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17 October 2016



STS compliance departments? Sounds like the STASI agents monitoring phone calls down the hall in East Germany (der songenannte DDR). Ahh, the good old days when the world was safe for tolerant progressives with machine guns.

Harvey Mudd College was founded with the concept that math, science and engineering students should be steeped in all the liberal arts (which include math and science, or at least did before the Quadrivium was dropped from the modern concept of the Liberal Arts because Math is Hard! ... and so is science. Now when the STS people think "Liberal Arts" they're really thinking the Trivium. The easy stuff, the historical root of the word "trivial".

Mudd requires everyone to take the first three+ semesters of all the core subjects. Intending to major in pure math? Great! but you're still going to take three or more semesters of chemistry, physics, some biology and engineering along with the folks majoring in those subjects... and about a third of all your coursework will be in the humanities as you are required to take a minor in the humanities (unless you work out a major in the humanities and then you're required to take a minor in math, physics, chemistry, engineering or biology (oh, and I guess they break out computer science separately from math nowadays).

Imagine someone taking music appreciation and then taking it upon themselves to run the lives and careers of musicians. Madness. No, I don't think the essentially libertarian bent of those choosing real careers in the hard stuff will ever put up with a progressive Overseer who struggled with algebra to herd them down the path.


As Strother Martin might say, you just gotta get yer mind right.



“We'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent lifeforms everywhere and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.”
-"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"


...and right on cue the lesser demon to Ms. Hasslers (wholly appropriate name though) greater.

Feminist PhD Candidate: Science Is Sexist Because It’s Not Subjective


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 10:52 am. You are kidding, right? That link is a hoax, right? Sure, throw out the scientific method and pass out participation trophys to all. If everybody is a victim, then who are the oppressors? It's scientific method's fault! Off with their heads.

Once had a crusty boss cut me off mid sentence and said "Can't??? Can't never accomplished nothing." Guess science can't be objective no more. No one saw the unintended consequences of the Internet with that free thinking uncontrolled stuff getting out of hand, so I guess it should have never been invented. Curse you Al Gore!

Dr. Rebane and Gregory: You physics lovers and engineering/techy rocket scientist big IQ types did not think you and your STEM ilk would be exempt from the hammer that has fallen on the rest of us, did you? You did not see this coming? You're kidding, right? Nobody gets out of this unscathed! There is no where to hide, nowhere to flee the wrath of the subjective progressive authoritarian saps. Everybody else is a victim because of you. Welcome to the basket of Deplorables (again), you irredeemable rednecks. :)

I feel your pain. Here, about a nice inspirational quote to soothe the mind.
"It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you will only die tired."

Bill Tozer

Last one. Later



One more thought on STS... some long forgotten neurons fired, reminding me that my humanities advisor at Mudd, John Rae (an off the boat Scot, originally from Edinburgh iirc) was essentially one of the founders of STS (or whatever it was called then). History of technology was essentially ignored by academics until perhaps the '60's when Rae and a handful of others founded a group to promote that work. One of the best course sequences I took was a four semester sequence with the first two taught by Dr. Blaine at Scripps, a medievalist, prehistory up to the industrial age, and Rae with two semesters covering early industrial up to modern.

Blaine got his PhD at UCLA, possibly under Lynn White whose book "Medieval Technology and Social Change" might be the best history book on my shelf. I should dig it out.

I expect Dr. Rae is spinning in his grave with the idea that STS would turn into a disgruntled studies du jour... Mudd in general and Rae in particular worked to turn out ethical scientists and engineers who would be aware of their role in the world, who did not need supervision from their academic lessers.


One of Rae's research topics was on toilets (don't laugh, without toilets and well designed water and sewage systems, cities aren't all that nice to live in), and I did stump him on one question... what ship had the first flush toilet below the water line?

Think aboot it.


Gregory, probably the 'Great Eastern.' L

Bill Tozer

The Titanic?

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