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17 October 2016


Todd Juvinall

OK I reposted this from another thread.

George Boardman had a smackdown of the Republicans for opposing new taxes and fees on the ballot. Maybe we are tired of the wste and want some spending cuts? Anyway I wrote this on the Union site.

"Maybe people are tired of taxes? The first budget I dealt with in 1985 was 42 million dollars. The population was about 90,000. Today the busfget is over soo million and the population is about 99,000. So the population increased 10% and the budget 500%. Maybe it is time to reevalute?"

Back then I fought against all these fees and taxes but I was outnumbered. I had a few victories but the weight against stopping the government juggernaut is tough. One thing I always fought against was the building department and related departments charging a fee for the "service". I called it a fee for "regulation". Anyway, my position was if the government demands compliance and a permit the department should be funded by the general fund. It is a government monopoly yet the poor property owner has to pay the outrageous fees before a ditch is dug.

George Boardman

For the record, I have not taken a position on the high school bonds, I merely pointed out the central committee's opposition.

The problem I have with the immigration issue is conservatives who want a halt to immigration, presumably while the illegals are being removed. For example:

"The next president should enact an immigration moratorium or strict quotas across the board," a move that would safe billions of dollars, "help the American worker and unemployed, and dramatically help our dire homeland security situation."

That's from Breitbart News, whose ringleader is "president" of Trump's presidential campaign.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 232pm - Thanks for that clarification. I hope you understand my point on immigration vs illegal entrants (see provided links). Immigration is a two-party process. Our country has always had strict quotas - my family and I came to the US under one such quota. We conservetarians only want our country to maintain its borders and permit entry only under our immigration laws to people who serve our national interests (today a novel concept to many). We most certainly don't want national policy to condone illegal entrants as it does today. And I do realize that such historical contexts are today politically incorrect among our progressive brethren.

Todd Juvinall

I remember when I was kid reading the "immigration quotas" for all the countries on th planet. I thought we still had that. Guess not since millions are here illegally. But liberals don't care as they are able to register them all as democrats.


So Boardman is an open boarders guy? Fine. Take to doors and locks off your home. Then put the word out that they are. See what happens. Then the ones that find your couch to their liking, you get to feed them out of your own pocket. It no different than our own boarders.
Maybe if you have been paying attention you would have heard of the many thousands that have showed up with no invite. Now we that taxpayer are footing the bill.

Bonnie McGuire

Too funny how many folks lack experience and common sense. Here's an example of what happens if you get the reputation of having something others can get for nothing. When you have food leftovers from dinner etc. don't throw it in the garbage, but dump it in the back yard for the hungry critters. Next thing you'll experience is your house might be broken into because there isn't enough garbage to feed the growing number of hungry mouths.


"The problem I have with the immigration issue is conservatives who want a halt to immigration, presumably while the illegals are being removed."

Presumably, illegal aliens (to use the correct term) are always being removed... it's a question of how many and how fast. Slowly works for me, with a blind eye mostly pointed in the direction of folks acting like good immigrants and the good eye pointed towards those with what appears to be an illegal alien tourist criminal visa of indeterminate length.

Trump has described a path to legal status that includes a trip back to their home country, which describes what friends of mine, legal aliens all, did to get their 'green card'. One, a Canadian (eh!) had to go home and then present himself to La Migra at the border with all his paperwork, including a properly documented fingerprint card.

Jim had the company guy with a classified safe (we were a commercial company that nonetheless had about a third of its sales to "the company", what we called the NSA. Once Immigration got to that card and saw it was from Ft. Meade (the NSA mother ship), Jim got the royal treatment rather than the disdain they started with. Yes, sir, thank you sir.

I think the current crop of illegal want-to-be legal immigrants should at the least be willing to do what Jim and his kids needed to do.

I'm an open borders guy, but to have open borders you have to make choices:

Open borders, welfare state. Choose one.

Even an open border requires identification and some amount of vetting. Rapists and murderers really should be stopped at the border.


Posted by: Gregory | 18 October 2016 at 11:33 AM

Perhaps Mr. Boardman or some other worthy would explain to me why importing the middle east (except on a case to case basis) benefits the US in any way?

Bill Tozer

I don't remember signing on to have our area here looking like Lebanon. Want to move to Lebanon? You go first. Can't think of one predominately Islam country where the people are generally better off for it, but I could be wrong.

We can't even take care of our poor and homeless with vets dying in the halls of the VA, Obamacare in its death spiral, budget gets busted every year, the printing press running 24/7 throwing out flames, and yet the unskilled and uneducated of the World's poorest poor should be let in indiscriminately? Because they want the fruits of our nation. Because they want to be let in? Because it's their "right"? Good fences makes good neighbors. Enforce existing laws first is all I ask.

Would welcome what open borders means to various readers. Gregory kicked it off with his idea of what open borders mean to him. Good start. Later.

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