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14 September 2016


Todd Juvinall

As well as trying to badger Pence into calling David Duke a "deplorable". Honest to GOD, the media is s corrupt it makes my head spin.


I'll drop a steamer into the sandbox... Clinton needed to say something about her health after being tossed into the van like a side of beef... so, well, OK, she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. And news outlets run with that, so she has pneumonia and she'll get better.

I accept she has pneumonia, and I even accept that diagnosis was made Friday. That doesn't mean she hasn't been suffering from something more dire for some unknown amount of time; if that is the case, tossing out pneumonia would be a fine Red Herring to distract the Foxhounds that are dogging her.

Now, if either my wife or I had collapsed on an outing two days after getting a diagnosis of pneumonia and had to be tossed into a car to get help, the other would drive the stricken to an ER... which is what the Secret Service were apparently doing according to protocol when they were supposedly told to divert to Chelsea Clinton's apartment instead.

Even if pneumonia is the only health issue that was kept secret (Ha!) it's a lie that everyone understands and it has broken the logjam that has kept Clinton v. Trump in a dead heat Totentanz in the popular vote for weeks. Listening to NPR morning edition Monday on the way to KSMF, Cokie Roberts was treating the idea of replacing Clinton on the ballot as unlikely... not laughable.


Todd, the DDuke deplorable ploy was win-win... if he dances to the tune of the interviewer the news would be "Pence admits Trump supporter Duke is "a deplorable""... if he doesn't dance to that tune, it's "Pence refused to call the KKK deplorable". It's a game he could only lose so he sidestepped it and it petered out quickly as Hillary's health consumed all the O2 in the room.

Todd Juvinall

Good take.

Todd Juvinall

And Koyote is on a roll. He says on a rather listless local blog that the earth has never been warmer the last few years. And he shouts from the rooftops that humans need to deal with it now, time is wasting. What a idiot that dog is.

Bill Tozer

Todd Juninall @ 11:46am

"What a idiot that dog is."
Now, now, there is always a reason. It's all good.


Hope KKKoyote does not pull a Hillary and get overheated...or short circuit...or have a fainting spell. August is usually a hot month, as well as the first week or two of September. He needs to hydrate and will be back to his normal self.

Bill Tozer

I am going to build me one of these. And to think Mr. Cross once asked why we don't like government. Let's see. Sending my people potable water in contaminated oil drums and by merely saying "Chicago" is now a trigger word no-no. Probably considered a violent act. The thought police know what I really meant. That's a start, eh Mr. Cross?



USC/LAT now has Trump over Clinton by 5.9%

Paul, is that bet still available at 2:1?

Bill Tozer

Two days ago: European oddsmakers put it at 5/4, Trump.


Silver's 538 now has it as a 60/40 race, Trump only needs 18 more electoral votes over what he's expected to get and a number of states are in play, including NV, CO, WI, VA, MI, PA, MN.

Golly, Paul, I sure wish you had accepted that bet at 4:1, I can taste the Lagavulin you won't be buying me. :)

In other words, back when we had that pleasant conversation over coffee, it wasn't a done deal, it was a tight race. Lifelong left-liberals just couldn't imagine a Trump beating a Hillary. I can, even if I won't be voting for either one.

Any Californians reading this blog, please vote for the 3rd party candidate of your choice, Hillary is a done deal for our bag of electors, your vote for her won't matter.

Paul Emery

NO gregory you missed out. Not to worry, the powers that be sill never let Trump win. It will be the establishment as usual in the end.


No worries here, Paul. Let us know someday who these powers that be are. Some massive voter fraud machine? Enquiring minds want to know.

Silver's 538 has it a 60/40 race as of today. Tomorrow may be different. Hill needs to stay upright for nearly two months... can she do it? Can Trump keep his feet out of his mouth for the same amount of time? Will WikiLeaks leak be as juicy as promised?

We live in interesting times.


USC LAT Daybreak... +6.4% advantage Trump

GEEZERS are the least affected by the Hill latest but they were the most against her to begin with. Something of a surge by black voters... supporting Trump near 20%, up from 3 or 4. Black support of hill dropping faster than Trump support is growing.

Pass the popcorn.


Patiently........ever so patiently....


....waiting for the drugs that animate the Hilbot5000s lifeless carcass to stop working!




"Our next president will either be an offensive, rich, divisive, bigot with a bad haircut or Donald Trump". #Trump #Clinton


....cont. !


“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells Fargo fraud department told the Observer. The source claims that the Clinton campaign has been pulling this stunt since Spring of this year. The Hillary for America campaign will overcharge small donors by repeatedly charging small amounts such as $20 to the bankcards of donors who made a one-time donation. However, the Clinton campaign strategically doesn’t overcharge these donors $100 or more because the bank would then be obligated to investigate the fraud."


Thank god Richard Cordray quit his gig as Kenneth on "30 Rock" to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to end this type of crime!


Bill Tozer

Play them like a fiddle....with cameras rolling, lol.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 16 September 2016 at 09:21 AM

Didn't watch the press conf Bill......but the "butthurt" emanating from the media makes me wish I had!


538's poll plus has it a 59/41 race by electoral college counts and the polling results to date.

Almost makes me want to be a Trump supporter so I an really root for him rather than just keeping a Clinton from making the next few SCOTUS nominations. Almost.

My Presidential vote doesn't matter anyway... the Elector due California because of my Congressional district is all but guaranteed to go to Hillary... unless there's a landslide to Trump on election day and then, my vote for Johnson still won't matter. But I'll be happy to not have voted for Trump or Hillary.

What a great country!


Oh HillBot....this isn't the era of your husbands politics ......the internet never forgets!



Vive Sarkozy!


Bill Tozer

Opps. Forgot to post this a few days ago. The Hillary and VP book (Kaine and Unable) was released last month. Did anybody know that? Apparently not. First month's sales were....drumroll please.....2,900 copies and change. Ok, let's lie and call it 3,000 copies. Biggest buyer so far is The Clinton Foundation. Sweet. Talk about a barn burner. Boy, wonder what the publisher gets in exchange for that nice multimillion dollar advance? That's My Gal.

Bill Tozer

Well, what can I say about this? It isn't supposed to be this way.


It isn't supposed to work this way either.


For Fish, my inspiration:


For Fish: enjoy your morning cup of joe.


If I didn't know better,,it looks like you might have got "Crabbed" Bill,, Take a look at Crabb's submission to the local rag today.

Bill Tozer

Walt, Crabb wrote about a veghead naked acorn eating original hippy laid back peacenik tribe. Called the Neissans or Toyotas or something. The Sioux, and especially the Lakotas, were warriors and knew how to shove grass down Big Bro's throat. Thus, I did not get Crabbed. Nonetheless, it is a spendid time to remind the reader that the only male from the Western Hemisphere to ever bring home the gold in the Olympic 10,000 meter race was a Lakota. He now lives close to these parts and his name is Billy. Go figure. One came close in 1912 with the silver, but he was a Hopi. Probably ate lizards. Yuck. It took a Lakota Sioux. 2016 is the Year of Going Tribal. :)

Now, Hillary said she "misspoke" about her Deplorable comment last Friday night. Hmmm. One day prior she said the same thing to Israeli TV. Me thinks she speaks with forked tongue.


Hey Boardman. Suck on these apples:


Bill Tozer

One thing I have surmised through posting here is that Libs hate to called stupid. It really gets them were it hurts. Shakes them to their core. I dunno, liberals have taken over the education system. So, the question remains are liberals really that stupid or is it the stupid liberal professors making our next generation stupid, or a combination of the two? Liberals are indeed stupid. Stupid is as stupid does says Mrs. Gump.


Bill Tozer

Oh my, Fish's best girlfriend forever took another hit. It's not xenophobia. Any politican with 2 brain cells left knows no matter what, the trains must run on time. Thus the rise of opposition.

"The election in the chronically indebted city-state of 3.5 million people was dominated by local issues including poor public services, crumbling school buildings, late trains and a housing shortage, as well as problems in coping with the migrant influx."



"One thing I have surmised through posting here is that Libs hate to called stupid. It really gets them were it hurts. Shakes them to their core."-Tozer

I'd really like to see this sort of shit stop. Not meaning to be singling you out, Toz, but it's the bloody same rants on both the right and the left.

Left-liberals have their assumptions about life, the universe, and everything, and think the Right-conservatives just aren't smart enough or pure enough to see the truth, and that if you are stupid and pure of heart, you'll just believe the really smart left-liberals who are the annointed that the Left follow without question.

I'm too stupid at the moment to do a good job with a glib, snarky caricature of why the Right are full of it. Maybe more coffee will help.

Bill Tozer

Coffee always helps, especially on Monday mornings. I should be more specific.

Bill Tozer

Polls, polls. Now a senior Democrat is attacking the polls. Guess both sides decry the polls when they produce results they/we do not like. Just like a smorgasbord. Take what you like, tun a nose up at the rest. The race is not tightening. It's all bull pucky!
Did not recall Harry going off on the cheapo polls when Hillary was up 18 points in Minnesota not too long ago.

Reid also lashed out at polls showing a tightening race as a "joke."

"And I don't buy your silliness with $500 polls you go out buy overnight. I don't believe them. They're not right. They're incorrect," Reid continued. "You only do it to generate some news. Donald Trump is a fraud."
Wrapping the interview, Raju responded, "I think we spent a little more on polls than $500."

From last paragraphs:

Todd Juvinall

Ahmed is at it again. New Jersey and Minnesota.


For the Tesla whiners, http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-15/tesla-wins-utility-contract-to-supply-grid-scale-battery-storage-after-porter-ranch-gas-leak

Bill Tozer

Someday everything will be battery operated. But not today.

Gee, why can't we just do out and arrest them?




Breaking news: Major climate science error exposed!

Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley:

. . .

A few weeks ago George White, an electronics engineer, contacted me to say that there were indeed several small errors in the way models handle climate feedbacks, which are changes that are thought to amplify the small direct warming from doubled CO2 concentration.

I looked at the equations and found not only the small errors but a very large and very serious error. Because of that error, climate extremists have been predicting as much as 10-12 Celsius degrees’ global warming for every doubling of the CO2 in the air.

The error is so grievous that the arrogant profiteers who have made fortunes out of pretending the science is settled could be thrown out of business overnight – and good riddance.

During my closing keynote presentation at the conference, I ran through the mathematics and physics of this discovery in some detail.

To learn more about the error that caused the climate scam, and to see and hear what my distinguished audience of professors, doctors and fathers of science thought about this important breaking news, feel free to visit YouTube today and watch my half-hour talk:

Video is here: https://youtu.be/58MEotH79rg

Warning, the audio is rather poor. Your thoughts? Is this really the smoking gun? Will it make a difference ?

Bill Tozer

Russ, nothing will make a difference. The science is settled by 2,900 experts, the vast majority who hail from North America.
I see it like building a 3 story building where you are off 1/8 of a inch at the foundation, plumb or level. The higher you build, the greater that 1/8 inch becomes. The door frames, framing of the walls...everything becomes so much more noticeable you can't ignore it. Get the input wrong and the extrapolated outcome is wildly off.

For example, with all things being equal:


George Rebane

Russ 1136am - Never heard of the conference. How can such a quiet confab have an impact on a worldwide political parade that embraces 'climate change' as the last and best controlling mechanism for all forms of failed governance? There is nothing better to capture the nebish mind and force it to accept draconian forms of compliance from the ruling classes in order to 'save the earth'.


Government to block free online college courses.

The Department of Justice has sent a letter to UC Berkeley threatening a lawsuit unless the university modifies all of its free online educational materials to meet conditions of accessibility. In response the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education writes:

…we have attempted to maximize the accessibility of free, online content that we have made available to the public. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice has recently asserted that the University is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act because, in its view, not all of the free course and lecture content UC Berkeley makes available on certain online platforms is fully accessible to individuals with hearing, visual or manual disabilities.

…We look forward to continued dialog with the Department of Justice regarding the requirements of the ADA and options for compliance. Yet we do so with the realization that, due to our current financial constraints, we might not be able to continue to provide free public content under the conditions laid out by the Department of Justice to the extent we have in the past.

In many cases the requirements proposed by the department would require the university to implement extremely expensive measures to continue to make these resources available to the public for free. We believe that in a time of substantial budget deficits and shrinking state financial support, our first obligation is to use our limited resources to support our enrolled students. Therefore, we must strongly consider the unenviable option of whether to remove content from public access.

In short, the DOJ is saying that unless all have access, none can and UC Berkeley is replying that none will.

Berkeley today, all the other free MOOC providers tomorrow. Only the government could screw up FREE.


RR has been writing about this problem since 2006, now 10 years latter the main stream press is discovering the public pension fraud.

Blockbuster NYT Report Exposes Public Pension Charade

America’s public pension funds, which manage trillions of dollars in retirement assets for millions of civil servants, are systematically deceiving taxpayers, politicians, and municipal bond investors with elaborate accounting sleight-of-hand. The “official” numbers show that public pension funds are struggling; the accurate ones show that the looming fiscal time bomb is so explosive that it may be impossible to defuse.

That’s the thrust of an important new piece from the New York Times‘ Mary Williams Walsh, a reporter who has done more than anyone else in the mainstream media to bring this issue to public attention, and to provide honest and analytical reporting about one of the country’s most serious problems:

It turns out that Calpers, which managed the little pension plan, keeps two sets of books: the officially stated numbers, and another set that reflects the “market value” of the pensions that people have earned. The second number is not publicly disclosed. And it typically paints a much more troubling picture, according to people who follow the money. […]

The market-based numbers are “close to the truth of the liability,” Professor [William] Sharpe said. But most elected officials want the smaller numbers, and actuaries provide what their clients want. “Somebody just should have stopped this whole charade,” he said.

Kudos to Walsh, and to the NYT for that matter, for pushing a story that discredits some of the most important assumptions behind blue model governance. The truth is that many American state and city governments are not paying their way, pension systems are not sustainable, and the conflicts of interest linking politicians to public sector union leaders are a dangerous and deeply destructive force.



Is Climate Variability a National Defense Issue?

Obama signed a directive on Wednesday telling the offices to develop a “federal climate and national security working group” to “identify the U.S. national security priorities related to climate change and national security, and develop methods to share climate science and intelligence information to inform national security policies and plans,” the White House said.

He charged the group with developing a climate change action plan within 90 days, laying out steps for sharing climate data, research ideas and vulnerability assessments for parts of the United States that are threatened by climate change over the next three decades.
Obama also asked the agencies — which cover climate offices and national security missions — to write implementation plans for combatting climate change.


The climate has not exceeded the bounds of natural variability. Only the computer models used by the left to justify their environmental actions have exceed the bounds of natural variability. Obama wants to use the power of government to change natural variability, usurping the powers of Mother Nature. How well will that work out when Mother Nature turns down the Sun's thermostat for the next 20-30 years?

Russ Steele

2016 Not the Warmest in a 1000 Years and Not the Warmest Ever

All this talk of ‘warmest year evah’ is just simply not true.

Video presents proof that this is not the warmest year ever, and that what warming there has been is simply part of a natural cycle.

It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle.


Hat Tip to Ice Age Now

Todd Juvinall

Hey Russ, are you going to attend and contribute some common sense to that meeting on climate? I think it may be tonight?


Russ 12:30PM while I appreciate your use of a climate compass that generally points to reality, your sense of what "proof" continues to strikes me as without merit.


[email protected]>25 OK, I agree "proof" may have been a poor word choice, it was just some information that refutes the claim of "hottest year ever" when the historical temperature records for the last 1,000 years is considered. That said:

proof: evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.


Todd @ 01:14 PM

Sorry, I quit talking to the lefty warmers, as they are committed to the religion of anthropogenic global warming. Evidence does not matter?

Todd Juvinall

Russ at 6:31
I understand. They really are into it as a religion. I watch some science shows and my GOD they pray to the beast of AGW! Now with Brown and his crooks taking Fracking money, it all seems to be a mess under the kiddie dome.

Bill Tozer

In other news fit for the Sandbox......


Bill Tozer

I think I am beginning to get it, By Jove!


Don Bessee

Just saw the photo of the semi-auto on the ground in the NC officer involved shooting, its hammer is back and ready to fire. That explains the way the cops were huddling behind that truck. Don't comply with lawful orders and come out holding a gun has predictable consequences.


For those who like their weapons.(and care to keep them.)

Bill Tozer

My how times have changed. I remember reading about that phrase "a thin blue line." It was first uttered in a courtroom when the prosecutor rocked the judicial world with the image of a thin blue line separating us from anarchy. Add another one to the no-no list.


Ok, how about a bonus for the Father Knows Best crowd: Farewell oh greatest generation. You did good when you ran the show.



I read that Bill. But that form of discrimination is tolerated by the LIBS.

Bill Tozer

Walt said
"But that form of discrimination is tolerated by the LIBS."

Yep, It is certainly a sorry state of affairs when we send our cherished bright eyed bushy tailed children off to college. Oh, it's a big moment in their lives. When they get to college, they are told to feel very very bad about themselves. Our kids are told they are racists and responsible for all the ills in the world. They are put down, degraded, verbally attacked, slandered, and if they did not even know what White Guilt was before college, they sure better get some of that right now. And repent. And pay dearly wfor their crimes against humanity. And feel all rotten about who they are what "they" have done to others...by being born.

Yep, who would want their kids to suffer that kind of abuse? Abusers abuse. Beat our kids down, down, down. Talk about messing up a perfectly healthy impressionable young adult. That is messed up big time.


Ben Emery

Howdy Yall!

Thought I would share some thoughts on the entire 2016 election cycle, which is a repeat of the last 5 or 6 or 7 elections. You have to go to the link to understand what the discussion is about.

I too would love to see Moderators have the power to challenge the candidates once again. Bring back the League of Women Voters

The biggest hurdle we have as a nation is the inability or unwillingness for the American electorate to admit our entire political system is a semi improv staged entertainment event. The two major parties and their masters allow elections to happen to keep the fallacy alive that we have a functioning democratic republic. The fact of the matter is the opinions, wants, and needs of the American people don’t have any influence on policy, zero. Here is a one-sentence summary from a Princeton/ Northwestern study on US governance and public policy.
“The preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy”
My First Comment on this post/ link from another FB thread
The only problem is, what moderator? Commission of Presidential Debates (CPD) are the employers. CPD are a private corporation set up by the Democratic and Republican Parties. The "Debate" are exactly the way the want them. A highly viewed two-hour campaign commercial. They are about building party and nothing else.
A Reply to My Comment
what does this have to do with Answering the Question?
My Reply
The "Debates" aren't set up for them to answer tough questions or have detailed answers. Debates are set up to attract people to the party. The "moderator" job is to give the candidates the platform to give a 2-minute stump speech on whatever issue it is about.
Why don't you think third parties are allowed on stage? They will challenge the two major parties on every issue and lo and behold an actual debate might break out.
To answer your question in one sentence. Moderators aren't there to get answers they are there to give candidates a mass televised platform to give canned 2-minute speeches.


Todd Juvinall

Oh you terrible cynic Ben Emery. Debates really do allow us to see people in a different light if you know where to look. And when that trickle os sweat drips down Hillary's neck like the guy in Total Recall, we may get to see some truth. Now today we read that Obama knew all along that she had a private server even though he denied it. And he used a fake name to communicate with her on that server. So maybe the libs will finally get exposed as the liars they are. I am looking forward to the debate tonight as I want to see how each one conducts themself. Should be fun.


If the "moderator" enters the debate as a "fact checker", they become one of the debaters. Presenting alternative views is the job of the other debater, and it's up to the viewers (in person or not) to judge each. If Hillary wants to challenge a statement the Donald makes, she should. And vice versa. The Master of Ceremonies or "moderator" should just do their job which is to keep everything in the agreed upon format.

In the meantime, Silver's 538 has the odds as 54/46, Hillary's new low point. Essentially a dead heat.

I doubt Hillary will be able to last 90 minutes. Time will tell.


Posted by: Gregory | 26 September 2016 at 12:39 PM

I doubt Hillary will be able to last 90 minutes. Time will tell.

She has trouble physically...that will be her Waterloo!


If Hillary has physical problems on the podium is it all over for Hillary?


If Hillary has physical problems on the podium is it all over for Hillary?

Ben Emery

Cognitive dissonance rearing its ugly head as usual with the fab five.

You guys with the very very narrow view of world seem to have a hard time processing anything complex. Watching the debates will not give any more detail about a candidates issues. Answering a multipronged complex issue in 90 to 120 seconds does not expand on their sound bite campaign trail rhetoric. And you guys are defending the format, nice. Bumper sticker politics, no wonder our country and policies have our priorities so wrong.

Clinton will talk in great detail about how the sausage is made while leaving out all the bribes and promises that were given. Dropping names like war criminals Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama as friends and supporters. Yes, Obama has been bombing the bejesus out of multiple states without any declaration of war from Congress for 7 years and many of the victims of the bombings are innocent civilians. Crimes against Peace and Humanity, war criminal. Throw in spying on Americans, kill lists, ect...

Trump will turn it into school yard name calling scene and will try and prove he has a bigger penis than Hillary. Sadly I think he loses that competition.

What we got going on is what the Democrats and Republicans have been pushing for so many decades. We are literally stuck between absolute shit A vs. absolute shit B.

An ego maniac authoritarian corrupt to the eyeballs war hawk trying to convince everyone they are qualified due to their resume. If we look at job performance the resume isn't all that impressive and down right scary if you ask me.

On the R side of things we have a ego maniac authoritarian who seems to not have the slightest clue of what the Executive Branch does or the powers it possesses. He has a long history of corruption and corporate welfare while exploiting workers. Xenophobe bigot who uses Non PC rhetoric to excite a base that finally has a candidate that speaks out loud what they are thinking. He is making the entire country into the US South 50 years ago, racism is good and let your thoughts be known.

We are screwed no matter which one of these ego maniac authoritarian corrupt pieces of shit are elected.

I strongly encourage all of you to vote for another party candidate, Gary Johnson would be more up your alley. I am voting for no Evil with Jill Stein, again.

George Rebane

BenE 110pm - your debate concerns are valid. It would be better if the debates followed the Lincoln/Douglas format where the debaters address each other directly and raise any topics they want to present. The only official then was a time keeper - a recognized man of gravitas - who after a candidate had spoken for two(?) minutes would thunder 'Thank you Mr Lincoln/Douglas!' to let the other get in their word. From the historical record we read that such debates were very revealing and therefore valuable.


Posted by: Ben Emery | 26 September 2016 at 01:10 PM

Cognitive dissonance...

No offense Ben but you're the poster child for cognitive dissonance.


Ben, if you had an easy time understanding anything complex you'd have had a chance to progress past a high school diploma (or was it a GED?).

Your fact checker pointed out you were never a nursing student despite your claim to be in your campaign bio... life's a bitch. There's still time to complete an Associate of Arts, you might be up to it. Give it a try.

Todd Juvinall

It is true. Thanks Ben emery. We are fabulous.


Hay Ben! Hear Hillary's minions demand that Trump be fact checked if he lies?
Now SHE is one to whine about lies.. I hope her ears are checked on live TV so we can see
if she has someone whispering in her ear on what to say. knowing her, she has had a surgical implant just in case.

I demand a drug test be done on her. There is no way she can stand up without a seizure, and mega drugs to keep her stable. Trump will have her blood pressure up like never before.
Hell! she has been in debate bootcamp for 10 days! Trump? Sticking to Hillary all over the nation.

OK Dr. R,, tonight would be a good night to dust off that bottle I gave you for special occasions.

Now only if Monica Lewinsky was sitting in the front row. Then watch Hillary nut up.

George Rebane

Walt 316pm - Many thanks again Mr Bronson, and your recommendation will be taken to heart. But it is my liver that will contact you tomorrow ;-)


Looks like progressive sphincters are puckered all over Nevada City in anticipation of tonights festivities......first Ben makes an appearance after an extended absence and now jeffy has coaxed Bruce Levy off the hamster wheel and out of the Habitrail™ long enough to drop rat pellets all over the keyboard!

brucelevy says:

September 26, 2016 at 1:51 pm

I’m afraid America has lately become White Trash Nation thanks to Trump and his flying monkeys. He gives the least common denominators of society permission, even encouragement to fly their flags high and proud.

Really Bruce......100 years of progressive democrat machine politics and its just lately become "White Trash Nation"?


The Clinton quest for this election seasons "Great White Defendant" will apparently have to continue......

"I (Sailer) blogged overnight:

Hillary’s got to be figuring the Law of Averages has to finally be on her side with the next bad guy after such a long run of bad luck. Maybe the U. of Illinois party shooter will turn out to be a Young Republican … Is that too much to hope for? I mean, really, God, whose side are you on? Every time you turn on the news, some new atrocity is being committed by Muslims or blacks or immigrants, or even by a stabby Muslim black immigrant like that guy in St. Cloud, MN. I mean, what are the odds?

Even the last two white male cops who shot black guys turned out to be a black and a woman! How unlucky is that?

Where’s another Dylann Roof when you need him?

Today, Hillary got the welcome news that a Porsche-driving Houston lawyer in a Nazi uniform had shot a bunch of people.

Finally …!

.....but then an interview with Nathan DeSai’s father Prakash Desai revealed some kind of Indian Ocean accent."

Bummer dude........!

She can't even catch a break when somebody shoots up a mall in Washington state.


Bill Tozer

Lots of folks out there are acting real spooked. Not so cocky lately, are they? They act like they really expect an ackward moment. Personally, if Trump can do as good of job as he did in the first primary debate when everybody stuck a fork in him and wrote him off., he will be just fine. Remember, Obama recently said that she is more prepared to be President than any other candidate in history, including himself, so she will absolutely fabulously shine.....Unless she starts talking in that voice that reminds everybody of their ex-wives.

"Why aren't I up 50 points? I dunno. Haven't a clue. But I have said before on these pages that it is political suicide to dis Trump supporters. All Trump has to do tonight is avoid stepping on his own dick, and just like after his previous "disasterous" first debate, his numbers will go up. That's the way it is. This is why:


Noticed a lady in pink wearing an Adorable Deplorable tee shirt a couple day back. Interesting times.

Ok, I won't watch the debate. I will listen to it while doing yoga with my Turkish friend from north of Seattle. Wait, it's being live streamed on Facebook and CNN! Oh goodie, I will see the edited version.



Just listening to the hag makes me want to hurl. Now she tries the revisionism tactic.


Where oh where have the ECO nuts gone?
This is how science gets settled. MESS WITH IT.

Bill Tozer

Ah, I heard it going down live. Michael Savage was on air reading a list of the side effects of a time release drug (capsule form) used to treat something. He said listen to the side effects of this time release drug and tell me it if it does not sound familiar. He did not mention Althemisers, just reading the side effects of the drug. Dr. Savage does have a master's in pharachemicals. Then everything changed. First they pulled New York (where he owns the airways in his time slot), then the nation. Before he went off he said the drugs name 3 times and "just remember the name, just remember the name of the drug and what we were talking about, which I have since forgot. Earlier, as he was reading the list of serious side effects, I looked it up on Google and was reading about it when he started warning the listeners he is being sabatoged at the very moment.

Too bad. He just got inducted into the Rafio Hall of Fame, beating everybody on the ballot, including O'Reily. Savage has 40% more listenership in NY (his largest market and #1 there) than the duo that preempted him. They even bragged on the air that they pulled a "coup". Boom, boom, out went the lights.

Do not discuss Hillary's health. Oh boy. On debate day to boot. 20 million listeners. Must be one of coincidences I reckon.


Bill Tozer

Oh yeah. It's call levodopa sustain release.

Causes drop in blood pressure. Other side effects listed:


Parkinson's, not Althemisers. Sorry.

Don Bessee

I just saw an article on news 40 at UC Davis about ZIKA and infecting pregnant monkeys. They said they have 40 or so critters in an outdoor pen zone just like the other 4800 monkeys. They infect them to study the fetus development.

Perhaps I missed something, ZIKA is transmitted in a local zone by mosquitos so why have the infected subjects right next to the other FOUR THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED monkey mosquito snacks who are not in the study and subject to contamination?

How many students live in the zone the mosquitos can travel?


Way more interesting than the debates last night,



When I asked whether Germany wouldn’t need younger workers to service its rapidly aging population—a common argument for a liberal immigration policy—she laughed and said, “To be frank, I don’t see young Muslim men wiping the asses of old German pensioners.”

Frauke Petry gets it.......wonder where jeffy....err....I mean "jon" is these days? Maybe his wasn't a position based on culture or economics but rather wish fulfillment?


Brad C.

I did not think young Muslim men worked...

Todd Juvinall

Jerry Brown and the kinds of non renown passed a bill today to allow felons in county jails to vote. Does this mean a felon, sent to jail for say murdering the DA's mother, can now vote for or against him from the cell?


Bill Tozer

"The evidence went up in smoke."


Bill Tozer

1/3 of calls on the Veterns Suicide Hotline go unanswered. Now, tell me again why I should put my faith in Washington.



Methinks Steve is less concerned with Miss Venezuelas self esteem than his own.....

stevefrisch says:

September 29, 2016 at 5:06 am

Circle of Stupid update!

Here is Gregory Goodknight on the Alicia Machado [Miss Universe] “issue”:

“Well, it also turns out Miss Piggy was under contract to keep her figure as it was on the day of the Miss Universe win for her year as Miss Universe (she didn’t, hence the Piggy tag), and has something of a career in hard core porn in the time since, in addition to threatening judges and district attorneys. Hillary needs to pick better Pollyannas.” –Greg Goodknight

I don’t usually weigh in to say someone is ‘as stupid as Todd’ but Goodknight really does appear to as misogynistic as Todd. They may have been separated at birth.

Unfortunately Mr. Goodknight is relying on claims Ms. Machado threatened a judge [a claim unsupported in her native Venezuala]; and that she was a porn actress [a claim also unsubstantiated and publicly debunked] he continues the narrative that if one critiques Trump they are fair game for libel.

But let’s think about the root of Mr. Goodknght’s mind set; by parenthetically adding the “she didn’t, hence the Piggy tag” clause he really demonstrates his true colors. Yep, a woman who gains weight after being under contract to remain thin should be fat shamed. Hey, a contract is a contract! And he does not address the other “Miss” label–the “Miss Housekeeping” one. I guess it is OK to use a bigoted stereotype to describe a fat woman who did not remain exactly as she was after making the deal that she would be eye candy for a “pagent” owned by a lecherous old men for a year.

Circle of Stupid is actually too kind to describe this is kind chauvinism.

Yep, class act.

There is hope Steve......much like jeffys "Happy Dancing" over trivial things, shaking your begging bowl for the SBC is a form of cardiovascular exercise and coupled with a reasonable diet can contribute to both healthy lifestyle and improved appearance.

Todd Juvinall

Steve Frisch cracks me up. He apparently has not read anything about this woman. But what's new. She is exactly what Gregory has said according to all the reports. All this defending this indefensible woman tells me he (Frisch) is a fine tuned spot of stupid. And he is a wuss. I bet he wears the dress in his family. LOL!


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 29 September 2016 at 07:32 AM

re: Miss Venezuela......I paraphrase local sage Steve Frisch and wonder......is defending her "honor" the "hill you want to die on"?


I wonder if Steve will get as indignant about the horrible, hurtful, hateful, haterific, hate facty, haterade, hate-tacular....feel free to stop me at any time.....hatey-hate-hatin.....comments that the Hugo Chavez cuddling and vaguely homeless looking Sean Penn made about Trump.

"Penn called Donald Trump “the guy who looks like the only blonde magician” and said when it comes to the size of his hands, there’s a “proportional match” with something else…"


Todd Juvinall

Sean Penn is a good actor but a idiot regarding politics. Hugo Chavez embraced Penn as he starved his own people. What a fool. But Steve Frisch is worse. He not only defends the indefensible but his hans are small and dainty. I can see why he is always mad.


It takes a coward like Stephen Frisch, six figure CEO of the wretchedly misnamed Sierra Business Council, to post something like that behind the Pelline curtain where the aforementioned Jeffy will keep him protected.

Personally, I think Alicia Machado was arguably even better with a few extra pounds from her anorexic and bulimic minimum (ugly diseases when it's a compulsion), but she was under contract to keep that skinny state for a year while her image was peddled across all four corners of the Earth. Trump was her boss for that year and Miss Piggy isn't that bad. His support for her personally reportedly also kept her from being fired by his board.

Do I fat shame women? No, not even Rosie O'Donnell.

Porn career publicly debunked? For a good time, google 'Alicia Machado [insert sex act of your choice]'. She was, from my limited sampling, very talented in her post Miss Universe career which I do not fault her for, except for her unsuitability to be the Pollyanna du jour in Clinton's service.

IIRC Stevie had once vowed to travel to Washington DC to volunteer, helping Hillary in her quest to dip her hands in the blood du jour to get a gun ban in place. Neither Steve's trip or Hillary's gun ban happened, but it's plenty clear which side Steve's bread is buttered on... the prospect of a Trump Presidency getting rid of the Sierra Business Council and the other environmental rent seekers almost drives me to voting for Trump, but I'll keep with the stoner, Governor Johnson, Aleppo moments and all.

Todd Juvinall

Trump wrote another bppk and within it were a few passages on the Machado babe. Trump actually kept the Miss Universe board from firing her. And he paid for a gym and her food to help her regain her contractual responsibilities. So this is how she repays Trump. I think he would have the right to be pissed. She is not worth the time. But the Jerry Springer types Hillary thinks will turn out to vote may not be impressed.


Todd, who is posting at your blog who Steven Frisch, CEO of the yada yada yada thinks is me? He went off on the both of us for our banter on your blog about him at one point over (I think) at Jeffie's sandbox not that long ago... but I can't even remember what year I last posted at your blog. I think it was 2013 or 2014.

Whoever you are, keep it up.

Todd Juvinall

Some anonymous poster. He just can't get that hate out of himself.


You know, if all that porn using her name are doing so fraudulently, perhaps some smart Washington DC lawyer can handle the lawsuits she could file. That smart lawyer couldn't be Hillary Clinton, who failed the D.C. bar exam and then hid that fact for three decades or so.

Steven Frisch, maybe you know... did Hillary move to Arkansas before or after Hillary flunked the bar, before or after she was severed from her Watergate gig? Did she move for love or because she passed the Arkansan bar exam, reportedly easier than the D.C. exam and had nothing keeping her in the center of power?

Jim Lear

Where`s Bessee on this?


So "O" is working to hand over the internet to foreign powers. Another Jimmy Carter move.
Remember? Carter handed over the Panama Canal zone to a drug lord.

Bill Tozer

Walt. O just said that we should play ball and fork over some sovernity to the Global Community. at his repulsive UN speech. Guess he is not through with his apology tour. And he was not just talking about the global economy. Nope, he went beyond that. Funny, but I thought we are a constitutional republic. What is the purpose of even being a sovereign nation ruled by our law, not men, if we submit to other unknown powers? Why even be a constitutional republic? O must think that is a bad thing.

This Internet thing upsets me. We invented it, we opened it up to John Q. Public for good, not evil. With all the thousands if not millions of hacking and stealing and criminal activity going down daily by shady characters, let's just let the Globalists control it. Hand it over to unnamed facelessless unelected foreigners and that will fix things? Suppose "they" decide, for example, that the Drudge Report billboard contains links that contain hate speech? Suppose you are a Deplorable? Yeah, let Soros's buddy call the shots.


Hay Bill.. A LIB internet rag is real butt hurt. (this comes out before "O" gives the net away.)

Hint. Trump got MORE than most of the "votes".

Bill Tozer

I don't pay attention to those "who won the debate on-line polls". It anything else it tells us what us Irredeemable Deplorables already know. Trump supporters just don't care. We want a change of direction. I don't care how many hot dogs that Venezuelan gal has put in her mouth or even if she had sex on a Spanish reality show. Audio was the best, but I digress. Is this what the election has come down to? The media is covering this like they are hoping Latina Heat turns into another Khan moment....a story that they will lead with from now to the next debate.

"Hello Mr. Trump. Do you regret calling her Miss Piggy 15 years ago, are you proud you paid no taxes legally one year, how much money did you borrow from your Daddy, and are you really as wealthy as you say?? ". Get used to it.

Bottom line, the on-line voters sent a loud message: the ole tried and true just don't cut it anymore. We just don't care and we don't like you, Hillary. You are as charming as a canker sore and you need a new playbook. The voters on both sides of the aisle want change. You can't/won't deliver.


Russ!,, OH RUSS!!!!
Seismic swarm at Katla -30.9.2016
An intense seismic swarm is ongoing since yesterday morning 29 September at Katla volcano. An intense pulse started today at 12:02 (30 September) with several earthquakes around magnitude 3 or larger. No seismic tremor has been detected. Due to the unusually high level of unrest at the Katla volcano we rise the aviation colour code from green to yellow. The volcano continues to be monitored closely.

If this ol' girl pops off, it's going to be a game changer. The ECO kids and their CO2 BS will have nothing on what comes out of Katla.
And just in time to really screw with air travel in the EU.
I'm sure someone will blame it on Trump.

Bill Tozer

Evening Walt.

Push back time:



OH that's good! Now where can we get'm? I'll take 12.

Bill Tozer

There were no volcanos before man made global warming. Must be fracking. :).

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