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25 January 2017


Account Deleted

Thank you for the Ytube link. And yes, by coincidence, I did have a bit of vino already in hand as I watched.
Dangerous information from the leftie perspective. He totally understands the real world in regards to wealth and prosperity.
I like his take on the function of the human brain and what is in store for AI.
Good stuff.

Wayne Hullett

George Rebane

WayneH 750am - So we are still between 'science is moot on the existence of God' and 'the language of science (mathematics) accepts a formulaic proof of God's existence'. Thanks for updating Kaku's position.

Wayne Hullett

The ontological argument is logical only, not based on a single measurement. I am reminded of a quote, attributed to Voltaire if memory serves, that he was educated by Jesuits, where he learned that a Jesuit could prove anything, and therefor he believed nothing.

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