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24 November 2016


Todd Juvinall

America celebrating those brave Pilgrims and those hospitable Indians again. What a great country!


And a little dose of what will be talked about tonight around the table.
"yes, it IS Thanksgiving. Trump won! Just imagine if Hillary did. Please pass the stuffing". Now put that pie down Boardman, it's not polite to start flinging desert before the turkey has even been carved.


Wishing every reader, left or right, a Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks to the turkey for giving it's all for a traditional holliday meal.


A wonderful Thanksgiving to those of you....Conservetarian.....and you others.....who put up with my rants here at RR's!

Since it's Thanksgiving the "Elvis Christmas" album is no longer under embargo!

Go forth and play the finest holiday album ever put to vinyl! GO NOW!

Don Bessee

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I tried counting my blessings but my abacus caught fire. ;-)

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