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29 October 2016


Bill Tozer

Has anyone ever heard of a sitting AG taking the 5th? A good forensic accountant will tell us that the 1.7 billion dollars in cash this Administration used to pay Iran did not come from the general fund. No Department of our government has that much cold hard cash on hand. Nobody in this day and age of electronic transfers has 1.7 billion in physical cash sitting in the warehouse.. It's all paperless money nowadays,
Hmmm. Wait, drug cartels, black market money launderers, rouge dictators, etc. are about the only ones on Earth that have pallets of cash sitting about floor to ceiling.

Hillary is so proud of her work to keep Iran from getting nukes. She done pointed to it as a great achievement. Backs Obama one thousand percent on the Iran Nuke Deal.
Trump said it was a horrible deal that made us all less safe. Certainly did not make Israel safer. Maybe made The Muslim Brotherhood safer.

Stay the course: Bill and Loretta and Hillary and Obama say "nothing to see here".
This year we really do have a choice between two diametrically opposed world views and ethics.



I give credit where it is due. And for ONCE I agree with (GOD help me....) Mike Moore.
He said that voting for Trump is the " "F" YOU! " vote against the "establishment".
So come out of the voting booth with that single digit raised high. Yes! "yur #1!"

Bonnie McGuire

Here's a wonderful video history and civics lesson of where we've been and are today.
It doesn't matter what you may think of Trump, except we do know he's had experience in our former private sector free enterprise system, and understands where government gets its revenue. Hillary has been a parasite all her life and appears to think it grows on trees. Thirty years of her is enough. https://grumpajoesplace.com/



Bill Tozer

Common thread?

Hillary's son in law is Soros's nephew.

George Rebane

re BillT 835am - perhaps this Mr Tozer is citing this -

Bill Tozer


George Boardman

Sauer finds it necessary to point out that Hillary didn't wear an American flag pin at the debates, meaning...what?

Perhaps one of you can explain to me conservatives' fascination with this kind of simple-minded symbolism. For no particular reason, I have never owned or worn a flag pin. Does that make my unpatriotic?

Norm Sauer

Boardman, it is simple: impressions matter, especially in politics.

George Boardman

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"--Samuel Johnson

Bill Tozer

Mr. Boardman: Patriotism is the last refuge of the deplorables. No agrument here.

Good job with your recent polling editorial in The Union. A must read. Ok, that gets you a 7.9 on the Tozer Scale, a ranking that will bring you much grief from certain sectors. Sorry to pin that ribbon on your shirt. Better wear a good helmet with face shield hench forth. You are in their crosshairs, but they always looked at you with suspicion and contempt anyway. They never liked ya in the first place. Come on in, Mr. Boardman, the water is warm. Full of scoundrels so you might feel right at home. Inside polling is where it's at. Noticed Hillary is ramping up the schedule and is forced to do more than one campaign stop a day. Such courage!

Saw this and thought of you. Talks about little flags on the labels.

"If the people no longer believe that their government is run honestly -- if they conclude that their leaders are merely crooks with little flags on their lapels -- then the whole system is at risk."


Don Bessee

In what could be an indication of panic setting in, madam liar liar pantsuits on fire claimed today she was in NYC on 9/11. Notwithstanding the DC interviews and pictures of her on the Capitol steps singing God Bless America on the 11th. She only flew to NYC later in the day on the 12th with Schumer and Rangel after being on the Senate floor in the morning of the 12th. That is clearly a micro aggression and a trigger statement wrapped in a senior moment. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Trump seems to be gaining across America. Hillary is now under scrutiny for selling her position of Secretary of State for cash an her husband's spending money cache. Along with the perv "Carlos Danger" AKA Anthony Wiener, we see the total corruption of the Clinton's and the democrats. 70% of them polled said they would still vote for Clinton if she was indicted. My GOD! We cannot let that happen.

George Rebane

ToddJ 1038am - That is an interesting poll result (citation?), but not a surprising one. Most of the liberals I know share that sentiment, and it fits in with the overarching socio-political goals they support at various levels.

Todd Juvinall

Here is the link


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