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20 January 2017



Posted by: George Rebane | 21 January 2017 at 06:22 PM

That you should listen to Marley my friend.

Todd Juvinall

Marley the pothead?

Those women were interviewed on the street and not one knew why she was there or what the issue was. The flip side was the Trump supporters and they had a smart educated answer and knew the issues. You can't fix stupid so Frisch and Pelline say.And those babies were rock head stupid.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 21 January 2017 at 08:22 PM

JFC Todd don't you read anything? Or of you don't read anything, don't you know A Christmas Carol for Christ's sake?

Posted by: George Rebane | 21 January 2017 at 06:22 PM

What do you mean, "...is there a point in there..." George. I mean you actually, literally, in real life sound like Scrooge...like the man who rather than feed a hungry man would say, "are there no poor houses, no prisons?"

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:04 pm.

Tried to want them this ain't Baltimore or Oakland. No, this is our Nation's Capitol and this is on federal land. There is a new sheriff in town.

Gotta go. I hear the little lady and friends driving up. I best hide my Make America Great Again hat and get ready to listen how their Day of Rage went down in Sacramento. Better down there than here.
I need to pretend I am sooo interested. The sacrifices I make to not sleep outside on a rainy night. I never ince I did not know who is the boss of me. That kind of wisdom comes with age. :)


So, to the people who said today's marches would be violent, what say you to somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000 in LA and not a single arrest. What say you to 500,000 in DC and not ONE single arrest?

Don Bessee

Stevie you are so cute. BBC said it was a million around the world. What ever will be will be, you LOST everywhere! You continue to avoid your irrationality about the WH website, did you get that tired talking point from hufpo? I could give you a referral for therapy from the best strong women if you are up to it. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Frisch are you daft? Marley was a Jamaican pothead if I recall. Your buddy?

Todd Juvinall

Women tend to be more peaceful than SBC types so no surprise if arrests were down. Most were looking for a man in a uniform anyway. 1.4 million at the innaug. Goo numbers. Maybe a million for the gas worldwide.

Bill Tozer

Ok, the Day of Rage is almost over! Did everybody get their YAYAs out? I did. I feel exhausted. We made some real progress here today. Time to draw the curtains tight and go hide in the bomb shelter. Never know if there might be a last gasp incoming barrage in the wee hours. There is always one who has to get the last word in.

Today was a grand day. Took some effort, but I can finally feel the love. Nightly night.


Yeah....no surprise here! More lefty "Astroturfing"!

"Ex-WSJ Reporter Finds George Soros Has Ties To More Than 50 "Partners" Of The Women’s March

Curse those Koch Brothers!



Wonder how long it takes for this to be credited to refugees representing the "Religion of Peace"!

Man in Sweden 'live-streamed gang rape on Facebook'


George Rebane

Re stevenfrisch 812pm – I guess this thread started with my 556pm giving a more nuanced interpretation of ‘sucking off the government tit’. Mr Frisch’s farfetched counter to this was to invoke both the RR 25dec16 nativity scene, and the dialogue between Scrooge and Marley’s ghost wherein Marley appeals to Scrooge’s better angels to help his near destitute employee Cratchit during Christmas. Mr Frisch invites me to listen to Marley in order to properly liken ag subsidies with food stamps, and presumably other wealth transfer payments to the poor and destitute.

Well enough! Then let’s both review the progressives’ litany when they cite Jesus, the prophets and saints, and now Marley (Dickens) to promote government charities and other wealth redistribution programs. Here the mistake they reliably repeat as they hold up these personages as proponents of overarching government, while poking conservative Christians in their supposedly hypocritical eye, is that none of these ancients ever advised that government should mediate charity. Their singular message was that we as individuals should look around us and, to the best of our abilities, help those in need – directly, from our hand to theirs.

When Jesus exhorted us to ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars’, and unto God what is God’s.’, we interpret the ‘render to God’ part as doing God’s work among our neighbors which includes the poor ones. Specifically we understand this personal involvement within the further clarification from Jesus, ‘Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’ Again, government mediation is neither mentioned nor meant.

And in that spirit the unfortunately transcendent Marley (of Dickens, the reluctant and tendentious Christian) advises Scrooge in the strongest of terms to do good by directly and personally providing succor to his disadvantaged employee – “one of the least of these”.

In the final analysis, my dear Mr Frisch, it is your taxpaying Ebeneezer Scrooge who embodies exactly what you and yours believe when you quote his response to Marley in which he evokes the charitable institutions of state as being sufficient for the care and disposition of the poor and indigent.

So here we again highlight the yawning ideological chasm between our two sides. But I do hope that in the future you invoke personages more obviously credentialed when you next promote collectivism or seek to critique us in the practice of our faith. Nevertheless, thank you for the exchange.


Man, that's a lot of lipstick on the pig of your hypocrisy George.

I know a lot of Christians, many are in my family, and I respect many of them, and I particularly respect the ones who spent their lives helping people who struggle with poverty and disadvantage.

Here is what you said, "But what do the food stamps recipients produce other than a burden on our sewer systems and the occasional gang banger? "

I am saying it is not a very Christian thing to equate someone else’s suffering with the amount of shit produced and its dog whistle racism to equate them with ‘gang bangers’ and you know it.

You are going to hide behind the fig leaf of the gang banger reference being interpreted as race by me, that you never meant it, but the readers here know full well exactly WTF you meant.

You think like that, and there is a God, then you’re going to hell my friend.

Todd Juvinall

Soros reminds me of the men in a movie years ago about a terrorist attack in London. When all the terrorists were eradicated the one left was told by some British gazillionaire that he would fund the next round.


There will be one less "sewer pipe" of money. ECO welfare (grant moneys) is going away.
Will there be a certain "someone" with a cardboard sign in front of Kmart begging for ECO bucks?


Posted by: Walt | 22 January 2017 at 11:32 AM

Well it ain't going to be me Walt because I don;t get a dime from the federal government.


Alternative facts for an alternate reality in an alternate universe?


Don Bessee

Hey Frisch, how about posting your non prof taxes to prove that so we can trace the money from group to group and be sure it did not start as tax or soros dollars. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

BrtadC 1144, you are putting CNN as a source? Doesn't work here with their fake news and bias.

DonB 1157, the audit will expose all that.

George Rebane

stevenfrisch 1056am - and now you are even the arbiter on the gates of hell. My, my.

You've demonstrated again why reasoned dialogue is impossible between our two sides - and revealing the nature of that divide is one of the objectives of RR.

Nowhere have I made the equation that you claim. Recognizing the burden that the poor create does not in any way equate with their suffering. Neither does the burden of ag subsidies equate with their contribution of foodstuffs to our economy. And whether/how to continue those programs is yet another issue. One of progressives' weaknesses is their inability to parse an argument. Instead they immediate mount the higher pedestal of 'I know what you actually meant' when they know nothing of the sort as they confound and contort the attempted systematic analysis of any social problem.

But cutting to the chase, I believe that the public policies that you and yours have backed with the imposition of government into the lives of the poor, especially the minority poor, is the seminal cause and continuation of untold misery and countless deaths in our inner cities which have been under your political thumb now for over two generations. Your only response to this criticism so far has been the 'I'm holier than thou, and we know what they need.' given above.


Posted by: Don Bessee | 22 January 2017 at 11:57 AM

They are on my web site and have been for years. You can also find them at Guidestar.com As I am sure you know since you work in and with non-profits our 990's are public record.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR at 1201.

I would say our country through subsidies has done some things we may not recognize as good. Since 5% of the people pay the bulk of the taxes, that then go to subsidize some farmers, that keeps the price down to the poor for that tomato. Plus all the free food at the handouts. So in a way, Frisch has the best of both worlds. The poor don't pay taxes, and the rich subsidize their food. And he skates responsibility for both.

Don Bessee

In another blow to the party line echo chamber, the Trump inauguration had massive TV ratings and when streaming was factored in (like at the Freedom Center) it was likely the largest inaugural viewing audience ever. The TV number alone were the 2nd highest in 40 years. Who knew the knuckle dragging deplorables used computers? ;-)

Don Bessee

News tid bits; Admin confirms Embassy move to Jerusalem, Pope says countries have the right to control boarders and have orderly migration, Germany says of course we can compromise and increase our Defense budget (currently 1.2 v 2% required in NATO charter). Germany also enjoys a significant trade surplus with US.

What a difference a day can make! ;-)


Transparency is claimed by the "SBC"? Going through those IRS doc.s, nothing is readily visible on contributors. A page get left out?

Maybe someone can point those donors out.
Page #7 is interesting.

Todd Juvinall

The audit will find it all Walt.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 22 January 2017 at 11:59 AM

I am audited every year Todd, by an independent third party auditor who is licensed to follow GAAP and report any problems.

I have an independent audit committee that reviews financial and communicates independently with those auditors. My board members are required to file conflict of interest statements. I have the highest rating for both financial practices and transparency that can be earned from the independent third party reviewing body at Guidestar.

I also file a Schedule C which shows that our lobbying expenses are well within the IRS limits.

I have nothing to fear from an audit by the IRS and would welcome any recommendations they might make about improving our practices.

Walt, my reporting is 100% in order and do not require that I disclose sources of income to third parties, only to the IRS or California Secretary of State.

Todd Juvinall

Sure you are.


So what you said to Don is pure BS. Got it. Go back and see his post.
From Don's post "so we can trace the money from group to group and be sure it did not start as tax or soros dollars. ;-)"
You state "They are on my web site and have been for years"

We have our own local version of the Clinton Foundation.

Yes, the SBC needs a dose of what the IRS did to the Tea Party. As the say,, "what's good for one,,,"

Todd Juvinall

Can't hardly wait for my request.


Free speech buddy, free speech.

Can't wait for "your request" either. I am sure the IRS will see right through it.


Free speech? I guess outing one's self as a liar falls into that freedom. (Hay,, YOUR the one who said "They are on my web site and have been for years")

Todd Juvinall

What is they say Walt? thieves never prosper?

The IRS is a hard ass department I have heard.


Posted by: Walt | 22 January 2017 at 01:55 PM

What, you know that anyone reading here can see the truth correct? It really is a post fact world...but this is the post fact site.


What do you guys think of the fact that according to Kellyanne Conway on ABC's This Week this morning Donald Trump will not release his tax returns even after they are finished being audited? Here is her direct quote, ""The White House response is that he's not going to release his tax returns. We litigated this all through the election. People didn't care. They voted for him,"

This is going back on a direct promise he made during the campaign to release his taxes.

Can I see you do the dance of the seven veils to condone that while Todd the harasser is claiming to request and audit from the iRS for me?

I even gave my taxes to you :)

What a bunch of tools you guys are. The man flat up lied to you (that is what a lie looks like Walt) and you are going to swallow it like..well... he swallows Putin.

Bill Tozer

Well, looks like those signs our women folk carried did not have a residual effect here. The ones I liked were protesting for kindness, I am not opposed to kindness, within certain boundaries. . . .:)

Steve is secure in his endeveavers. Remember this is CA. Arnold signed the bill that says we only have 3 more years to get our carbon footprint back to 1990 levels. The State supports this goal, and the voters apparently are fine with it.

CA voters and people have already fought this out. The people have decided it is better to pay more and get less in return, as far as costs go. No doubt Green Jobs have shown a dramatic increase in growth, albeit a 200% increase does not hide the fact that 1.5% of the labor force doing green jobs has grown to under 3%. Give or take, play with numbers and timeframes all day long. It still is a small, but growing part of the economy. To put it in perspective, as big as Agriculture is in CA, it's only 7% of the CA economy last I looked.

A blue State like California and its popular green policies does not necessarily transfer to say, the Rust Belt. Climate is an critical component. There are green job growth in Red States, of course, as in the Sun Belt for example. Northeastern Blue States look to more wind power generation, which currently is as unreliable as hydropower is in the southern Sierra. Nationally, conservation has done wonders to reduce the carbon footprint and is free! Turn off the lights when you leave the room, use a window fan instead of the AC, etc. that works great for most residential users. No need to waste more space.

Bottomline: this is the bubble of CA. There is majority popular support to make sacrifices, pay more to get less, add burdensome regulations on certain out of favor industries and businesses, add expensive State funding to green industries and technologies with uncertain results...... all for a vision of a sustainable future. Steve is safe no matter what comes down the pike in Washington DC. The State of California has earmarks for the Steve's of the world simply because it is a high priority in California. Higher than maintaining roads it seems at times. States rights and the USA being 50 labatories of experiments to see what works in each state.

Steve will not have the plug pulled on him simply because this is the Left Coast. If Steve says he had crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's and practicing transparency, then there is no there there. The restaurant biz already gave Steve a taste of how nasty the Board of Equalization and other State regulation and revenue collecting agencies can be. They delight in making one's life miserable. He has learned some valuable lessons, I imagine. Barking up the wrong tree.

But, it is so fun to poke back at him. The IRS has much much much bigger and easier corrupt beyond corrupt fish to fry in CA than some little outfit in Truckee, I can assure ya. They just lack the political will. Plus, budgets were set for the year months ago. Patience my little ones, patience. Now is not the time to unleash the dogs of war. :)


I really don't give a whoop about Trump's Taxes. He's audited every year.
Now how come all of "O"'s doc.s are still sealed? Everything of record in his past has been locked up tight.
If Trump DID put them out for public display, ol' Steve wouldn't even know were to begin.
The front of the semi trailer or the back.

Trump is out to cut the budget with a logging axe. Gov. handouts to questionable "nonprofits" are the first to go. As Trump puts it, "It's not the government's job, nor the taxpayer's responsibility". (paraphrased)

Todd Juvinall

I have never supported a Prez candidate having to publish his tax return so it is no biggee. I want to see Frisch's personal returns. How about it Steve.

Don Bessee

It looks kind frischy to duck the issues with Trump has not released his! It seems the conversation was about global warming cash, soros money and tax dollars. Release your/the taxes if there are no issues. ;-)

Paul Emery

George writes:

stevenfrisch 1056am - and now you are even the arbiter on the gates of hell.

What is different between what you cite as a critique from Frish that condemns you to the gates of hell and Todds rather harsh prescription for my afterlife which would be an eternity of living in a fire pit with assorted snakes as my roommates for not being Christian according to his definition. There was not a peep from you on that matter.

Don Bessee

Report- Secret Service is opening Madonna investigation and will talk with her.
Madonna- Part of my unity and love speech was taken wildly out of context. ;-)

Don Bessee

PE 416- Its an old Testament thing that's lost on druids. ;-)

Paul Emery

Trump in his own words committing to releasing his tax returns. More lies from our "Liar in Chief"

Not releasing his tax returns after the audit is completed is another Trump lie. Below I cite many examples of him saying that he will release his returns. They are all from this link:


"if I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely and I would love to do that."

STEPHANOPOULOS: What is your tax rate?

TRUMP: I’m not going to say it, but at some point I’ll release it.

"I would love to give the tax returns. But I can’t do it until I’m finished with the audit."

"When the audit ends I’ll present them. "

Paul Emery

The ugly roust of Populism against our Liar and Cheif has found a slogan penned by Valerie Miles-Tribble and released on MLK day

"I don't want one of you tp tell me again about the problems you have with Donald Trump. The goal is not to be having a problem with Donald Trump The goal is for Trump to be having a problem with you."

This is spreading like wild fire. Let the games begin.

George Rebane

PaulE 416pm - OK, now fasten your seatbelt. I didn't have to "peep" on that because 1) I was not part of that thread, and 2) ToddJ did not prognosticate my eternal fate. In short, I only peep on what I want. And if you're looking for 'fair and balanced', then I make no claim that you will find it here from any quarter of the political landscape. Made that clear to all years ago.

But Paul, I do have a question that you may be able to answer. Why oh why do those of the Left who denigrate this blog, its readers, and most specifically its commenters, and who daily claim that the views here are from an insignificant group of ignorant, aged, out-of-touch, biased, hypocritical, racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, traitorous, ..., and now eternally condemned, that no one pays attention to; why do these agitated worthies continue to hang on every word posted in these pages, to make this website their almost singular target for criticism and derision, while at the same time constantly demanding that our voices be shut down? And they do all this without the benefit of anyone really returning the favor, why is that? What would happen to their voices if they ignored us with the same fervor that we ignore them? Any ideas?

Bill Tizer

Oh, I feel the love. 1976 was the last time someone did not release tax returns. But if it gets Paul''s mangina all a'twitter, then I hope President Trump never releases them.

Paul wants his Wookie back.

Bill Tizer

Yep, I was thinking the same thing. You would think that Paul would spend all his time with birds of a feather. You would think he would spend hours with those that or a similar political bent. Like he could be preaching to the choir or singing in the choir. Why Paul chooses to spend so many countless hours day after day here and not among his own kind is rather puzzling. I could be wrong but I think he has some very naughty motives. But I am going to try again to make Paul not the topic of the day there are so many many more interesting topics to discuss in the sandbox. Piece of worthless information, the Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in hell. At least that was what the door knocker told me when I asked her

Bill Tozer

Power back on! Not bad. I typed the last two comments on little e-mail phone machine in the semi-darkness.

I feel the love more each hour! Who won the games?

Oh yeah. The reason Trump is President is he was the only one to properly gauge the mood of the country.

Hey, let's talk about the birther thang and beat it into the ground deeper. Or, why don't we started chanting "Bush lied, people died!" Hey, I heard that Trump called Rosie McDonnell a fat pig and 89% of the folks agreed. Paul, be a sweetheart and get busy verifying those figures. It could have been a fake news story. Maybe it was 89% said Rosie is not a fat pig.

I feel the love growing my minute.


I still want "O" collage records! And all the other records thats been hidden from public view. Those were hid for a reason. The "O"'s turned in their law licences.. WHY!!!??
You don't spend all that time working to get'm,, just to throw'm away.. There was a reason.
But did LIBS give a rats patootie? Nope. That was different. Now they have a woody for Trumps taxes, they would never even really look at.
What do you thin you will find? Putin sold Trump a wife?

Like I said on election night. Some will be butthurt for a LONG time. Called that one.
Get used to those new hemorrhoids you just grew, or change your outlook Things are going to get better for everyone. Except for those who liked the free ride.

Todd Juvinall

Oh Paul Emery, you just have no sense of humor. I said nothing about snakes.

Trump changed his mind. Just like Obama did on homosexual marriage. Just life I guess. I could care less about the tax returns, never cared at all.

Don Bessee

Us deplorables were talking about Frisch's taxes not Trumps, he got elected without them, remember?

PE has advanced Trump Unhinged Reactive Derangement Syndrome with an over lay of the lamesteram media expectation that we prols have to only answer their questions. We are not allowed an opinion if it is not lefty group speak. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

DonB as I watched the lames opinion shows today I realized these people are not very smart at all. They just don't get it. FOX seems to be the closest to reality.


Hahahahahaha....this is exactly what I saw yesterday!

"It turned out to be a bunch of well-fed white women wearing $150 running shoes and holding $500 cell phones, with more life options than they know what to do with.

Practically speaking, there are no more rights left to give women. So when they find out that all jobs frankly kind of suck, everybody forms hierarchies, everybody has to compete, and successful men don’t enjoy their company, what then? Answer: find a lightning rod for all your inchoate rage about your sucky life and go on a stupid, pointless march."

Actually "well fed" doesn't do justice to what I saw yesterday .....that and those silly hats!

Paul Emery


Fire and snakes is part of the picture for fundamentalist Christians like yourself who cast judgement on those whose spiritual visions do not conform with their simplistic interpretations of the bible.

Bill Tozer

This is what my kind of Feminist said about Madonna recently. Text at bottom of link.

Yo, Madonna, at your age, show more class and less ass. Just saying. And you spent the last two decades doing stage appearances instead of laboriously evolving your craft in the studio like so many artists before you. Look at David Bowie. Evolved past .

Now you whine that your record sales are declining? Blaming sexism as you flash your aging parts?

The real feminists never became manhaters. Yes, we evolve over life, but you are stuck trying to be the same person you were in 1990, without the two decade long drunk.


On time in a life and place and time far far away, I was at a gas pump. This elderly lady was pumping gas at another pump. She seemed like any other elderly woman exerting more time and effort than people younger than her pumping gas do. We made eye contact briefly and she gave me a look that told me she was fine, no help needed, and a half smile and that look. I saw something in her face that stuck me. I saw class. It was Lauren Bacall.

Don Bessee

I think the jihadis are even harder on druids PE. ;-)


Yeah....nobody was arrested at any of the women marches yesterday!


Doesn't mean crimes weren't committed.......

Bill Tozer

Boardman likes the snake handling image. It is a great visual, I must agree. Many voters in CA and Vermont, NY, and other pockets of socialism preferred the snake oil salesperson as their first choice. Even Bro Ben, our local Bernie point man...er point person.. Just heard the Bernie Bros. have taken over the CA Democrat Party.

Well, this may explain why My Gal's appearances were filled with those with Midriff Spread, aka, Boomer Bellies.

"Where have all the maidens gone? Why aren't I up by 50 points, you may ask."
Where were all the fine young college educated white female millennials at Hillary's events? Well, they were where the boys are. Now, we all know what it is like to be young and have those hormones going haywire. But, I also know I could never say such a sexist thang and live to see another day....so I will let an American icon, a hero, a legend say it for me.


It's not Bernie, it's the Bernie Bros! That is why Hillary lost. Mystery solved.


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, there you go again projecting. Who said I was a "fundamentalist"? Not I. But you atheists dance all over the rocks naked at the river and then do what, sacrifice a goat? And that gets you to heaven eh? No, I am just a run of the mill Christian, nothing special, but you, you are hellbent for the heated place. Good luck.

Bill Tozer

Todd, Todd, Todd. This explains it all. How many times have you or others on the Right talked politics with a Lefty without being called a racist or bigot or any other deplorable term? Substitute the name Paul (or anyone similar that comes to mind) with the name Hillary and it all makes sense. Just substitute the name Hillary and you will realize "why bother". It is not about religion, it is about hate.


Bill Tozer

Oh yeah. What put a kink in their projected target date to fundamentally transform America into their image is two things: "Rural" and " Clingers". That is what threw the wrench in the gears. The Christian Right are very bad people. Rural and Clingers was all that was between them and glory. Sure, we got a little help from out friends. Wink, wink, secret handshake. Er....um.....

Oh, Stevie is dishing on rural and joins the other dude to say "You are a bad disciple of Christ." Bad Christian, bad. No agrument here. Yep, we all could do much better and are greatly in need all the prayers we can get. Thankyou.

Bill Tozer

Night night.


Fake news

The Good Religion


"Todd, Todd, Todd. This explains it all. How many times have you or others on the Right talked politics with a Lefty without being called a racist or bigot or any other deplorable term? "

If every time you get into a talk about politics with people who disagree with your views you end up getting called a racist, a bigot and a misogynist perhaps it's because you are.

Reading here over the years I am pretty convinced the most of the posters are here because they are attracted to the racists, bigotry and misogyny projected by the puppet master.

Bill Tozer

Thank you for sharing. I hope everyone in the large crowds in Atlanta and Foxborough made it home safe and sound yesterday and have a good week back to work. I noticed Mad Dog Mattis has been quite busy on this lovely Monday morning.


I am so grateful that optimism is in the air as we all join hands and together we move into change we can believe in. Happy Monday everyone. It's a new day with renewed hope.


Todd Juvinall

stevenfrisch | 23 January 2017 at 07:50 AM

Got any new material Frisch? And your allegations make ypou a racist, misogynist and a male pig as you state the posters on this blog are all that. So thanks for admitting you are all those things. We all knew it anyway. Not one person of color in your employ and all that butt kissing of alt-left philosophy gave you away.

Having lived and worked with people of all colors as well as hiring them I simply look at people as people. Frisch sees gender and color because he is truly a racist. Wow, thanks Frisch for finally admitting you are.

Bill Tozer

New material? Dream on. That is why when Hillary said twice in two days that
Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables nobody raised an eyebrow. That is nothing new. We have been hearing it for years. It's our badge of honor! Heck, the Sacred Cow Icon Legend John Lewis called that other Sacred Cow John McCain "a Republican George Wallace" when The Maverick ran against Obama in 2008. No one is exempt for the party of hate.

New material? Surely you jest! I am just relieved that the 30 million women who marched down to the voting booth to cast a ballot for Trump on November 8 all made it home safe and sound with relatively few reports on injury. Much to be grateful for.

Todd Juvinall

I too am glad those thirty million gals got home safe. Since the rioters and criminals are 90% democrats you just can't take it for granted.

Paul Emery

If on the other side I can choose my company I would prefer the warmer temps and the company of Ben Franklin Jefferson to Todd Juvinall. Condeming someone to hell because they don't agree with you is either a very bad joke or twisted religion. It shows how desperate Todd types are,

See you at Tucks Todd next time you come to town to dangle your worm. If I'm playing music I'll dedicate a song to you. It goes "I have seen your aura and it's ugly".

Bill Tozer

Speaking of danger, all you fine gentlemen and ladies out there who have friends out of state who like to knock back a few Sierra Nevada brewskis, please inform them.. A recall. Warning! -and all that stuff. We are safe here in the foothills....much to be grateful for.

The recall applies to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachussets, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia.


Bill Tozer

Paul has found us out! He saw through our wink, wink, secret handshake, and secret decoder ring and then tried to warn anyone who would listen. We need to find out how he got wise to the messages left in the pumpkin in the garden. There is a mole in our midst.


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 23 January 2017 at 09:52 AM

What a sad sack you are. Yes Paul Emery, you will be in a hot place with all those things you hate. That is not my fault. You can shape up and get on board the salvation bus if you choose. But I know that naked rock hopping goat sacrificing you like is hard to let go of. What a hoot!

Bill Tozer

Burn baby burn.



Love it. A hiring freeze on gov. employees. I didn't hear about THAT coming.

Like I said, Trump came in swinging a logging axe. Let the clearcuts begin!
And Carpet bomb LIB policies. One of the best Mondays I have ever seen.


Hummm.. Bused to Sac. to protest? Just a wild guess. Then come back to find your ride home is gone.
2:37 p.m. — A caller in the 100 block of Neal Street reports three charter buses showed up in the parking lot and 65 vehicles had been left, taking up the majority of the parking lot. The property manager moved forward with private party tows.
Or was this a Reno trip?

Maybe someone knows more than what the police blotter has.


Pussy Grabbers, Trump is in the clear.

"In a March 22, 1998 Op/Ed piece in the New York Times, she effectively gave support to the notion that a man may: (1) uninvited, open-mouth kiss a woman; (2) uninvited, fondle a woman's breast; and (3) uninvited, take a woman's hand and place it on the man's genitals; and as long as the man retreats once the woman says "no" that this does not constitute sexual harassment. This has become known in the popular culture as the "One Free Grope" Theory. The Op/Ed piece was written in an attempt to defend then President Clinton against allegations of sexual impropriety that had been made by White House volunteer Kathleen Willey."

Yes, dear Friends, according to feminist icon Gloria Steinem herself, it's OK to grab a woman's fun parts as long as you stop when she demands it. It's the famed "One Free Grope" rule. I guess she forgot that on Saturday.

Sauce for the Clinton is sauce for the Trump. Unless... unless... that was just meant to be sauce for Democratic Party gropers. Would Steinem be that partisan? Are bears Catholic? Does the Pope poop in the woods?

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 11:23am and Gregory @ 12:46 pm

Excellent contributions from both of you. Feeling the love and keeping it real.

Bill Tozer

Walt, mystery solved. Nice pictures of the departure.

After 8 a.m. on Saturday morning three chartered buses left the downtown Safeway parking lot for the Sacramento march. Numerous other groups organized buses and carpools and countless others hopped in their cars and headed down as well.


"We sit to pee but stand united". What is it with the Left's obsession with the human anatomy? Geeze, maybe they should take a physiology course at night school or something. I never heard of such vulgar potty mouth talk coming out of women's mouths as I did this weekend. Oh, imagine watching TV with the kids stuck indoors on a rainy weekend and then Modonna gives her speech and then Ashley Judd talks about wet dreams and how proud she is to be a nasty woman. Does not make a parent's job easier, I tell ya. I cannot even reprint their words in fear of violating community standards of decency.
But then again, I never even heard of Ashley Judd , nor can tell you if she is a singer, author, or a Hollywood movie star. I weep for the decline of common decency. Liberalism is a mental disease and a soul sickness. Taking children to hear those unspeakable.....ah, I made the right decision to haul the boob tubes to the dump.
The darkness of Saturday has passed. It's a new day!


This is for Walt 1123 et al:

Sure enough, it was a charter for the March. IIRC, some, but not all, of the downtown GV Safeway parking lot is public.

Parker beware. 65 cars towed? That's a nice revenue spike for some towing company. Nice!

Bill Tozer

Now I am confused.

Bill Tozer

Popcorn time: That Trump just does not follow the rules. What was he thinking?

Been waiting for this all weekend. Black woman activists/feminists upset that too much attention was given to White women and now another group is not feeling the love. It's oppression, I tell ya.


What a monster they have created. Now women are the bad people. Being around them is not a safe place. Looks like us guys are off the hook, albeit things will get back to normal soon enough.

Don Bessee

A few more gifts from 0 on the way out the door. After giving Iran 11 billion in cash and gold on top of the 150 Billion in frozen accounts he did not forget the Palestinian terrorists. A cool $221,000,000.00 to the Palestinians just before noon on Friday, money that can be paid to the families of jailed terrorists and even 'martyred' jihadis families. ;-)

Bonnie McGuire

Dr. Rebane, the reason I like your site is because you write informative-interesting articles, and have many interesting contributors involved in the discussions. You're very generous with the boring commenters who obviously stir dissension. They abandon their boring, uninteresting discussion sites to stir the pot here. We already get enough of that on television.
You're right about the farm subsidies that were supposed to keep the food prices lower...And I remember years ago the stats on gov aid for the poor. Only .25 cents out of a dollar goes to the poor. The rest pays for the social service.
And as for those vile mouthed women's rights demonstrating against Trump. I remember the same men and women mentality saying saying it was okay for President Clinton to do what he wanted sexually in the WH because that was his personal life. Wow! The example for entire world. Yet they kicked some Senator in a northwestern state out for sexual harassment for hearsay. The double standard is appalling. Some of our women's rights demonstrators used filthy, vile language for our children to see and hear, yet the media didn't chastise them about this like they did Trump for their dirty tv ads. I always felt sorry for women and men hoping to become movie stars because of what they are sometimes expected to do in order to become famous. Marilyn Monroe once remarked that she was nothing but a high paid whore. Some men experienced the same thing. Very sad and disgusting how people are used for whatever.
We're now watching the old socialist-communist mob manipulation used last century in Europe, Africa and China. As our former friends from Germany told us..."anyone dumb enough to say something bad about communism disappeared." In order to save our home (America) from those wanting to burn it down, we have to stand up for our Constitution (law) and Bill of Rights and our God (moral guide) who inspired it. Don't believe what they say (chanting democracy) but rather look at what they do.

Todd Juvinall

Warriors lost the Heat. Damn!


Fun watching the left cannibalize itself.......!


Account Deleted

Wait, wait - the Dems are now on the track to victory!
And the winner of the most clueless is from Idaho!
- Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,”
sez Sally Brown - who, the last time we checked - is white.
But maybe she self-identifies as something else.
The most interesting breakdown in demographics from the election is that if only white women had voted, Trump would have won by an even bigger electoral vote margin and he would have won the popular vote.
So, dissing white folk for the sin of being white just doesn't seem like the the smart move here. But hey, I certainly won't get in between a fool and his errand.

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