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01 November 2016


Bill Tozer

Boy Doc, you are really pumping out the good stuff. Hard to keep even close to current as we have gone into a 2 hour breaking news cycle. Keep pumping it out! If I didn't know better, is that you hoping on the back of the bull and holding on for dear life? Welcome aboard. There ain't no reverse or brakes on this runaway Bull so, damn the toepedos, full steam ahead. It is a good day to die. Charge!


Bonnie McGuire

I've been following the Union ad controversy on Peeps. When one guy summed it up by adding all the critical comments by another guy together and asked him what his real name was...it became obvious where he hangs out. I feel sorry for the publisher who has to deal with this mentality. I love our community newspaper where people have a voice regardless of their viewpoint. And it covers just about everything we want to know. Many elderly people and working men I know aren't that good, or even care about computers so our local paper is something they enjoy. How many people read the Union ads? Compare it with the million dollar ones (financed by the rich Dems) that slander their opponents, and promote more regulation and taxes constantly while we're watching television. Then bitterly complain about one local informative ad showing another viewpoint...Evidently, some individuals lack the smarts to see how dictatorial they are.

Bill Tozer

Bonnie, i buy a copy of the Union every time I got to the doctor's office or the tire shop just for the easy crossword puzzle. Makes the time fly by and they say crossword puzzles keep dementia at bay.

Oh Fatso, glad to see your side pulled out the family values card for when abhorant things like a basket of Deplorables show up in their folding chairs sipping on soft drinks in Penntucky or, gasp!, a Obama is a Muslim advertisement on page one. Family values has been trod asunder. The question not asked was which type ofI Islamic Muslim is he? Sunnis or Shia?
Well, you guys have done such a great job with family values and community standards that Generation Snowflake does not know which bathroom to use. Good job. Oh, how about a Valium? Need a "mothers' little helper" to make it through these trying times? I am here for you. Western Gateway is a family park. WTF are those ole geezers doing here? Now TheUnion has been defiled. That is a call to arms if ever I heard one.

Tpouc: Clinton, Inc. counter to e-mail and Foundation scandals and the other 3 open FBI
I can't believe the Dems have shot their wad and now are firing blanks. They have brought up two women this week to say Trump is a serial kisser and they only got 38 hits. Pathetic. They need a new playbook. Guess they could try Trump hasn't released his taxes!!!!! again.. That's always red meat to the faithful. Darn, nothing seems to be going according to plan. They thought they had this all wrapped in August and double downed again in September. Did you hear Trump was teleporting on his flying saucer and secretly laying chem trails down on our heads to rig the election?


George Rebane

Comey's way to the exit is being prepared. Obama comes out with
this -



Bill Tozer


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