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18 September 2016



Simplistic as it is, let's add a libertarian curve to the mix at the top... call it shallower than the Left's view and starting its downward travel before it gets to the intersection of the Right and Left.

The bottom chart has less utility, but I'd mark it Free Markets all the way down... a market can be 100% free and still have no return to speak of, depending on market conditions. People will still be free to buy, or not to buy some good or service, unless it's Obamacare coverage.

George Rebane

Gregory 1232pm - Agreed, but I didn't want to make the charts too busy as they already are. On the bottom chart the indicated free market region is intended to be the stable (not transitory) region, since all other things equal, any entrepeneur who operates below the inflection point will immediately attract competitors who can beat him on the margin since return continues to grow more rapidly for every additional unit of risk.

According to my lights the bottom graphic may have more utility since it represents the existential ground truth, invisible to the Left, on which economic policies are made today. But it's not a big point.


"any entrepeneur who operates below the inflection point will immediately attract competitors who can beat him on the margin since return continues to grow more rapidly for every additional unit of risk"

In reality it can take a very long time for someone to recognize the opportunity. But yes, the signal will be there and the market will eventually be able to respond. Whether it does will be an open question, but I don't see that is a big problem... if the government is allowed to respond first they will almost always make it worse, not better... like the current kerfuffle over that company that is profiteering over adrenaline injector pens. Jerry Brown is talking price controls! But what we need is for the FDA to stop protecting the profiteers from competition, siding with the profiteers in denying their competitors FDA approval.


Bill Tozer

"The chasm that divides today's Left and Right has many faucets....." -Dr. Rebane.

This may or may not be on topic under the general topic of how each side sees the world, but there are chasms within the the two sides as well. All in all, the Left-Right umbrella works for brevity.


George Rebane

BillT 904am - "Left-Right umbrella works for brevity." Indeed it does Mr Tozer, and I hope that RR readers take that caricature of a more complex terrain in that spirit.


Works for brevity? Except it doesn't... Left - Right leaves out the radical middle of those with a libertarian bent. The political homeless when the only tents available are filled with asses and elephants demanding fealty to their own sacred cows.

Great choices for Senator in California this November... When the people have a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, they'll choose the Democrat every time.

Bill Tozer

Gregory, that's why we have islands....for those who don't fit in the continent category. You are not alone and nobody likes to be pigeon holed. Yes, there are more independent voters in CA than registered R's in our one party State. Guess I will vote for one of the two (D) Senate candidates.

Brevity comment was a utility to facilitate skipping over the burden of reciting every nuisance of every faucet under the sun and get to the basic Left-Right generalization. When talking about The Battle of the Sexes, transgenders may be left out or lumped into one of the two categories. Perhaps the two camps should grouped into Conservative and Progressive, but Left-Right (of current center) works. Yes, stereotypes.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that love bacon and those that are wrong. Those that are "has beens" and those that are "never weres.", ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

In light of Dr. Rebane's graphs of fiscal policy viewpoints from the two groups, I submit to you that there are two kinds of people in this world: Those that focus on the unspeakable Nazi atrocities against the Jews, and those who look at the Nazi economic policies. The latter fits into the graphs.



The top graph is mislabeled. 'Left's View' (solid blue line) should be re-labeled 'Right's View of the Left' and make that line dashed beyond the 'Right's view' (green line). As the graph is currently illustrated, it would be more accurate to label the solid blue line ' What Legislators Do' (both conservative and liberal).

Bonnie McGuire

Bill...The website article you gave about Socialist (Nazi) Germany is very true. Same crap peddled in Russia costing millions of lives for utopia. Labor union warfare. As the Communist (socialists) said, "Its easy to stir up hatred between workers and employers because workers have no idea of what it requires to own and run a business. My childhood music teachers and lifelong friends told me about Germany and why they came to America. After WWII some former Jewish-German friends visited them here in America. My German friend was surprised that they were alive. They replied that Hitler needed them to run their factory making what was needed during the war.

George Rebane

BradC 640am - not at all Mr Croul. The Left, and only the Left, has now demonstrated for generations their belief that ever more regulations and laws will give us a more beneficent society. The result is most visible since the Great Society was launched and today is on steroids as Democrats and in-the-tank leftwing bureaucrats expand the stack of regulations and laws. That is not a view of the Right, but simply an arithmetic count of what's in the US Code and on the books from the various governmental departments and bureaus. And, of course, California leads the way. That this is not apparent to you and yours merely illustrates The Great Divide.

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