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22 November 2016



I just heard Dr Everett Piper on Fox News and he was spot on about education in our schools. He made is clear that our education systems is responsible the crybaby snowflakes clogging the streets in major Democratic controlled cities. I could not find a video of his presentation, but discovered this one:


"The job of an educator is to educate, even when the facts and truth might be inconvenient to some people." Commenter.

Bill Tozer

The Left and The Obama Legacy....is it too soon to talk legacy? File this under the Left still doesn't understand what happened Nov. 8th. Good article despite the source.

'Trump won because the United States has had the 15 worst years of misgovernment by all branches and both parties, and the only period of absolute and relative decline, in its history. The new president will have a clear mandate for reform of taxes, spending, health care, immigration, and campaign financing; for a workfare program to address decrepit infrastructure; and for a redefinition of the national interest between George W. Bush’s mindless interventionism and Obama’s Panglossian crusade to make friends of America’s enemies.'



I cannot help but notice the preponderance of pessimistic posts that continue to harp on about the 'left', 'far left', 'progressives', etc.

Most voters on both sides had to hold their noses and vote. Most Americans felt that Trump was the lesser candidate and he lost by over a million votes - yet it appears we are stuck with him.

I think the newsmax quote above from BillT has it right - Trump's victory was a rejection of both establishment politcal parties.

Trump is a Republican in name only. We all know he was a Democrat. But he had to align with a major political party in order to to have a chance at victory - we have seen what happens when 3rd party candidates run for office.

I can appreciate the valiant defense and ad nauseum anti-rightwing offense being put up by the die hard rightwingers in support of their 'team captain' - but, get real - much of the blowhard BS by Trump during the election was just hot air and he is flip flopping and 'revising' many of his 'make America great' promises.

Don't make too much of all the post-vote lamentations the lamestream lackeys. They have been obsessed with the election for the last 3 years - and like a monkey on crack - they just keep hitting the same old buttons trying to keep the buzz going.


Posted by: BradC | 23 November 2016 at 08:01 AM

Since you seem to be in on the joke Brad perhaps you would like to venture a guess as to why the left is very publicly losing its mind over a guy described as little more than the second coming of Bill Clinton and even more interesting is why it's in defense of a woman who was described as Satan when she ran against OBarry in 2008?


BradC, life's a bitch. The Trump campaign maximized Electors for the amount of money they had to spend, and they had to overcome a Free Press that was 99 44/100% negative towards Trump. What would the popular vote have been with an impartial press corps (remember that quaint concept of journalists as honest reporters of fact?) willing to hold Hillary accountable for criminal negligence with classified information? Or Benghazi?

Now, had the DNC not let its friends in the Press know at the beginning of the primary season (thank you, WikiLeaks) to push the GOP candidates Hillary wanted to run against, Cruz, Rubio and (wait for it) Trump, maybe Trump wouldn't be President-Elect now.

More WikiFun... Obama had the luxury of Citigroup picking his cabinet for him... before he was even elected:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!



Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Go Away

When the angry older woman with the anti-Trump button asked the clerk to turn off the song, the younger woman looked at her sympathetically and said, “I don’t know how.” In that moment, something seemed to click.


Bill Tozer

Brad @ 8:01 AM
Brad C. We agree on some points, not every point....not by a long shot. In fact, I disagree with a sentence or three in the link I shared (about the current newest members of SCOTUS being adequate for one example), but rather I was pointing out there very is little positive to point to concerning Obama's legacy, and by implied extension, Hillary and the Dems offered zero policies and remedies that would warrant electing the Democrat nominee. I am not afraid to post links that I may disagree with some parts as long as the overall destination is reached. Think 6 artists sitting around the same oak tree painting 6 different view points of the same tree.

We agree on the fact that both parties have left many (most????) voters saying a pox on both your houses. My take is to get to the change I seek, the Republican Party status quo was in the way of stopping in its tracks the destructive direction the Left is taking us. Had to take out the guard dogs to get to inside the hen house. And thanks to Trump, both parties are now covered in the wrecking ball's debris.

We disagree on Trump's flip flopping like a typical politician. Totally disagree. You have been drinking the opiate of the masses again, thus my point that the Left simply does not get it. Here we go again!. The MSM media is saying Trump backing off his promises, Trump is letting Hillary off the accountability hook, Trump flip flops, waffles. All day long from every news source. That is the fatal flaw. Some people never learn.

Trump changes on AGW? Hmm. Prove it otherwise. Trump said those lying e-mails from Angola(?) College proved there is some bad dishonesty going on and messing with data/facts. But, like me, he will keep an open mind to see if mankind's behavior can warm up the planet....and if so, to what extent. We ain't taking about cleaning up the smog in LA here. Prove it. Prove the cause and effect and I am all ears. Sure, he is crystal clear on clean water and clean air as I am. But, it is dishonest to say he flip flopped.
On Hillary getting the get out of card free card, he ain't showing his hand, just his thoughts. If he does pardon her, I can live with it. Back burner stuff for a few months anyway.
There a 4 congressial investigations going in right now (2 in the House, 2 in the Senate), not to count the numerous lawsuits. Trump will not tell Sessions to back off nor can he tell Judicial Watch what to do. Trump delegates authority to good managers. Sessions and all of Trump's picks are scarppers, brawlers, fighters, and will go toe to toe with the Dems and even Trump. The next AG will not be a political pawn of the Executive Branch, but an independent fighter. And fair. Let the chips fall where they may. Period. There will be no Loretta Lynchs or Eric Holders doing the President's bidding. Trump does not stomach yes men. The only thing right now that can put a halt to investigating the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative is an Obama pardon.

Shoot howdy, Brad, it's only been two weeks since The Morning After. Hold yer horses and quit believing the MSM hype and narrative. It's the narrative that is the opiate of the masses. The narrative is Trump aligns with the KKK, White Power Nationalists, and is a friggin flip flopper. Keep drinking that liquid opium,

Rules for Radicals #4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

Rules for Radicals #8. "Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

Rules for Radicals #12“ The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem..

Account Deleted

Just read D Roger's little piece about what he considers to be acceptable behavior, post-election.
And Ms Hodge's number.
Did Rogers even read Hodge's spew of bile?
We 'deplorables' are supposed to sit down and reason with that?
Rogers - Hodges - DNC - et al: keep it up.
And the DNC: Keith Ellison???? Really?
Oh yeah, baby - keep it up.

Bill Tozer

Flags are at half-mast at the DNC. BTW, everybody has issued a statement except Bernie Sanders. Did he die too? Maybe The Berner is too overcome with grief.


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