take off the kid gloves and really let it fly. That would be fun.

Hillary Clinton is unfit at any speed. Even Ralph Nader is pissed she ain't in the slammer, the Pen, the clink, the Big House, Devil's Island, The Black Hole of Calcutta.


Hillary Clinton corrupts everyone who serves her, including her Doctor.

Some more analysis of Hillary Clinton's medical conditions at the American Thinker. Jay Michaels takes a detailed look at the letters written by Lisa Bardack, Hillary's doctor in 2015 and 2016 and finds some discontinuity. Also discussed are the problems left out of the Doctors 2016 letter, coughing fits, special glasses to avoid seizures, the use of outdated treatment when better options are available, and the claimed use of drugs inappropriate for the conditions cited. One example of many:

7. Bardack’s 2015 letter mentioned the Fresnel prism glasses Hillary wore to eliminate double vision. The 2016 letter makes no mention of the Zeiss Z1 blue lenses she was wearing on September 11th. These are used to help prevent seizures, particularly in photosensitive epilepsy, and improve motor control. They are not normally prescribed for patients with pneumonia or seasonal allergies.

We saw the loss of motor control during the 9/11 incident at the van. The author concludes:

If she doesn’t have Parkinson’s, Hillary clearly has some major neurological disorder.

Please read the whole article, there is a medical condition that Clinton and her medical team are hiding from voters. What do you think it is?



The Union's problem is they want to sell newspapers in a divided community, and the above piece is inflammatory. It's also a valid opinion piece largely supported by the facts at hand.

No matter who wins in November, employment for shrinks and counselors skilled in treating post traumatic stress syndrome will go through the roof.

Especially if Trump wins.

Regarding AGW, 97% of all people have no clue whatsoever about the science involved, and just listen to the authorities they choose to believe; this is true on both sides of the screaming match. Time will tell and I've been quite pleased to find the issues I noticed as pointing mostly toward natural variability in 2007 have only gathered more validity as time goes on. Aerosols and galactic cosmic rays, modulated by the sun's electromagnetic field, really are the missing link. That The Union leans towards climate alarmism is just going with the flow, especially for Democrats in California who have, as a party, all chosen to drink the same koolaid.


I've no idea why the last note didn't go through only once, but the other thing about electioneering in Nevada County this cycle... there's not a chance in Hell that anyone but the Democrat will get every Elector, and, regarding the Senate seat, give the people a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, they'll choose the Democrat every time.

Throwing red meat to the crowds in Nevada County to get them even more riled up about Hillary does nothing to sell advertisements. Maine gives two Electors to the statewide winner of the popular vote, and one Elector for the winner in each of the two Congressional districts. Imagine the attention California would get if there were only two electors for the winner take all portion, and 53 that had to be won throughout the state.


Yes, Gregory, the LIBS sure found a way to rig the system, and got the people to vote to make it happen. Here in "F"ed up state of Ca, there is no way the Repubs can be blamed for anything. they have no say. I wonder how high prices must go for the people to say enough is enough. The same goes with the regulation factory. The day will come nothing can be sold, or made that isn't Ca. compliant, or will meet the compliance mandates.
Ol' Moonbat just extended the law that mandates "greenhouse" gases to go back below 1990 levels... Good bloody luck.

Bill Tozer

Whether this pic and caption is accurate or not, I haven't a clue. I am the last person to call the wack job Gaddafi a good guy. But, he did finally start to behave himself, dumped his nuclear weapons ambitions, and played ball with us for the last decade or so. Plus, he accepted responsibility in 2003 for the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie bombing and paid reparations to the families.

Tell me again why Hillary pushed and pushed for us to go into Libya. To prove no boots on the ground works? For oil? For the Muslim Brotherhood? For USA's national interests? For fighting the war on terrorism? To make the world a better place? Because his speeches were too long?

Hillary Rodman Clinton is unfit to lead.


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