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25 October 2016


Bill Tozer

Tell me again exactly how many Republicans voted for the Affortable Care Act. Think it's that nice round number. Blame Bush! Blame Fox News! Blame the Koch Brothers!

Bill Tozer

I thought the subsidies were being phased out. Only thing the White House is bragging about is that subsidies make it affordable for 10 million people. The rest are finding out that it's not worth your while after paying monthly premiums and high deductibles and you have to pay thousands in cash. Might as well keep paying cash and sign up for Obamacare later.

Like putting solar panels on one's humble abode. The cost-benefit ratios just don't make it worth your while.


Todd Juvinall

So we now know how Hillary Clinton avoided a indictment for having a illegal email server as well as the classified emails she exposed to hacking. The FBI guy in charge of the "investigation" is corrupt. His wife was given $675,000 for her Virginia State Senate race and the money came from Governor Terry McCauliffe, a close best friend of Hillary;s! It seems no institution is beyond the corrupt fingers of the Clinton's. Now they have induced corruption in the FBI! So this is what you het with them. I think the demise of ethics and morality in out institutions can be laid right at the feet of the evil Clintons.Crooks all.

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