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06 September 2016



Regarding the Helm piece: That the Rude Center people extorted nearly 10K from a citizen to pay for a county road improvement many miles away before issuing a building permit was incredible. All fees paid by Helm in this extortion to should be refunded with interest.


The County is as crooked as the FED gov. Don't forget MY run-in with the County.... You know,, " You need a permit to replace one damned board",, and they are proud of that requirement.

Bill Tozer

Re: China again snubs President Obama:
Don't forget Israel. They cancelled the White House visit and let Obama know via the press reports.


China welcomes every world leader with a nice red carpet rolling stairway, a really really important top dog to greet the world leader, and the usual marching band or young singers. Not so with our Prez. He had to depart out of the belly of Air Force One and get greeted by some 5th tier bigwig wannabe. Oh, Obama waved to the non present lines of dignitaries, flashed a big smile, put a skip in his step, and pretended everything is cool. No Drama Obama looking good if you crop out the wide angles. To add insult to injury, there was a big important greeting over at another plane. As Obama waved from the vehicle he was in, he saw a lot of the back of people's heads. They didn't even turn to wave at our President. The action was over there where another world leader was departing.



Regarding charter schools giving "government run" schools a black eye, all the charters in Nevada County *are* government run and paid for, with arguably the best (Ghidotti) and the worst (hard to say which, there are so many) being charters. In the running for worst include Grass Valley Charter and Yuba River Charter elementaries, and all of the schools chartered by the County Orifice of Education.

And that best school, Ghidotti, should be shut down. Its existence has hollowed out the flagship comprehensive high school, Nevada Union, to the detriment to all the students there. It should, at the most, be a 'school within a school'.

Don Bessee

In the it was planned to fail category, 0 writes to the AMA that since everyone (ins. companies and citizens) is fleeing 0 care and its financial disaster shouldn't we just go to single payer? A bit of the truth from 0 on the way out the door. ;-)

George Rebane

DonB 854pm - Designed to fail, yes indeed. And Mrs Clinton will be just the one to bring us Obamacare's single-payer successor - it will be called Hillarycare, one more time with feeling.

Patricia Smith

I missed the Helm story but will go read it immediately. Housing shortages are a really big problem in Nevada County. The County is firmly against the "tiny house" movement that is sweeping the nation. These starter homes are perfect for young people, single people, and seniors looking to downsize.

And why are permits so expensive and come with so many strings attached? It sounds like the Helms have a case similar to the Visually Important Ridgeline case where the county placed undue restrictions on their property before they would issue them a building permit.

And no matter your feelings on MMJ, a $500/per day per plant fine is excessive and I believe it will be challenged in court sooner or later.

Don Bessee

I believe it will be challenged in court sooner or later.' Are we to be surprised and should we expect any different outcome Pattie?

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