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28 October 2016


Paul Emery


Obama will pardon Clinton of any related crimes much like Ford Pardoned Nixon in 1974.

"n a televised broadcast to the nation, Ford explained that he felt the pardon was in the best interests of the country, and that the Nixon family's situation was "a tragedy in which we all have played a part. It could go on and on and on, or someone must write the end to it. I have concluded that only I can do that, and if I can, I must."[4]"

Also Bush pardoned numerous Iran Contra characters includoing Oliver North so the Republicans have carved the trail for how to deal with these things.

"in a single stroke, Mr. Bush swept away one conviction, three guilty pleas and two pending cases, virtually decapitating what was left of Mr. Walsh's effort, which began in 1986. Mr. Bush's decision was announced by the White House in a printed statement after the President left for Camp David, where he will spend the Christmas holiday. "

Bill Tozer

Been telling ya'll that Wa State (and Portland) have gone off the rails on looney leftism so far out into Fantasyland that they make Berkeley look like a Tea Party confab.

Glad to see some supporting Trump only on the issues, not his crudeness. Finally. Vote on the issues, what a concept. Unfortunately for the Dems, their canidate avoids speaking on the issues. All she says is Trump, Trump, Trum....er....or more precisely, has Mrs. O say it for her as she watches Mrs. O upstage her a thousand ways to Sunday. As the election nears, voters and politicians alike are looking at the issues, gasp! A new phase of the election cycle.

I am so off topic! Forgive me good doc. I get cabin fever after 9 hours of rain. Ok, pick a topic, Bill.

IRS looking into the Clinton Foundation? ROFLMFUEO! Good one, Dr. Rebane. You have me rolling with that one. Thanks, I needed the belly laugh. IRS auditing the Clinton Foundation? Lol. Hey doc, I just saw Bigfoot washing himself off with my garden hose. Oh doc, too funny. IRS auditing the Clinton Foundation? Priceless.


All those pardons and Paul forgets the most egregious abuse of power... the pardon worth millions that are still flowing


George Rebane

PaulE 1113am - Readers here will recall your multiple predictions starting last year that the Hillary's email scandal was a non-starter and soon would be forgotten. It seems that intervening events have been just a bit different from that prognostication. Now how should we take your current one?

BillT 1116am - Your comment seems to say that I'm reporting an IRS audit of the Clinton Foundation; do we understand you correctly?

Paul Emery

Just raising the possibility that Obama may follow Ford and Bush's precedents in dealing with sticky legal issues. They paved the way for sure.

Paul Emery

Yeah Gregory Presidents do that don't they. what else is new.

Bill Tozer

Doc in the House @ 11:37 am.
Nope Dr. Rebane. Just saying that you are beating a dead horse by even asking why the IRS is not doing its job. Remember when Obama was asked about the IRS and the Tea Party type groups getting the big middle finger when applying for non profit status....in the period before Obama won reelection? Obama unequivocally stated with all confidence that there is not a smidgen of corruption at his politicalized IRS. Not a smidgen. So, the first thing Lois Lerner said when she opened her mouth in front of the Congressial investigation was "I take the Fifth". Lol. She did just a good job over at the Federal Elections Commission that Obama brought her over to run the IRS, lol. Nothing to see here. They even tried to impeach Lois's replacement. ROFLMFUEO..

Repost of my words on Dump Trump and Pillary this am, 10ish I believe.
'Todd, too little to late.

Reader's Digest version: just acknowledging Obama and Hilary exchanged e-mails on Hillary's privately owned non government server is a de facto guilty plea for all intents and legal purposes. All communications from POTUS are classified, even if he was asking how her yoga classes went."

Geeze Paul, are we really doing the Bush Did It Too! song and dance again. You must have attended the Rocky Horror Show In Nevada City Saturday night. Let's do the time warp again!! I love that show, but I am afraid I might catch some air borne virus if I get too close to your stomping grounds, so I threw the free tickets in the trash.

Final thoughts: while the breaking news or non news works its course, my thoughts:

This has Maoist Valerie Jarred's fingerprints all over it. She will not ever ever allow Obama to be tainted by this or anyone. The narrative "Obama died" (about not knowing about Hillary's non government privately owned server) must be put to rest, like now. There is a pecking order. Sorry Hillary, nothing personal. The Left always eats their young.

Bill Tozer

PS: just got a text from WA State. On the state ballot is a "do you want to pay for a carbon tax". Lol. If I wasn't crazy I would go insane.


The Iran-Contra characters who were pardoned didn't make the President who pardoned them rich. They may have been rogue operators but they weren't in it for the money; what they did have was a defective sense of the appropriate under the law for what could be done in order for Iran to, in essence, to arm the Contras. The Grifter-In-Chief who pardoned Marc Rich did it for money, and his wife is on the ballot of the upcomin'.

I remember watching the video of Ollie North in his testimony to the Congress... what a sleazebag but, and this was the kicker, he came off as far more honorable than his congressional inquisitors who twisted in the wind as he talked openly after having been given wide immunity because the congress thought he would be handing them Reagan's head on a platter. Oooops.

North, because of a flawed Constitutional gene, thought he was doing the right thing, as did his pardoner. There's no chance Clinton's pardon of Rich was anything but a big grifting that helped the Clintons out of that state of poverty the missus complained about when she stole goodies from the White House.

Bonnie McGuire

You don't have to be very smart to notice the connection between these three things midst all the distractions to hide the truth. Remember that when individuals are martyred their memory lives on.
1. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were killed at Benghazi by terrorists. Smith told his mother the night before that he was going to die because all security had been pulled from the embassy. Nobody listened, or seemed to care. The next day, he and Ambassador Stevens were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists...along with former Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, who disobeyed stand-down orders, trying to save them, but lost their lives while saving others at the Embassy. http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/heres-what-the-heroes-of-benghazi-said-about-the-stand-down-order/
2. The mysterious death of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Who we elect as President decides who will be on the Supreme Court with the power to interpret the laws of our Constitution (as originally intended). Article 3 (regarding Treason) states, "No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open Court. The Constitution defines Treason as specific acts, mainly "levying war against the United States, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."
3. Hillary Clinton's email cover-up by our government to may be to avoid charges of
Treason? They reveal her actions as Secretary of State resulted in arming the Islamic terrorists who attacked Benghazi. For years, investigative reporters have said that Clinton approved arms shipments to Libyan “rebels” linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
WikiLeaks Julian Assange said her emails demonstrate her part in efforts to arm jihadists in Syria, just as in Libya where she was for the strategy arming Islamist rebels who got their weapons along with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Isis.
Is President Obama’s use of an alias to e-mail Hillary the reason why the Clinton e-mail scandal never had a chance of leading to criminal charges...because he would be guilty of a breach of national security too?
Hillary Clinton's and President Obama's predicament indicates Iran likely possesses a complete set of the Clinton-Obama emails that explain the billions of dollars of cash shipments to Iran. Not only ransom but blackmail?
This election is important, but even if Trump wins he'll have to deal with a frightened Conress at the mercy of the corrupt media stirring the pot to burn down America. During the many years I've voted I've never witnessed such a lack of standards. It's all about power, money and approval by the racketeers. I've read D'Souza's wonderful, intelligent book "Stealing America," and am looking forward to seeing his movie.

Bill Tozer

Rich was and is the largest biggest most obscene tax cheat this nation has known in its long long history. Wasn't it a Clinton relative who represented Marc Rich case to POTUS? The only losers were the tax payers.

Figured it out!!! It ain't the Russians doing the Wikileaks dumps. No, it is someone who has a big deep personal score to settle with Hillary. A hater. It is none other than Carlos Danger after having Hillary steal his wife from him. Bad blood, bro. Carlos is not called Danger for nuthin'.


OH is Hillary and her minions PISSED! The FBI didn't give them warning they reopened the investigation. New info has surfaced. ( or did the FBI do this to save face?)

Bill Tozer

Nah. Hillary and others were e-mailing Huma on Carlos Danger's phone so neither Huma or her devices could be traced back to her.

Got caught in their own snare. Oh what a web we weave when at first we deceive.....as day follows night.

Another sex scandal that ruins lives. And to think Carlos Danger was a 7 term Dem congressman. If Hillary didn't sic the FBI on Carlos after pics emerged with Carlos's erection while sexting with his boy laying in bed with him, this would have never been brought to light. Should have been a local or state investigation. Poor Huma. Wonder what Sharia Law says about this. I am sickened to think Bubba said the vows at Huma's wedding as Hillary put on her plastic smile. Suddenly I feel sorry for Chelsea.

Bill Tozer

Walt, I will sleep on this one. How many times someone (usually R's) wave a juicy piece of meat under our noses to get us all salivating and then pull it away and say it was just a rubber biscuit. Every time. So, I had my fun and will back out.

But, Mr. Walt, quickly look and see what other news is going down The US and Russian planes almost getting into a dogfight over Syria yesterday? Wikileaks saying a big mean dump coming next week? So far the leaks have been just operatives. Are they ready to get closer to the bone? Is it because the leaks finally made the front page of NYT (plus the Wa Po) and somebody wants it off the front page?

Crooked Comley would not drop this unless he had some good hard evidence in his hands. Or....a bluff so they can buy some time and then have O and Co come out and declare before the election "nothing to see here and it's safe to vote for Hillary now".???


BBQ ribs for all if Hillary gets perp-walked. Hay!,, GrandDad did it when he got news of Lincoln's assassination. He through a party for the whole mining camp, and butured an Oxe.
(He was from the "Johnny Reb" side of MO.)
The smoker will be stiffed, and the shindig will be at my place, and the pistol range will be open for business.(beer to be served when the bullets run out.)


ABC News tracking poll released today has Clinton ahead of Trump by 4%.

This is the same poll that had Clinton ahead by 12% just a week ago. My take? They were hoping to get a bandwagon rolling in that direction, it didn't happen, and so they're dialing back to reality plus a couple percent because no one of consequence believed them.

George Rebane

Walt 215pm - Count me in; what can we bring?

George Rebane

Has anyone noticed the short shrift lamestream outlets are giving to Comey's incipient epiphany? AP covers it with three short paragraphs. 'Nothing here folks, just keep moving along.'


Well Dr.,, Your favorite targets? Say,,, hard drives? (the Mrs. has it in for stuffed animals and teddy bears)
Thanksgiving just might sound like the 4TH of July depending on the FBI.


Now that the FBI is back on the job, our LIBS will claim that it's just another witch hunt. Well, we DO have an honest to goodness "witch",(The witch of Washington) and the season has just reopened. I say use the Washington Monument as the stake to tie her to. There is plenty of classified paper to use as fuel. Don't worry LIBS, it's a "green" witch burning fuel. It's renewable. (and apparently, an endless supply)

Bill Tozer

Yep, doc. The libstream media are furiously playing "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is. Yes, Comey did not utter the exact words "reopen the investigation", duh. Nope, he said he receieved information that is/may be "PERTINENT to THE investigation." Pertinent? Pertinent to what investigation? The investigation into Weiner? The investigation into The Russians hacking the DNC? The investigation into the non investigation closed in July? What is pertinent? What does pertinent mean?

Obviously THE investigation is the investigation of Hillary and her 5 aides that received immunity into that criminal investigation of violations of the Espionage Act, lying to the FBI, obstruction of justice, and the handling of State owned records. That investigation, idiots. THE investigation.

Ok, so there is not an investigation. Just information that is PERTINENT to a random inquiry. That information is digital e-mails. Ok, drop the word investigation. Drop the word pertinent. Drop the word "the". Let's just say emails have appeared that are relevant to something involving a former investigation. Happy now, Leftists?

Laugh of the day. When the story broke, ole Wolf Blitzer was falling all over himself. He did not know how or even what to say. He had to wait to get an official response/talking point from Team Clinton. The Clinton Blue Jetliner sat on the runway for 20 minutes with the door open. Wolf kept looking at that door waiting for them to tell him what to say!!!! It must have seemed like an eternity, lol.

Podesta finally said "we demand the FBI release everything they have now, now, now!!! Like chop chop, we demand to know what you know like yesterday already."

Ok boys and girls. Everybody raise their hands if they have ever heard LE say "we cannot discuss this or that because it is an open investigation"...or "we cannot discuss this right now due to the ongoing investigation". Podesta and Co. just had to wait their turn like all of us. They are "investigating" people, not servers, this time, IMHO.

If the last investigation did not rise to the point of charges being drawn up, then this one must be too hot to handle. After all, Comey called Hillary a liar and extremely careless in following procedures, but added no reasonable prosecutor would bring forth charges. Ok, fair enough. Hillary did not follow established procedures when an embassy/consulate was under attack nor did she follow established procedures for handling all State Department owned records, then this will go nowhere. No consequences for not following established procedures.

Somehow, I just can't shake the Cheryl Mills Wikileaks "oh shit, we have to clean this up" e-mail just after Obama said publically that he heard of Hillary's non government server like the rest of us did...from the press. Oh shit, he said that 3 days ago!! We gotta clean this up." I heard that, you heard that, Obama heard that, Valerie heard that, the press heard that, and Comey heard MOTIVE. I heard motive as well.

Rumor mill: Comey is receiving hintsthat he will be charged for destruction of evidence under a Trump Administration for having his agents smash (and allowing the targets of a criminal investigatio) destroy all known devices that the Clinton inner circle used. Smash them all. Ah, one the bloody morning after, one tin soldier ran away. Weiner of all people had an unsmashed device. Go figure.

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Start the smoker Brother Walt. And I promise not to wipe my dirty hands on the little lady's guest (look but don't touch) towels. And I refuse to piss inside. Just to let you know if I am invited along with those rocket scientist types. :)

Hillary just lied again. She just announced that the letter from Comey was sent to Republicans! Hey bitch, read the cc at the bottom. It went to DiFi, Conyers, and all the top Dems as well. She can't stop lying!


Don't fret Wild Bill, There are plenty of bushes in the yard to hide behind. Of course your on the guest list. Now if you could just find the "jon" and drag he/she/it along.(kicking and screaming the whole way) I can use "jon" as a test subject for the soon to be legal MJ
pork or chicken spice.(that might calm "jon" down)


This is one for the Lefties. If you're the younger generation, Hillary and crew are talking
about you.


And you're still thinking about voting for her?

Bill Tozer

Walt: Hide? Hide behind a bush like yellow bellied slithering varmit? Nah. I stand tall and there is no reason to hide upon God's green earth. Sure, I will bring little jon along after I take my liberties with him. Just make sure you don't step in what's left of him. He will definitely need some calming down by the time I pass him off to the host firing up the grill.

Forgive me. Savages are what savages do.

Todd Juvinall

Sheriff Joe reported that George Soros just poured 2 million bucks into his opponents campaign against Joe. 2 million! In a County Sheriff's race in Arizona!


Now why would you want to scare the lady folk Bill? (or grown in envy?) {our own Anthony Weiner?}
We will have to be nice to the Lefties that dragged along. they have had a rough go lately.
I will put on the THC chicken for their benefit. Nope, our resident Left can't be left out. There will be plenty of beer (or mineral water) for them to cry in.


Comey Better not take any evening walks in the park. Vince Foster found out what happens when you cross a Clinton.


Well, they gave that homeless woman what for.



That's the tolerant Left for ya'.

Bill Tozer

Wise words Walt. We must open our hearts and welcome all fellow pilgrims, great and small. Especially the fairer sex. I done thunk wrong with my broken thinker.

Boy, we live in a fickle world. Yesterday some were still slobbering all over Comey and rolled out the red carpet for him. Then...poof.....tonight people are scrapping their shoes to make sure they don't get any of the Comey dirt on their carpets. Whatz up with dat? Hero to zero. Penthouse to the outhouse. Yale to jail. Personally, I think he may be just an incompetent boob faking it until he makes it. His resume has zero investigative experience. But, then again, what experience did Lois Lerner have with taxes when she was appointed head of the IRS? Or that head of the air force lady that can't even fly a Piper Cub? Figured that last one would get your attention. :)

Here is some food for thought. Suppose, just suppose, it is going down exactly as Comey said. He learned yesterday there is some newly uncovered pertinent stuff that pertains to its investigation of Hillary's private server setup. Normally the FBI would not notify Congress about an investigation, but he felt it was important to notify committee heads anyway to give an updated account, despite the timing of the election just around the corner. Maybe somebody was ready to spill the beans and he wanted to get out in front of the story. Who knows.
Darned if he does, darned if he don't. Might be much ado about nothing, might be the never found smoking gun. The only thing I know is that we won't be reading these new E-mails for many moons, if ever. Secret decoder ring and all that stuff.

One thing for sure. We can blame or praise the incompetent boob Comey until the cows come home, but IF Hillary followed established procedures laid out to her on Day One, this whole conversation would be a moot point. The procedures were established exactly to prevent "extremely careless" handling of State Department records and preventing prying eyes to see things no teddy bear ought never see. Thus, forget Comey or Obama or General Mills (Cheryl) or Mook or Huma Hubba Hubba, or even Bubba and Loretta sitting on the tarmac, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes..... This whole darned clusterfoot that our nation has been put through lies squarely on the shoulders of one Hillary Rodman Clinton, the conniving crooked one.

Anybody and everybody that gets near Hillary gets mud slashed on them. It has always been that way with My Gal, always will be. She is a walking Sleaze Bag and I am this close to breaking up with her. I just cannot afford the laundry bill no more.


Just wait for this to go nuclear. The moment any charges are filed, "O" will step in and pardon her. Then she's good to go. Then watch the glow on the horizon.

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. It wasn't a hand held device they seized at Anthony and Huma's home. It was a good ole fashioned computer they both shared. Tens of thousands of E-mails stored on it. This will take a year to sort out. It's the Yahoo account that got her.

"Abedin told federal investigators in April that she used several email accounts for her work, including a Yahoo email, according to a summary of the interview released by the FBI in September. She said it was difficult to print from the State Department's email system so she routinely forwarded documents to her private accounts when she needed to print them out, according to the summary."

The Fallout????

Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist who had previously advised former President Bill Clinton but has no role with Hillary Clinton's campaign, said the linking of Clinton's email woes with Weiner's sex scandals made it harder for her campaign to distinguish itself from Trump's sex scandals.

"The whole campaign is now smeared with sex, corruption and scandal," he said. "Nobody remembers the beginning of something, they only remember the end. What are they going to remember? They're all the same: sex, scandal, corruption, emails. People are going to have trouble sorting out all this information."


Paul Emery

Thats right Walt. That's what Bush the First and Ford did. SOP for Presidents to take care of their own.

Todd Juvinall

What is Gary Johnsons foreign policy Paul?


Remind me Paul, just who was running for office that needed a pardon to stay in the running?

Paul Emery

Hillary will have already won the presidency when she gets a pardon from Obama Walt why did Nixon get a pardon can you refresh me and do you agree with that? The reason the Iran Contra crew got pardoned was to protect Bush who was up to his neck in illegal activity during the time He got to pardon those that could incriminate him Do a little checking and you'll find out this is true

It's all politics both sides do it

Bill Tozer

Well, history was made in 2016. Hillary has won the distinct honor of being the only Presidential Candidate to ever be investigated by the FBI twice in the same year.
2016 is the Year of the Reckoning. In metaphysical related news, the Indians beat Chicago last night.

Walt @ 7:35 pm 10/28/2016:


Now, it's time to lower the temperature and bridge the Divide. Nothing is as rewarding as helping a brother out. Peace out bro, dig your fro.



Seems to me, to receive a pardon, one must be guilty. In this case, being guilty means ineligible for further security clearance therefore ineligible to be POTUS. L


That's the best you got Paul? Speaking of Nixon, what Hillary has done, Nixon could only dream of. Scooter Libby didn't get pardoned. Libby got railroaded. That doesn't even compare to what Hillary is guilty of.
Iran/Contra?,, Really??? Still pails in comparison. Now go back to your book of revisionism
and try a little harder.

Thanks for the good chuckle Bill, with those pics. Love the guy fixing his tires.
I bet that photo is all over the local township where that took place.
We have plenty of Trump sign trashers right here. Funny we don't see LIB signs getting trashed. Maybe Paul can give us an explanation.

Todd Juvinall

Her hubby did pardon 16 Puerto Rican terrorists at the close of his Presidency. Paul Emery agrees with that. There was a substantial check I am sure.

Bill Tozer

Talk of pardon is a wee bit premature folks. Some pardoneess have their records expunged, some retain the guilty conviction yet have their sentences commuted, and some convicted of Federal trafficking in cocaine walk free as a jailbird.

With all that is going down, pardons are premature. If Hillary wins, who will pardon her months into 2017 or 2018? The wheels of Justice turn slowly.

Paul got his usual distraction in just as the shocking dumbfounding breaking news hits the news feeds per usual. Perfect timing, but now in the voters' minds the Clinton Sleaze Campaign is now considered as one and the same as Anthony Weiner's pics. As water and leaves make tea, so the Anthony Weiner sex e-mails are mingled with the Hillary's private server forever and ever, Amen. Politics is a dirty business.

Ok, let's get back to the REAL stories that were on the front pages just 24 hours ago. I need my Wikileaks fix. What did MSNBC have to say before the latest distraction?


Ah, that is where we were before some silly FBI talk and the ensuing sound of exploding heads distracted us from our daily bread.


Ford pardoned the unindicted Nixon for any crimes he may have committed.

A presidential pardon is a "stay out of jail free" card. It probably doesn't protect a president from impeachment and removal from office by the Congress... Were Hill to win and get a pardon for any crimes she may have committed, it might not be smooth sailing. However, then the evil Leprechaun would become president.. not good either.

Certainly, were she to lose to Trump a pardon will be in the cards, unless BHO decides to let her twist in the wind after losing to a man committed to undoing all the good works of the Obama Administration.

Bill Tozer

RE: The IRS and the Clinton Foundation. Ah, Dr. Rebane, the IRS and the Clinton Foundation has crossed paths before: the IRS was breathing down the back of some bank, "shortly after becoming Secretary of State in 2009".

The Wall Street Journal reported in July of 2015, that shortly after becoming Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton helped the Swiss bank UBS out of hot water with the Internal Revenue Service after it donated to, and partnered with, the Clinton Foundation. UBS then paid Bill Clinton the largest speaking fee he’d ever received at the time the article was published.
Then, in 2010, an incident bearing a striking resemblance to the UBS affair became public.....blah, blah, blah



"However, then the evil Leprechaun would become president" Would that be Bill O'reilly?
(for Paul's benefit)


Whatever happens in the election, grandma will be kicked out of the White House with a lifetime $160k pension for taking care of the grandkids.

Todd Juvinall

Shield your eyes Gregory.

Here is the State GOP link on the Props.


I disagreed with two recommendations.

Bill Tozer

Ok, pardons. From that foggy period in my mind, Gerald R. Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon to heal the torn apart nation after Watergate and the Vietnam War. He did it for a higher purpose, I believe now, not for money or political advantage. That dark chapter would have continued for years until Tricky Dick was finally rotting in prison. Very unpopular decision. Very. Hey, I voted for Carter solely based on my hatred for Nixon and by extension, Ford's pardon.....prodded by the SNL skit and general all around need to stick it to the man after Nam. Well, I had that propensity to stick it to the man all my life, my I digress.

Scotter Libby still had to do all his time, even darned day.

If Trump wins, I would not get up in arms if he pardoned Hillary and Co. I want her off the stage, but it won't do the nation a bit of good to see her folding towels and sheets in the Big House. Well, maybe for a few months, lol. Besides, her health issues would make it a PR nightmare and it would drag on for years. Years and years. No thanks.

America must be a forward looking Nation. Some healing is needed, but that does not mean agreeing with people who are hell bent on making this nation a banana republic or destroying our Constitutional Republic. I will always defend the Constitutional Republic for which we stand, yet we need to close this chapter on our history and move on.
The preceding statements are opposed to my cherished belief that bad behavior should not be rewarded and we are a nation of laws, not men...or women. But, I am a pragmatic and this is not a perfect world. Need to look beyond the horizon as well as where my feet are planted.

Messages must be sent to serve as a warning to those who are contemplating corrupting our Nation and laws. Yet, I would like to believe that Trump, like Ford, would put the nation ahead of self and strive to heal a torn apart nation despite the personal and political consequences.

Any conviction of the Esponiage Act makes the convinced ineligible from EVER holding public office. That might be a condition of pardon to Hillary and Co. Hillary is 69 years old and walks around like a 69 year old woman does. Anyone close to Hillary should have their security clearances revolted at a minimum. WTF is Cheryl Mills doing with a high security clearance years after leaving State? There are ways to punish bad behavior without dragging the nation through years of acrimonious bull pucky, IMHO

We will deal with it if and when we cross that bridge. Pardons are unpopular, no doubt.


Todd 12:15
I disagree with more than two of their recommendations.


stevefrisch says:

October 29, 2016 at 8:38 am

“Not only a Muslim born in Iran….” “Obama is not the President.”

Besides this ad being completely delusional it is beyond my belief that a newspaper publisher would accept this ad. Publishing this ad is incredible bad judgement.

I’m sure the circle of stupid, being wholly ignorant of the meaning of the Constitution much as idiots like Norm claim to champion it, will cry that you are seeking to censor a free press or free speech, Jeff.

But here is the operative language from Miami Herald v. Tornillo:

““A newspaper is more than a passive receptacle or conduit for news, comment, and advertising. The choice of material to go into a newspaper, and the decisions made as to limitations on the size and content of the paper, and treatment of public issues and public officials — whether fair or unfair — constitute the exercise of editorial control and judgment.”

Miami Herald Pub. Co. v. Tornillo, 418 U.S. 241, 256, 94 S. Ct. 2831, 2838-39, 41 L. Ed. 2d 730 (1974).

Noted legal scholar and Wikipedia enthusiast weighs in on matters editorial. Intended audience....fails to comprehend.

Steve Frisch

Noted charter member of the circle of stupid, the anonymous "Fish" fails to note what it is I don;'t comprehend. If you have a specific critique perhaps you could articulate it, rather than slinging the stuff a cage full of monkeys slings at those who come too close.

[We attended a social event, and therefore the above vitriol from SBC CEO Steven Frisch has had a longer life than it deserves. I've decided to let it continue to occupy this comment stream as a reminder to those who may have forgotten why Mr Frisch's ad hominems are not welcome on these pages. gjr]

Todd Juvinall

Fish are you slinging Frisch's again? He sure is a nasty person. And he never got what the gal of the Washington Brewery got for stealing the employees money. White man's privileged I guess.


Speaking of "privilege", (Todd brings it up) With all the damage not one protester has been shot yet. Unlike the last Bundy standoff. Recall the cops shot one dead?
None of this kind of violence happened at either standoff. (Not counting what the FEDS did to Bundy's property)
It's OK when ECO bastards do all the damage.. Right?


Fish 3:29, let me help you.

Miami Herald v Tornello established newspapers couldn't be forced to print stuff they don't want to print. That sticky old freedom of the press thing.

Pelline, Frisch and friends apparently believe The Union should only feel free to print screeds they think people should be free to read, while The Union chose not to consult Pelline before accepting a wad of cash from a fellow who wanted his *political* speech to get a wider readership.

Freedom of the press. Sounds like a good idea to me, but, apparently not to the local members of The Bully Party.


Regarding the ad in question being "completely delusional" the Hillary Clinton bullet points 8 thru 18 visible in the snippet Pelline put on his website all seem in order, if perhaps a bit more strident than I'd choose to write.

Steven, read any good emails lately? The rumor behind the news seems to be a claim of an upcoming Wikileaks that have emails juicy enough for a Clinton arrest warrant. Seems too good to be true to me, but I suppose we'll all have to wait and see.

Bill Tozer

RE: The revelations of Team Hillary's hacked e-mails, Update.

Polls, polls, and pollsters.



Steven has retreated to Fortress Pelline to write an extended bit of snark about the "infamous bloggers" who portrayed the ad as a freedom of speech issue.

Actually, Steve, I portrayed the ad as a freedom of the press issue. The Union has a right not to be the model of a community organizing press that Fortress Pelline has chosen to be, where inconvenient voices get "moderated", or their speech gets edited to present a false face to readers unaware that what they are reading is not what was written... a lie for the amusement of Jeff Pelline, the Eric Cartman of Nevada City.

When I picked up a copy of The Union with the Pinney screed, I very briefly skimmed Pinney's masterpiece and moved on. I suspect most readers did the same.



"Doug Band To John Podesta: "If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed"

Gonna be good practice for your future roles as "Prison Wives"......



Anthony Weiner Said To Be Cooperating With FBI Investigation



Steve Frisch

Actually Greg the point I am making is that a community newspaper like The Union plays a role in facilitating productive discussions about community issues. Fanning the flames of resentment and political division by choosing to publish and ad like Mr. Pinney's merely debases our politics and impedes our ability to reach agreement over how to address those issues.

I'm not saying The Union does not have a right to publish such drivel, I am saying that they should exercise better judgement. They should step up to their role as a community institution to encourage productive dialogue rather than print any tripe that passes their door. They have a choice about what they want to be--a valued institution or a vehicle for division--and the choice they make has consequences for the entire community.

No one expects The Union to confer with Mr. Pelline, nor did I suggest that; their resentment toward each other is palpable. Raising that issue is derivative obfuscation of the larger problem.

You may be surprised that I agree with you that almost no one will actually read "Pinney's Screed" and it will move no one.


I'm not saying The Union does not have a right to publish such drivel, I am saying that they should exercise better judgement. They should step up to their role as a community institution to encourage productive dialogue rather than print any tripe that passes their door. They have a choice about what they want to be--a valued institution or a vehicle for division--and the choice they make has consequences for the entire community.


Christ Jesus but you are tedious.

Bill Tozer

Boy, the 2 million bucks paid by the Clinton Campaign to monitor, dispute, and correct comments on internet links in the comment section is running full steam ahead. Bad FBI, bad.

Favorite line being spun is the FBI planted Huma's e-mails on Weiner's computer after they seized his laptop. Yep, the FBI operatives secretly loaded that stuff on the Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weirner's computer after it was in the FBI's custody.

Favorite response was a lone voice of reason in a sea of conspiracy theories:

"Great. You just invalidated every single FBI case in the nation."

Popcorn time. Oh yeah, the probe was nothing to do with Hillary. Nothing to do with THE closed investigation. Totally separate. Huma thrown under the bus. They truly do eat their own.


Frisch, The Union isn't publishing hit pieces against Pelline on a regular basis but Pelline regularly lobs bombs at The Union... the latest brouhaha is just the latest. Pelline is just a shingles eruption on The Union's ass and they'll be perfectly happy when the irritation stops.

Personally, I'm reasonably happy with The Union's mix and absolutely delighted that it pisses off the likes of you and Pelline.

BTW, I didn't say "almost no one" will read the Pinney piece or that it will move no one. I expect there is a significant number of folks who agree with Pinney. If I had to pin a number on it... low double digits.


Fish, I'm trying to remember the phrase that was uttered on NPR this morning... something like 'a day where you have a sentence that includes the words Hillary Clinton, emails and Antony Wiener is not a good day'.

Steve Frisch

Greg, once again, in this case the medium is not the message; this is not about Mr. Pelline, its about The Union. I read the PInney ad before Jeff posted on it because other people had sent it me; the debate is out there on FB, and people I know have posted on it independently. I know you have observed me counseling Jeff to stop making The Union the enemy in the past, bt on this one he is correct. Perhaps just for a second you could put aside you disdain for Jeff and address the real issue?

You must admit that the argumentative, personal and debased nature of political discourse in western Nevada County is an impediment to making progress on community issues, and that people as productive members of a civil society have a responsibility to rise above that to get things done?

When does the nasty bullshit stop? Does it ever, or do we just slip into anarchy? I am seriously asking that question, because although I may think it is for different reasons, George's observation that society is deteriorating into the toilet and our ability to work together to solve problems and create a better life is slipping away.


When does the nasty bullsh*t stop? Dropping the smug from your speech would he a fine start, Steven, and we might also think about when it started. An Op-ed in The Chronicle in the aftermath of Scalia's passing claimed "It Started With Bork". Now, that piece thought Obama should nominate a liberal successor while apologizing on behalf of Democrats for Borking Bork in the first place, and GOP Senators should accept the apology and confirm the nomination, thus turning the SCOTUS in a direction of removing all traces of Scalia.

Personally, I think a more effective apology would have been accompanied by nominating Scalia's favorite for his replacement, a jurist now in the vicinity of 60 years old, and having the Senate thank him for the apology and gesture of contrition. As it is, still sitting on the court is the moderate Ronald Reagan appointed after Bork's Borking... Anthony Kennedy.

As Scott Adams of Dilbert fame wrote recently, Democrats are now The Bully Party. If you want peace, put all the attack dogs on a shorter leash, and Steven, that includes you.

George Rebane

SteveF 957am - I for one would be happy to read your "different reasons" why "society is deteriorating ...". Such a revelation may be the closest thing we will ever get as proxy for a progressive credo.

As a reference, my own established explanation for why our "ability to work together" has already slipped away is that we have divided into distinct camps which subscribe to markedly different realities and interpret the world with the help of different logics. Carefully constructed educational systems with subsequent media reinforcement has done that - a process known to the ancient collectivists a hundred years ago.

To date rapprochement has been each faction telling the others to abandon their false beliefs and join in the other's true worldview. None have yet to identify a workable middle ground that is anything but a no-man's land.

Steve Frisch

Yeah, as the literate light of the blog stated, same old stuff...blah, blah, blah....

ITs not about me or Pelline, its not about how much negativity you have toward people....its not about Bork and Sauer, or PInney, or George, or Trump, or .....its about The Union and their judgement,


.....its about The Union and their judgement

Indeed it is.

Perhaps you and he should buy "The Union" and direct it in a manner that you consider more appropriate.

Bill Tozer

Having only 6 dogs in this fight and NOT having read the ad in question, I shall remind the reader that the Constitution guarantees a free press, not a fair press. Advertising pays the bills in that business. Gotta keep the presses running.

The bigger issue. Is The Union a "community instition" as Steve suggests, or just a newspaper? Another question is what exactly is community progress on issues? Whose vision of progress? Saul Lewinsky's? Mine?

If Mr. Frisch is merely stating that The Union should have exercised better judgement, that is his opinion. I could echo the same sentiment of various topics covered/printed in The Union, but my idea of better judgement may be different than others. One man's meat is another man's poison.

I think it is time to stop and give everybody an enema. May not help, but it can't hurt. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, albeit not all assholes are alike in size, shape, or diminesions.

BTW Mr. Steve, I read an article a couple days ago that said they have designed a new style of solar panels that are much more attractive. The article even ridiculed the butt ugly 'gag me with a spoon' solar panels current making eyesores on our rooftops. They even snap together like Legos. Now, that is progress, but then again, that is only my opinion. Never hurts to throw a little beauty on the roof.

Opps, timer just went off. Another bag of popcorn is ready. Carry on.


George, in my experience, the no-man's land is a creation of the Left. For example, before the recent election for County Supervisor, I asked (while being lubricated at a friendly local pub) a friendly acquaintance, who works at Tour of Nevada City and is fairly left liberal themselves what their boss' politics was.... the answer was he was an OK guy and moderate. However, their spouse standing nearby was adamant that he was a fool for accepting a donation from Pinney. The name didn't ring a bell... they were on a warpath not because Pinney was a rightwing nutcase, it was because Pinney was a (gasp!) global warming Denier. Of course, I sounded off along the lines of 'that sounds good to me' and I was told flat out to shut up because they didn't want to have to think badly of me.

It really got ugly when Trump v. Clinton came up at the same venue, I made it clear I wasn't going to vote for Trump (a completely wasted vote in California) but for the sake of the Supreme Court, I hoped he would win... spouse once again went ballistic, ended up giving me the single finger salute multiple times, telling me to shut up and go away.

The Bully Party at work. Fortunately, they don't own that pub.


Let me add, it is refreshing that The Bully Party also doesn't own The Union, despite that newspaper giving the Bullies far too much ink. Their choice.

A difference between Frish and me is that I don't mind that there are Pinneys in the world, or Frischs, but it's a shame that the Bullies just can't abide folks that don't agree with them.


Relevant in light of the direction of this thread....

“Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits—a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.”

Journalism was bad when Thompson penned this....it is clearly worse now. Given some of its practitioners, both current and former mostly accurate as well.


"just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage"

Damn, do I miss Hunter! And to think he didn't even know Pelline when he wrote that sentence!

Steve Frisch

I don't mind that there are Penney's in the world either Greg, and never said I did. I know a lot of people who thing the same way, albeit perhaps not with the vociferous rhetoric, and get along with them just fine.

I said or implied that his opinion was ridiculous, but that is not even the point. All I said was that The Union exercised bad judgement and that their judgement damages their ability to act as a convener of serious conversations about community issues. I never said they were not within their rights to exercise that judgement.

Seems to me the bullies are the ones who read all of these other things into a simple comment.

Steve Frisch

Oh, and Bill, Chelsea's husband is not Soros' nephew.


Safely ensconced in Fortress Pelline, Frisch wrote "Besides this ad being completely delusional it is beyond my belief that a newspaper publisher would accept this ad."

Steve, I've pointed out the Hillary bullet points 8 through 18 were all supportable with known facts at hand, and you've ignored that. So, the ad was completely delusional outside of the Hillary Clinton enumerated points? Or is there more to the piece that is supportable from a reasonably rational point of view?

Obi-Wan: "So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view."
Luke: "A certain point of view?"
Obi-Wan: "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

So sayeth Obi-Wan

Robert Cross

The Union paid ad is not a free speech issue. It is an economic issue, only. The paper chose to run the ad. They didn't have to run it. They made money running it. If people are unhappy with it don't read the paper or advertise in it, or subscribe.. simple.. Yelling fire in a theater is not protected as free speech anyway.

George Rebane

An observation to readers re my 1028am above. In the ten years of RR I have never had a leftwinger respond to my sincere invitations for them to disclose some tenets of their credo. My comment above is merely an informative continuance of this policy with no expectation of anything but a crickets response.

H/T to Gregory's 222pm for confirming that even Obe-wan Kenobe concurs with RR's explanation of why middle ground has proved so illusive.


"Seems to me the bullies are the ones who read all of these other things into a simple comment"

The simple comment I was responding to was "Besides this ad being completely delusional it is beyond my belief that a newspaper publisher would accept this ad."

What was I reading into "completely delusional" that wasn't intended, Steve? Was I supposed to think you meant "partially delusional"? Or just delusional in the POV of the inmates at Pelline's asylum?

Bill Tozer

I would like to ask any progressive/liberal/socialist/left winger one simple question. What does your end game look like? Not all the pieces of the puzzle, but what image do all the pieces set in place reveal? Pull back the curtain and show me the masterpiece, kind sirs.

Please, take my hand and lead be to the high place where I can look across the vast expanse and see the ful view of the Promised Land.

What does it look like when we finally arrive at the destination? What will America look like when all is said and done per the progressive handiwork? Show me the Big Picture after the master has put down his artist brush and is pleased.

Steve Frisch

The ad can be completely delusional and the Publisher can have a right to publish it at the same time Greg. I am not here to debate what specific parts are delusional.


Start printing your own Lefty rag Stevie. Then you can call the shots. You have no place to say who prints what. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Recall that little part of the Constitution? "Freedom of the press".
Now run along sonny, your wasting good print space here.
Now go spend the bucks and start printing the LIB rag of Berkeley in the Foothills.
then print all the BS that's unfit to print anywhere else.

Steve Frisch

Once again, never said that The Union should not be able to print any ad.

What is remarkable to me is that almost every institutional entity that could act as a relatively neutral convener to attempt to reach agreements on public policy in our County has gradually been either co-opted, diminished in stature, or has withered on the vine.

Our citizens have no place they can go to get a serious discussion of issues that has not been polarized.

Political parties can't even talk to each other any more. Conservatives not trust the League of Women Voters. Liberals don;t trust the Chambers. Educational institutions won't touch public policy issues because they are too divisive. We hold elections and often don't even have candidates. We hold debates and office holders don't show up.

The Union may be one of the last institutions capable of "convening" authority and my experience is that for years they have not been trusted for that.

When social institutions deteriorate to the point that they can long longer play a stabilizing role in society ...well, you get anarchy, eventually. It is in no ones interest for that to happen.

Bill Tozer

My, my, my. The Scooper was sounding the air raid sirens about this shocking news last night or this morning, but I just glanced at it. No interest. Obama is a Muslim thang and I moved on to look at the semi-clad brides slideshows. My, my, my.

Glad the church bells were rung on this one. The Scooper dude has been laying low since he cranked up the air raid sirens last time about some FB post about some cops in Dallas or something. Good to see he is back on his game and knocking the fringe wackos off the edges. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Boy, I remember once browsing The Scooter and he had a whole editorial devoted to me, lol. That line "the best thing about you.." really got him going. Nuf said. I needed to be taken over the knee and had my bun bun spanked for that one.

Geeze, what a bunch of friggin pussies. Yes, the Union should examine its community standards policy for these kind of paid ads (ongoing reviews is good business practices) and tell the libs you have formed a committee to do a deep searching examination of The Union's soul. End of story.

So, its distasteful and you get your hands a'flaying and run over here for us to immediately denounce (or suckered into defending) these dastardly words. Fuck off. What, you act like we just don't get the grossly ingrained injustice of sale tax of your Tampoons. Go pound sound. Boycotted the Union for the 9th time, and what will the millennials think? And the tourists?
Shoot, there was no trigger warning! My safe place has been violated and may never be the same again!!!

Thank you for sharing. We respect your right to state your negative or positive opinion of said words on said piece of paper. It was disguising, was it not.


Thank the Left Steve, They are the intolerant ones, yet demanding tolerance.
The Left pushes bullshit (AGW for one) The Left won't hold Clinton accountable, despite the train load of evidence of her guilt.
LIBS control higher education. Yet you bitch? How will those precious snowflakes ever handle it in the real world? They nut up at the first sign of chalk on the sidewalk, and run to a predetermined safe zone and break out the crayons.


"The ad can be completely delusional and the Publisher can have a right to publish it at the same time Greg. I am not here to debate what specific parts are delusional."

If only parts are delusional, it can't be "completely delusional". In fact, wide swaths of it are supported by uncontested facts, and I identified one section that was factual. In fact, even the borderline bizarre opening paragraph presenting Valerie Jarrett as a virtual president was substantially factual and no more delusional than the "Bush's Brain" rants over Karl Rove a few years back when Bush Derangement Syndrome was at its peak.

Steven Frisch, you remain a bully, your claims of victimhood notwithstanding.

Bill Tozer

Steve: Its all Bush's fault. I am a white racist that does not walk on water and you have poop for brains. I go out and poison my neighbor's well and drag gays down 13 miles of bad road. Great starting point, eh? And you are long suffering for with me, thank you.

So, how do we meet in the middle? We can't, because of the Great Divide, Don't mess up my view of the landscape with thousands of windmill twirly thangs. Slow it down, slow it don't. Many a few twirly birds to scar up the land with, but not much more. Leave the landscape for others to enjoy. Planned communities of honeycomb stack and pack are ok, if voluntary. Oh, The Great White Father in Washington is getting too big for his britches, no?

The Great Divide was exposed during the city councilperson episode. Smelly sheep herders vs cattle grazers. When I get over being called a smelly sheep herder for the last 30 years while being hit with your branding iron, I may be able to chat with ya and stay within socially acceptable norms after Nov. 10th or so.
But, I got to focus and don't got time to get distracted. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize. I just got the word, finally. Time to light the torches and grab the pitchforks. The rednecks have been given the orders to march. Let's do lunch sometime. Have your personal assistant call my secretary in a couple of weeks. Chao.

Bill Tozer

Oh Steve. Both of us fear anachary and see the handwriting on the wall. But, your side has a game plan and anarchy is the means to the end. Saul laid it all out, and he was by no means the first or even the most articulate. Straight out Playbook.....what, you haven't read the last two chapters?

Anarchy. People at each other's throats? Rich vs poor? Class warfare. Unmoored from culture, unmoored from country, unmoored from everything that brought us this far.
WTF does overloading the social safety net until it tears apart mean to you? What are the consequences of a planned designed breakdown of law and order and the breakdown of society so an NEW Order can arise? The road to communism passes through socialism. Anarchy is your guys plan, not mine. The Great Divide being played out with silly games such as makers vs takers, Shave or Grow, Stay or Go.

Bill Tozer

Oh, back to the orginal thread before I got distracted with 3 steps down the road.

Hey, Fatso, you got canned as a journalist, depending of course what the definition of "journalist" is. Get that Gator Jerky sign removed yet? Get the full report of bank robbery prevention plan yet? Post any close ups of a scoop of peach ice cream lately?

You are one sad sorry sac.


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