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12 October 2016




re: your latest commentary

Over at Fainting Couch Central somebodies mainsail sized undies are wedged firmly.


Wonder what the party of the little guy has been up to recently.......I mean other than helping the downtrodden?

"WALL STREET DONORS have used their financial relationship with the Democratic Party to complain bitterly about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., influence over the direction of the party, a new fundraising document reveals. At one point, the Democratic lawmaker in charge of raising cash for House Democrats attempted to reassure donors by pointing to a news story claiming that Warren does not speak for the party.

The document, a fundraising summary compiled by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, provides a window into the relationship between the Democrats and major interest group donors. The party held meetings with donors such as Goldman Sachs and General Electric and carefully compiled their concerns, even when they whined about core progressive goals. It’s an awesome example of how money greases the wheels of Washington, D.C.

The notes were compiled on behalf of Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-N.M., the chair of the DCCC, providing a summary of his fundraising meetings with various corporate and union donors. The DCCC did not respond to a request for comment.

The nine-page document was found in a cache of files published last week by “Guccifer 2.0,” the anonymous hacker who has been accused by the Department of Homeland Security of having ties to the Russian government.

Goldman Sachs lobbyists Michael Paese and Joyce Brayboy complained to Luján that his party’s “rhetoric is problematic” and that they “don’t like Warren’s messaging,” a reference to populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Brayboy was a so-called “superdelegate” and at-large member of the Democratic National Committee. Warren, notably, has pushed her party to take a more aggressive stance on regulating the financial industry and prosecuting Wall Street crimes criminally.

The lobbyists’ access was likely influenced by significant contributions to the DCCC. In the 2014 election cycle, the Goldman Sachs PAC gave the DCCC $30,000; in 2016, it gave $20,000."



In which JoKe attempts to scold the retrograde......

Joe Koyote says:

October 13, 2016 at 9:42 am

The Rebane’s of our country need to keep finding ways to justify the fact that very few people agree with their socio/political views that can be best described as fringe. They constantly attack the education system, teachers, young people and minorities for being stupid and uninformed while they remain firmly entrenched in a 19th century world view. What can you expect from people whose sources of information are Drudge, Newsmax, Heritage, Townhall, NY Post, Washington Examiner, Fox, and various other right wing propaganda outlets? No George, it is not the aforementioned folks who are “unaware and compliant”, it is the ideologically crippled climate deniers, birthers, benghazi conspiracy theorists, Citizens United, and Trump fans (mostly white males with only a high school education) who fall lockstep into formation and buy into every bullish*t theory that comes along to discredit those fellow citizens who disagree with them and are thus seen as an enemy. America’s great experiment in democracy continues 240 years after the revolution, and some people just can’t handle it. That is why they call themselves conservatives: “a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.” Unfortunately, the universe is constantly changing and evolving which is hard to notice when your head is buried in the sand.

Well I guess we're at an impasse then........

PS: JoKe on slow days.....and just for yucks I sometimes like to re-read your "Rate my Professor" ratings! It never fails to brighten my day knowing that we knuckle draggers were getting college level instruction from your comments here.

Bill Tozer

Institutionalized people become dependent people in a matter weeks. There is a comfort in the familiarity and certainty.
Interesting that Dr. Rebane broke down the legacy of the Great Society by differentiating the northern Black Community (projects) from the Southetn Black community. Dr. Martin Luther King said (after Selma). that he had never seen so much hatred in his life until he went to Chicago. I usually break out (in my mind) rural America from urban America on more issues than not.
Akin to the current exposure of a slanted MSM, I thought this was common knowledge for years. Some people act like this is something new. Guess the skeptical mind needed proof. It's ok to be skeptic. A needed trait for investigation and the pursuit of truth.

Any research into the topic Dr. Rebane raised (economic, crime, education) of our Black communities in urban centers has been common knowledge for decades. The voting patterns are a matter of record. The "why" is a whole different story. Are the progressives simply opportunists, or are the voting patterns a result of nefarious design? I congratulate Dr. Rebane for putting out there issues that are uncomfortable to some, controversial to others. and even uninteresting to others.

The black community votes Democrat because they feel the Dems (or Black leadership) has their backs. I get it. I feel Trump has my back. I really feel Constitutionalists and "classic liberals" really really have my back.

The one question that is raised now and then is why do immigrants of color do much better in their adopted country here than our native born Black citizens? The Jamaican pushing the hot dog cart vs the one who says the game is rigged, why bother? I attribute the answer to institutionalization, which takes on many forms. But, that is off topic and a question for another day.. To me, institutionalizion creates dependence and dependence dulls the mind, emotions, will, heart, soul, and spirit. Kills the senses and bars inquiry.


Who would ever vote for a racist?


Ah, I'll stop and save Walter Williams quotes for another day. Did anyone notice that Clarance Thomas was omitted from the new national African-American museum? His name and likeness does not exist anywhere. Better get him back on the rez.


"The Rebane’s of our country need to keep finding ways to justify the fact that very few people agree with their socio/political views that can be best described as fringe."

I guess JoKe didn't actually read the piece or click through to the Atlantic article, written by a black college professor (a real college, not a Grade 13+14 high school extension).

Let me also once again quote an Oxford professor of Anglo-Saxon on how one treats plural proper nouns...
"My dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots."

Does Sierra College not require their Professors of Communication to be able to communicate in English?

The Rebanes of the country seem to be doing OK. They also seem to be communicating in the English language better than some others who get paid by Sierra College to teach, despite English not being Rebane's (note the proper use of an apostrophe) native language.

George Rebane

The above response of Mr JoeK in Mr fish's 1021am may be hoisted as Exhibit A of the "unaware and compliant". Mr JoeK is still unaware that the title attribution as desiderata for Democrat voters originated from an email exchange among Podesta and other members of Team Clinton. Presuming Mr JoeK is not a minority, his ignorance also demonstrates the pervasiveness of the deficit among white progressives.

It is with some humor that we note the now protracted absence of Mr JoeK from these comment streams. Upon reviewing the record, his offerings did turn out to be a bit embarrassing in light of the rebuttals from other RR readers. As they say, 'If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, then leave!' Sage advice indeed.


"No George, it is not the aforementioned folks who are “unaware and compliant”, it is the ideologically crippled climate deniers, birthers, benghazi conspiracy theorists, Citizens United, and Trump fans (mostly white males with only a high school education) who fall lockstep into formation and buy into every bullish*t theory that comes along to discredit those fellow citizens who disagree with them and are thus seen as an enemy."
-a kitty crunchy left in Pelline's sandbox by JoKe

JoKe's head will explode if Trump wins. What he is doing in the sentence above is projecting. He's the one who is lockstep into formation on the climate (and a science ignoranimus* to boot) lest he be cast out of the ranks of what passes for polite company in his world.

He's lockstep into formation on Benghazi, Citizen United and Trump. As far as I can tell the Center and the Right pretty much ignores Citizen United as it's now settled law. So do libertarians. It's The Left who hates it.

Perhaps JoKe can return here for a moment and describe why Americans, imbued with rights expressed in the Constitution, should lose those rights when they incorporate for a common goal, be it commerce, arts or advocacy? That is the crux of the Citizens United case. A corporation is a group of people, and, whether you hate or love any particular group of people they remain a group of people with unalienable rights.

It's a shame the USC Daybreak poll doesn't break out BA+ into multiple groups... I suggested to them BA+ and BS +, with a BS or better tending towards the hard sciences, while the BA+ is littered with Communications and Rhetoric majors. Or even BA Education types (as PJ O'Rourke once noted, former Ed Sec'y William Bennett always seemed on the verge of saying anyone who didn't know what was wrong with Education never screwed an El Ed major)... note to self, walk through the teacher's parking lot of one of the more progressive parking lot and tally the political stickers before the election is over.

A century ago, prospective teachers didn't attend a college, they attended a Normal School. The California State Normal School in Los Angeles was converted to be the southern branch of the University of California in 1919... Normal Schools were where excellent high school grads went to train to be teachers. Now the California State Universities are where weak high school students go to get credentialed to be teachers. If they want a happy career, they'd better either be happy Democrats or be able to hold their tongues.

* PS As a great 'toon philosopher once stated, "What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!". Thus Spake Bugs.


I get JoKes frustration.....I mean a communications lecturer should have things much better in life! I guess it's those right wingers who follow in lockstep who have frustrated his aspirations in life. Is that "why the hate" Joke? The unaware and compliant citizenry who bring so much material well being to the other progressives for their activism got you down?

I guess you just need to find a higher class of political ass to kiss!



"And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging"
-excerpt of Ivey in the Podesta email.

The money quote is "The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly"
... hence the populist revolts, Brexit and Trump, for a time also the Bernie Brigades. The people are looking outside the reservation and the powers that be are not happy campers.


Reading JoKe over at Mr. Pink's, he calls for Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" to be required reading in high school.

High School. There are two classes of people in the USA required by law to be in a particular place in a particular time, and those are folks in prison and K-12 schoolkids. So, force the kiddies to read what has essentially been voted one of the two worst history books ever, a left wing Marxist screed tied with an equally flawed revisionist right wing history book.

A decent review of both books can be found here: How Bad History Books Win Us Over

In short, Zinn is to the History of the US as the Da Vinci Code is to the History of Roman Catholicism.

JoKe stopped posting here when his facade was pierced and his apparent real name and profession revealed. Might even have been me who figured it out... Joe Keeble of Sierra College's "Communications" department.

So, Joe, want to discuss Zinn here? Or do you prefer to shatter Mr. Pink's facade of "real names only" by pretending to be "Joe Koyote" for the foreseeable future? More fun trolling with a nom de net?

Bill Tozer

Off topic....feel rather undisciplined tonight. Sorry Dr. Rebane. Well, not too sorry, just sort of sorry.

You gentlemen are having to much fun. Don't you know we are in the middle of a Anita Hill/Herman Caine moment? It's over, dammit! Open your eyes, you are toast. What exactly about "put a fork in it" do you fail to understand? Wake up you Trump supporters, of which half of you ARE racists, Islamaphobes, bigots, homophobes, Evangleicals, Catholics, Deplorables, and rednecks. Uneducated rednecks no less. Now when Hillary clearly uttered half of Trump supporters are irredeemable, she just as clearly uttered during Debate #2 she was only talking about Trump, not Trump supporters. Hillary, what exactly about the words "Trump supporters" do we fail to understand?

Come on you closed minded neantherthals, get with the program and show much attrition for being....you know, for being so disrespectful to the Leftists. You remember Anita Hill. She is the one who was insulted beyond words that Clarance Thomas asked her to watch the famous porno flick Long Dong Silver. Always wondered how Justice Thomas could ask her to enjoy a movie a year or more before it was even made and released. A great mystery.. Nothing to see here.

Anybody see The NY Times interview? Darn, a real professional production. The lightings, the ambiance, the music in the background, the cutaways of the victim looking out the window...not bad for a taped interview. Ain't saying she was lying, just admiring the cinematic high quality value of the production. Spared no expense.

Oh, back on topic, kinda. Not really. My day started with a big smile yesterday when around 6:09 am Pat Buchannon called in to my radio show. The host had to praise the Dems for always staying together no matter what and the Republicans always folding like a cheat suit. Giving credit where credit is due. The Left always circle the wagons and stick together, thick or thin. Pat agreed and started laughing and laughing as he said the Democrats always encircle their candidate and stay with hm/her right up to the doors of the penitentiary. :)

Hillary was right. We are irredeemable. We ain't going by the script no more. Bring it on.

George Rebane

BillT 756pm - Mr Tozer, I'm not sure whether you are calling for a massive retreat, or urging one more mighty volley from the ramparts of the Alamo.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: That's what happens when I go off optic. The Atlantic article icontained all I needed to say. Sometimes it feels like the Alamo, sometimes it feels like taking the Kingdom by storm.

Retreat is not a word that is used today. The new term is regroup. Oh, the drama.


Lets all gather round the fire and listen to todays Wikileaks installment about more recent shenanigans from "The Party of the Little Guy".......

"Michael Froman, who is now U.S. trade representative but at the time was an executive at Citigroup, wrote an email to Podesta on October 6, 2008, with the subject “Lists.” Froman used a Citigroup email address. He attached three documents: a list of women for top administration jobs, a list of non-white candidates, and a sample outline of 31 cabinet-level positions and who would fill them. “The lists will continue to grow,” Froman wrote to Podesta, “but these are the names to date that seem to be coming up as recommended by various sources for senior level jobs.”

The cabinet list ended up being almost entirely on the money. It correctly identified Eric Holder for the Justice Department, Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, Robert Gates for Defense, Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff, Peter Orszag for the Office of Management and Budget, Arne Duncan for Education, Eric Shinseki for Veterans Affairs, Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services, Melody Barnes for the Domestic Policy Council, and more. For the Treasury, three possibilities were on the list: Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner."



“Unaware and Compliant” Voters

I think you need to add an additional adjective to this......contortionist! Watching Team D twist logic and evidence to convince themselves that Hillary is progressive is quite the show!

Ed should be careful he could pull a muscle!

Ed Peritz says:

October 14, 2016 at 8:54 am

I agree with Bill Maher (I think it was; if not, it sounds like what he would say.) when ridiculing any voters still undecided. If one can’t discern the differences between the two candidates by now then the best course would be avoid the ballot casting, as it was not meant for thee.

Granted, HRC lacks a warm personality such as propelled husband Bill to two terms and instant vilification from all GOP sources of note. But the incessant calumnies tossed her way are mostly fabrications — a reflexive campaign of discredit picking up where it was set aside upon a failed impeachment conviction — yet constantly repeated by the oracles of sensationalism, think New York Post, Rupert Murdock and the like. The Clintons, in the eyes of these myopic rightwing shill oracle-wannabes, are cold water splashed into their faces with results akin to Dorothy’s tossed water upon the wicked witch: the truth makes them shrivel into an unsightly blob; but unfortunately fails to silence the attendant cacophony of vile attacks.

Our country’s shame is that this election campaign, per some polls, was supposedly very close. Such a eventuality only strengthens H. L. Mencken’s assertion regarding I.Q.s of the masses across this land — but seemingly true globally, too. Having joined Facebook just last week, I’m appalled at the playground level of political discourse uttered by rightwing deviationist Trumpites: A discourse composed of profanity of the vilest sort, capable of forcing even the stoutest progressives to recoil. The GOP, Greedy Old Pretension-ists, has been an intellectually bankrupt coalition probably since Ike’s presidency but certainly since the death of William Buckley, and more recently, George Wills distancing himself from Trump and his obsequious minions.

Trump is a Trojan Horse, its gut filled with sierra dragons, rabid ruminators, static steel and other obsolete masses of unproductive matter.

Agree with Bill Maher......?

Bill Tozer

"Trump is a Trojan Horse, its gut filled with sierra dragons, rabid ruminators, static steel and other obsolete masses of unproductive matter."

Sierra dragons, rabid Ruminators, and static Mr. Steele? Boy, Bill Maher must be reading the good Doc's blog. :). Well, some of us are "unproductive matter", speaking only of myself. I am all those things and a whole lot more. I be sooooo deplorable. I have been called out. It's my 15 minutes of fame and I relish the attention.

Meanwhile back on the farm....



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 October 2016 at 09:58 AM

Sierra dragons, rabid Ruminators, and static Mr. Steele?

Oh William those, I'm sure, are from the fevered brow of Monsieur Peritz himself....rousing for his twice yearly rant at jeffys....quilled pen furiously scribbling!

I confess I still like him better than the naked Id of Bruce Levy.

Todd Juvinall

More from the drug induced logic of Mr. P? LOL!

Bill Tozer

Sorry Fish, my bad reading comprehension. It did seem like too much of a coincidence that Bill Maher would use terms I quoted. Thankyou for correcting the errors of my ways. I rarely follow Jeff's blog so I must plead ignorance to who posts there. Local issues, food and whine, and the obsessive criticizing of typos in The Union ain't my thing. Too petty for holding my interest.

I do like Mr. Peritz's writing style, but not enough to go over there myself to check it out. I also like Steven Frinch's (spelling?) writing style as well as Steven puts forth his arguments in a thoughtful concise manner, IMHO. Don't have to agree with others' points of view, but I always give points for style and fortifying one's opinion with supporting evidence. Just saying.....

Ok, somehow I got to get this on topic. Do not think anyone can argue with the devastion of the black community by inferior education, lack of economic opportunit in blighted areas, the almost complete breakdown of the family uniit, drugs, and lack of direction. It truly is a breakdown of the moral compass of the black community and society at large.

4 minute video. Trigger warnings not needed, but you never know in this age. Second part of video addresses the topic in a general way. After all, leaders of the BLM movement have been treated as royality at the White House and have spent more time there than Honest Abe himself. Watch if you want, don't watch if you don't want to. I cannot control what other people do or say, which is how it should be in a perfect world.


Oh yeah. Pic time

Bill Tozer

Guess it all depends what one's definition of ignorant is.



Gee JoKe...you have the democrat party working to the democrat get elected...you've got the media whores in the press turning tricks to get the democrat elected.....and now you complain that the republican party isn't doing enough to get the democrat elected?

Joe Koyote says:

October 15, 2016 at 11:02 am

“It is job of the party to do everything it can to keep Democrats from winning office, number one. Number two is to fulfill the will of the people who determine our nominees,” said Sean Spicer, a top official at the RNC. (huffpost)

This about tells the tale, winning by any means necessary comes first… doing what their constituents (read that as donors) want, second….the good of the country, not mentioned. That about sums up the Republican party.

I don't know JoKe.....sounds a little whiny to me!

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