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05 December 2016


Brad C

George Rebane, Nirvana City heretic! ;)

Don Bessee

Dr. Deplorable. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

The pipeline fiasco is contrived and it will be built. Just another fifty days or so.

Electoral College discussed here in Federalist 68. Hamilton writes ike GeorgeR so take your time. LOL! It defines the College and the whys and wherefores.



The left has a hard time arguing with conservatives because they would reveal their character weaknesses and what they believe. We only learn who the left are and what they think when we read the emails they thought were private communications with another fellow traveler. We have not had any local email break-ins, but I believe we would be shocked by their private views, just like those revealed by Wikileaks.

Barry Pruett

I hear your lamentations. Being the poster child of abuse at the hands of Pelline, I often wonder how (if it all) his constant badgering, misrepresentations, and general asshattery effects my business. As far as I can tell, it does not effect my business at all. I am busier each year than I have ever been to the point of turning down work for lack of time in which to complete it. I ask folks all of the time, if they know Pelline, and the answer is nearly always no. If they have read his blog or any postings about me, they say that he is an asshat. Small fish in a puddle. This Pelline is the same guy who disses all of our education and accomplishments. This Pelline, who supposedly worked for the Chronicle, has a degree from Cal, and a master's degree from Northwestern, is a guy who could not keep a job at The Union. So, forgive me if we are highly unimpressed.

Account Deleted

"What I have never been able to solicit from my detractors are the specific tenets of my ideology that deserve the “radical” and “hard rightwing” labels."
And you never will.
The left operates from their emotions. Facts occasionally are (very) selectively brought in to bolster their arguments, but name calling is the main thrust of any leftista's verbal arsenal.
Ms Hodge is a perfect example of this. And yes, the Union should print every column she writes. I just wish the Union would let someone write a counter to her opinion and then allow Ms Hodge to rebut.
Let the back and forth run for a while.
I'll wager Ms Hodge will initially sign on to such a challenge and then quit the scheme after a couple of rebuttals. Once she realizes she has no facts or sound reasoning to back up her nonsense, she'll become frustrated and claim foul.

Bill Tozer

The solution to all censorship is more free speech.

I cringe at Ms. Hodge's prose, but she can write anything on any topic she wants that she noteworthy. Write more!

I cringed when she came to the conclusion that it would be a splendid if we could develop a tech base here. Dud, she should have been her 25-30 years ago and seen the decades of planning to get where we as a community are now; having developed multiple tech industry employers. She stands on the life work and vision of others. But, she is just discovering it now. And Modanna invented sex.

I cringed when she lived through her first fire here. I cringed when she described the contents of each box she has readied for fire evacuation in the future, the numbers assigned to each box, and the exact placement of the documents and valuables in the garage. I cringed because she told the whole world that if you broke into her garage, grab box marked 2 and 3. Rookie mistake.

I cringed when she expressed being scared shitless after the election. She displayed the classic signs of group think. She could not get past identify politics one millimeter. Stuck there. Even though she may not be economically, physically, or intellectually affected by whoever won the election, she might know someone who is as emotionally affected and frightened and scared and full of anxiety and distraught as she is in the LBGTQ community. Her own self identify has morphed into her group's identity and she has lost her individual self. Group think is what I read in her scribing about the sorrows and horrors of the last election. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

HH (88) should simply replace the word Republican or Trumpster with the word Jew. "I worry about my friends in my identity goup...what will happen to them when the Jews come and take away their rights?" "I can't believe we have Jews in our nice intolerate diversity embracing safe place." I can't believe anyone around here could think like a Jew". "I am fearful of what the Jews will do. The Jews will set us back! How could we allow a Jew or all people be elected President?"

See what I mean from the above example. Because 88 is locked into her group think, she cannot see anything from an educated sensible rational point of view. To venture beyond her identify politics would be a treasonist act and she would be shunned by her group think herd and possibly her wife. Then she would be alone. The Right is Evil. You must see them as Evil. You must see the Right only as evil as demanded by her group.

Yep, her individualism is lost. She has yet to open her mind to any unapproved new ideas.

Bill Tozer

You MUST be silenced! Dr. Rebane, you must have your ideas censored. You are on the outside, thus you are dangerous. You are too radical for America. People, grab him.



Bill Tozer


Account Deleted

Apropos to that post, Bill -
"Whiteness" no longer refers to genealogy nor ethic origin nor skin color. It's a 'thing'.
'Whiteness' is just a construct.
Who knew?
You be white?
You be bad.
And just what the hell is 'whiteness'?
'Cause you be askin', you be bad.
That's modern American leftism, these days.

Bill Tozer

I dunno Scott. But, have you ever heard of a flag being burned at a trade school? Why is that? Must be institutionalized censorship or something.. Odd.


As far as our fellow pilgrim and trailblazer Dr. Rebane being under the foul air of suspicion, makes me wonder if the mild mannered doc broke some 11th Commandment. Did he donate to Dwayne (gasp!) over at the Nevada City Bicycle Shop? Whatever Dr. Rebane did, it done got Fatso sweating like a stuffed pig and muttering about worried about not winning a popularity contest.
"It ain't about free speech, it's about judgement." Aha, a new twist on silencing someone. A new twist.......in the wind. Twist and shout and blow your house down.

Gregory likes this guy. I like this guy. A blast from the past, without resorting to coming up with a new twist. The crux of the problem revealed:


Todd Juvinall

Wow, now the Pelline character is saying you are a partisan and should be banned from the non-partisan MIM! You cannot make this stuff up. Yet a real political non artisan office, the BOS is no problem. The man is mentally ill. And he says he received unsolicited emails and printed some. Of course without the source. So my guess is he made them up just like he does female sock puppets. This Pelline character must be in his PJ's eating chili and tapping on that laptop. Balanaced on his yummy protrusion of course. What a hoot.

Account Deleted

Watched 'brother Bill' on PBS in the 60's. They wouldn't let him near the studio door now a days.
Firing Line was the bomb, baby.

Bill Tozer

Re: HH's editorial "Racism, sexism, and bigotry". Just reread it. When I first read it, it was just boilerplate Loser childlike talking points we have all heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times during the election cycle (and for the last decade). But, upon rereading, this short paragraph stood out as a shining example of the term 'diminished capacity'.

"I’m starting to learn that there are many people in our nation and in our community who just don’t care about minorities. Moreover, there are many people who see minorities as less than human and as unworthy of equal protection."

Many people in our community? You mean I think minorities are subhuman because I voted for Trump? Wonder how 88 (HH) reconciles this with the fact that not only did many in our community vote not once but twice for Obama and then....and then...and then suddenly in 2016 think minorities are less than human and unworthy of equal protection? That is a bit of la stretch, like a blindfolded kid with a short stick trying to hit the pinata.
Some who occasionally grace RR have confessed to voting for Obama the first time only, such as Brother Ben and his Emerey Twin. Believe they deeply care about equate protection....well, they only say they do. Hmmm. They are whities and only act subhuman at times, but I digress. :)

A vote for Trump means many people in our community do not care about minorities. Well, it means many do not care about minorities they way HH does. Some moved beyond indentity politics and care about many issues, including equal protection under the law. It's a big world in my brain, but that's just me.

I can only say that I really don't care about Hiliary Hodge's hodgepodge of feelings. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I do give a damn about how liberals exactly like you and your herd have destroyed millions of lives by forcing others to succumb to your dangerous and destructive group think road map to hell. There is a proven track record.
Quit hiding behind "health and safety" and wrapping yourself in your superior morality. Actions speak louder than words, with or without free speech. What about 'their' health and safety and liberation?


Todd Juvinall

Good summation of the ridiculous musing of a sorry ass liberal. HH is truly nutty.


Firing Line, with Michael Kinsley (a left-liberal's left-liberal) was a staple on my TV.

A conservative, he nonetheless had a wide libertarian streak, as did Kinsley. Not that either's were wide enough to meet, but there was a respect in those days, mostly gone now and I do generally fault the intolerant left for that.

George Rebane


Todd Juvinall

What do you call a libnut like HH when she calls everyone a name of derision? Pelline says if we complain about her policies we are misogynists. Same as he said when we complained about Obama policies. We are all racists. You cannot make this stuff up.

Bill Tozer

Todd, say nothing in response. They react, we respond. Let them think they are still relevant and interpret your silence as agreeing with them. A gracious gesture to let them save face. We can take the high road as they only know the low road. Perhaps they will find a crumb of dignity as they gasp for air in the primordial ooze in whence they have their being. Draining the swamp uncovers all sorts of vomitous debris.
Remember, they are morally bankrupt and have no arrows in their quiver. Just a handful of mud.. that's all they have and all that is left. No more responding every time. Ok, once in awhile, but they have lost ALL moral and political authority, except in their cesspools between their ears and on the coast. A dead cat bounce is not to be dignified with a response.
Speaking of being morally bankrupt......

Todd Juvinall

This says it all. From a comment on my VOO in the Union.

"Susan Walsh · South Bay Regional Public Safety Training
Todd Juvinall I am with you Todd. I was an EX CA Dem who even worked on Obama's first campaign. I had enough of the party. The last 8 years has been dismal! There are so many others EX DEMS (like me) that crossed over and supported Trump AND are thrilled! Many dems may hide out behind the keyboard due to the fact that the party is so quick to slap a label on them. (I get that) As far as myself...Thank GOD, the DNC curtain has been pulled back to reveal the fraud, and game playing. Enlightning me on the DNC party. I am proud to be a Republican and will not go back!"

Bill Tozer

Free speech in the lion's den. The Dangerous Faggot Tour.


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