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30 October 2016



"So we're not worried about de-legitimatizing the foundational systems of our democracy any more, I guess."



All is not well within the FBI.

Comey has made himself persona non grata within the halls of injustice.

He did the right thing, just too little too late.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt, I'm afraid it is the work of the Irredeemables. I smell the smell of some pesky wild liberatians. That liberation streak is pretty wide when it comes to these kind of unpleasantries.

I must have OCD or something. The suspense is killing me. The days are few, time running out. When, oh when, them rowdy deplorables going to drop the October Surprise????? I'm waiting, I'm waiting.

Best quote of the morning:
Hillary got schlonged.


Oh the hits just keep coming....!


Bonus Material: Check out Drudge and the photo he's running of Hilbot at last nights soiree in Florida......I bet that speech would be dynamite in the original German.

Bill Tozer

My Grandma, what big long claws you have. Clinton Foundation, State Intel, , and your every present 2nd daughter in the shadows. Secret Service is busy hiding the ashtrays and flower vases at the Clinton abode. Sweet dreamies.


Paul Emery

You gotta laugh once in a while. Check this out


Bill Tozer

Good one Paul.






Account Deleted

Wow - Paul is either wrong or about a day late.
I guess the ganja takes precedence over reality.
Still wondering whether Paul can answer questions on this blog or has his grey matter flat lined.
Legalized dope candidate Johnson is his man.
Gotta go with what you know.
Meanwhile - Hillary lies some more and Trump thinks:
"shit - they really are as stupid as as we thought".
The crowd roars.
Democrats: How'd that happen - we don't know nothin'.
But! We are geniuses and can lead the free world!

George Boardman

After learning Sunday that the Trump mask is the most popular political mask this Halloween, I sold the rest of our stocks this morning.

(For those of you who pray for a Trump victory, the candidate with the most popular Halloween mask in the last four election years has won the general election.)

We decided around Labor Day that if Clinton wasn't a clear winner two weeks before election day, we would sell our stocks so that we are in cash election day.

The modest gain we would miss in a post-election Clinton rally is nothing compared to what we will lose if Trump wins. If Trump wins, I predict there will be a massive stock market sell-off in the days and maybe the weeks following the election.

This will happen for two reasons:

--The markets hate uncertainty, and Trump is a loose cannon who's making up most of his agenda as he goes along;

--But he has vowed to tear up our trade agreements, and that's bad news for American corporation that do lot of business overseas. Investors won't wait to see if he carries through with the threat.

I hope I'm not in a position to say I told you so when the markets close Nov. 11.


Trump up 3.4% by the USC Daybreak poll, sure looks like a trend starting before the FBI move. Drudge rounded it up to 4%... many adults are math challenged. At 46.6%, that's higher than Clinton's peak during the Dem convention.

Good for you GB, put it all into cash and stuff it into the mattress. Brexit was said to turn Britain into a financial wasteland too, just wait, it'll happen.

Personally, if the ballot choice was between a SCOTUS in the mold of a Scalia and a bad market crash, I'd take the SCOTUS.

DEMS in California, vote Green, vote Libertarian. You don't have to vote for Hillary. Hillary will still get all the Dem electors but your hands can be clean. If you are for personal freedoms and for small government, you probably fit best in the Libertarian Party which, in addition, is the most stalwart supporter of 2nd Amendment rights among all the parties.


Posted by: George Boardman | 31 October 2016 at 09:23 AM

So in other words George "vote for the leader of the crime ring because you will make money if they are elected"?

You're a great American George.

(Actually you probably shouldn't worry, the American people always find a way to vote for the greater of two evils!)


Look at all the adorable undocumented democrats!

Its all good though, they will be reliable lever pullers for TEAM EVIL....and isn't that the important thing?

From Drudge:






Leaked Images Show Illegals Strolling Across Open Border...


Pat Caddell is old school Democrat

Looks like a blowout election to Caddell.

That election was the one where I abandoned the Democratic Party for the Libertarians, with Ed Clark and David Koch (yes, that Koch) on the ballot. A few years later I met Clark at Dr. Timothy Leary's house at a reception for the '88 LIB candidate, Ron Paul. Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders was also there... my late first wife Teri (an adjunct professor of math at Sierra College when she passed away) and I had given the Paul campaign $300 (1988 dollars were worth more) which probably made us major donors from the LA area.

On a lighter note, Donna Brazile is now persona non grata at CNN with the fresh evidence she gave Hillary CNN 'town hall' questions in her race against Bernie. Why did the Clinton campaigners cheat? I'd guess because they didn't think they could win if they fought fairly.

Now, if the GOP wins in a blowout next week, the next danger would be Republicans Gone Wild! and a big reaction back to the DP in 2018, pulling defeat from the jaws of victory [not sic]. Trump may be enough of an ornery independent SOB to keep that from happening. May. Power corrupts.


I hope Boardman paid (or will pay) the taxes on his capital gains on said stock sale.
What? No gold Boardman? Gold always goes up when the stock market tanks on "uncertainty". Get with the program. If you believe the nation is REALLY going to shit, invest in apocalypse staples. Bunker, freeze dried goods by the pallet load, bullets, barter dope, cigarettes,(better than cash) and toilet paper. You have ANY idea of the value of that in troubled times?
You still have time to convert that matress stuffing into the above mentioned goods.

Now that you have made a buck on that Corp. welfare doled out by the LIB establishment all these years, you bail? I guess that makes you an "evil" Wall St. type.
BTW, Ruger stock is up today.


Posted by: Walt | 31 October 2016 at 11:02 AM

BTW, Ruger stock is up today.

If recent history is any guide, this is where George wants to put his money when Darth Menopause wins.


This just in! CNN cans Donna.
A LIB lost a job for lying? I call it a good start.

Bill Tozer

Walt, the mighty are falling, albeit Ms. Donna had to resign from CNN when there just happened to have an immediate vacanty over at the DNC. And I mean immediate vacancy, lol. They just withdrew the welcome mat over at CNN saying they won't be holding her job waiting for her after her gig w/ the DNC.
Fun to watch who gets thrown into the wood chipper. Boy, I am going to really miss 2016 after it's gone.

Yep, ESPN lost 650k subscripters last month, a record monthly lost for the non political sports broadcaster. Budweiser cuts short its ad campaign with some unfunny comedian social justice warrior .Amy S.. Equal Pay Bud Lite ads and the sales of the beverage took a nasty turn South. Pulled that plug.

Now, was it not that too long ago when the beddwetters from across the aisle all came over at once blasting us for not nomininating anybody besides Trump. Like, we in this speck on the globe really had a say in the matter. They blamed the Republican Party. Well, some cad might be tempted to say, "turnaround is fair play."


Paul Emery

Here's the hill Trump, the Great White Hope, has to climb to win the election.

First He has to win Iowa Arizona and Ohio all of which which he has the edge in polling
Second He also has to win Florida, N Carolina and Nevada which are either even or leaning Clinton
Third he has to win either Colorado, Michigan or Pennsylvania which have solid Clinton leads at this time. Nothing else is worth talking about. If he loses any states in the first two categories or fails to win one in the third group he loses.

At this point nothing else matters especially the popular vote. Ask Al Gore about that.

I do intend to vote Libertarian out of Principal


"I do intend to vote Libertarian out of Principal" No worries Paul, your in good company.
Non of our Trump votes here in Ca.are worth a crap either. On election night we will see how many still feel Clinton is above the law.


Now that I think about it, what's with the racist " Great White Hope" BS? There are PLENTY of people of color that like Trump. Right down to the homeless woman that got the beatdown in Hollywood by Trump hating Progressives.

Bill Tozer

Paul, we all knew you would not ever never vote for Hillary, duh. Think both the Emery Twins voted for O in '08, but not for reelection. Just wanted you to quit beating about the bush and spouting the Clinton News Channel. Proud of you. I know how much you wanted your vote to count this year. Good job. No prob here.

Ok, we got a 24.9% chance. I'll take that. Better than the last time you ran over to rub poll numbers in our faces. What, was it 3 or 5% or 18%? I just can't keep track of the hyperventilating. 1 in 4 chance is not a bad place to start the day off. Beggars can't be choosers. Oh, with even bothering to look at the polls today, I predict NH will go Trump starting today. Hill got only 4 in 10 Dems in the primary. Corrorption is a deal breaker there. Maybe Delaware....I get them confused. :).

So, take 4 away from the blue column and put 4 in the Red Column. Change of 8. I will take it.

Paul Emery


there were lots of slaves who were happy on the plantation as well.


A twofer:
""I do intend to vote Libertarian out of Principal[sic]" No worries Paul, your[sic] in good company."

Let's see... if USC has today's lead correct, Trump is 3.4% above Clinton. The polls 538 are relying on show Clinton ahead by 4.7%. That's an 8.1% difference. Scanning the states in Silver's list and pushing Trump up by 8%, one has the following states electoral votes going to Trump today:
North Carolina
New Hampshire

And Trump appears to be trending up, Clinton sinking fast.

Do the math, Paul.

George Rebane

PaulE 1242pm - With that analysis firmly in place, I presume you're now ready to give even better odds for our next bet. Yes, I'm willing to put up more money for another bet with someone such as you who has an astute understanding of the odds. What say?


Paul, Silver is calling it for Hillary 3+:1. Want that bet at 3:1?

That's "Lagavulin"; L-a-g-a-v-u-l-i-n. Best price is at Costco.

George Boardman

You guys are crucifying me for being a prudent capitalist, and here I thought capitalism is a bedrock belief of American conservatives. Of course, I've noticed that people like capitalism more in theory than in practice.

Don't worry, Walt, I'll pay my capital gains taxes because, unlike your boy Trump, I don't have 20 years worth of tax-loss carry forwards to shield my gains. But the capital gains rate is lower than the income tax rate, another way the plutocrats screw the little guy. I'm sure The Donald will take care of that right after he drains the swamp.

As for gold, I'll wait until Trump bumbles into a nuclear showdown with North Korea. Of course, if either one of them pulls the trigger, gold won't do anybody any good.

Paul Emery


My vote does count. It goes towards the Libertarians gaining enough support to qualify for public funding-5% I think.

Paul Emery


My look at the states is a pretty realistic place to start.


In the 34 years I've been a Libertarian, accepting public funding has left them/us feeling something like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis. Something like, because we ain't been very close to getting public funding in the past.

I'll go with Milton Friedman on this (not that he was talking about public funding of political candidates)... if a thief steals from you and will give some of it back if you ask for it, stand in line with a clear conscience. This was also Ayn Rand's view for you Paul Ryan fans.

If a libertarian (small or large L) gets into power, the subsidy will go away. No need to sit in the corner, holding your breath until you turn blue in the meantime.


"My look at the states is a pretty realistic place to start"

Not really, but if you look, I covered all of them. As of today, it looks like they're going to go to Trump. Silver is relying on polls that have not had a history of doing well and are, in fact, the polls that agreed with him last time.

Funny thing mentioned on the Tom Sullivan "big radio show" today... Bill Clinton won when the Iran Contra special persecutor issued indictments the weekend before the election. Those were later thrown out after HW Bush lost.

Sauce for the goose.




No one has nailed you a cross(yet) Boardman. Now why would the stock market tank? The FED has done a fine job of keeping it propped up. So is Yellen going to spike interest rates just to screw over Trump? " now it's HIS fault!" (not that I would put it past a Progressive to do just that)
Now ya' gotta by gold when it's low. Get in while the getting good. (the best day to trade was yesterday..... No matter which day it is)

Slaves Paul?,, Really?? Your really going into offencive territory. Forget that the "plantation" owners (then, AND now) were Dems? Even today they dislike their proper... uh, perceived constituents leaving said plantation. How dare a person of color be a Republican Then (as seen on Youtube) beating a person of color on the streets in fair game.


You guys are crucifying me for being a prudent capitalist, and here I thought capitalism is a bedrock belief of American conservatives. Of course, I've noticed that people like capitalism more in theory than in practice.

I think that you, much like a generation of British schoolboys secretly pine for a stern hand wielding the lash. That it will be Hillary administering your punishment makes it oh so much more satisfying!

If you just believe the market is going to tank and think you can make money shorting the shit out of it then more power to you.

Don't worry, Walt, I'll pay my capital gains taxes because, unlike your boy Trump, I don't have 20 years worth of tax-loss carry forwards to shield my gains. But the capital gains rate is lower than the income tax rate, another way the plutocrats screw the little guy. I'm sure The Donald will take care of that right after he drains the swamp.

So much for your claim of being the "Prudent Capitalist".

As for gold, I'll wait until Trump bumbles into a nuclear showdown with North Korea. Of course, if either one of them pulls the trigger, gold won't do anybody any good.

Funny....listening to people who pay attention to this sort of thing....they are far more concerned about Hillarys bellicosity than Trumps.

Paul Emery

Your memory is short Gregory. The indictments were thrown out because of H.W.'s pardons after he lost the election. They were pardoned specifically as Bush noted that in his comments that the the six who were pardoned had a common denominator in that "they did not profit or seek to profit from their conduct."



Paul, you're batting .000. It was thrown out for being outside the statute of limitations:
"On the eve of the 1992 presidential election, on October 30, Mr. Walsh obtained a grand jury re-indictment of Weinberger on one count of false statements. One phrase in that superseding indictment referred to President George H.W. Bush. Some believe that Bush had been closing the gap with Bill Clinton, and that this event stopped his momentum.[3][4][5] Clinton administration attorney Lanny Davis called the decision to indict a week before the election rather than after the election "bizarre."[3] Judge Thomas Hogan dismissed the October indictment two months later for being outside the statute of limitations.[5]"

Sauce for Bill Clinton's goose is sauce for his gander.


One more for Boardman. Now... Are you going to find every deduction possible, (like any money loving capitalist) or pay the full tab?(plus 15% guilt trip rate)
I don't send one copper plated zinc slug more than I have to.

Bill Tozer

Now, we should wait to see if the Indians win the Sieries before we know for sure if we are going to run the table. Ohio and Florida is in my hot little hands. Love the zero sum gain when counting In my head. . Michigan is still holding for MY GAL and that to me is the great canary in the coal mine. And NC is one big head scratcher. Flood a state with immigrants coupled with libs moving further out from Virginia and commuting to DC.....boy, NC sure turned blue in just a few years. That was quick. If NC breaks and Michigan starts showing some movement, then I will know the Indians will win the Series. A cliff hanger, I tell ya.

Ohio is Redneck Red as soon as I found out that Cleveland will go Hillary and most all the early voting stats in Ohio are coming out of Cleveland. Ahem., Cleveland is surrounded by a sea of Red. We got Ohio and Florida.

Oh that Pretty Boy Rubio was on the radio Friday afternoon begging for money. The Harry Reid Campaign dumped 2 million straight into his opponent's coffers. Marco was not happy and a was even or under about a week ago or so. This morning Marco up 9. Thank you Mr. Weiner for making Harry Reid lose 2 million and looking like a fool. Always a silver lining.
Yo, speaking of FLA, anybody know if DNC Debbie has been seen hitting the trial and campaigning with Hillary? She had two straight days of gladhanding down in the Sunshine State. Where's Debbie? Where's Nancy? Thankyou Mr. Weiner for the free juice oranges.

Yo Walt. When Comey was having his press conference in July, Wall Street was listening to Director Comey and it sure sounded like he was going to indict her for sure as he was laying out his case. Gold went up 2 and the the market started to fall as he was gabbing. Everything calmed down when they figured out Hillary was going to walk, but gold finished up 8 for the day. Go figure.

Boardman, if you were as smart as Trump, you too could write off a billion and still make billions. Go make your plays before the dead cat bounce. Such shortsightedness. . Like the old saying, "If you want to learn how to make a million, don't waste your time with someone who only knows how to make a half million." No fee index funds is my style. Let er' ride, bedwetters need not apply.

Bill Tozer

Oh Paul and Mr. Boardman, an olive branch:


Bill Tozer

Ok Trivia fans, name one person of the Clinton Whitewater defense team. Tick, tick, tick, tock. The answer is one little woman who goes by the name Loretta Lynch.

Just like old times. Now we know what Bubba was going in Loretta's big comfortable Jetliner for 38 minutes. Bubba likes that brown sugar and was going back for seconds after all these years. Politics make strange bedfellows or maybe they all look better at closing time.


Man O man! top LIBS are really nutting up.
I do believe his hair has grown inward.
Here we go with the "vast Right wing conspiracy". But what about the "vast" LIB conspiracy
to drive the U.S. into the ground, and make the LIB elite rich in the process? It's being exposed as we speak.


"But the capital gains rate is lower than the income tax rate, another way the plutocrats screw the little guy."

What if all of your capital gain were due to inflation?


Remember Dick Army's take on James Carville.. he's not as nice as he looks.


Pew Center: 1.8 Million Dead People on Voter Rolls, 2.75 Million Registered in Two States


All opportunities for the Democrats to promote voter fraud.

Bill Tozer

OMG, just last night I was thinking that so many people can't been seen standing with Hillary in public lately, I wondered if they will have to reach back in time and bring out Carvelle. And here he is. This is getting too predictable, too easy.

I am a James Carville fan. Love the guy. Saw him on CSPAN giving a small talk at Kennedy School of Something. He pulled out a cigar in front of the astonished audience, lit it, and said he is Sick and Tired of all this mealy mouth talk of lowering the temperature, being nice, and all that BS crap. This was around the time the word vitriol was in vogue and the daily Dem talking points were always about the knuckledraggers (Clingers) were doing too much of the bad virtriol thang. Anyway, he said he hates that pussy talk because politics is bare knuckle fighting and there is nothing nice about it. He is my hero.

Boy, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the FBI news hit Friday around noon and he was sitting with his lovely wife M, the Republican operative, lol. Oh, she must have had a ball all weekend teasing James.

Yep, The Saints must have lost Sunday or something cause that usually sets The Ragin Cajun off. I love Big Bob Beckell as well. Boy, love to get the two of them all liquored up and hear some good stories about boxes of ballots falling off the back of trucks on some lonely road, lol. Opps, that never happens. Me bad.

Hey Carvelle, it's called politics, a bare knuckled sport, right. :). You love it!!!




God knows what she left behind in Russia.

" a whistleblower who separately came to him with an allegation it was Clinton who left the material out..."


Paul 2:51, we should talk.

It isn't entirely your fault that you thought that indictment went away because of a presidential pardon... the reason being that the author of the WaPo piece wanted you to conflate the indictment that was thrown out because of the statute of limitations and the efforts to find something else to charge people with after the election.

The WaPo author actually did clue their readers that there was some indictment tossed out by a judge, but they made it real easy for people to think there was a nefarious pardon behind it all. No, there was an indictment that *couldn't* lead to a conviction that was all Walsh could throw into the election in time.

Unfortunately, while I had the internet before that time, WikiLeaks wasn't there to steal all those emails that Walsh didn't send.


Gets his apology and then proceeds to complain incessantly about it....

stevefrisch says:

October 31, 2016 at 1:27 pm

So first, I think it is a good thing that Mr. Rogers addressed this issue, he should be applauded for it. I also think he is trying to make amends. That is a class move.


Now that we have acknowledged it’s good he addressed it and that he is sincere, what the heck does this even mean:
“From what I’m hearing from readers, we drew the lines too loosely. Or rather, I did. I made the final call. Ironically enough, I did so not out of sympathy for the positions taken, but in trying to apply standards of libel, invasion of privacy, obscenity and clearness of opinion from facts. And also from the standpoint of political rhetoric in an advertisement as opposed to news or commentary.

This does raise an obvious question that doesn’t seem to bother our big league brethren: If it wouldn’t make the cut for commentary, why should it get a chance as a political advertisement?

It’s one we’ll have to consider more thoroughly in the future, plainly.” –Mr. Rogers

With all due respect that statement is not plain at all.

Is it an apology? Is it an explanation? Is it a musing? I think that was an apology but I really can’t quite tell.

If it is not an apology just state that–“we drew the line at whether or not the content of the ad was libel”–and move on.

When did we lose our ability to execute a proper apology?

Here are the basic parts; 1) start with “I apologize…”, 2) admit responsibility, 3) make amends or pledge to take corrective action, 4) promise that it won’t happen again.

Here is how it could have gone,:
“Upon additional consideration of our decision to publish the paid advertisement titled “Is Your President a Muslim” in October 29, 2016 issue of The Union, we apologize for its publication. We take responsibility for not having a policy in place to adequately review advertising to avoid publishing material that does not meet our desired standards. We will develop such a policy based on industry best practices in the next [month?] and publish the standards that will be applied to future submissions. We are confident that updating our policy will avoid this problem reoccurring. Once again, we apologize to our valued readers.”

Oh yeah, when you say it you have to actually mean it.


You stay classy Steve......


Well at least Germany is reaping the economic benefits that jeffy...errr....."jon" said we could expect from importing the room temperature IQ Middle East.





fish 7:56

"standards of libel, invasion of privacy, obscenity and clearness of opinion from facts. And also from the standpoint of political rhetoric in an advertisement as opposed to news or commentary"

Let me help Steve with that: it wasn't libelous, didn't invade anyone's privacy, wasn't obscene, was reasonably clear, and it was private, sponsored political speech that was clearly not originated by The Union.

So they ran the ad.

However, that pissed off the loudmouthed Steves and Jeffies of the world, so they're going to have a few beers and think about any other standards they might (or might not) want to apply in the future and he wrote a non-apology apology to soothe ruffled feathers. Maybe they'll have it figured out before the next time Pinney wants to give them money,


Resorting to bullying tactics?,, Really? I think good ol' Jeff would have told some one to go pound sand.

Bill Tozer

No hope in e-mails amounting to anything. Justice Department will quash it and pull the plug. Wikileaks is going to be sweeeet this week. Podesta resigns by Friday? Maybe, maybe not.


Posted by: Gregory | 31 October 2016 at 08:59 PM

This entire mess is vaguely reminiscent of the Western Gateway Park tone policing kerfuffle of a couple of years ago.....we don't want to stop anybody from voicing their political opinions..... its a scheduling issue.....its a park resources issue.....!


Nice breakdown of this weekends episode of "Successful Gun Control in Chicago" in a user friendly graphic format.


I'm pretty sure that Chicagistan will really post some impressive stats if the Cubs hew to their historical pattern and choke in Cleveland tonight.


From the always entertaining Iowahawk!

FBI finds 650k Hillary State Dept emails on PC of notorious dickpic pervert. Headlines: "Comey Embroiled in Controversy"

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 6:17am

Best post of yours in weeks. Yes, it is exactly the same issue that caused the Western Gateway Park uproar from the exact same confused ones. Even Fatso came over here and stayed the whole day. The whole day and we just could not see things the way he wanted (demanded) us to see and behave.
He was trying to make some point by walking in circles and, per usual, hid behind his son. Sure, Fatso, you were really disc golfing out in the oaks and could see yonder some Tea Party locals allowed to assemble! He had to hide his boy's eyes. Oh, the horror, the horror. Sure, like that really happened, ROFLMFUEO.

Tea Party rents space for a get together, or was it a State Of Jefferson day in the park? Whoever they were, they should not be allowed to rent a space. Or should have given equal timing to his totalitarian side, or whatever excuse he pulled out of his bag of monkey snot to justify his indefensible stance. What will his son think? Better review the community standards.

He used the same arguments in a vain attempt to get the Bonnaza market to remove those signs promoting non local Kangaroo Jersey. "It's not local" was the excuse to say he did not want to look at the market's window ad. Bottomline, he just does not want to see a sign about Deer Jerky, not want to see an ad in the local fishwrapper, and certainly does not to see Deplorables renting space in a park 20 miles from his local low life infested neighborhood.

Tyranny. Tyranny. Progress is a one unidirectional, eh? Yes, we know, we know. You will deal with their kind later, yawn.
Fish, you nailed that one. Fatso is a walking talking Constitutional Crisis.

Bill Tozer

Gregory was right. The real October Surprise is the Obamacare premium increases. That is something that is really sticking with the unwashed masses....and even some Progressives are not liking what they see on their monthly bills.

George Rebane

re BillT's 834am - The hard Left has always sought the high ground of ethics, morality, propriety, and correct behavior in general. While posturing as the apostles of unity, they divide us by telling all who should/not speak what, publish this or that, voice an opinion, gather there but not here, advertise this and not that, ... . When they are our peers they remain the laughable contingent among us. It is only when they gain the reins of power do they become the tyrants who ultimately wind up killing millions. It was ever thus.

Bill Tozer

My, there goes some of The Ragin' Cajun's talking points right into the woodshedder.


WTF? NYT says no Trump-Russia connection. And we all know that if the NYT says it, that trumps anything Clinton, Inc says. (Rush's point). Another attack of the FBI being partisan by not looking into Trump's bromance with the KGB tossed into the wood chipper. Well, at least Jimmy "Coonass" Ragin Cajun Carvelle gave it his best. Jimmy and Weiner love to pound on Republicans. They love to mix it up with us til the cows come home. Hate to see such worthy foes thrown in the wood chipper. Bring it on Clinton, Inc. Your audience is shrinking outside the circles of power.

Paul Emery

Either way the harsh reality for Trump is that he has to win Florida, N Carolina and Nevada plus, and this is the big one one state that is solidly in the Clinton camp such as Colorado, Michigan or Penn. New Hampshire wouldn't make it because it has too few electoral votes.

this is the only action worth looking at.

Paul Emery


Here's the reality about the Bush Iran Contra pardons. Important because it, along with the Nixon pardon shows how the pubbers are perfectly willing to use pardons to save their own. Obama would be completely justified historically to pardon Hillary if bast on historical precedence.

"Bush issued the pardons of Clarridge and Weinberger preemptively, a move reminiscent of President Gerald Ford’s pardon of his predecessor, Richard Nixon, following the Watergate scandal. According to the Independent Counsel, the pardon of an official as high-ranking as Weinberger, whose trial was scheduled to begin on January 5, 1993, raised questions as to what Bush might have hoped to conceal. Walsh had intended to call Bush as a witness in the trial, although Weinberger denied that any of his notes from meetings dealing with Iran-Contra contradicted past statements by Bush and former President Ronald Reagan.


In defense of these six pardons, Bush stated, “[The] common denominator of their motivation—whether their actions were right or wrong—was patriotism.” He criticized the years-long investigation run by Walsh as reflective of “what I believe is a profoundly troubling development in the political and legal climate of our country: the criminalization of policy differences.”

Walsh released a response saying, in part, “[The] pardon of Caspar Weinberger and other Iran-contra defendants undermines the principle that no man is above the law. It demonstrates that powerful people with powerful allies can commit serious crimes in high office—deliberately abusing the public trust without consequence. Weinberger, who faced four felony charges, deserved to be tried by a jury of citizens.” He concluded, “The Iran-contra cover-up, which has continued for more than six years, has now been completed with the pardon of Caspar Weinberger.”


Paul, RCP has Trump ahead in Florida.

There's no argument that the Bush I pardons were political... so was the Walsh-delivered indictment despite the statute of limitations being expired.

I'd see one BIG difference between then and now... the Iran-Contra people weren't illegally clawing their way to self-aggrandizing power and money.

The latest WikiLeaked Podesta email is eye-opening... sure looks like conspiracy to commit a Federal crime to me.

Bill Tozer

Florida is getting Clinton, Inc. all a'flutter. Hillary has spent/is spending 3 out of 4 last days in Fla. Paul, be patient, be patient. You can't come over here and tell us again that the only thing we are allowed to discuss is the 'electro-college' battleground and only the important states and only the big picture because the rest don't matter.
You ain't the boss of me! Let us have our fun speculating and savoring the juicy morsels that fall off the turnip truck and, of course, the shouldas, wouldas, couldas until we shoulda all over ourselves. Come on Paul, don't be such a killjoy as you watch us Irredeemables do our fool's errand thang. Is that too much to ask??? Boy, what a wet blanket, you meanie.

Paul, there are just too many sweet warm large pieces of bread crumbs for us to not stop and smell the roses. Your spiritual side says it's the "journey, not the destination" that is important, right? Come on, let us little grasshoppers have a little bit of levity before Clinton, Inc. crushes us like the insects we are. Oh, Kaine got pulled out of Ohio and redirected to Michagan. Hmmmm.

Bill Tozer

Or was that Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania? That is solid Clinton. Hmmm.

Paul Emery


RCP average as of today shows Clinton up by 6



Incestuous DC........


Paul Emery

Also it shows Her up in Colorado by 5 rcp average as of today.

Bill Tozer

Paul, I appreciate your passion for polling. I have no reason to doubt anything you say. My passion is looking for signs that those cracks in the levys are starting to enlarge and do alittle bugling out thang. Or, checking the water level and see if a culminative effect might....might rise higher and the water come gushing over the top. A breach!

Hey, I can hope can't I? Hope and Changey thing. Hey, I woke up with a 1in 4 chance yesterday and without even peeking, I bet I will wake up tomorrow with a 1in 3 or 1in 3.4 chance.

Paul, here's a bone to toss: About those tiny states that don't matter, I think we lost Alaska. Going Blue. Now you got all the Pac Coast blue as a Hawaiian lagoon. Enjoy the journey. :)


Shot across the bow.



They keep letting the Clinton campaign play the election game on the "easy/rookie" setting!


Does anybody think that these scumbags would still be in the race if the MSM wasn't fellatially devoted to the democrats?


LOL Paul. Are you that mathematically challenged?

The RCP averages over the last three weeks are next to useless... look at the Colorado numbers you link to... She's only got 1% over him in the poll that's three days old. The average is as high as 5 now only because of hugely inflated numbers that are three weeks old from the last press assault against Trump.

Patricia Smith

Bill T, Nov 1, 9:02am You are so right! All this talk about new emails has stopped all discussion about the ACA premium hikes that are going to hit Americans in January. That was really taking a toll in the poll numbers so now they have a "new" distraction to get people from discussing this very important issue.

Paul Emery


Of course time will tell. None the less that's the hill Trump has to climb and it's the best state polls average available at this time. Your speculations are your personal view.


Posted by: Patricia Smith | 01 November 2016 at 12:41 PM

Well now you've gone and done it.....you have jeffy worked into a lather over his ex-girlfriend (The Union)!

....firestorm of dissent in our towns.

Really jeffy....such a drama queen ...you, Steve, and your "Chip Wilder" sock puppet hardly constitute a "firestorm"!


Paul, the RCP average is just that, an average over time. Colorado is high for their average only because the polls had been goosed with bad news for trump followed by polls that tended to be jiggered to show what was to be shown that are now crashing.

The latest Colorado poll shows 1% in favor of Clinton, and the USC poll has since shown a nice 2% jump overall for Trump. Before that bad news cycle for Trump, he was actually ahead by the RCP Colorado poll number.

Paul Emery

"he was actually ahead by the RCP Colorado poll number."

Was that RCP average Colorado? When was that taken?

Well Gregory the RCP average today is Clinton by 5

George Rebane

Sure is exciting reading the debate about flyshit stats concerning which poll was up this much over that other poll. Gentlemen, you most certainly have me and others confused with someone who cares (and I was a published national pollster once). Nevertheless, your tutorial about polling is forthcoming, but I predict I will err equally about your caring.

Bill Tozer

Wisconsin is in play.....that to me has always been a lost cause. Go Cheeseheads.


Remember how the FEDS came down like a ton of bricks on the Conservative protesters?
(You know,, the Bundy guys)
But not here,,

Gotta love this part.
"American Indians and others who oppose the construction of Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners' $3.8 billion pipeline have set up an encampment on U.S. Army Corp of Engineers land without a permit; federal officials have said they wouldn't evict them due to free speech reasons."

Once again it's OK when LIB constituents do it.

Bill Tozer

Walt, CHECK THIS OUT....later buddy, running silent .....my gift to you



Clinton tanking in USC poll.Trump up over 5%,95% confidence level they Trump wins the popular vote... yesterday


Finally......Steve, jeffy, and JoKes "Great White Defendant".......!



......they've been disappointed so many times before that I don't want them to get their hopes up too high.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the FUE is attacking Patricia Smith for her speech. I am so glad Ackerman fired that lout and kept free speech alive in our local paper. My view of Smith is blossoming.

George Boardman

Inquiring minds want to know: What are you boys going to do about the U.S. Senate race? It seems to me you have three problems with the candidates:

--Both are Democrats;
--Both are women;
--Neither is white.

What's a Trump conservative to do?

Account Deleted

Another pathetic post from Boardman.

"Both are Democrats" - Wow! So a Trump conservative doesn't vote for either one.
"Both are women" and "neither is white".
In the first place, since both are liberal Dems and a Trump conservative wouldn't be voting for them anyway, why does their sex and skin color have one single thing to do with it?
Furthermore - Trump conservatives are quite happy to vote for male and female conservatives of all skin colors and ethnic backgrounds.
"What's a Trump conservative to do?"
Well, since Prop 14 seems to prohibit write-ins in the general election, a Trump conservative would simply not vote for anyone for the open US Senate seat.
If Boardman needs help with anything else - like following the instructions on the cereal box carton or how to find his house after driving off to North San Juan for a while, please offer him assistance - he seems to need it.


Call it a LIB wet dream Boardman. When LIBS messed with the election protocols, that's what happens. LIBS love putting the thumb on the scale.

Todd Juvinall

I will write in Bruce Hershonsen.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1159am - Mr Boardman, does the inclusion of "women" and "white" in your faux query represent a departure from your usual gentlemanly repartees here, substituting instead a distinct foray into snark? Where anywhere in these pages do you find evidence that your "you boys" have ever inveighed against anyone simply on the basis of their gender or race?? This election season is turning out to be more revealing than anticipated.


This just in!!

Let the election rigging begin.. WHOLESALE...


Posted by: George Boardman | 02 November 2016 at 11:59 AM

UR funny.

Paul Emery

Looks like Todds favorite pollster Dean "unskewed" Chambers is predicting Hillary, What a hoot.

"Dean Chambers, who made a name for himself “unskewing” the polls in 2012 to give Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney more favorable results, has come to view political polling with a bit less suspicion and believes that Hillary Clinton is the favorite to win the White House.

“I would look at the RealClearPolitics no tossups map, they’re saying 273 [electoral votes] for Hillary,” Chambers, who founded the now defunct UnSkewPolls.com, told The Huffington Post in an interview. “My best guess is that’s probably pretty close.” In that scenario, predicted by RealClearPolitics’ polling aggregator, Clinton ekes out a narrow win by carrying Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia and New Hampshire.

“I think we can all agree that the polls are getting much closer and if that trend continues it could be very close on Election Day,” Chambers said, though added that Clinton’s advantage over Republican nominee Donald Trump in early voting will likely provide her an edge.

“I hear some Trump supporters saying that Trump is going to get a much higher result than polls are suggesting,” Chambers continued, “but I don’t have any basis to agree with that. If you’re trying to construct a scenario where Trump wins, you need five more electoral votes. Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire seems likely to go to Hillary"


Bill Tozer

Harris is white, unless she is doing the high cheekbone person of color thang like Lizzie Warden Warren. Harris has to be white. Want proof? 0K Boardman, have you seen her cankles? I rest my case.
So, the Senate race is a total Dem wack job insider hand picked by Edmond G Brown's boy verses a South LA congressperson. So, it's Castro or Hugo Chavez? Tough choice. Think I will vote for a third party candidate if available. If not, I will vote for Hugo Chavez cause not only does she have better legs and can cook a killer tamale, but Hugo Chavez's lifespan will be much shorter than Fidel Castro's. Gotta look down the road to see the silver lining.

Bill Tozer

George Rebane @ 12:57 pm

You gotta smoke 'em out.

George Boardman

Re Tozer's 1:49 p.m.:

Harris' mother is Indian (as in India) and her father is Jamaican.

Steve Frisch

Well if you want Bruce Herschensohn to be the next United States Senator from the Great State of California you will have to learn how to spell his name.

Todd Juvinall

Shut up.

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