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03 December 2016



Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jeffie is talking to himself a'gin. Pissed off at fish, pissed off at all things Pruett, deathly afraid of a reference to dueling and some dangerous dueling pistols one can buy for the bargain price of $1500 at Cabelas that were alluded to. I'd wager the number of people killed in California in duels with single shot flintlock pistols over the last ten years is a single digit close or equal to zero.

There's a reason flintlocks aren't subject to the same regulations that modern firearms are, even in California.

Yes, Pelline would be a larger target than Alexander Hamilton, though the two do share defamatory writing styles and a basic politics... big government. Hamilton campaigned for years against Aaron Burr, who came very close to being President instead of Thomas Jefferson, both of whom were Democratic-Republicans opposed to Hamilton's Federalist party.

Finally, anyone notice how, now that a Certified up and coming Democrat (Hall) is soon to be sworn in as a Supervisor, Mr. Pink has decided to give up his past insistences that party politics be kept out of those non-partisan offices?

We have a toss up county, not Deep Blue.


Just to help Jeffie and confuse everyone... Burr was the small government liberal and Hamilton was the big government conservative.

Jeffie is right on it...

California was with Hillary, 62%. That's BLUE.

'Frisco was 86% with Hillary, DEEP BLUE (let's face it, Democratic Socialist) 89% if you include Green and P&F candidates.

No, Mr. Pink, more Nevada County voters were a'gin her than fer her. We voted against Hillary Clinton by 53%... she just got 47%, 43% for Trump.


Cringing self pity....the last refuge of a scoundrel!

"jeffpelline says:

December 3, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Here are the latest comments from Todd’s blog. This is called cyberbullying. It is the subject of high school curriculum now, so children don’t grow up to be cyberbullies like Todd and “anonymous”:

There's more if you have a strong stomach...

So lets see...a guy who tracks down and publishes Todds tax issues with the county and wields it like a club in the comments section of multiple blogs. A guy who cackled like a hysterical schoolgirl when Frisch and Anderson were dropping Haloperidol references on Greg Goodknight.....ROFLOL jeffy. A guy who takes endless glee.....really a nearly obsessive joy in Barry Pruetts loss for the Clerk-Recorder office and denigrates the law school that Barry attended. A guy who mocked Crabbs financial status and implied that RL was somehow ungrateful for not agreeing with every last thing that jeffy says on line (really check the Dec 2013 thread at Crabbs it's classic Pelline....back when he thought he was winning online http://www.rlcrabb.com/local/new-years-revolutions/#comments). A guy who thinks that fetching coffee for Herb Caen at the SF Chronicle is somehow significantly more important than working at the San Mateo Times....or wherever the hell Boardman worked. Endless complaining about my online pseudonym while being busted repeatedly for posting as sockpuppets (Gloria Zane, Bruiser, Windy, Annie Fox......Bueller, Bueller...anyone...Bueller)

.....who now whines that HE'S BEING CYBERBULLIED?!?!

For all the shit I gave Ben, Michael, Paul, And JoeK....they never whined like a ten year old girl that people were being mean to them online!

I feel a little like Jack Nicholson in the first Batman movie when I boldly state......."YOUR TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA"!

(Nothing concrete about Dozer.....who I think really scares the shit out of The Nations Editor)


(Nothing concrete about Dozer.....who I think really scares the shit out of The Nations Editor)


I hate autocorrect!

Todd Juvinall

Yep he is the bully under his own definition. But like every fat ass liberal, it is someone's else fault for my fat ass. And if you point out my fat ass I will call your Pastor and the Sheriff. Oh and your lawyer. Amazing hubris by Pelline.

Bill Tozer

Boy, it's getting hateful out there. Stop the bullying!

An “anti-bullying ambassador” has been arrested in New York City for allegedly shoving a 74-year-old male Trump supporter to the ground outside Trump Tower.



His terror subsided, his tears dried, and his runny nose blown.....

jeffpelline says:

December 3, 2016 at 3:27 pm

“fish” and Todd got an “F” in the high school cyberbullying curriculum. Go figure!

And just like that every bodies favorite internet tough gai is back in action.

Jeff Pelline

You ought to rename your blog "The Old White Man's Last Hurrah!" That's all that I get from it.

Bill Tozer

How about a nice Happy Song to wash the stank breath from these pages.



Posted by: Jeff Pelline | 03 December 2016 at 03:36 PM

jeffy you're an old white man.....


Todd Juvinall

It does have a stink from the Pelline post here. Like, Hmmm, old socks.

George Rebane

We will enshrine Jeff Pelline's 336pm as Exhibit A, along with his clear and forthright admission of a limited ken.

Bill Tozer

Stinks like crab cakes stuck between chin #8 and flesh fold #9. A nice warm bath in tears will take care of that.


Brad C

Oh dear, even Sarah Palin thinks the Carrier bailout/bribe/'incentives plan" has a stink about it,


Todd Juvinall

Ph BradC, thanks for pointing that out. We know you always loved and respected Sarah.

Jeff Pelline

Hope this helps! For a Ph.D., you're a little tone deaf.

[This comment started a load of shit on this stream that just grew with every added comment, and turned into the kind of exchanges that mean nothing while highlighting the reason Pelline never gets far on RR. I have removed all following comments that contributed to the thread. gjr]

Todd Juvinall

Pelline, stop stinking this place up. Go back to your skewed playground and talk to your sock puppets. And yes, you are a old fart white guy and we know it. Even though you think you are a young black man.


Posted by: George Rebane | 03 December 2016 at 04:08 PM

Props to jeffy though as he brought my attention to this passage which I hadn't seen:

"To be frank, I have no problem with anyone debating the sparse idea that now and then escapes from the FUE's blog, but I don't enjoy the clumsy dialogues forced into these comment streams wherein my readers quote him - thereby tainting these pages - replying to him. I wish such exchanges with Pelline could be carried out somewhere else, e.g. Mr Todd Juvenall's fine blog. Nevertheless, the sandbox will remain the sandbox. gjr]

I shall refrain from further discussions concerning Jeff Pelline and his personal "issues". It isn't fair as he is unequipped both emotionally and intellectually to respond. Reasonable discussion, argument, even banter between adversaries is utterly beyond him. Attempting to refute the positions he espouses is pointless given his deficiencies.

Thank you George for putting up with my engagements with him even though I should have recognized the inappropriateness of them long ago.

Bill Tozer

Exactly Brad. Add Ann Coulter to the list. It is about choosing winners and never losing. :). Nah, Trump is acting like a friggin tyrant. Be afraid, be very afraid. Must be his style, I reckon.

Truthfully, I do not like the coercive tactics being used. Now Ford is bellying up to the bar and Trump has his sights on another unnamed company to keep them from going rabbit on us.
Companies should be free to choose where they wish to situate. But, then again, there are consequences for every action one takes, good, bad, or indifferent. I think it is grand that a debate has started over the role of limited government in our Constitutional Republic. Very healthy indeed and many opinions. The cure for free speech from my Deplorable brethren is more free speech. Us Righties have various and sundry opinions and like the separation of powers.....very much. Let the debate begin!

We all need to keep Trump's feet to the fire. However much I abhor government pushing its huge fat ugly grotesque weight around via force or coercion, he ain't President yet......but with Obama in hiding it's hard to tell. First time in US history we have two Presidents at once....one getting 'er done, one blaming Fox News from the shadows. Odd. #Nevergrowtiredofwinning.


Bill Tozer

Now Fish, Todd, Gregory, and Moi. Quit picking up strays and dropping them off here. Last thing we need is having Fatso hanging around the barn eating up all the hay. It will break the budget. If you must respond every time he belches, I can't stop ya. I don't make the rules. But, come on. It's a beautiful evening. And yes, Fatso's belches do smell like crab cakes mixed with foul methane gas expelled from one of his anuse, but you get the point. Quit picking up strays and for Pete's Sake, don't give him the last salt lick.


fish 3:57 magnum

Nah, Pelline's not that old, obviously a 50-something. Not that he isn't physiologically in his '70's. 400lbs?

He was BA Rhetoric, class of 1981, UC Berkeley. Makes him about 58, born during the Eisenhower years, or way too old to pretend to be a mouthpiece for Millennials.

I've never whined about this, but my kid applied for the local Gold Country Cal Alumni scholarship for local kids attending Cal back in 2007 and I think Jeffie was in charge of it back then... I always wondered if he and his favorite local scientist (BA genetics Cal) who can't remember ever taking even one class in physics, ever (when asked, they didn't even know what temperature was besides numbers on a thermometer), had something to do with my kid not being in the running for that. He might have been the only kid who was entering as a Regents and Chancellors Scholar in a hard science, and could have been one of a very few who were of modest enough means at the time to qualify for Pell Grants... but given both Jeffie and that special friend of his were and are AGW activists that were not exactly giving me the time of day, I wouldn't put it past them.

Jeff Pelline

"Makes him about 58"? Huh? For a self-proclaimed STEM guy, you're lacking in basic math skills in calculating the age of a '81 Cal Berkeley grad. That makes me 57 years old, not 58. I enjoy daily exercise, usually swimming in the pool for 1/2 hour or so.
This is an old discussion that you could never comprehend, but I took the same core undergraduate calculus and chemistry courses at Cal that science majors took. Unlike you, I believe in a well-rounded education.
As for your conspiracy theory, no, your kid lost out in the competition fair and square. I know you denied this, but I could have sworn that you showed up at the house with your kid and figeted in a chair in the living room during the interview. For the record, I did not know that you were an asshole when our committee interviewed your son. But it wouldn't have mattered.

I am proud to hear about your son's success. His mom and step-mom obviously had an influence.

BTW, I don't know of anyone of the committee who was "favorite local scientist (BA genetics Cal) who can't remember ever taking even one class in physics." In re-reading your post, you could probably use some counseling.



Don Bessee

I smell huffpro poop! Oh, the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land left a tootsie roll in the kitty litter. ;-)


SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “What we’ve learned in 2016 is that the left loves poor people when they’re huddled in food banks, hungry, exhausted, desperately looking for dinner, but hates them when they cockily walk into polling stations and say ‘Fuck your status quo.'”

Jeff Pelline

Oh, God. Don Bessee. My life is flashing before my eyes. Don, Please tell me that half the things said about your past during the Great Marijuana Wars are not true. I'd be afraid to be your next door neighbor!

Bill Tozer


Breaking news:


I want a refund!!

Jeff Pelline

Since we're in "sandbox," what happened with SEDCorp.? I've been asking you that but you haven't responded. How much money did you earn while you were on their "staff" before they effectively folded?

Todd Juvinall

Sniff, sniff, jeeze their is a stench of rotten chili chees fries. What happened?

Don Bessee

It must be sock washing night in Liberal Lament Land, the Dark Lord desperatly needs to talk to someone. ;-)

Jeff Pelline

Todd and Don,
Don't you have dates tonight?

Bill Tozer

The times they are a'changin'.



Movie time, an oldie but goodie


Don Bessee

You have to give it to Dr. Jill of the greeenies, she begged 3 times the money for the recounts as her own campaign. Kind of a whimpering end to it today when they admitted they blew the Nov. 21st recount deadline in PA, she withdrew the law suit.

You do have to give it to her on one count, girlfriend has a fat travel budget with the leftovers. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don: Bernie got an airplane when he walked away and Hillary zeroed out his campaign debt. An airplane? All he asked for was an airplane. Not even a jet. Bernie obliviously wasn't shooting for the stars. Thunk too small. Now Jill. She is only getting a few million. Boy, she could have milked this for a lot more. Heck, Bubba paid Jesse Jackson 6 mil to walk away and that was in 1991 dollars.

Jill ain't too good with math. Par for the course since none of the Green Party types are good with 3rd grade math. She pulls in 6-7 million for the recount and now tells the judge in Pennsylvania she can't come up with a one million dollar bond? Hey, WI only was 2 mil, so where did all the greenbacks go? I bet she got a jet, a nice business write off. She ain't no dummy......she just plays the part. Green sounds like Ka Ching.

Hillary took election night better than I thought.


Don Bessee

Buying a jet is a flashy mistake. Use a contractor and get into a time share where the down time and maint. is spread amongst the participants. Good biz model, lots of new money wants a used G-4 or 5 when your time share group wants a G-550. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Ok, maybe she is getting a lake front vacation home. Or a nice retreat in the redwood forest complete with redwood decks, redwood sliding, and a bunch of milled redwood timber and where she can sell some carbon credits to some suckers.
But, Jill is still around, rooting and snorting, and digging up the garden looking for grubs. With that kind of money she got from The Foundation, she could buy off....er....pay for a few precincts recounts in PA and find some Russian agents hiding in some voting machines. They are in there for sure....Jill will sniff them rascals out, even if they are not connected to the internet, lol.

Ok, I will stop beating a dead horse....or is that kicking a dead mule? Whatever. After this one (video), I will stop and it will be time for Dr. Rebane to clean out the Sandbox. Got stinky really quick. Odd.
I just love the music that starts about 1/2 way through and builds to a heart pounding crescendo.


Todd Juvinall

Didn't Jill pick up one vote fr Hillary in Wisconsin? At that rate she will get 52 of the 20,000.

Todd Juvinall

17 of the 24 comments on the FUE's screed on me are his. The rest are his sock puppets. Hey Pelline, dn't you have anything better to do tonight? Give you wife a back rub or play catch with your son. Get of the computer. My honey and I are just fine. Thanks.

Jeff Pelline

Honey? What number is this one? You are a divorcee - multiple times. It is because of your failure as a human being to love or be loved. The commentators on my blog are not "sock puppets"; they are real people who live and work and raise their families in our community. Most of them hate you


Jeffie, wow, off by a whole year. I'd be willing to wager there were a few in your class who are now 58.

No, I was never at your house, that was someone else with an uncanny sense of your character. I do know where you live now (thanks for putting one of the Gloria Zane magazine subscription forms on your blog) and I've only visited with friends at two houses in your particular neighborhood and neither of them were yours.

Your house's zestimate is 340-something k$, you bought it for 605k in early 2005. Ouch.
That one?

You know, maybe my kid just didn't make the grade by your standards... his was a life of math, science, music and Scouting, with Eagle and national jamboree work. Not your cups of tea at all. So, was the kid you and your'n picked... a Regents and Chancellors scholar? Did they eventually graduate one of the most difficult majors With High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa? Just wondering. What was it about the winner in 2007 that made them special?

Just wondering. I'd tried to get The Union to cover the problems with a rogue NU math teacher in late 2005, Ackerman got a full rundown, a reporter was assigned... but by the time they called me, I had engaged a lawyer and backed out of giving The Union more details. Ring a bell?

Maybe you need some counseling for your false memories, Jeff. Not to mention the baldfaced lies you've concocted to defame me in the past. For example... temper tantrum at the Constitution Day Parade, anyone? Or threatening your kid, requiring them to stay home from school? No, no one at the Sheriff's office ever called me, so either you lied on that one or they had you figured out, too.

The person you've identified in the past as your local climate expert says her name is Ahnnnah, to use an invented spelling... She also has admitted she can't remember ever having taken a physics class, not high school, not Cal, not Hahvahd, and no, when asked, she didn't know what temperature *WAS*, a simple one sentence that anyone with a clue in physics or physical chemistry would know... and physical chemistry was a general ed requirement for everyone at my alma mater... as was having 1/3 of their coursework in the humanities. That liberal arts thing at work.

No, you didn't take the calculus and chemistry that most science majors take, Jeff. Calculus of one variable 1st semester, Multivariable calculus the second semester. Probably differential equations 3rd and 4th semesters. From then on, the math taken would be more specific to the science you were delving into.The calculus you've copped to (it isn't called "engineering calculus") is what is expected for first semester science students (not including life science), I did take all of the lower division math, physics and chemistry that math, physics and chemistry majors take, not to mention playing first chair trumpet in the Pomona College Symphony as a frosh, and minored in history, though, everyone at that *liberal* *arts* college of math and science was required to minor in a Humanity. Even the engineers. What was YOUR minor at Cal, Jeff?

Enquiring minds and all that.

Jeff Pelline

Wow, that's a lot of baggage and hatred to carry! You poor man. Your back must be sore.
Let me help ease your misery:
No it doesn't "ring a bell." I was the Editor, and a reporter was never assigned. I would know. I think Jeff snookered you. I have no idea what you're talking about.
Our house was just reappraised at above the last sales price for a home-equity loan we had considered in case we were going to send our son to Jesuit ($60K for four years). We opted for the local school and are very happy with the results.
Anna Haynes, your nemesis, never had anything to do with the Cal scholarship committee. I didn't know she was a Cal grad. You need to work out your anger with Anna. You wear it on your sleeve.
And yes, I took the same calculus and chemistry that most science majors take. https://math.berkeley.edu/programs/undergraduate/major/applied
I don't know what made you so angry. Maybe it was losing your first wife. That must have been very painful. But it doesn't explain your aberrant behavior. It is inexcusable. You need counseling dude!

George Rebane

Jeff Pelline is both an embarrassment and a disgrace. His banal blog's prime focus is to attempt engagement in the discussions on RR for which he is abysmally unprepared, so his alternative to build his readership is to denigrate RR and its readers on his own blog, and from time to time also to attempt to inject himself into RR's comment streams. This Saturday evening he was successful because Jo Ann and I were at the Amaral Center attending a Christmas Sing Along presented by Music in the Mountains. When we got home the damage was done, and I have had to spend time cleaning up the crap. My apologies for not nipping this in the bud earlier.


Damn... and I was hoping to prise his minor field of study out of him before the end stage... unfortunately, Todds' blog doesn't quite do it for me.

Sorry the litterbox needed your attention. It would be so much easier if Jeff would just accept a challenge on his own turf without blowing up.

Bill Tozer



Todd Juvinall

Those deplorables on the left monitor constantly so as to get a window to post here. Frisch too. But everyone knows those two don't allow us to post on their pages. Commies, well, maybe Stasi tactics. LOL!


Indeed one must......!

As Oscar Wilde famously said, "One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing."


Todd Juvinall

My response to the liberal fellow, so misguided.

Mike Healy When a person writes as much as you did hear it tells me a lot about you. Justifying your loss, blame others, call names and reject your personal responsibility for the loss. I am really happy people such as you wrote their articles during this campaign. You helped us more than you know. Pompous, entitled liberals like you are out best salesman for the R party. The party of real people. I'll gloat now because you all were gloating every day up to election night. Oh those Trump supporters. White supremacists all. That alone gave us a few million votes. Thanks. And Trump did not distance himself "fast enough" from David Duke. Sure, that is your ridiculous belief. He did it many times. Hillary never did the BLM and New Black Panthers and the socialists and communists who came out for her. As well as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Trump spoke to the blacks of America in a way no one has before. As well as Hispanics. Yet now you have some misguided smugness about how we on the winning side should behave. Get real. We won, you lost. Your candidate was terrible. She thought, "Oh, I have a uterus" so I will get all those women voters. Well, Trump did really well with them. My suggestion to you and your liberal ilk is like yours to me. Shut up and lick your wounds. Hela thyself then organize. Maybe you will win someday.

Bill Tozer

Quotes: (not exact).
"People did not vote based on what offended them, but voted based on what affected them."
K. Conway.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport the sucker and you never have to feed him again."
Read on KNCO this morning.


Pelline (fresh photo here http://tinyurl.com/hxlax2l ) is, as I type, pulling a Cartman and hoisting the hoity-toity against George R's involvement in local non-profits, gloating at his blog.

The Classic Crabbman 'toon is here:


......and in other news the Euro project continues to show the rest of the world how it's done!


Bill Tozer

12:49 pm

Blue meanie in, purple meanie out. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Todd Juvinall

Obama giving orders today. Damn the law and the permit process. King O is at it again.

"The protestors of Standing Rock scored a big victory on Sunday when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it would block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline along its current route near territory held by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe."

Bill Tozer

Well Todd, look at the bright side. Trump gained 38 votes in WI. There are more deplorables in WI than we thought.



A big victory, or a big fig leaf to cover the shriveling manhoods of the protestors as an arctic blizzard comes their way.

At most, it's an 8 week delay.

Bill Tozer

The Dakotas, where men take chainsaws to cut through the ice covering the tanks to water the horses. Baby, it's getting cold out there. Why couldn't the Army Corps wait until next weekend? Burrrrrrr. Actually, it's normal for the locals.....feel sorry for the Californians who came to stand. Hate to have been on the front lines when the evil doers opened up those water cannons. It was not appreciated.

Speaking of California, this CA State Assemblyman does not appear to like much about California, my home sweet home. Wonder what got into him?



The Bakken will be fracked, a pipeline will be built, eventually. Trump may or may not put his fingerprints on it but somehow, I don't think Mad Dog's Army Corps of Engineers will be as dead set against pipelines. Nether will the rest of the Executive branch, the House, the Senate or the SCOTUS.

Patience. Emotions are running high. I wouldn't bet against some minor rerouting so enough face saving on both sides can let it happen.

No, the global warming scare won't be stopping anytime soon but it is at its political zenith.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR, I hear you are now on the MIM BOD! Congrats! My ex wife was a singer on it for a few years a long time ago. Be careful though, the FUE is going after them for allowing you to be there. The man is awful.

Barry Pruett

"How sad that MIM is now faced with this predicament. It’s what happens when you bring someone like George onto the board; 'loyalists' like Todd follow. Toxic. It never should have happened."

So let's rehash this. Pelline attempts to bully George by pointing out a word used in The Union by George was not a word thereby questioning George's intelligence as an immigrant whose first language is not English. Folks step up to point out that Pelline didn't know what he was talking about as the word "comitous" is actually a word that Pelline did not know. Then Pelline flips out for three days on everyone who defended George calling them liars and culminating with Pelline demanding the ouster of George from MIM and the KVMR news hour.

I agree with Pelline. This never should have happened BUT FOR Pelline's continual insistence on bullying everyone in town with whom he disagrees. Should MIM really care to look into the details of Pelline's derogatory actions against George and everyone else in town, I am sure that the folks at MIM would agree that they should reconsider their relationship with a bomb thrower like Pelline who couldn't even keep his job at The Union.

Todd Juvinall

This gal at least keeps her promises. Unlike the Hollywood gang and Madonna.



Ditching Electoral College would allow California to impose imperial rule on a colonial America

Let's not let the rest of the United States go California stupid.......,



I was wondering if Fox would ever bring back "When Animals Attack"?!


Bill Tozer

1245 am. Looks like Draining the Swamp does not refer to just our sovereign nation. That is what happens when you allow into your former nice country peaceful refugees from the religion of peace, 85% of whom are single males between 18-24, aka, military recruitment age. Them boys look like they need to go out and rape something, the preferred recreational activity of those from the Stone Age.

In other news, the recount in MI with cost Michigan taxpayers 12 million smackers. The states wanted money up front , so she went to the Feds for "relief". Other people's money, the theme of Brother Ben and his new love, Dr. Jill and her Disappearing Greenbacks.
It would have been cheaper just to buy her a beachfront home just like Bernie got, No refunds, lol. No refunds means no refunds. She knows best how to spend other people's money.

More of the same, just feels good to keep reposting the theme.


Yeah.....this'll end well!

More Central Americans giving up on USA, looking to Mexico instead...


Bill Tozer

Frisco Values: Appropriating without permission.




Account Deleted

He's not even pres yet and he still manages to instill fear among the left.
from Slate:
Money quote: "...the president-elect went on Twitter to defend himself and later, criticize China."
GASP!!!! Defend himself?? Why, not even Obama would do such a thing.
And - 'criticize China' - OMG!!! (wish I could make an even bigger font). Again - 'criticize China'.
Yes folks, he criticized China. Doggon'it, now China needs a safe space and gosh dern it, that's a mighty big country.
Oh, what's to be done?? He criticized China.
I'll bet now they won't sell us stuff. Ever.
You don't need the Comedy Channel - just read any left-wingbat web site or even Paul Krugman.
Paul just got through sniffing at the very idea that he is an elitist and then turns around and shits on the Carrier workers that will keep their jobs.
He calls them 'rounding errors'.
He also claims there is no evidence of 'dismissive remarks about flyover country or something in political discourse, from actual politicians'.
Obama et al, not being 'actual' politicians.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 05 December 2016 at 06:00 PM

Props to Krugman though....once bought he stayed bought!

Bill Tozer

Trump talked with the President of the Republic of China instead of the President of The People's Republic of China?? Say it ain't true. Mercy. That Trump don't know the Establishment rules yet. Good thing. Good job, Mr. Trump. Let the Chicoms squirm for once. It's not like they are going to nuke us over a phone call. They have a longer view of things.....Tweet them something tonight at 3:00 am and watch Kerry and Krugman and the media scream "The Sky is Falling!". Taiwan? Formosa? You really know how to hurt a guy, Mr. Trump. Got to know which of the Maoists' buttons to push. I liked your comment about the Chinese raping our country and mentioning Obama selling Taiwan 1.2 billion dollars worth of arms, lol. Trump ain't doing it right! He broke a rule!!!



Account Deleted

Paul Krugman was worth buying? I thought the NYTs kept him around out of convenience. Like trotting out David Brooks and saying "see, we are fair balanced and have conservatives". Paul's a big time economic scientist that knows how to construct a perpetual motion machine.
Just keep printing money and going into debt and everything will be roses, but not until I'm dead and gone. Funny how Bush printed money and ran up the debt and he was evil. Then Obama said that was evil. And then he printed up even more and ran us further into debt and he was golden.
Guess you are right. Bush didn't give Krugman nuttin.
But Obama would use Krugman to bolster his acting just like Bush. And as long as Krugman clapped, the NYTs lets him have a few column inches.
With a new sheriff in town, Krugman has to play it safe. Can't make any outright prognostications of the economic sort because it looks like the experts that did have a big fat omelet on their face.

Bill Tozer


Account Deleted

More comedy from the left.
Remember that everyone needs medical Mary J due to various and sundry conditions.
And since it's legal and it's medicine.
Tax windfall?
Uh oh.
Some of you out there might want to think a few jumps ahead in your next checkers game.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 05 December 2016 at 08:00 PM

Paul Krugman was worth buying?

If you are a central banker or politician......god yes! Hand the putz, to steal a phrase from Mr. Goodknight, the wretchedly misnamed Nobel Prize in Economics (really the Swedish National Bank's Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel) and put an intellectual gloss on all of your overspending and accumulated debt!

Krugabe went for pocket change....!


Looks like I'll need to wait four more years to enjoy the "Shotgun Joe Biden" show on a regular basis!

Joe Biden floats a potential 2020 presidential run

It's cool....give him a chance to work up some new material..... get four years crazier!



If nothing else civil forfeiture abuse is an excellent reason for eliminating all laws prohibiting the possession, sale, and distribution of marijuana!



Again the rhetorical question is offered.....

MAG: Why are so many Dem operatives cynical, soulless hacks?



Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner

"I’m pretty sure that the guy she was dating before dodged a bullet here. It’s another Trump miracle"!


Horrible photo bait and switch in the article.

Looking at her picture online.....Honey you really need to get past this little election related relationship setback.

Your dating clock has about run its course.



Todd Juvinall

I think a chimp would be in order for her.

Bill Tozer

Fish, where do you find these wonderful heart wrenching articles?
Come on, let them grieve. They were given no trigger warnings. No one can make it all go away. The nurturer needs nurturing. They feel vulnerable. Sure, I could hold the writer in my strong safe arms and tell her it will all be ok, but I can't make it all go away. Maybe Jill can. Ok, just throwing her a bone with the Jill crack so she could grab on to something, anything. Drowning people need a lifesaver more than others still slashing wildly but keeping their heads above water.

Her feelings are real. That is how they view us as well. We are fire breathing dragons from hell or some hostile alien galaxy. We have invaded her planet.
This is not to be lightly dismissed. Their future is now uncertain, their safe place world is violated, defiled, and shattered. Somebody shit in their Wheaties and then ground salt in a big gapping gap wound. The sting will subside, but deep cuts take many moons to heal.

She (the writer) is right. How can she love someone new when her world needs loving on more. Too many people (like HH)hurting out there who need a hug and be told it will all be ok. I was hoping that the writer would talk about breaking out in hives when the red on the TV map on Election Party Night starting revealing the unthinkable, the unfathomable. I am a sucker for those breaking out in hives stories, particularly the ones about hives on their pretty chin chin chins.

Let them grieve, let them process the end of their world. It's their feelings and nobody else's. Who am I to tell them their feelings are less than worthy? People process grief in their own ways. Some whistle by the graveyard claiming they don't give a darn. Poor souls acting brave for us in our hour of pain.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 December 2016 at 11:04 AM

Fish, where do you find these wonderful heart wrenching articles?

Oh William....I think you'll find that instapundit.com is a veritable font of lefty schadenfreude! I can't recommend it highly enough!

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