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04 September 2016



Awwwww.......narrative fail!

"Mexico has zero tolerance for illegal immigrants who seek to work inside Mexico, happen to break Mexican law or go on public assistance—or any citizens who aid them …

In Mexico, legal immigration is aimed at … denying entry to those who are not healthy or would upset the, quote, “equilibrium of the national demographics.”

A rational discussion about immigration......it seems it's not just for nativist, Nazi, racist, haterz anymore!



Germans want some control over who is let in as well it seems! I guess a Cologne New Years Rapefugee fest galvanizes public opinion!

Merkel's CDU beaten by anti-immigrant AfD in state election: exit poll

Wherever is jeffy....err....jon Dozer to lecture us as to what a benefit these imports are?


Bill Tozer

Let's try something we were promised for 30 years first, then continue this dialouge about the millions of illegal aliens already aqui. Something like secure the borders first, then let's jawbone about the best way to "going forward."

I have to give Paul Ryan some slack. Yes, he sold us down the river at crunch time and gave away the store. Made him worse than Hillary among the Rowdy Conservatives. Come to find out, the poison pill to avoid another gov't shutdown during primary season was over securing the border. Imagine Jellystone Park closed for the family vacation. Bad juju. 750 million in the budget (as passed by Reagen's Amnesty Bill) finally got some funding released and was sent to the border patrol folks. But, but, but, if Ryan in the closing days/hours of the loading shutdown did not go along with having that particular 750 million dollars sent back to the Treasury, it would have been political party time gift for the Democratic Globalists. Oh, my, that would be ear plug time for sure.

Language, borders, culture. Worth a listen, IMHO


Bill Tozer

PS: link posted above from March 20, 2014....Trump not on the scene yet.

George Rebane

Angela Merkel opened Germany's border to over one million Syrian Arabs last year. She hoped it would sustain the country's economy with new workers, but she doesn't know how many migrants she had to import to get one worker and the rest to suck on the federal tit. But it has given rise to new nationalist parties like 'Alternative for Germany' which beat her badly in a provincial election yesterday.

An economically viable nation that does not produce its own labor force will be invaded by the economically destitute; we have only to look to our own borders for that. It was ever thus. But in our case we have tens of millions of our workforce sitting on their ass and voting Democrat to keep their checks and substitute workers coming. Given the healthy push to unemployment also given by accelerating technology, the tipping point of democracy is fast disappearing in our rear view mirror.

Bonnie McGuire

It's interesting that President Bill Clinton's 1995 State of The Union speech sounds just like a Donald Trump speech in 2016. What has changed so much that the ideas and policies spoken by Bill Clinton that received bipartisan applause in 1995 are now castigated and branded xenophobic and racist today? Has common sense become inflammatory rhetoric?
Here's a video of what President Bill Clinton said about emigration during his SOTU in 1995.


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane mentioned Angie Merkel. Boy, is she spouting the party line. This is what she said recently:


This is what I say: Go pound sand, pinko.


Don Bessee

So the Brits are building a wall in Calais to keep the riotous illegal migrants from boarding fright trucks and getting to the chunnel and England. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I have heard. ;-)

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