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04 January 2017


Account Deleted

plus one on this post. It's bad enough on Daily Kos, but also a lot of 'middle of the road' web sites and other left wing news outlets. Now I seem to recall a certain lefty that posts here claiming Trump was a big liar. And he wouldn't do what he said he'd do.
I think he had polls to prove that as well.
What is not being talked about by anyone yet is that Trump is installing a lot of women and many aren't even white. Horrors.
But the left and the Dems are free to go up against Trump and do their darn'st. I remember that when the Rs said they would resist Obama they were haters and racists. Now the shoe is on the other foot.
Of course the left will be against Trump. I would expect that and it's their right.
But when will they apologise for their name-calling and abuse of the folks that opposed the Obama regime?
And when will they admit they are doing the same exact thing they castigated others for? Obviously never.
The left is as self-aware as a rock.
Trump inherits a complete mess - both internally and internationally as China and Russia are now on the move as they have been emboldened by 8 years of Obama's gutting of America's projected military power and his surrender-first policies.
And he'll have the Dems stabbing him in the back at every turn.

Bonnie McGuire

Amazing isn't it?


Agreed. I think the term "pissed" is just being nice. I think they are well beyond that now. "O" still has time to get us into WWIII, and is well on his way. He won't fire a shot at a Muslim, but is more than happy to empty the magazine at a Russian.

Bill Tozer

One of George Rebane's best posts. Couple Dr. Rebane's post with his Alt-Left link provided, I can't add anything but what has been written above.
Except......Being liberal means never having to say you're sorry. Being Alt-Left means never having to say you're wrong. They are too blinded by hate and uncontrolled rage to realize they all work for the Neo-Libcons now.
They can only function when they drink the kool-aide designed specifically to bring things to the Boiling Point, be it OWS, BLM, or amassing 1,200 batallion strong special forces in 3 nations along Russia's border.

"Liberals saw the Obama presidency as a chance to kill off conservativism and they used the tactics honed by brown shirts of the 1930s -- including violence, vandalism and intimidation. They and their media allies then treat every such incident as the reincarnation of Gandhi."

Anybody notice Obama's eyes lately? They look like he came back from vacation demon possessed....like the Devil has taken over him. Looks like a typical Alt-Lefter to me. Be that as it may, he ain't laughing now.


Bill Tozer

Dream on. They have lost all touch with reality.

"We are Democrats. We will not oppose things just to oppose them". Lol.


Paul Emery

Yeah it's gonna be lots of fun George especially when you have a wild card like Trump running the show. I'll continue being a persistent voice on this blog with my daily look at the daily happenings.

Trump is a dream come true for an antagonist like me. His weirdness is endlessly creative and unpredictable. You guys are gonna have to keep on your game to come up with verbals to keep up with him.

Let the games begin.

Bill Tozer


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 330. Honestly, we think about you the same way you think about Trump.


Thanks for the admission of guilt Paul. Being an antagonist isn't a badge of honor.
It makes you a TROLL.

Bill Tozer

"Our Socialists Are Pissed"

Again, one of Dr. Rebane's best posts.
I submit to the reader further supporting evidence (as if it was needed) to support the topic:

Exhibit A : @ 04 January 2017 at 03:30 PM
Nice contribution to discussing and contributing to the topic at hand. Nuff said.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 January 2017 at 03:30 PM

Again Paul I think it's fairly obvious that you wouldn't be nearly so belligerent if Hillary had won. Sorry.....maybe next time the dems elect someone more palatable to the electorate.

Account Deleted

from Paul: "Trump is a dream come true for an antagonist like me. His weirdness is endlessly creative and unpredictable."
You mean a hater like you. We get it. No matter what Trump does, you will chime in with why it's wrong.
We notice that nowhere can you say he's all the bad things they said about him when he was running. I could have sworn that Trump would start WWIII but now they're saying that he will 'link arms' with Putin.
Paul will be the yapping little toy poodle for the next 4 years endlessly running in circles barking about Trump no matter what. Go for it, Paul.
I'm going to wait and see what Trump actually does before I condemn him. Right now it looks like he's pretty much doing what we expected.

Bill Tozer

Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.---Teddy Roosevelt.

Bill Tozer

: Thank Goodness for the Constitution to save us from the Alt-Left shoving their authoritian agenda down our throats and stripping us of our rights. Looks like they will have to wait before marching Dr. Rebane to the gallows. Or was that blind folding him and putting him up against the wall? Dodged a bullet, but carpet bombing coming our way. Thank God for the wisdom of the Constitution:

"So even before President-elect Trump gets inaugurated we are flooded with news and reports of the Left attempting to organize like they have never organized before. Their various factions are pulling out all the stops in their desperation to avoid becoming irrelevant for a generation or two. The industry and energy in this enterprise is something to behold and the strongest testament that restoring liberty, enterprise, freer markets, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and the Constitution is most likely the best medicine for the ills which ail us all. And allowing that to be put to the test is the biggest no-no of all."------Dr. Rebane.


George Rebane

PaulE 330pm - Your plan to join the battle of ideas and events during the coming year is most welcome news to those of us who trade ripostes here, and also to those who only read and silently weigh the merits of our respective arguments. As always, we welcome more of your ideological brethren whose metaphorical spines are up to the give and take. I am told that hiding in certain echo chambers on the web irreversibly (or was it irredeemably?) dulls the mind after an appropriate interval :-)

Bonnie McGuire

Dr. Rebane I enjoy the discussions on your blog. Why? Because I enjoy interesting people and their opinions. Also, most of those who contribute here don't use filthy, insulting, ignorant language revealing ignorance like on so many blogs. I just want to begin the new year thanking you for your wonderful contribution...and sincerely wish you the best new year ever.

George Rebane

BonnieM 627pm - Thank you for the kind words, and Jo Ann and I wish you the same as we look forward to your contributions on these pages.


There just ain't any words other than,,,,, ReallY???

George Rebane

Walt 716pm - Now that's real chutzpah for a man who has done most to weaken our military and build up our enemies since Jimmie Carter's military made Brezhnev think seriously about rolling his tanks through the Fulda Gap before the USSR actually went into its death spiral (the handwriting was already on the wall).

Bill Tozer

Well, Obama started off with the Nobel Peace Prize and ends with the Distinguished Public Service Medal. Guess that means he trashed our peace machine and then he trashed our public service.

Speaking of the pissed off socialists and the reincarnation of Gandhi, did anybody see what happened New Year's Eve? Shucks, 1,000 refugees gathered around the oldest church in Germany and started yelling Allahu Akbar (God is great!) then burned the church.
By mentioning the above, that must make me an Islamophic hater. That talk really really pisses off our Socialists. With the damage done, I do wish our government would stay our of my religion they way they stay out of the approved good religion of "traumatized refugees". In fact, I wish the government would quit telling me my religion needs to change. Not up with the times, I reckon.
Boy, I am really going to feel the heat now for saying that. Mr. Trump, please help us Deplorables!

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