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01 October 2016


Todd Juvinall

A good read today in the SacBee on the slimiest candidate America has produced. Hillary Clinton.

Page 1B in today's SacBee has a story about this woman. She and Hillary have colluded for over a year before the ambush last Monday. And Hillary paid over a half million bucks o the smearmeisters to go find the dirt. But they of course did not find the dirt on Machado. And she admits in the article she was not such a nice person. Anyway, Trump may or may not ne impacted on this attack. His numbers are holding in the polls so we will see. But it does show why a scumbag Hillary and her minions are. Who thinks like this? And do we want the kind of scummy, Jerry Springer tripe in the White House?

Steven Frisch says:

October 1, 2016 at 1:04 pm

In on the east coast so it was 7am for me😃

Not a Fulbright scholar, I was briefly a Fulbright fellow for the State Department international program (I’m sure critics will assume implementing Agenda 21)

I think when vocal idiots where the self appointed mantle of community leadership it is our responsibility to truth the deceived.

....must....fight....urge...to.....go....on.....Pelline like rant......about.....incorrect......use....of....."where"......and odd.....sentence ......structure....probably....resulting....from.....posting....on....smartphone !


As one who does not dwell on Agenda 21 shenanigans, I figured Steve was just enjoying international travel on the public dime (a perk of those aligned with the party in power and doing their bidding and hoping to visit the Chinese factories who were selling you the crap you sell to others. Cheap fluorescent bulbs, anyone?


Another day, another USC Dorsife/LA Times poll, and a curious thing...

The news since Wednesday is how the major phone polls have all been showing a Hillary surge from her masterful performance in the "debate"... but the USC poll has, on the contrary, shown a small but significant move in the opposite direction... with Trump gaining over a percent over Hillary, for a total of 4.7% over Clinton, 46.9% to 42.2%.

http://cesrusc.org/election/ for those who don't have it bookmarked. It's updated daily somewhere around 12:10AM Pacific.

What does it mean? Maybe the USC sample isn't representative. Maybe the phone samples aren't... are Trump supporters refusing to say "Trump" to strangers calling them on the phone? Time may tell.

My standard disclaimer... I'll be voting Johnson because the LIB party most closely matches my political views and because Johnson is the least flawed candidate who will be on the ballot. YMMV.


....and in other news ....LOCAL IDIOT ATTEMPTS TO TAX SHAME SOMEONE OTHER THAN TODD JUVINALL.......and unsurprisingly..... fails.

"Trump tax records show he could have avoided paying for 18 years"

You might have thought that completely legal tax treatments that you consider egregious might have been looked at a bit closer......an opportunity to "dig deeper"™ if you will by the current democratic nominees husband while he was in office.

But since if conflicts with the narrative.....and you're a 600 lb. Buckethead I guess you just missed it?!


psssssst......betcha didn't know that the internet is changing the way we communicate.

Bill Tozer

Johnson? Well, the former governor does have more executive experience than Obama ever had when he was a candidate. And Johnson would not turn this nation against itself like Obama purposely went out of his way to do. We elected a community organizer and that is exactly what we got. An organizer of exploitation, an organizer of protests, of turning one group of US citizens against the other based on race, class, and whether one watches Fox News.

Figure all in all, a pot smoker in the White House would do better than the American Apologist we have now. The only question I have now is is Gov. Johnson capable of uttering the phrase "Islamic terrorism" or even Islamic terrorist"? That is my litmus test.

Gregory: what is YMMV? Is it like Yummy or the YMCA? Oh, BTW, finally took your many hints and found out I can watch that Cartman show Southpark on line for free. I enjoyed all 3 of the 20th season episodes so far. Quitting Twitter, voting for Douche, and Gerald the Skank Hunter. Nice. Life imitates art. On topic because Southpark falls into the social-political category.


"Gregory: what is YMMV?"



So LIBS are peeved that Trump paid a little taxes as possible. LOL! So show me a LIB who goes out of his or her way to pay more than one owes.

Todd Juvinall

I sent a email to a SacBee DC "reporter" who did a "sea rise" story on Page 10A today. I ashed him why he did not put in the amount of the "rise". And when you read the story it contains all the "may" and "might" wiggle words. Amazing.


Tozer, as of this moment, Gary Johnson still has more executive experience than Obama, and so does his running mate.

Again, Californian's vote doesn't matter... there's virtually no chance for anyone but Clinton to get a single Elector from our state. Make a statement... if you are conservative economially and socially liberal, vote your actual beliefs best represented by libertarians and the Libertarian Party. If you're on the loony side of Left, the Greens will have their candidate on the ballot. Don't be the Walking Dead.

If your union is the California Teacher's Association or the SEIU, your soul belongs to Clinton anyway. Vote for her and be proud.


Just what is the half life on Clinton campaign accusation?



Quote of the day (10-02-2016): DOCTOR OFFERS MEN WHO PLAN TO VOTE FOR HILLARY a free testosterone test.


How Much Energy Do Building Energy Codes Save? Evidence from California
November 2015, Arik Levinson, Georgetown Economics Department, and NBER

Regulations governing the energy efficiency of new buildings are a centerpiece of US environmental policy. California enacted the first such codes in 1978, aiming to reduce residential energy use by 80 percent. I evaluate the outcome by (1) comparing electricity and natural gas use by California homes constructed under different standards, (2) examining how outdoor temperatures affect energy use for houses of different vintages, and (3) comparing homes of different vintages in California with similar homes in other states. The results show little or no evidence that houses constructed after 1978 use significantly less energy today than homes built earlier.

Remember all those energy audits that Sierra Business Council was pushing, how energy efficiency upgrades were going to save homeowners money and reduce CO2 emissions? According to the study energy efficient home, homes which cost more to build, are no more energy efficient than those built before the regulations, thus they use as much energy as non-compliant homes. The building energy codes were made more stringent 13 times since 1978 and still no significant results.

Another example of where the cost benefits promoted by the left-leaning legislators living in the anthropogenic warmed Sacramento swamp were nothing more than a legislative wet dream. And we taxpayers are paying the bill in higher construction and energy costs for no energy saving benefit. And, no related anthropogenic greenhouse gas savings.

Account Deleted

Oh Russ - by disparaging good folk trying to combat evil you commit micro aggressions with your hate facts.
The important thing is not any actual energy savings nor green house gas reductions, it's how these new rules make people feel.
Your male, white, Euro-centric, 'numbers' based metrics just show how biased you are against the growing trend towards empowering people of color and those fighting for justice involving the disenfranchised groups who are trying to raise their children in a cohesive collective of like minded civic groups working towards a future that blends a diverse and vibrant mix of cultures in an eclectic rainbow of humans working for a sustainable future.
Gee - guess what web sites I've been to lately?

George Rebane

Russ 457pm - Apropos to your point, I hold with those who maintain that SBC is a fraudulent progressive front organization funded to promote leftwing public policies to the under-educated.

Account Deleted

For all of you Johnson suckas -
Please respond to facts and not vitriol.

Bill Tozer

Gee, reading the last five posts leads me to believe that you haters forgot to check your white priveledge at the door. We need a law to make all people welcomed with open arms in every place in every walk of life no matter what. An exception for acamedia and our current Administration should be expected to facilitate the dispensation of social eco-justice. We need them to tell us who the real haters and terrorists are. Hint: Palefaces, veterns, Christians, gun owners (except Gabby and Biden), Tea Party types, Constitutionalists, and anyone who objects to the much needed new targeted love yer neighbor law.

Bill Tozer

Topic: Reparations from a different perspective:

The talk of reparations for the descendants of slavery is being kicked around again. It becomes readily apparent how complicated this issue becomes when figuring out when cutting checks for to whom and for how much. Obama has no slave blood in his veins, but his wife probably does. Guess he gets zero, but his wife and kids get something. What about black immigrants welcomed here over the past 100 years? They get no checks, but receive a bill instead? If we all are to blame and we all have to pay repriations for past sins, does that include the Syrian refugees we allowed into the country last week? I could be wrong, but I think all the culprits involved in our slave trade are deceased.

I do recognize that every culture on Earth throughout history took slaves in conquest. Pick any culture, "tribe." The Mayans, Incas, Zulus, Congolese, Native Americans, Southeast Asians, Central Asians, the Ottomans, Pacific Islanders, Arabs, Persians, Koreans, Japanese, Vikings, east, west, north south and everyplace in between.

With that said, I feel the Lakota tribe should demand repriations from descendants of runaway slaves. During slavery in the US, slaves escaped to the Indian terrorities because they knew they would be safe. True, the Indians did not harm the escaped slaves and allowed them safe passage and to live their lives in safety. When the slavery period ended, the US Calvary recruited the former slaves in the Indian Terrorities and formed what was called the Buffalo Cowboys. Not mentioned in our history books is the Buffalo Cowboys showed their gratitude to the Sioux and other tribes by committing savagery against the Indians far beyond the atrocities of the US Calvery at Wounded Knee and other places. Not only did the Buffalo Cowboys smashed infants heads against trees, murdered old women, tortured old men, and fun stuff like that, the Buffalo Cowboys also gang raped the Native American women. To repeat, the Buffalo Cowboys savagery surpassed that of the "regular" US soldiers. What a way to say thanks.

I demand the descendants of runaway slaves pay the Native Americans in the Dakota Territories reparations first and foremost. Or, let's just drop this whole reparations thang. It's just to divisive. It tears us apart, opens old wounds of our forefathers, and destroys the healing process. The list of victims from history is endless. Let's just bury the hatchet for the sake of sanity..

Bob Hobert

Bill T at 08:28

Very interesting about the Buffalo soldiers. Any reading suggestions? Agreed on the reparations idiocy.


Reparations? Since it was DEMS were the primary slavers, lets see which one is the first to pay up. Where is the "jon"?



Ahhh........time for Chardy.


SO 737PM What you are asking for response about is virtually all vitriol, so what is left?

As far as I can tell, Johnson siphoned off Hillary voters more than GOP and those GOP defections are probably more anti-Trump than pro-Johnson so they weren't Trump's from the start... either Johnson or no vote at all. While I do prefer Trump to Hillary, selling my soul to Trump won't get him any Electors.

No, Johnson isn't one of the most libertarian of Libertarian candidates, he does appear to be on the libertarian spectrum, but if he was there to torpedo Trump, I doubt the Hillary campaigners over at MSNBC would have been doing such a great job to torpedo him. Their gotcha questioning did a great job of bouncing him out of the debates... to the extent he had any chance at all. The Johnson as the village idiot meme is MSNBC's doing.

The USC/LA Times poll still has no debate bounce at all for Hillary, just a mild bounce for Trump, mostly sideways over the last week. Trump over Hillary by 4.6% (47 to 42.4). Either USC or 538 have screwed the pooch this year... and given the number of folks proclaiming they're not letting on they are voting for Trump, it may well be Silver at 538. There was NO significant social cost of supporting Obama the last two cycles, but this year, as Michael Moore said on Meet the Depressed yesterday, people are pissed and Trump is the political Molotov Coctail of today.

Look at the bright side... it appears Assange will be delivering his Clinton WikiLeak Surprise midnight tonight, Pacific time. We live in interesting times.

Account Deleted

I don't know - Johnson never struck me as such a Libertarian as much as someone that just wants the label because that's where the legalized pot heads go.
He's certainly preferable to Hillary, although that's a pretty low bar these days.
I wouldn't get too excited about any revelations concerning the Clintons. Seems that the more we find out about how crooked they are, the more it just gets swept aside by the news media.
I'll certainly upvote the 'interesting times' mention.
This country is splitting right down the middle in a big hurry. After the election, there will be a large bunch of folks shell-shocked no matter who wins.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 03 October 2016 at 08:07 AM

That is the joke isn't it....."a libertarian is just a Republican who wants to get high legally"!

I'll probably pull the lever for Johnson (and I'm an intermittent voter at best) but really for the reasons Gregory listed. Johnson has been less than stellar as spokesperson for libertarianism!


Hmmm, I thought Dr. R said at the top of the page that he wanted election related comments to go to the Dump Hillary and Trump page...?




Posted by: BradC | 03 October 2016 at 09:22 AM

More of a comment on a minor candidate and his philosophical peccadilloes than "election related" matters. I don't think anybody here thinks that Johnson is really in the mix.

George Rebane

BradC 922am - Nobody listens to me ;-)

In any event, a new 'Dump Trump ...' is open for business to replace the last one which did get a bit overripe.


Do stories about what utter dopes reporters are surprise anyone at this point?

NPR Reporter Has No Idea What ‘Come And Take It’ Means



The problem with the Libertarian Party in general is that if you put three average activist Libertarians in a room, they'll get into an argument about who among them are pure libertarians at heart. I really don't care what a true libertarian is and I'd be pleased as Punch to have a big tent with left-libertarians, right-libertarians and centrist-libertarians (and a Democrat and Republican or two) getting together to govern from a standpoint of being as freedom-friendly as possible under the circumstances. No, I don't expect to be as pleased as Punch in November.

The folks Scott link to are more about having a standard bearer who is as pure as Caesar's wife. I really don't care about that. Johnson and Weld are decidedly left-libertarian, centrist on some issues and while they wouldn't be my first choice, they are when on this years Dem, GOP, GREEN and LIB offerings.


Posted by: Gregory | 03 October 2016 at 10:51 AM

Not so much about Johnsons positions (exception below) that make him a bad spokesman.....it's just that as of late he's been a REALLY bad spokesman!

"....and what is Aleppo"? Certainly didn't help him. And he should know better than to let himself be interviewed by notorious Obama fellatrix (yes I know it's the "feminine"....it was intentional) Chris Matthews.....what the hell was he thinking?

Still puzzled about his support of the TPP (and even more puzzled about ardent Johnson supporter Paul Emery being so enthusiastic about him in spite of it). Nothing that bureaucratic and convoluted agrees with libertarian principles.


See Ben...."daddy" always despised you!

BERNIE GOES BETA: Sanders Says It’s ‘Absolutely Correct’ for Hillary to Belittle His Supporters.






......folks are paying attention!

"Dear Gary Johnson: Please Stop Fucking Up"


Bill Tozer

On the Claremont Colleges PC front, nobody is putting a gun to Miss Piggy's head and forcing her to join the club and don a two piece bikini. Fat people are free to disagree and enlighten us by forming their own Fat University Exchange blog about local culinary delights washed down by copious amounts of vino. Sock puppets are welcome to share their culinary delights and pictures of their favorite peach ice cream.

Meanwhile, not everyone is outdoorsey.



OBAMA: NSA not rifling through ordinary people's emails...

Another lie exposed: YAHOO secretly scanned ALL emails for NSA, FBI...


Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, according to people familiar with the matter.

The company complied with a classified U.S. government demand, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts at the behest of the National Security Agency or FBI, said three former employees and a fourth person apprised of the events.

Some surveillance experts said this represents the first case to surface of a U.S. Internet company agreeing to an intelligence agency's request by searching all arriving messages, as opposed to examining stored messages or scanning a small number of accounts in real time.

If Yahoo did it, can we assume so are the other email providers: Apple, Microsoft, and AOL? Welcome to the world of 1984, though a few years late!

Bill Tozer

Another reason to leave the EU.


Hey Russ, maybe your house is not burning due to human caused climate change in the public's eye. If it does burn, maybe it is faulty house wiring or neighhood homeless litterbugs playing with matches. Opps, faulty wiring and firebugs are human, thus human caused. We can't say "man made" anymore because it may be sexist, misogynist, fat shaming, aggression, violent, reeks of White Priveledge or something even worse. I am so confused about man made human caused global warming climate change.


George Rebane

The hard Left and cynically named 'truthout.com' just published this piece on climate hysteria -


...and in national news

Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases

Wait...that's not entirely accurate.

Obama Administration Is Quietly Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases for Future Democrat Bloc Voting Booth Lever Pullers

There we are......that's better.

Remember.......it's important to convey as much information as possible in as brief a headline as you can manage!


I don't know if you guys have been following the news? The spate of "Creepy Clown Stories" that are populating the internet these past few weeks.

I finally saw one....just a photo thank god.....but truly horrifying!


I'm a little verclempt.....talk amongst yourselves.....

Bill Tozer

Fish. We are even. I spit out coffee on my keyboard. Good one. My Gal is feeling no pain judging my her exposing her neckline. Most out of character. Must be some great meds. No wonder they put her back in seclusion.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 07 October 2016 at 09:08 AM

You're welcome William! Just doing my part to start hearts this lovely October Friday!


No doubt Paul Emery will be along with a poll favorable to Barack Obama at any moment.....

07 October 2016

Thomas Frank: How the Democratic Party Betrayed and Abandoned the Middle Class

"The Democratic Party has turned its back on working people and now pursues policies that actually increase inequality.

The first piece of evidence is what’s happened since the financial crisis. This is the great story of our time. Inequality has actually gotten worse since then, which is a remarkable thing. This is under a Democratic president who we were assured (or warned) was the most liberal or radical president we would ever see. Yet inequality has gotten worse, and the gains since the financial crisis, since the recovery began, have gone entirely to the top 10 percent of the income distribution.

This is not only because of those 'evil Republicans,' but because Obama played it the way he wanted to. Even when he had a majority in both houses of Congress and could choose whoever he wanted to be in his administration, he consistently made policies that favored the top 10 percent over everybody else. He helped out Wall Street in an enormous way when they were entirely at his mercy.

He could have done anything he wanted with them, in the way that Franklin Roosevelt did in the ’30s. But he chose not to.

Why is that?

Thomas Frank


Bill Tozer

Got body bags? This kinda reminds me of California's Storm of the Century a few years back and the Great El Niño of 2016.


Todd Juvinall

Trump was recorded by someone in his trailer using coarse language. Now that is being broadcast. I have heard women talk dirtier but here we go again. When you are in provate watch out. Someone will try ad get you on tape.

Bill Tozer

Darn. Dr. Rebane closed Scattershots. I was going to post a comment about the musical chairs being played at NU's principle position and possible reasons why they have a shorter life span than a box of Cherrios. Oh well.

On the bright side, the closing of comments saved the reader from my hours upon hours of research of the Goliath Grouper and its listing on the Endangered Spieces list. I use to run into those big boys spear fishing off the Pacific Coast of Mexico back in the day. Known to eat a 4 foot shark in a single bite as well as squid. Fearless nature (and size) made them easy to spear, whether one used a snorkel or scuba tanks. Spearing them was the easy part. Getting them up on the raft was a different story.

I once wanted to be a marine biologist, but I get seasick. Bummer man. This comment is now closed.

George Rebane

BillT 1153am - My sincere apologies Mr Tozer. Should you still care to sally forth on NU's musical chairs, please post them here and I will include them with attribution in the body of the Scattershots post. Hope that will serve.


Judith Lowry posts a surprisingly rational thought......

Judith Lowry says:

October 9, 2016 at 8:26 am

Some writer once said that it is a very good thing women can’t read men’s minds.
Being civilized doesn’t necessarily mean men don’t have prurient thoughts and lewd fantasies, they do because are wired that way, it simply means they know enough to keep it to themselves.
“Why don’t you clean yourself up.” sounds like a pretty innocuous statement, unless it was said by a governor of a small southern state to date rape victim.
Men can be beasts, add money and power to that and you get a Trump, a Clinton, or a Weiner.

So, all this gasping and pearl clutching by the media over what some rich little mental homunculus said back in the nineties is hypocritical.
We still have two odious presidential candidates and one of them will likely rule our country for the next four years, but probably not for eight.
The time to begin to find two decent candidates for 2020 is now.


...and then Steve goes and mucks it up!


stevefrisch says:

October 9, 2016 at 1:03 pm

I have been in a lot of locker rooms Judith, and engaged in a lot of “man talk” if by that you mean talk between men, but I have never condoned this sort of objectification of women, or the aggressive and criminal behavior that goes along with it, to any man. It is my responsibility to object when such things are said in order to keep them from being approved of amongst men and acted on.

Mens locker rooms? ....because he didn't specify?


For the big Frischie in the small pond... global warming is on hold for a bit...

Expect a cold '16-'17 winter

On other news, a witness has come forward for the horrific marathon sexual assault that occurred 30+ years ago, with no one coming to the poor woman's aid.

A now retired Brit, a man who witnessed the whole thing, has come forward. The complainant was in fact the aggressor and Trump did nothing inappropriate. So much for Democratic Party diversionary tactics... and back to WikiLeaks.

Todd Juvinall

Who has seen and read the Farmers Almanac for this coming winter?


Since they include galactic cosmic ray flux/ sunspots in their long term projections, I'd expect the Almanac to be expecting cold which is a no-brainer just based on it being the year following an El Nino, which is usually colder even if a La Nina doesn't materialize.

Bill Tozer

Bill Tozer
Anybody know a foreign policy expert or military strategic analyst? Anybody have good Intel?
Everyday we are doing more and more saber rattling at Russia and vise versa. KGB Putin is making his move in Syria and various other places similutaneously and telling every Russian in the Motherland to know precisely where the nearest neighborhood bomb shelters are. Fire drills? Crying wolf? Tail that wags the dog? He sure is sending some messages. So are we. Tit for tat or prelude to bringing out the Ugly Stick of War. Great news for the international bankers for sure. War means obscene profits for the financiers. Not so good for our sons and daughters.

Hillary's Syrian plan is to create a No Fly Zone(per the debates). Yo Hillary, Russia finally has brought in their new secret anti-aircraft batteries. Has new radar jamming capabilities as well. We never have seen this new generation in action. Did Putin play into our hands and bring his new toys out so we can get a good look at them? Are we willing to get our planes shot down over Syria to enforce a no fly zone? Are we willing to shoot down Syrian, Russian, or Iranian jet fighters over Syria?? What's the game plan?

This game makes me nervous. World War 1 started over a lot of gamesmanship and words and BS and involved no real major powers....at the beginning. So, there is precedent in this "modern era". 10s of millions of British, French, and German soldiers were used as cannon fodder for the generals playing games safely behind protective lines. Never say never. It can happen again. Maybe just a 100,000 killed here and there, just a "limited war". What if it gets out of hand? Another Gettysburg? Another World War 1?

I only have had one WTF moment over this. People where saying what the heck is Putin doing in Aleppo?? Look at those civilian casualties. What about the children? He bombed a hospital! What's going on??
Hey idiots, the Russians are going full fury to wipe out the rebels and destroy the rebels' last and biggest stronghold. Screw the civilians and get 'er done. Make quick work of it and complete the job now while the Americans are trying to hump the football and go running off to the UN to whine about it. That is how the Russians fight.. Remember they lost 400,000 men just fighting in the rubble around Berlin and spared no civilians in their path. Why are the Russians pounding Aleppo neighborhoods? To win it all before Hillary implements her no fly zone, lol.
We can hear the drums of war. We know that sound, heard it before.


Rigged Debates: Wikileaks Emails Confirm Media in Clinton’s Pocket

Clinton's people asked for all sorts of special treatment from the DNC and the press—and they got it

Poor Bernie Bros........you should have held your own convention.....! Of course your champion couldn't fold fast enough after......but he did get some air time.....there's always that!

George Rebane

fish 746am - Mr fish, it is curious that you posted (buried?) this comment about the left-biased media in a stale sandbox. A more visible venue would have been under the most recent post 'Our Pernicious Progressive Press', or at least the current sandbox.

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