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06 December 2016


Todd Juvinall

Pelline is not important to anyone I know. He is just a yapper and a jealous person. No one likes him and now I hear there are those that will boycott him and his advertisers of the magazine he controls. They say he is unworthy of consideration. But he is a narcissist. Like all liberal goons, he attacks others and when there is blowback he cries like a 12 year old girl. So maybe we need to not pay attention to him as he seems to have a bog O when we mention him.

Brad C

Excuse me for rousting the conservo contingent basking in the warm glow of the Trump victory - yeah - you guys who held your noses and voted for the Trumpster - you might want to consider opening a dialog about 'your guy' and what he is up to these days. Otherwise, you are the great divide prime motivators.

Most of the comments I see on here have the emotional maturity of a Raiders game tailgate party, or a playground full of 4th graders.

Things to talk about might include the Tweeter-elect acting like a 4-grader (to be generous, maybe a 13 year old) after a critique by Boeing that resulted in a tweet about cancelling the Air Force One jet. The leader of the free world? Gee, thanks a bunch! Love what you have done for the office of POTUS.

Maybe give up on the Pelosi (you have to pass it to know what's in it) bashing. The leftys are not all in love with Pelosi, but you had to elect 'your guy' to know what his actual policies and foreign policies would be, or even what his tax returns look like.

Don't forget the great conservo double down on dumbth that resulted in an echo chamber believer shooting up a pizza joint.

You get the idea.

Sincerely, Waiting for America to Be Great (Again)

Bill Tozer

More on my latest interest: tribal stuff, 2016 style. Standing up.


George Rebane

The push back letters re Ms Hodge's columns keep coming in to The Union. We note that no one wants to silence her, but only contend her viewpoints. Here is the latest from a Mr Bill Neville -

Apparently my sin was identifying her early as an ideologue with her own unique agenda and reasoning powers. Again, no implication of having her stop her offerings. However, I would like to see her in a dialogue/debate re her ideas instead of just launching these 'fire and forget' columns. It would be most illuminating.

Bonnie McGuire

It's pathetic and discouraging to see how the well funded, organized riot inspiring groups are changing America as advocated by this administration. An administration elected by people who voted for an unknown change. As intelligent people always said, "Why change, or fix something that works well?" So now America is going through the illegal agony of pre-revolution, decisive labor pains by those who hate America. Treason? It doesn't take many smarts to realize the truth regarding what's required for a unified, prosperous society. Former Teddy Roosevelt summed it up last century. "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Bill Tozer

Well, they are standing up. Anybody standing up for being an Americann besides Teddy Roosevelt?


George Boardman

Dr. R, I see Pelline has outed you as part of the Tea Party's 40-year plan to take over every American institution.

Since you're on the board of MIM, I assume you've been assigned to work the cultural front. Now, if I could only tell the difference between right-wing (more brass?) and left-wing (more drums?) music.


Thus Spake Jeffie:
"When I left the paper he [Rebane] had to run a “correction” on his blog that I was laid off as a cost cutting measure, not “dismissed.” I received a $60,000K [sic] severance."

Small case 'k' is 1,000, the metric prefix. Large case 'K' is 1024, the binary prefix.

1,000k is one million. 1,000K is 1,024,000.

I can't help but dispute that The Union provided Jeff with a $61.44 million severance package. Anyone else I'd let that one go, but Pelline has a cottage industry picking out lesser errors and blowing them out of all proportion.

Perhaps if he had chosen to avail himself of a more well rounded education, when he had the chance.

"What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!" -Bugs

George Rebane

GeorgeB 103pm - Drats! and here we were hoping that our 40-plan for conquest would never be discovered. I guess the jig's up. Now as a fellow recipient of Pelline's ongoing vitriol Mr Boardman, you may be interested in the links below.

On another note our Designated Reader emails me a copy of the FUE's attack comment stream wherein he has now apparently checked off another Alinsky protocol - he actually is now claiming to be the VICTIM (can't make this stuff up) of all the assaults he has launched against RR and its commenters, all backed up with easily refuted lies available through casual perusal of our respective blogs.

He highlights my correction of his resigning from The Union. The poor dingbat doesn't understand that I gave him the benefit of the doubt by then reporting he had resigned (not "dismissed" as he again erroneously misquotes me) instead of being laid off as not delivering enough value to cover his cost. Oh well -

That he is a practiced practitioner of yellow journalism - he just makes stuff up - is documented here - http://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/rebanes_ruminations/2010/06/re-jeff-pelline-for-the-record.html

And here is further evidence of the how the now aggrieved FUE deported himself during the past decade -

More examples abound and may be found by just typing in 'Jeff Pelline' into the search window near the top of the left sidebar. This guy truly is a piece of work.

Bill Tozer

1:03 PM

It's easy. The more left-wing drums are formed into a circle.

George Boardman

Pelline now claims he received $60,000 in severance when he left The Union. A couple of years ago, he said he was offered $40,000 in severance and turned it down so he can speak freely.

Which is it, Jeffie?

Todd Juvinall

We all know he lies about the smallest things. My guess is he paid them to leave. Now he is trashing the Rebane response here. The Pelline fellow has to have a screw loose.


"Pelline now claims he received $60,000 in severance when he left The Union. A couple of years ago, he said he was offered $40,000 in severance and turned it down so he can speak freely."

What a tangled web we weave...

Barry Pruett

Off. The. Rails. 😂


George, pivoting to victim status is a common Pelline modus operandi.

I recall a RR comment stream where Pelline was hammering me for not living up to his standards of support for our public schools... when I let fly with the fact that he put his own kid into our only local St. Sensible... his delayed reaction was that I had violated all standards by identifying where a kid went to school, something all newspapers do with some regularity, including The Union before he was the Former editor.

I contend that if he was really worried about his kid's safety, his response would have been too the point and personal.

But the pivot worked at least in that it derailed the basic story... Jeff thought other people should stay in a bad school and be quiet about it, and was baldfaced in his hypocrisy as he was not following his own directives. More recently, in trying to convince he has plenty of equity in the three-digit Nevada City address purchased for over $600k, current zestimate about $340k... to afford to borrow enough to send his kid to a private high school at $60k/annum.

Of course, this was before Ghiddotti hollowed out Nevada Union HS, but it was once possible for a kid to graduate from NUHS, be a Cal Regents Scholar and end up at Harvard and without borrowing a dime for high school, the BS, the AM or PhD.

The only real angst... my boy getting a college diploma that he couldn't read. And a post script... Jeff never asked me how I knew his kid was going to Mt.St. Mary's, my son's elementary school. Let's just say it was a mutual acquaintance who clued me in after the FUE started browbeating me for not sticking with our local public schools.

Bill Tozer

Boy, when the post was named "The times call for standing up", I thought it would be about standing up for America or Pearl Harbor. I do like the theme of standing up against evil just as much. It will do just fine.
Looks like some are not going to take it no more. Must be The Trump Effect.

3:35PM: Did somebody piss on Lord Fatamer's front lawn again or what?

Don Bessee

In a classic display of nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land for the second time ripped off my teasing GB on liquidating his stock portfolio. Rhetorically challenged and lacking in any original ideas has become the go to game from the Dark Lord. Has anyone ever asked the Dark Lord why a real newspaper didn't scoop him up when the Union fired him? ;-)

Paul Emery

Who gives a rats ass about Pellines situation with the Union? I think this very small group are the only ones that care at all about what happened at a private business 10 plus years ago. Must be a lack of substantial issues to talk about.

George Boardman

I suppose I should be touched by Bessee's and Pelline's concern about my ill-timed exit from the stock market (or maybe not), but you needn't be concerned about the welfare of the Boardmans.

We exited the market with a substantial profit for the year. As is always the case, future pullbacks will provide reasonable entry points for the stocks on our shopping list.

In the meantime, our real estate holdings continue to exceed expectations, particularly our condo in Burlingame (two blocks from the exclusive shops on Burlingame Avenue) and our loft in the trendy South-of-Market area of San Francisco.

Thank God for high tech. Those boys don't even blink when you quote the outrageous rents those properties command these days. It will be a jolly Christmas in the Boardman household.


Who gives a rats ass about Pellines situation with the Union? I

He does.........publicly and endlessly.

Don Bessee

Just received a screenshot of the Dark Lords latest sputum, I posted above at 443pm and his Liberal Lament Land post was at 449pm, 6 minute turn around, getting slow in your decrepitude scoopy. So the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land, who reads every post searching for typos and facts he wants to lie about actually wants us to believe he failed to catch the recent threads were GB was teased about President Trumps victory? ;-)

The Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land has yet to explain why the luminaries at real journalists outlets like the NYT, LAT, WAP etc. were not tripping over themselves to hire the Dark Lord when he got fired?


Desperate for something to smear me with, Pelline dug out my 10 year old FAA accident report. Oh noooooo...

After flying the airplane for about 6 years and 700 hours logged... the FAA found no pilot error and the insurance company paid the agreed on amount... my purchase price. Aircraft hull insurance works differently than auto insurance. The NTSB investigator told me it was so nice they could talk to me after the accident, living through something like that isn't as common as one might hope.

The accident itself was so personally traumatic that an hour after the accident I had my trumpet in hand on the stage at Center for the Arts for the sold out 2nd to last performance of Fiddler on the Roof, a fun blow. Harold Wolfe, the airport manager at the time was in the audience, and when he was later informed of the accident he first said it couldn't have been me. Paul Emery was the Center director at the time, was a little concerned he came close to losing the only trumpeter but the klezmerish instrumental group playing out of the Broadway Fiddler book had enough old pros they'd have covered it OK had it been worse, only the cast would have noticed. Hell, we covered for enough of their mistakes, they owed us! :)

Epilog... the insurance payoff was folded into the purchase of my current plane with nearly twice the horsepower, nearly twice the payload and over twice the fuel capacity, with better fuel mileage. Plus the gear goes up and down and the propeller is controllable pitch. All that for only twice the price, and I still have the same insurance company, no hard feelings. Big fun.

Jeffie, that's all you got?

PS general question for all... have there been any reports of parents working behind the scenes, pulling strings, to get their kids accepted into Ghidotti or the other charters like Yuba River or Grass Valley? Just wondering. All three do a lot of cherry picking.

Don Bessee

Here is one for PE- What about the Homeland Security and EPA heads that were announced today? Got the blues PE, or are you seeing Red?


Don, I'll bite on that one. An EPA administrator who is actually what Pelline would call a climate denier and has the sort of experience that would be great to dismantle a Bureaucrats Gone Wild! mess. Imagine... an EPA that actually focused on pollution.

I think I now know what Chris Matthews felt, that tingle up his leg at the Obama immaculation.

Todd Juvinall

Jeeze, Boardman is a slumlord? LOL! And he has stocks on Wall Street? The world is coming to an end!

Paul Emery, you must live in a cloister. There are many people in the community that hate Pelline and talk about it. You cannot go around dissing everyone with some blowback. Kind of like you.

Gregory, Pelline likes to think he has something on you as he has done it to all of us. He is just a weasel and a mean spirited person. Let him lie in his own feces.

Don Bessee

Not to pile on PE but what think you about Sheriff Royal being the next United States Marshal for the Eastern District of CA? That means he would be the Federal LE interface with municipalities, enforcing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trumps policies. ;-)

Bill Tozer

PE @ 4:49 pm.
Agreed. There is not a whole lot of breaking news going on. Let's see. Big chill sweeps across the Dakotas, the libs have stopped rioting in the streets, the Dems keeping trying the same thing and expecting different results by reelecting Botox Nancy as Minority Leader, Dr. Carson will junk Obama's neighborhood diversity program at HUD, McMahn of the World Wrestling Federation will run the SBA, US Steel talking about adding 10,000 jobs, the market is up, and a general feeling of optimism is settlling down across the nation. But, nothing really big going on in the news. It's that news downtime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to kick back with a good cigar and enjoy. It's been a wonderful year, The Year of the Reckoning.

Oh yeah. General Mattis killed 10 ragheads with a grenade.....before it exploded.... and the new DHS guy ain't no friggin brain dead pacifist like the grunt sandwich that Maobama put in.

And in case you haven't noticed, the Deplorables are not just pleasantly contented, they are going after revenge. Ah, sweet revenge. They are checking the list to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. They know who has naughty and they don't feel like being nice.

Oh, one more thing:

Bill Tozer

Oh yeah, I forgot. Castro dead, Kanye West Shows cancelled, and Hillary's gawd awful screech has been silenced....all in the first month. Uh to be grateful for.


Lest we forget:

Paul Emery


That would make you feel good Don. Feeling secure under the Federal Governments skirt. Hope you're warm and cuddly there.

Don Bessee

PE, you sound like a sore looser. ;-)


Tozer, get the phrase right... Generalissimo Fidel Castro is still dead.

The outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer is defending politics as "noble profession" but I think Mark Twain's observation remains as fresh as the day it was written:
"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress"

One wonderful thing about Boxer's leaving the Senate is that the net IQ of the Senate will be raised. Six years ago the LA Times wouldn't even endorse her in the primary, in essence noting her Honor is dumber than a sack of hammers and the state deserves better.

Finally, Todd, it seems obvious that Pelline lives for the adulation of his fans, or at least the folks he thinks are his fans... he really needs to be the center of attention. He never has had anything on me because I don't rely on the adulation of strangers for my self worth. I do stuff, I write things, I engage in the discussion of ideas. To a great extent, I don't *need* people I don't know to *like* me. Especially folks who make stuff up and pass it off as truth, like Pelline.

His latest gem regarding Ghiddotti, that it was pretty easy to get into this year, is *very* interesting. They're using the CPM math texts, known from the beginning (it's been around since the late '80's as a remedial, inductive approach for kids that weren't getting it) to be harmful to the development of real mathematics competence. That they're using CPM tells us that Ghiddotti has accepted the constructivist tenets at the core of the Common Core math. It will be awhile before we have data that could prove what's going on, one way or another.

Paul Emery

I guess you're right don. You're the winner here

Bill Tozer

In the City of Brotherly Love, maybe a football and a water bottle would be better than a I-pod touch and a drone.


Don Bessee

No PE, we will all be the winners of common sense policies that unleash the pent up economic energy and the off shore cash is repatriated and spent on new production facilities that will have low cost energy. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Boardman (on his blog) has outed lies of Paul Emery's pal Reinette Senum. She claims a water cannon blew off a gals arm in North Dakota and it turns out to be another lie by her. Where is that mockumentary she got all that money to make? And where is the money from the worm farm?

Todd Juvinall

Here is a response from a libnut woman on the Union who apparently doesn't like me or Trump. LOL!

"Clean out the swamp? All he did was fill it with crocodiles. His tour is a self-congratulatory tour to pump up his ego even more. Partying and tweeting is so much more fun than dealing with real issues. I don't need to answer your question about my status but I will, since you seem obsessed with that. I am a U.S. citizen. I love this country and I am grateful to live in a state where most people have not drunk the Kool-Aid laced with the poison of racism, sexism, bigotry. xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny. Like so many people in this state, I am also prepared to fight for the next 4 years to minimize the damage that this man will do. If things however get very bad, I am prepared to leave for another country as I hold dual citizenship. You however will be stuck here as they whack away at your Social Security and Medicare and God knows what else or looking at the warheads coming your way after one of his tweets to some foreign country's leader who is just as unbalanced as him. So enjoy your drink!"

The full string.

Paul Emery


Let me know when that happens (your 11:47) Until then it's all talk and no rock.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:00 PM
Oh Todd, have a heart, will ya? Look at that poor trembling little fawn. She is so frightened she is beside herself. But, sadly, she believes every word she wrote. Haven't read the 11 comments yet, nor plan to. I am just too plumb heartbroken at the sight of the pure unadulterated fear that I can only send her love and comfort from the Universe.
May the Great Spirit comfort her tormented soul. Be nice to the afflicted, you meanie.

Todd again @ 11:53. Oh Todd, that just a way to sell arms to the Indians. Call it the barter system. No more trinkets for land. Firewater and arms are where it's at. :). Oh yeah, I am not surprised about the little Fruitcake. It's the company she keeps on-line that makes her so darn cute. Simply adorable.

I would write about the Lakota and their role in this, but it would take 3 pages. I followed the story for a year to 6 months before Amy Goodman ever entered the scene. Followed daily via my contacts on the Rez. One guy even had a telephone out there and called me. A landline on the Rez is not commonplace, I can guarantee ya.

. Once Amy and the greenies and the White Guilt liberal bleeding heart idiots showed up....that was the day I stopped following it. From 29 people (mostly all old women and a few guys and some grandkids and 15 year olds (again mostly females) standing peacefully with a few signs on tribal land not even close to the pipeline to where the outsiders starting taking it over IS exactly where I stopped following the story.

From that gathering of 30 folks.....hey, one dude I know was all happy with his sign standing out in boonies cause he (we, the Lakota) haven't had that much fun and attention on the Rez since Wounded Knee Creek "uprising" in 1970-71. No guns,no threats, no press, just a handful of assorted people standing out in nowhere reminiscing about the 70's and going full flower child this time.
I haven't read one story since I read Amy G got arrested. Not one and don't plan to.
The background to Standing Rock and Pine Ridge (Pine Ridge, hint, hint) is interesting, but nothing to do with today. I know where the real story ended, where this new story was heading, and I knew months ago how this would end. It is playing out exactly the Hollywood script.

FYI, The Great White Father decided to take the Rez about 5 years or. after the slaughter at Wounded Knee Creek ((1890) and divided the reservation ( Lakota Sioux) into 6,000 separate parcels. That was mistake #1. The first and preferred pipeline route changed as all the real towns and the few civilized cities in North Dakota did not want the pipeline running near the town's like Bismarck. They move the pipeline route south. Should have stayed with Plan A.

Don Bessee

PE- The list of appointments is walking the talk already and they are rock stars who are going to rock the house! ;-)

Paul Emery

Sure Don

So it shall be spoken so it shall be done

Todd Juvinall

Absolutely feels great. After listening to your incessant slamming and predictions it is so sweet to see you whipped. TYL!

George Rebane

BillT 101pm - Mr Tozer et al, please note that we have a post that invites your comments and counsel about the Dakota/Lakota situation here -

Many thanks.

Todd Juvinall

God Bless John Glen. A true amazing hero and man. A safe journey in that capsule to heaven.

Paul Emery

Glad you feel good Todd. Lets check in in a couple of years and see how things went with your guy President Trump.

Todd Juvinall

Paul EWmery, I check every day. In a couple of years even you may have a decent paying job under his policies.

Bill Tozer

Times all for standing up! Ah, what's good for the goose is good for gander. Conservative college students (the real minority on campuses are asking for safe places.
Smart move. The libs are a very violent dangerous lot with little care for the personal safety of others they disagree with. Safe places are indeed necessary if not imperative.

"Conservative students who voted for Mr. Trump say that even though their candidate won, their views are not respected. Some are adopting the language of the left, saying they need a “safe space” to express their opinions — a twist resented by left-leaning protesters."


George Rebane

Speaking of a time to stand up, a correspondent sent me this Christmas poem -

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