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08 January 2017



That's Claude Rains, not Reins... as a humorous aside, circa 1990 I was inventing a pipelined MPEG decoder for Thomson R&D (my paycheck said RCA Television R&D), sharing an office with a young and very French software engineer. As my role as the only American in an office filled with French engineers in west Los Angeles, I convinced him to watch the movie Casablanca as an American cultural touchstone.

The punch line... he was convinced Capt. Renault (ray-no) was played by a French actor. Rains was that good.

Regarding the "Russian hacking", the hysterics remains confined to folks who haven't grokked that no election computers were hacked, and that it's all about emails that uncovered Democratic Party corruption... just the sort of information one used to expect from the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, LAT, WaPo etc etc. Wrongdoing by people asking us to trust them... only this time, those news organizations were in the tank for the DNC and did NOT want to admit there were problems on their own side of the fence, united to defeat Trump.

But then, we now know the Democratic Party campaign team (including NBC, CBS etc etc) were pushing Trump as a "Pied Piper" candidate beginning before the state primaries even started. Thank you, WikiLeaks.

George Rebane

Gregory 323pm - Thanks for catching the typo; corrected.

Eric Anderson

I didn't even read this yet but given the date, I won't. I'll wait for the Golden Showers explanation. I'm sure they're fine if An*s d'Orange does it.


Grow up, "Eric".

He'll be your President too, in 9 days,


Ummm, George, you might still have a typo... I think the possessive form of Rains is Rains', not Rain's :)

Eric Anderson

Actually Eric is my name, no need for quotes. He's illegitimate by all measures and have a Happy Tea Party.

George Rebane

Gregory 1246am - oops again, thanks.

Todd Juvinall

Anyone else going to the Liberty Center on Thursday?


Since it showed up here, Eric's "GS" explanation. Yup,, hoax...


"Eric", the only Tea Party I've been associated with included a large white rabbit and a Hatter gone mad.

Illegitimate? Best let Joe Biden know, he's the one who certified the Electoral College count.

Bill Tozer

Read em and weep....but please weep quieter, I am enjoying the moment.

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