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13 September 2016


Todd Juvinall

He is a creature of the 60's and the "Summer of Love". All in all, there is no rhyme or reason to most of these conspiracies. Did I miss the "birthers" and the "truthers"? And Paul Emery's favorite "the shooter on the grassy knoll"?

Bill Tozer

A good conspiracy theory is darned hard to prove. That is why they are called theories.

Guess I don't have any good conspiracy theories. Mine are easy to prove.



Robert Cross

On your favorite conspiracy, next to climate change of course, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi:

Colin Powell: "Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt"

Condi Rice: "Completely agree"

Ever wonder what else you are wrong about?


'Stupid witch' hunt? Is that any way to talk about your candidate? L


Posted by: Robert Cross | 14 September 2016 at 09:48 AM

Ever wonder what else you are wrong about?

Often......thanks Bobby!

Todd Juvinall

I am wrong many times but unlike a libnut, I admit it and move on to the truth. Cross is stuck on stupid with Hillary.

Robert Cross

'Stupid witch' hunt? Is that any way to talk about your candidate? --

a) not my candidate

b) while Hillary may be the witch -- the STUPID part refers to the Republican's who wasted millions of dollars of taxpayer money in an obviously political ploy. Just like the $40-80 million stupid republicans spent on whitewater.

Oh yeah, the 911 special committee investigating the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor spent less than $1 million.

Go figure.

Todd: try making some sense

fishy: your welcome, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Todd Juvinall

Cross is truly demented. Hillary spends more than the 9-11 commission almost everyday to spread her propaganda and Cross buys it. She has used her Foundation as a money laundering scheme and Cross buys it. For goodness sake. Benghazi was a "call me at three AM" fiasco and Cross buys it. Maybe he truly is reflective of the uninformed American voter. God help s.

Brad C.

Were the buildings other than the twin towers in the 9-11 vicinity demolished to make way for new buildings and higher rents (insurance scams)?

Gary Smith

Mr. Cross
"Stupid Witch Hunt", tell that to Ambassador Stevens family. He is buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery here in Grass Valley. While he was getting killed, the rescue mission was deciding what to wear and changed clothes numerous times. She told the families of the dead Americans as they were being unloaded off the plane, that the reason they died was the Libyans were mad at a video, not a terrorist attack. A total lie. We would not know these important facts, along with the many other facts, without the "Benghazi Witch Hunt". While these facts my not be important to some, they are to me.
While I respect Gen. Powell, it is hard to get excited about anything he says after his speech at the U.N. saying Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Account Deleted

re Mr Cross attempting to deny reality. You are, sir, replicating the Republican's absurd defence of Nixon during the Watergate hearings. Just say Watergate 3 times and complain about how much the hearings cost.
Do try to be more original.
I would love to hear the Robert Cross version of what happened in the lead up to, and the aftermath of the
attack on the American controlled compound at Benghazi.
Like all other trolls that post here, he has no idea of what he's talking about and realizes if he dares to put a stake in the ground, we'll obliterate it with facts.

Bill Tozer

The Russians are poisoning Hillary and Soros's Open Borders Goons will attempt to assassinate Trump. I do like the stories of the Hillary stunt double the best. Never know. Hmmm. Hillary's doc has not released Hillary's height or weight. The weight I can understand because she would be labeled as mildly obese. It's a woman thang. But the height? Aha!


Colin Powell. What a breath of fresh air for a politician. He confirmed that his private e-mails were "genuine". Hmm. Did he really say they were real or did the MSM lie? Hmm again. Boy, Bubba is 70 and still playing the skin flute like there is no tomorrow. How does he do it? Wonder he he got one of those bionic appendages. I am not in a position to say without further investigation. No wonder he was so worn out that he slept half way through Hillary's DNC nomination.


Bill Tozer

When dealing with conspiracy theories, timing is kinda important.


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