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18 November 2016



George, I've no doubt there are folks steeped in the beliefs represented by the protesters who could, from their point of view, draft a similar argument with the Rebanes of the world in the crosshairs, somewhere between amoral and evil.

It's one of those "much depends on your point of view" moments, and will not argue their point for you today. Probably not tomorrow either.

George Rebane

Gregory 1017am - Yes of course, your tautology is well taken.


I tend to agree with Popper that arguments that boil down to fine points of word definitions are uninteresting and I'm afraid that's what we have here.

George Rebane

Gregory 1225pm - Well said. And illustrating one more 'fine point' - even as technologists we do come from very different schools as we have shown over the years.

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