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08 December 2016


Bob Hobert


Cocoon Class exists right now on domestic flights. However, there's only one large cocoon, and the anesthetic is alcohol.

George Rebane

BobH 1130am - Agreed. This is only my meager effort to improve the service.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, you are ahead of the times. A bit premature. Your idea is perfect for space travel when we vacation on the moon or Jupiter or even go to Mars to get a tan. :)


George Rebane

BillT 203pm - For space travel you are right of course Mr Tozer. However that use of the CC has long been pioneered in sci-fi movies (e.g. '2001'). I'm contending that my concept is ripe for today provided research shows that such electrical and/or chemical anesthetics are safe for use on airlines. If so, then it's a matter of running out some numbers and then doing the indicated systems design.

Bill Tozer

I defer to the rocket scientist. Read in the news yesterday that a guy I once got way too drunk with many moons ago got arrested in Dallas. We decided in the wee hours of the night what a great idea it would be to drive out in the desert and steal a Route 66 sign. Mission accomplished but the effort left bruises on both of us.

Anyway, the unnamed old bar buddy was arrested for voicing his opinion (opposition) to submitting to a TSA search. Guess ripping his shirt off and yelling something landed him a few hours in the clink.. Yes, this is on topic as you shall see.

Have you thought through whether the merry travelers would be placed in the Cacoon before or after a TSA scan? That question begs an answer to decide how much anesthetic needs to be on hand or how much voltage is needed in case my friend shows up. Odd, I would assume he is a frequent flier. Electric shock treatment may be in order. Booze apparently was either too much or not enough. Just pesky details to contemplate.



I've always called it Cattle Class. Mooo.

So, BT, JR is a past bar buddy? He didn't want to bend over and twerk like everyone else?

Bill Tozer

3:31 PM. Gregory. I guess. Haven't seen him since a year or so after Fast Times at RH.. Funny thing, he was a little hot tempered back then.....when I use to prank call him in the middle of the night. That was before caller ID and cell phones. He got me back though. Came home one night to do the nosedive on the bed and buried my head into a nice soft pillow sopping wet with goat piss. The rascal broke into my house and locked a goat in my bedroom. Seemed funny to him at the time. Come to think about it, my prank calls seemed funny to be at the time. Them days are now in the dustbin of history. :).



My apologies to Dr. Rebane and his readers. Off topic and out of here. Again, I am a lowly worm.


Back to the CC proposal of GR... where the whole concept falls apart is emergency procedures... the CC would by necessity be a bitch to evacuate, especially if meds have been administered or each meat sack was wired in.

No f'ing way.

George Rebane

Gregory 424pm - very true. But there is a possibility of designing the cacoons so that they can withstand both acceleration, avoid smoke inhalation (leading cause of death from 'survivable' crashes), and become floating life preservers in a water landing. No claim that all the problems have yet to be solved, but I am far from "No f'ing way" on the concept.


George, I think the technology you are waiting for is the carbon freezing made popular by Darth Vader after it worked on Han Solo. It will be awhile before it is commercialized, but once it is, expect travel packages from UPS and FedEx.

Bill Tozer

Geeze Gregory, can't you see Dr. Rebane has designed a time machine. It is so oblivious.


I recall in one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books was a space transport in an unfortunate loop... it had an automated crew and passengers in suspended animation for their long journey. Unfortunately, the ship was unable to depart due to a deficit in lemon soaked napkins, and civilization had collapsed around it. The automated crew had to wake up the passengers once a century for biological purposes before putting them back to sleep, convinced that civilization will return and there will be an eventual delivery of the napkins. Meaning the automated crew were convinced, the passengers were doing their best to escape for the short time they were conscious.

Here we go:
From somewhere on the flight deck a metallic voice addressed him.

``Passengers are not allowed on the flight deck. Please return to your seat, and wait for the ship to take off. Coffee and biscuits are being served. This is your autopilot speaking. Please return to your seat.''

Zaphod said nothing. He breathed hard, behind him, the hand continued to knock on the door.

``Please return to your seat,'' repeated the autopilot. ``Passengers are not allowed on the flight deck.''

``I'm not a passenger,'' panted Zaphod.

``Please return to your seat.''

``I am not a passenger!'' shouted Zaphod again.

``Please return to your seat.''

``I am not a ... hello, can you hear me?''

``Please return to your seat.''

You're the autopilot?`` said Zaphod.

``Yes,'' said the voice from the flight console.

``You're in charge of this ship?''

``Yes,'' said the voice again, ``there has been a delay. Passengers are to be kept temporarily in suspended animation, for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are being served every year, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their continued comfort and convenience. Departure will take place when the flight stores are complete. We apologize for the delay.''

Zaphod moved away from the door, on which the pounding had now ceased. He approached the flight console.

``Delay?'' he cried, ``Have you seen the world outside this ship? It's a wasteland, a desert. Civilization's been and gone, man. There are no lemon-soaked paper napkins on the way from anywhere!''

``The statistical likelihood,'' continued the autopilot primly, ``is that other civilizations will arise. There will one day be lemon-soaked paper napkins. Till then there will be a short delay. Please return to your seat.''

``But ...''

George Rebane

Gregory 511pm - Well that's one way to open up a discussion of the concept.


Please return to your seat.




George Rebane

BradC 747am - Given the nature of the federal "hen houses", that political cartoon explains why the people voted for Trump. Good catch.

But what does all this have to do with stack and pack??


Sorry, hit the wrong link - I was aiming for the Fallout post- need to check the elevation setting on my peep sight.

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