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12 December 2016



Some advice for Boardman. NOW by gold with that new mattress stuffing of his. I'm sure he feels Trump will do 'something' to drive the price back up. Like piss off the Chicoms?(ooppsss,, too late)
Note to Boardman. Be sure to pay the taxes on those capital gains you said you "cleaned up" on. We don't need you getting in hot water with Trump's IRS.

Bill Tozer

As they say down on the river, "Gold is where you find it." As others say, "Gold is for hoarding." I haven't found any lately, thus no hoarding.

FYI, it's only a 200 dollar fine for those caught dredging in other counties. Hmmm. Might be worth my time come summer. Private property of course. You should see what those rascals pulled out the canyons the last two years. That is how rumors start. :).

Bill Tozer

White people don't need no stinkin' safe places because the whole world is their safe place, duh. It's a white priviledge thing, so make sure you check your white priviledge at the door, you oppressor!

George Boardman

Don't worry, Dr. R, I'll think of something.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the EC folks are getting death threats and other demands. You ave to give the democrats credit for being the lowlifes we always said they were. Hey Paul Emery what about that? Do you support death threats to the Electors?


For the Left, a safe space is a location in which its occupants are not exposed to ideas with which they disagree. For the Right, a safe space is a location from which they can freely exercise their First Amendment rights. This is a seminal difference that the liberal mind has no ability to master as witnessed by their snarky reports of conservative students also seeking a safe space on campus from which they may be safe from physical attack and administrative retribution. To the liberal, these are equivalent safe spaces that justify what the campus 'snowflakes' have been provided.

Agreed, except the liberals in this case aren't liberals. They're Progressives, who only believe in free speech for themselves.


I also think blogs that censor comments or posters are 'safe spaces' for that respective group.

Bill Tozer

The Dems that moi used to belong to had a nice saying drilled into our heads: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." When was the last time you heard that in liberal circles? Defend to the Death! Your Right to say it. That was the old Left, just as new feminism does not even remotely resemble "real" feminism or, f you prefer, Dr. King's civil rights movement is miles apart from today's civil rights direction and destinations. One peddled success through self empowerment, belief in self, and strength of character; the new peddles hopelessness and dependency. The system is rigged against Y-O-U and you cannot make it on your own. It is a big dangerous world and we will protect you....from others who do not think like you. No yucky feelings tolerated. Words hurt.

Do schoolyard kids today still recite 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will be hurt me"?

I am a walking talking micro-aggression based solely on my beliefs. No other reason is necessary, even if I never uttered a world. And if by my existence I am a micro-aggression, then that means I am offensive, cruel. violent, hateful and the full force of the law must to brought down on my head to squelch my words. See, my mind ain't right and the Thought Police know what I am thinking. They know, they know what I am thinking. Well, I always said my mind is a bad neighborhood, lol. But, I am older now and can handle the barrage. It's the younger folks I am concerned about.

Imagine if your son or daughter said the following in our government run institutions of higher learning: "There is not institutional racism. The operative word here is 'is'. There was, but it does not exist in 2016 ".
All hell would break out and no debate would be allowed on the statement. Whatever the merits of the above statements are, that is not the issue. The issue is how did the speaker's words made the hearer feel emotionally, not intellectually.. Anything that can make one sad is to be avoided. You cannot say barrio. Might trigger sad or negative feelings when someone out there remembers growing up on the wrong side of the tracks.

The real safe place issue is as Dr. Rebane wrote. For the Left, it is to be shielded from ideas. Ideas that disagree with the mantra and narrative taught mostly by social science professors. . If you want to get laid on campus, simply repeat what your liberal professor spouted. Opposing ideas are harmful and you will be and must be shunned, no matter what fine character and intelligence you possess. Personality can only carry you so far....only up to Keep Out, Your Mind Ain't Right sign.

To the right, a safe place is simply the reasonable expection to be able to move about the campus without risk of physical harm and being verbally threatened...or assualted. Different universes.

Brad: A private blog can censor who they wish and have a code of conduct as they please. It is up to the webmaster to make rules and break rules and bring the hammer down or look away. The safe places in government run schools and the workplace is the real issue. Too many Helicopter Moms to the rescue, IMHO. Individualism is a dirty word now, is it not?

Account Deleted

The left wants to not only be shielded from different ideas but also unpleasant facts that don't jibe with their world view.
The whole BLM nonsense is based on a completely racist and hate filled narrative composed of cherry-picked factoids that exclude any details contradictory to the party line.
Children live in a world of make-believe and fairy tales. Adults face reality head on and deal with it.

Bill Tozer

An inconvient truth?



Uh oh!

Another Trump inspired hate crime......

Hahahahahahahahahahajsnanahajajwjsjsnsjsnsjs! Snort!


Oops almost forgot......#Stupid Lives Matter

jon smith

Scott 3:53

"The whole BLM nonsense is based on a completely racist and hate filled narrative composed of cherry-picked factoids . . ."

Please enlighten us as to what in the world you might be referring to.



The Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson... justified, nor not?


BT 1:45PM 13 Dec

The modern "Progressive" version is, "If I agree with what you say I will defend to someone else's death your right to say it".


Another case of "we need protesters". They lost the first and second court battles. Now they import troublemakers.
Then watch the garbage pile up, for someone else to clean up.


Historically, black lives didn't matter much. Most of us who grew up in California never saw the extreme racism prevalent in the South.

There are still going to be remnants of that racism embedded in familial and community culture here and there.

So, I would say that the BLM group can serve to remind us to strive to treat everyone equally and individually.

That said - BLM might have been co-opted by left wing loudmouths with their own agenda.


Brad. Don't say "all lives matter". You might get beat within an inch of your life, no to mention being branded as insensitive.


BradC, the theft that keeps thieving is the soft bigotry of low expectations which excuses low achievement, ineffective curriculum and incompetent teachers throughout education, from bottom to top. You just can't expect poor brown kids to do well in school.

Poor white kids also have an excuse.

Then, when two sigma administrations show how poor brown kids and poor white kids can do as well as wealthy white kids, the results are ignored as aberrations.


Walt - you are right -
This snowflake is heading to his safe space (bunker) now!

Don Bessee

Oh boy, a 'jon' that needs flushing, again. ;-)


Well that didn't take long.

And we all get to pay for them. The new hires should be paid directly from the pot people.
I can't wait to see what side will be top heavy. My guess is that the cost of new bureaucrats will be more than the pot revenue stream.

Account Deleted

jon smith at 9:53 - "Please enlighten us as to what in the world you might be referring to."
Sorry - BLM = Black Lives Matter. It's a left wing pot of BS that claims they care about black lives.
Unfortunately its solution is to claim we need more dead white cops and to ignore the violence that is actually killing 99+% of blacks. The facts and statistics are readily available online.
Personally, I have always felt that all lives matter, but the left has apparently a rather dim view of them as witnessed by the high rate of slaughter in areas controlled by the left and the high rate of black abortions cheered on from decades ago up to now by the 'progressives' as a way of ridding ourselves of the unwanted.

Russ Steele

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers
• Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and associate of Julian Assange, told the  he flew to Washington, D.C. for emails
• He claims he had a clandestine hand-off in a wooded area near American University with one of the email sources 
• The leakers' motivation was 'disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the  'tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders'
• Murray says: 'The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks'
• 'Regardless of whether the Russians hacked into the DNC, the documents Wikileaks published did not come from that,' Murray insists
• Murray is a controversial figure who was relieved of his post as British ambassador amid allegations of misconduct but is close to Wikileaks

There is going to be a lot of political egg on some faces if this is true. My question is was the DNC Staffer who was shot in the back as he walked home, no attempt to rob, the leaker. It would be most interesting if Murry was to ID his contact as the dead DNC staffer.

Russ Steele

Speaking of outdated IT. According to a 60 Minutes report the LGM-30 Minuteman is still being programmed on 8 inch floppy disks, which are no longer manufactured. As of 2016, the LGM-30G Minuteman III version is the only land-based ICBM in service in the United States. Not for long if they cannot find a supply of 8 inch floppy disks.

Bill Tozer

Re:Update. Progressives continue examining the wrong end of their alimentary canals

Account Deleted

Looks like the CIA story about Russia helping Trump is coming apart. The CIA has refused to meet with the House Intel Committee in order to show what they have.

Apparently they need a bit more time to make up a good story.

Don Bessee

Oh No Scott, not more PE bait! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Is this place safe? I need a safe place like you can't imagine. :)

Bill Tozer

Well, it's now it's a community of snowflakes. My world just got smaller.

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