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07 December 2016


Don Bessee

Dr. R, I had a great uncle who was a Navy diver at Pearl who survived the attack. He was very involved in the attempted rescue of the poor souls trapped in capsized vessels. He spoke of the delay caused by the flaming bunker oil. They repurposed some of the big guns as costal defense, amazing accomplishment.
The reality is because the rising sun failed to hit the dry docks and oil tank farms they let most of the capitol ships come back to the fight better than ever.
He went on to run a west coast port for many years. To this day I still have the fork and knife set salvaged from the Arizona wreck.
God Bless all our warriors.

George Rebane

DonB 1052pm - Great memories and artifacts to cherish and pass on. Thanks for sharing.


The Standing Rock Sioux chief has come out of the closet as a committed warmista, which puts his actions in a new perspective. It wasn't as much about "water protectors" as we were led to believe.

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