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21 January 2017


Paul Emery

Even the Huckster won't supp[ort Trump on this one

“I have no evidence whatsoever, and I don't know that anyone does, that there were that many illegal people who voted, and frankly it doesn't matter,” Huckabee told Fox Business Network on Monday morning.


Ah, so it's "credible evidense[sic] that there is a legitimate investigation" that is the current Paul Emery standard for whether an allegation is worthy of mention. Meaning, I suppose, either an Obama years Federal action or a current year NYT, LA Times, Chronicle, Salon, Slate or Puffington Host reporter? I gave you Congressional testimony (that's covered by perjury law) that made the point.

There was smoke on the subject that I quoted for you... actual findings of significant numbers of foreign nationals being called for jury duty from Voter Registration lists. And what looks to be not insignificant numbers of people found randomly who have voted despite being aliens.


Paul, just repeating for posterity the questions you've punted:

Paul, do you know what hyperbole is? What is the definition of a "landslide" victory? What is a "massive" victory? Do these terms have a set definition?

I was listening to NPR for most of the election eve... boy, they sure sounded like they thought the ground was shifting under their feet... is that a landslide?

Massive... did the Clinton campaign fight in court... or did they capitulate in short order on the election night? Outside of California, Trump actually did have a majority. Does that make a difference?

biased: "unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something"

Paul, are you biased?

Don Bessee

God Love Secretary (GEN) Mattis! His first message to the entirety of the Defense Department is exactly what you would expect from him. " It's good to be back and I'm grateful to serve alongside you as Sec Def." from a life long public servant who got flushed by 0 for telling the truth that did not fit 0's talking points. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Trump issued the order to EPA to shut up. Great! Now he needs to get them out of the wetlands and waters of America.

Paul Emery


Are you willing to give you the potential massive voter fraud the Trump believes in the same scrutiny that you gave the allegations of the Russians interfering in our election ? For that one you want is absolute proof For this you were willing to just kind of assume that is true or may be true with no proof whatsoever other than a few antidotal examples from various sources can you explain your inconsistency ?

Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:27 pm.

That General Mattis is a strange guy. No family, no life, just 24/7 military thinking. I would not be surprised if he sleeps on a cot, eats at the mess hall, and stays up late at night studying geo-something history and strategy. He knows the true strength of ISIS and what is really going on. Obama's boys altered some stuff to underestimate ISIS's strength and overestimate our successes for public consumption.
Tell me again that 5,000 ISIS members can hold a sprawling million plus city (population) for more than 9 months against all coalition forces and factions
and only capture the east side of Mosul? Everybody against 5k soldiers?? It's possible. It was 3,000 at one time.

Fake news: :)

Paul Emery


No I don't think I'm biased I profoundly dislike Trump and wouldn't vote for Hillary I just think there are certain behavior standards that are necessary if you are president of the United States Trump has the personality of a carnival barker. That doesn't mean I am unfairly judging him on his actions I actually support him pulling out of the TPP but that's about it I mostly disagree with his policies on most things and most of all I think he is delusional which is really dangerous trait if your president of United States Let's let it go at that


Paul, I think you're biased and you've been grasping at anti GOP straws for a year. Give it a rest.

Tell me again, what specifically do you think the Russians actually did besides possibly being the ones to uncover the DNC dirty tricks (Donald Segretti style) and made them public... in essence the kind of thing Woodward and Bernstein did in the 70's.

The Russian story was a last gasp hail mary to try to head off Trump at the past. No there, there and Obama's Feds knew about it long before the election... but did nothing before Hillary lost. Why is that, Paul?

And why is it a federal issue if a private corporation (the Democratic Party and DNC) had incompetents running their computer security, failing to act even when warned by the FBI?


I can't remember or find who said it here,, but you called that one. " Be careful of what you as for."
An investigation into the massive voter fraud is about to begin. Now watch how many election offices stonewall.

Bill Tozer

Why, why, why??
Love how Trump gets the press running around like their hair is on fire. Mewhile as the monkeys are trying to hump a greased pig, President Trump has sharpened his pencil. He owns them and has put brass glass, and marble in their heads. Bet they wake up thinking about Trump, and go to bed hating on Trump. I, for one, can see some martial problems for members of the Washington Press Corps on the horizon. "Not tonight honey, that Trump has me so upset."

Then, when mercifully overtaken by sleep, an image appears to disturb their slumber.



Chuck Todd: Media Knew How Hated Hillary Was In The Heartland And We Downplayed It.

More Fake News from the lame stream press.

We took a train trip across the heartland of America and saw Trump signs from our compartment window, but not one Hillary sign and though that was a bit odd.

More on the NBC FAKE NEWS: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/27/nbcs-chuck-todd-media-knew-how-hated-hillary-was-h/

Russell Steele

Don't Forget Trump's Optimism and His Potential for Greatness

By Larry Kudlow

In all the media back and forth over President Trump’s inaugural speech, most have missed a central point: His address was infused with a wonderful sense of optimism.

As an old Reagan guy, I have learned through the years that optimism equals true leadership. And yes, true leadership cannot be achieved without optimism.

Toward the back end of his speech, Trump said: “We must think big and dream even bigger.” To understand Trump and his message on Inauguration Day is to appreciate the importance of that sentence.

Read the rest HERE.

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