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22 December 2016


Todd Juvinall

Even if we tried we could not make this up. Since 9/11 there has been a registry of mostly Muslim men and it existed all through Obama's reign. Today he announced the scrapping of that registry. And all this time he was calling Trump a Islamaphobe for wanting a registry.

Todd Juvinall

Oops, link.




Bill Tozer


Todd Juvinall

Looks ike the Italians killed that scumbag who killed in Germany. Maybe our liberal friends could take a lesson from the Italian police. My guess is though they will pt a "Fundme" together for the killers burials costs.


Looking through the news on the innerweb, it gets clearer by the day that "O" had it out for Christians and jews, all the while supporting Muslims and their rise to power.

Bill Tozer


Political correctness and no one is charged with hate crimes. Go figure.

Walt @10:48am.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 23 December 2016 at 08:47 AM

It's not going to end well for Mutti!

Bill Tozer


Don Bessee

While Barrack Hussein 0 thought it would be fun to slide the knife between Israel's ribs on the way out the door as a gift to the museim brotherhood, its backfired. Bipartisan calls have erupted for defunding the UN's opulent lifestyle on our dime. Why should we supplement the dictators staffs at the UN? We pay a quarter of the bills and lots of other handouts on top of that.
We don't need to hope for change because its happening before our eyes even before the inauguration. Its gonna be a long 8 years for the PE's of the world. ;-)

Don Bessee

That's muslim ... don't like my new computers auto fixes.

Bill Tozer

Oh, those lovely Syrian refugees. Oh, those wonderful liberal countries Don't think they left as good friends.


And CNN, NPR, and other major outlets say no go zones do not exist. Sweden let in 350,000 Syrian refugees and have 55 no go zones.....that do not exist. Even the police will not cross the no go zones when pursuing criminals.

It can't happen here.

Bill Tozer


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